• Published on Nov 19, 2017
  • 10 best ways how to troubleshoot and fix LED LCD TVs without use of a multimeter or volt meter This TV repair service guide should help, I have been a tech over 10 years and I offer FREE tech support videos for LED LCD TVs no power, TV turns off, no signal, lines on the screen, no picture, black screen, no backlight, bad colors, no sound, and more!
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  • Tampatec
    Tampatec  Year ago +3

    4:08 if TV is turning off because Tcon board is shorted then TV will shutdown to prevent further damage. if Tcon board is replaced but still TV shutsdown you may have a bad LCD panel which is common on older Sony KDL LCD TVs (some Sony LCD panels were recalled) Get TV boards at goo.gl/dkHfDD or electropartsonline.com/ use code "tampatecfriend" for discount, (one time use code) check here Sony LCD TV error codes tampatec.blogspot.com/2015/03/sony-bravia-kdl-lcd-tv-error-codes-for.html?m=1

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    • Robert Andrews
      Robert Andrews 8 months ago

      I have a 55 in Samsung model LN52A850S1FXZA version Sool or S001 it has blurred and shaking pic but smacking it gently helps clear it up then most of time I let it run volume all controls work and then it clears,please help it's almost unused and works after 10 min.

    • J.C. 49ers
      J.C. 49ers Year ago

      Tampatec I think my backlight is broken. I have black shadows over most the screen. I've heard it could be just a loose wire? Please advise

    • Gavril Gavril
      Gavril Gavril Year ago

      Tampatec .

    • uh1hhuey1
      uh1hhuey1 Year ago

      In case you don't see the post in the other video, my problem is my XBR65X900C starts to turn on but while the screen is still a dull grey or the android sign is loading the screen will alternate led lights along the bottom from one side to the other then shuts down and 4 blinking red lights. Like I said above LED Driver has been replaced. Whats my next move. Thanks again. Michael

    • uh1hhuey1
      uh1hhuey1 Year ago

      Tampatec thank you for the information I really enjoy your videos thus far. I replied in an older 'Sony post but have yet to hear back from you and I still have my XBR65X900C not working. I understand your a busy guy but I have already replaced the LED Driver board per your videos/sony's service manual and the problem still exists. I am looking for the next board to replace but need some insight if your willing to help. I have seen a grip of my model TV with the exact same issue. Any help would be great. Michael

  • Tim Crowe
    Tim Crowe 7 days ago

    Very informative and helpful.

  • Abhijeet Paul
    Abhijeet Paul Month ago

    Sir...I need Service manual for my Samsung Lcd, which model no.LA32D580K4R.
    Please help.

  • tyler adams
    tyler adams 2 months ago

    My 42" LG 1080p LED HDTV, when I plug in the power cord the standby light comes on red and then turns right back off. normally it would stay red until I turned the tv on and then it would turn green. the screen is blank. I changed the power board and got the same exact thing. Any idea?

  • Vishnu G
    Vishnu G 3 months ago

    My Samsung smart TV UN55F6800 shows vertical lines changing to blank as times goes on all HDMI inputs, internal RU-clip apps but it works fine when I use AllShare Cast and mirror my phone. What could be issue? is it T-Con board or Control board ?

  • Vickie Tippett
    Vickie Tippett 3 months ago

    I have a plasma TV

  • Vickie Tippett
    Vickie Tippett 3 months ago

    Standby light on will not power up no sound no picture

  • Vickie Tippett
    Vickie Tippett 3 months ago

    Performed the oven baked on the motherboard and put it back in TV worked great for about a month turn it off one night went to turn on the morning and now it's not powering on what could be the problem

  • Siddharth love
    Siddharth love 3 months ago

    Hi bro your videos is to good and ur talient ultimate .
    Bro my samsung led tv 43 inch headphone jack not working plz make one video on headphone jack repair and replace .
    Can i use onother head phone jack on this board if yes plz tell me.
    And thanks alot.

