Password with Emma Thompson, Michael Cera and Jim Parsons

  • Published on Oct 4, 2014
  • Emma Thompson and Michael Cera team up against Jimmy Fallon and Jim Parsons in the game Password.
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    Password with Emma Thompson, Michael Cera and Jim Parsons
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 339

  • Chhuti Maiti
    Chhuti Maiti 4 hours ago

    I was thinking voyage for cruise.

  • PARTH kathuria
    PARTH kathuria 18 hours ago +1

    No one said a fukin ship for cruise 🤣🤣🤣

  • trini7861
    trini7861 2 days ago

    Jimmy looked at the card and saw the answer was pot

  • Gitte Bjerre Braae
    Gitte Bjerre Braae 3 days ago


  • kopec82
    kopec82 3 days ago

    Jim is really competitive !

  • Jubal Calif
    Jubal Calif 3 days ago

    Fun stuff ! But where's Alan Ludden when you need him ? :-)

  • Crystal Morrison
    Crystal Morrison 4 days ago +1

    Penelope ____

  • Dave rmp
    Dave rmp 4 days ago +4

    Emma Thompson will always be so damn attractive.

  • Johnny Depth
    Johnny Depth 4 days ago

    Tom after Tom? Was she fucking drunk?

  • Johnny Depth
    Johnny Depth 4 days ago

    Pleasure? What a horrible clue.

  • Johnny Depth
    Johnny Depth 4 days ago

    You know she loves the D. Can't get enough of the D.

  • Brian Wattanga
    Brian Wattanga 5 days ago +1

    Let me just ask is Jim Parsons a genius in real life. 😂 😂 😂

  • Gajanandamani Adhikari

    damn white people

  • Alice Ford
    Alice Ford 6 days ago +3

    How many times have I watched this?? Not enough

  • Aspicus
    Aspicus 6 days ago +2



  • Joia C. Gibble
    Joia C. Gibble 8 days ago

    They gave such horrible clues for the first round lol

  • Nafisa Awwal
    Nafisa Awwal 9 days ago

    I knew he would say “Sheldon” for nerd 🤓
    Oh I’m so smart!

  • toby Golding
    toby Golding 10 days ago


  • toby Golding
    toby Golding 10 days ago


  • Mike Ll.
    Mike Ll. 10 days ago

    Cera plays himself in all his movies 😂😂

  • Bryan Park
    Bryan Park 12 days ago +1

    I'm torn between laughing and choking Sheldon.

  • Nezumi Körner
    Nezumi Körner 13 days ago +1

    every show and interview I watch with Jim parson in it I think "that's Sheldon playing Jim "

  • Nezumi Körner
    Nezumi Körner 13 days ago

    I'd have said Sheldon as well :-D

  • Mimi Rogers
    Mimi Rogers 13 days ago +1

    Growing up in the 60's, I never heard "Pass the Ganja" (sp)

  • Jude Ezeja
    Jude Ezeja 15 days ago

    This game is fun

  • Squish
    Squish 16 days ago +1

    No one acknowledged how well Emma Thompson did in getting sweater with one clue. In England, they call them jumpers.

  • Stefan Brouwer
    Stefan Brouwer 17 days ago

    So funny if you give clues and they give it as well and then rhey get it with that xD

    KIRSTEN PHOEBE TIU 17 days ago

    Tom is such an easy clue. Argh.

  • Meg Addams
    Meg Addams 18 days ago

    Jims shirt is cute :)

  • Sam M.
    Sam M. 20 days ago

    This bitch sucked

  • Rachel Watson
    Rachel Watson 20 days ago +3

    I about died laughing when Emma Thompson said “painful” for thong! Best. Clue. Ever!!

  • Eswar G S
    Eswar G S 20 days ago

    Jim parsons is looking like the male version of gal gadot🧐

  • Vignesh Kumar
    Vignesh Kumar 20 days ago

    Fuckin awesome game 😂😂

  • Dangerousdeer :3
    Dangerousdeer :3 21 day ago

    Love the ending xD (btw it's my first time watching... I think) (I subscribed)

  • wavy_deegs
    wavy_deegs 21 day ago

    Jimmy looks at the card at 9:01 what a cheat you swine.... jk

  • Alladeen Madafaker
    Alladeen Madafaker 22 days ago

    Mission impossible for fucks sake,and everyone would know

  • Ayu Thakur
    Ayu Thakur 24 days ago

    I liked Michael Cera !

  • Tyradaisy
    Tyradaisy 25 days ago

    the fact that no one said fucking boat pisses me off

  • I M
    I M 25 days ago

    Rim + Scientology - BOOM

  • graafisk
    graafisk 25 days ago

    Wait... they bleeped out the word "Christ" there at the end? - Why exactly did NBC suddenly grow a biblical morality spine?

  • bacon not cripy
    bacon not cripy 27 days ago

    i like michael cera

  • Paula Rogers
    Paula Rogers 28 days ago +3

    Sausage clue would be so easy in Australia. Just say SNAG

  • Little Birdy got the worm

    Stupid game.

  • Mark Sparkman
    Mark Sparkman 29 days ago +1

    My favorite portion of the video is on time marker 9:01. You can clearly see Jimmy receive and turn over the card, read it ( While Jim Parsons not only sees him reading it but tells Jimmy "It's not you it's me" ), look directly at the camera immediately as though OOPS!, throw out some random joke about where a hand was located (The metajoke potential here is that Jimmy was making a reference to the slight of hand he had just performed by flipping over the card and reading it so fast no one caught it) for distraction, then both over acted the buildup. Perhaps that look to the camera was him letting us in on a joke? If not cheating in a non competitive, all for fun, it's your freaking show it's ok to lose you still get paid well situation tarnishes his brand.