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez 3 months ago +1

    Hey I have a Vizio it turns on everything works normal for like 10 minutes then the backlight turns off I use the flashlight trick and I can still see the TV is on and audio just not the backlight do you know the cause of this is it the driver board or bad LED strips I just don't understand how it can turn on and work and then turn off please help thank you

  • Lito Elma
    Lito Elma 5 months ago

    Many thanks i found this channel, my problem with my changhong LED TV 28in., the lower channels 2 to 14 are okay, but 15 up disappeared. Tried retune by tv and remote, still same. What board could be the problem. Thanks.

  • Richard Munsey
    Richard Munsey 5 months ago

    Hi I have a HP 27 inch curved monitor horizontal lines sometimes move up and down. Is there a fix for this? thank you

  • Frankie Wiggins
    Frankie Wiggins 5 months ago

    How do I send a video to you to ask a quest ion about my t.v.?

  • Steven Miner
    Steven Miner 6 months ago

    Are there parts I can salvage from an led tv with a broken screen and turn a laptop screen into a tv or monitor?

  • All In One
    All In One 8 months ago

    samsung LCD TV NO picture vatkeil line full screen t con bord ching but not work help me thanks

  • gakman Gak
    gakman Gak 8 months ago

    Hi I have the 46b7000 samsung, it has black shadow that start a little in the center and now getting bigger and bigger. What is the common problem and what is the solution?

  • Dan the great
    Dan the great 8 months ago

    Don't do what I did i tried to bypass a fuse for a tv psu it exploded the coils had a meltdown lucky it didn't burn my house down DO NOT BYPASS THE FUSE WITH METAL WIRE I destroyed the only power supply I could find at all so I just parted the tv for the rest of the working parts

  • Rubel Minister
    Rubel Minister 9 months ago

    WhatsApp number pls give me

  • Rubel Minister
    Rubel Minister 9 months ago

    Plzz your number

  • Joey Scott
    Joey Scott 9 months ago

    Thanks for the video. Quick question though... I have a TCL 55” Roku TV. It was plugged into a surge protector during a lightning storm. The next day, it would not turn on. The status light remains illuminated even after pressing the power button (on TV and remote). I have verified that the fuse on the power board is good and I’ve also replaced the main board. Any ideas?

  • Ronald Merritt
    Ronald Merritt 9 months ago

    how to fix a dynex 46l150a11 it turns on but after a few seconds it goes off.

  • Gary Bennett
    Gary Bennett 10 months ago

    My led tv binks on and off every second but standbye light stays on please help as i cant find this anywhere on the net.. Repair man says leds are gone but i dont believe this as everywhere on the screen blinks..

  • Rob Wilson
    Rob Wilson 10 months ago

    I have a Vizio d39h-co I power up logo appears faintly with backlights and then backlights go out but power remains on any thoughts. I replaced power supply board already.

  • Melo 69
    Melo 69 11 months ago

    Hi Tampatec,
    I just joined your channel. I have a problem with my LG 42PG6000 TV. Some time ago, at the time of power-on, the red LED flashed for several seconds (ultimately also 40/50 seconds), followed by toc toc (relay?), Before turning green and appearing on the screen. From today this does not happen anymore, the TV does not turn on anymore. The LED does not even become red, but shines green / red very fast. I wanted to try to repair it myself even if I understand very little electronics. Can you give me some input, please. If necessary I can send you some photos or videos of the defect.
    I opened the back panel .....
    Thank you.

  • Errison Zelaya
    Errison Zelaya 11 months ago

    Hey Tampa tech,
    I hope you can solve this one.
    Half the TV was darker than the other half replace the Tcon board, everything appears fine, picture same on both half now , except new board will not update the software. New problem, the graphics on the screen are reflecting red vertical lines. Picture is perfect without graphics. Recorded commercials has perfect picture.
    Samsung model.UN55B7000WFXZA mainboard bn94 02694m,
    Tcon 2009FA7M4C4LV0.9

  • Vent Edge
    Vent Edge Year ago

    Vizio M43-C1 Double vision at the bottom. About 1/4 from the bottom of the screen up is doubled horizontally. Vizio M43-C1 this smart TV is in great condition. What could that be? Seems like an easy fix...Help... I just got this from a friend. He gave it to me. Its was just sittin" in his living room for 2 year not using it. Everything works like a champ except for that. ???

  • sara wagner
    sara wagner Year ago

    Hi our Samsung tv picture has some vertical lines a white 4" edge on right side and just a white haze over rest of picture. It is model # un60ju6500fxza....please help this tv is only two years old.

    • sara wagner
      sara wagner Year ago

      What do we need to fix our tv??? thank you

  • David Baker
    David Baker Year ago

    I have a Sony KDL - 55V5100 when I turn it on the screen lights up then shuts off....What can I do to fix this?

  • jun oliveros
    jun oliveros Year ago

    great tampatec.

  • Rick Saniti
    Rick Saniti Year ago

    I’m wondering if you could give me some direction on my 1st attempt to repair an LG LCD TV model LG 42LC7D- UB.
    Symptoms - No display, no sound, no backlites
    Observations - When plugging in the TV the red light lights and I verified 5vdc on the power bd.
    When pressing the power on button, the red standby light changes to flashing green, then a steady green.
    I cannot find the 3.4 volts I believe I need to fully power up this power supply bd even though the light is steady green. I read about 1.9v on the on/off pin on the power board. If I remove the on/off pin from the connector I do have 3.4vdc on the wire coming from the main board.
    The power supply board has multiple blown capacitors, visually I see 5 puffed up. 4 10v 2200 micros and 1 35v 1500 micro.
    Questions - Is the 1.9vdc enough to turn the light on the front of the TV green?
    Is there a blink code for this TV. The green light blinks 14 times and on the 15th time it’s steady green.

  • JeNaya R.
    JeNaya R. Year ago

    I have an issue with the image sticking and being blurry in one of the corners. Just bought the tv used and I think it may have been damaged during transport. I have a sony flatscreen

  • Matthew H.
    Matthew H. Year ago

    So I have a LG led tv and there are dim or faint lines (almost like the back light is weaker in these areas) only during motion in certain colors (usually duller colors). Anyway couldn't find anything online about it but I've summed it up to being a uniformity issue but I'm not 100% on that. What do you think?

  • ohmss006
    ohmss006 Year ago

    Hey Tampatec, love your videos man, helps a lot!
    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I've been experiencing this somewhat common problem of a Sony LED TV not powering on. This means, there is no led light, no standby power, just doesn't turn on.
    Now before anyone comment, yes, wall outlet and DC power adapter works fine, I have measured both and are receiving power (more specifically 19V for the adapter).
    Because of this, I am left scratching my head a bit, unlike other TVs that are loaded with boards, this one only really has two, the Main Board and the LED Driver Board with the model number 15STM6S-ABC02 rev1.0. This is the ONLY board that handles power as it's where the DC adapter plugs into.
    After doing some investigation this is what I've got:
    - Hooked the DC adapter and measured all the caps on both boards (LED Driver and Main), they all read around 19.5V, the same amount the adapter is rated.
    - Removed thermal heat pads on (IC) chip whilst DC adapter hooked, not even remotely warm.
    - Most fuses (if not, all) have continuity. The two you have circled have continuity.
    - I have tried to very carefully get as close as possible to the ribbon connector pins with the power connected and measured. Please find attached image which indicates the pins giving me the 19V power.
    Can someone help me on this matter? I would really really appreciate it as I believe it could be just a simple fix/replacement, it's just that I'm not too well versed in such a simple board layout

  • GoofyGufz
    GoofyGufz Year ago

    hi can you help me? i have sony bravia kdl48w650d with problem horizontal lines appear on the upper top left part super soft lines almost invisible especially if the screen shows blue or green picture but it visible when change to orange what cause this problem? sorry for my bad english.

  • I smell Memes
    I smell Memes Year ago

    Hi, my Devant LCD TV won't turn on either on the side panel buttons or tv remote control, but the power indicator is lit. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  • Scott Burns
    Scott Burns Year ago

    I have a JVC LT-47EM59. Blue power light blinks after trying to turn on. I've tried the "Reset" fix, works until you turn it off again, then needs reset again. Sometimes after resetting there's no sound but I have picture. I opened it up, upon visual inspection everything looks good, no bad caps. I tested voltage to the power led board and get 5v and 3.2v so I think that's good. Since everything else seems to be good, I'm thinking it may be the main board that's bad?? Any thoughts would be helpful, thanks!

  • shocklett
    shocklett Year ago

    I’m shallow , I subscribed because he looks 😛

  • Mike Oleksa
    Mike Oleksa Year ago

    I saw that Bolts 3rd jersey in the reflection and of course the t-shirt you're wearing. LOL I did get my TV working thanks to your videos. You don't even know how much I appreciate you taking the time to make them.

  • Matt Winters
    Matt Winters Year ago

    Hey Tampatec great channel, you've saved me a couple hundred bucks already with an older samsung, it was easy to replace capacitors and i've gotten extended life out of an old screen! thanks so much, I do have another samsung, slightly newer that is having a problem now. when there is no source connected, i am able to turn it on, navigate the menu and everything is great. but as soon as i plug in any kind of source, once the picture is about to come through and display, the screen shuts off. it will sit and wait a couple of seconds, and then try to come back on again, but as soon as the picture is on (if it gets that far) it just shuts right off again.
    I bet you have already answered this question before, but i'm having trouble pinpointing. I appreciate all your time and effort. Thanks :)

  • Dan  Hessick
    Dan Hessick Year ago

    How about a Samsung led 60" tv w blinking / flashing standby and back lights ? I bought a new main board. Next step power supply ?

  • Shah Muhammad
    Shah Muhammad Year ago

    I need your technical help regarding LCD TV Haier LE32B50. By power on blue light comes on but back light does not comes on, after a few seconds it comes on but goes off and red power led glow again blue led comes on , this will continue, means blue on, back light on and off. By disconnecting back light connectors (03) power comes on and remain on, now on connecting back light connectors tv comes on and all functions are ok.After power off after 7seconds tv will not on and shows the same problem. so if back light connectors are disconnected and reconnected then power on otherwise no.

  • Pierre-Louis Tremblay

    have samsung lnt4069fx/xaa....and clicking on and off...with black image to start and fade to white...thinking is the capacitor to the power supply....can somebody answer me? thank!

  • Akshat Bhandari
    Akshat Bhandari Year ago

    Hi Sony Bravia KDL 46EX520 has two broad lines (kinda 2 halves on the centre) in the centre.Changed the Tcon board even checked ribbon connections yet no effect.Please help.I will send you the picture via mail.

  • Nicole Pour Jesus

    Hello, I enjoyed your video. My question is if there are any parts available for my 37LG30. The TV works but no picture. A repair shop said they have a flat rate for bringing it in, but said most likely they can find the parts. It is a 2008. Please advise. thanks

    SIMMAK 3K Year ago


  • Robert McCoy
    Robert McCoy Year ago

    Hey Tampatec, I bet I've got a problem you can't solve - haha most likely you can though. Let's see! So I repaired my Panasonic TC-55ST30 by replacing the SU board. The TV is functioning perfectly however there's an issue. All 1080p signals are NOT working. I'm just getting an intermittent screen, and nothing else. However the display works PERFECT when I switch to a 720p signal. I'm not sure what to do. Please help me!

  • BJ P
    BJ P Year ago

    I have a 65" Sanyo LED FW65D25 it has a blue screen. A revolving input on the upper left corner started after a repair man came out and soldered a wire lower right corner.

  • Kirk Pedrero
    Kirk Pedrero Year ago

    I have a LG 42LD550 that has a red light flashing when turned on. Nothing else comes on. Can you help?

  • Lightning Jack
    Lightning Jack Year ago

    Tampatec - your videos are the best and have helped this DIYer fix several tv's. I have a 40 inch Phillips now that blows the fuse in the power board. If I disconnect all the cables to the power board the fuse is OK when plugged in. I find that adding the main board BA01P2G0401 2 to the already connected Power board BA01P0F0103 3 and tv isgnal board BA01P0F0102 3 causes thde fuse to blow! The fuse will not blow with the power board and signal board connected when plugged into the electrical source - add the main board and pow! Any thoughts?

  • blurofred
    blurofred Year ago +1

    Great video! I have a LG 55LY340c, and the screen flicks on and off, 1 second intervals, but the flashlight test shows the LCD works. I replaced the power board, LG EAY63072101 Power Supply / LED Board from ShopJimmy, but the flickering continued. Should I replace the LED strips next?

  • edgar villasenor
    edgar villasenor Year ago

    hi, i have a samsung lcd 40" tv (la40b650t1), its screen recently started to flicker and sometimes goes blank, i can only see up to jp840, do you have updates on this model/size, thanks

  • Matthew Berlett
    Matthew Berlett Year ago

    I have a toshiba 37av52u. The first 3 times it is turned on I don't get a picture and get some screeching. It seems like once it's warmed up it works fine. Your videos are convincing me to pull It apart and look for hot spots on the boards. Any ideas?

    • Tampatec
      Tampatec  Year ago

      +Matthew Berlett sounds like bad caps in main board or power board.

  • BigJohnsStMary
    BigJohnsStMary Year ago

    Hello Tampatec, I have a question for you on a 49" LG LCD tv. I am ready to pull the trigger and purchase a power supply board from your preferred circuit board supplier. The problem is as follows :sound is fine, picture and menu function is fine, backlight blinks off and on at the rate of about every three seconds off/on/off/on/off/on continuously. I just wanted to take a chance at getting a sanity check from you before I pull the trigger on a new board.
    EAX65423801(2.0) is the board that I'm finding at Electroparts (mine actually has a 2.2 suffix)
    your videos/instructions are clear and concise, you have a great channel, thanks much for your help! *** I do see voltage on/off/on/off/on/off at the connector on top of the power supply board where the power connector to the backlight LEDs are connected...

  • Christopher Beno
    Christopher Beno Year ago

    I have a Toshiba 55SL417U that has thin vertical red lines throughout the screen. The lines are pixelated and are not perfectly straight. They do not affect the picture greatly. I have changed the T-Con board and it did not fix the issue. Any ideas?


    :( you're a Tampa fan

  • Joe K4JGA
    Joe K4JGA Year ago

    Great instructional video young man! You have the natural "knack" to share knowledge... consider if you may, place your teaching skill in a 3 series books on how to repair TV, e.g. beginners, intermediate and advance course and a bonus book on TV Tech instruments most use... just an idea... I know there will be many young men and old timers like me that would be interested in reading it as well... we always learn everyday and I have learned and I am sure I will keep learning from you... in any event, as always, I do enjoy your videos very much... BTW, the snowy picture brought me back to the days when my dad repaired TV and radios before retiring in 1972!!! Joe-K4JGA - JGA Electronics Repair Center, Casselberry, Fl.

  • Phil Fucetola
    Phil Fucetola Year ago

    I have not had success with purchasing boards from ShopJimmy. They seem to always be out of stock.

  • Tampatec
    Tampatec  Year ago +1

    How to use a to fix a TV - ru-clip.net/video/JWWmz-dbakY/video.html
    get TV boards at goo.gl/dkHfDD or electropartsonline.com/ use code "tampatecfriend" for discount

    #HowtouseaMultimeter #HowtotroubleshootTV

  • Marcoosianism
    Marcoosianism Year ago

    Great vid but I feel like I just arrived in a class that started 6 months ago, lol. Any place to find a primer or place to start that works up to this point? This is the 1st vid in the Repair playlist and I'm already lost.

  • Cody Hamilton
    Cody Hamilton Year ago

    Hey u have given me the most info that I can trust so I ask u I have a Sony brivia mod# kdl-46vl160 I came across this TV I would like to save it and I think it's worth it tv turns on and I get a pic but half my screen turns black well like fades into solid black any ideas please anyone