  • dohaperson1
    dohaperson1 29 days ago

    Fallon is the least-funny, least witty, most annoying, fakest laughing, "look at me! look at me!" loser on television.

  • Kree OG
    Kree OG Month ago

    Jimmy, buddy, what's your skin routine lately? Looks like your Benjamin Buttoning up in this bish

  • mena94x3
    mena94x3 Month ago

    Oh God, I died at 10:53
    Who comes up with these things?! That was so random!

  • Meme Bhagwan
    Meme Bhagwan Month ago

    Guys please subscribe to our channel to watch fun videos every day! Please support us :)

  • William Houston
    William Houston Month ago +3

    Who knew Michael Cera was so salty.

  • crysjumar1
    crysjumar1 Month ago +1

    i love some emma thompson

  • Richard Lokely
    Richard Lokely Month ago


  • Su Davies
    Su Davies Month ago

    Surprised no one said Penelope after Tom 😂

  • FabiM _
    FabiM _ Month ago


  • Thunderstruck
    Thunderstruck Month ago

    Was the sketch set up like this, or are celebrities really that fucking stupid?

  • Hasan Zahid
    Hasan Zahid Month ago

    Jim Parsons is Sheldon

  • Badger BadgerBadger

    I just let the video explode.

  • Z Al Oleaq
    Z Al Oleaq Month ago

    Jimmy He saw the answer , the last password

  • Mr.Mister
    Mr.Mister Month ago

    For cruise I would have gestured "_____ ship" and especially after hearing the clue "Tom" there is no way they could not get it. Emma wasted a clue saying "Tom" and then "Pleasure" was stupid.

  • Julio Pagan
    Julio Pagan Month ago

    Jimmy you totally saw the word pot...

  • The stig’s Korean cousin

    If Tom cruise watched this he would be mad.

  • My Gmail
    My Gmail Month ago

    The guy on the right side look a Gal goddet brother :D

  • CheyTDMartinez
    CheyTDMartinez Month ago +2

    Anybody else notice Jimmy cheated on the last card lol He saw the password and tried to play it off 😂

    • Julio Pagan
      Julio Pagan Month ago

      The guy held the cards facing outward then Jimmy def looked at it

  • Tanmay Londhe
    Tanmay Londhe Month ago

    How many of you guys noticed that Jimmy cheated.....
    Check it out , he literally saw the word and sneaked the card to Jim Parson.... Well done Falon.

    • Kammy LaFleur
      Kammy LaFleur Month ago

      Tanmay Londhe he didn’t take the card out so I don’t think he saw the clue

  • Miles O'Sullivan
    Miles O'Sullivan Month ago

    It activated Siri on my phone!

  • Walt F.
    Walt F. Month ago

    Emma is a really classy Dame!

  • Brittani A
    Brittani A Month ago


  • Arel Felser
    Arel Felser Month ago +1

    did jus censor the word “God”.. tf 10:08

  • sneekypanda
    sneekypanda Month ago


  • Isis Obeng
    Isis Obeng Month ago +1

    *Tom cruise has left the chat*
    Update: *Tom cruise has re- entered the chat side eyeing Jim and Michael*

  • Nathan Muscat
    Nathan Muscat Month ago

    That was awkward....

  • Zohar Uzuki
    Zohar Uzuki Month ago +1

    "How did that make it worse? We had a drum roll for Christ sake" that is his inner Sheldon Cooper talking

  • Hend AL SABAH
    Hend AL SABAH Month ago +2

    stop the video to 9:01 and u can see that jimmy looked at the card when it was jim's turn lmaooo (i don't think that anyone realized!)

  • Hipster B
    Hipster B Month ago +1

    Jimmy is so competitive. For some reason I find that little irritating.

  • Sam Lunoza
    Sam Lunoza Month ago

    This game doesn't work cuz the 2nd team always has an extra clue.

  • Roger Edgerton
    Roger Edgerton Month ago

    Wow, another lame clue. G-string, easy. I just knew he was going to say 'wedgie'. Where did she buy thongs?

  • Roger Edgerton
    Roger Edgerton Month ago

    just fuckin' say 'ship', 'ocean' (+ 'pleasure), or at least 'Carribbean' like in a cheesy commercial voice.

  • Frozen Gumwad
    Frozen Gumwad Month ago

    I stopped watching when Michael started being a dick.

  • Ljfury 06
    Ljfury 06 Month ago +1

    I literally was saying before Jim said Sheldon I was saying Sheldon is a need then say Sheldon because it’s Jim’s character

  • Diego Quilodrán Reyes

    It would be so great if these four join for a sitcom, thompson could play the mother of michael cera, jim parsons the weird neighbor and jimmy fallon some relative...i'm still figuring it out ya folks

  • Madi :3
    Madi :3 Month ago

    I think someone told jimmy the answers he wins all of these

  • StefanSW
    StefanSW Month ago +13

    Anyone notice how mad was Cera when he handshaked Jim @ 10:29
    He even hit the table 😂

  • Naman Sharma
    Naman Sharma 2 months ago

    Jim and Jimmy look so similar

  • wasim dxd
    wasim dxd 2 months ago


  • Oluwaseyi Yusuf
    Oluwaseyi Yusuf 2 months ago +7

    Emma celebrating when Jimmy and Jim won.... True Class! And a lovely spirit!👏

  • Andrew Swiderski
    Andrew Swiderski 2 months ago +1

    such huge cheated: 9:00 Jimmy see the answer. btw The great acting Jimmy

  • Lisa Alaniz
    Lisa Alaniz 2 months ago

    Michael and Jim are so talented and awesome ❤️ them both the way they apologized to each other so sweet.

  • David
    David 2 months ago

    After he said Tom Hanks I was screaming SCIENTOLOGY

  • Giovanni
    Giovanni 2 months ago +1

    “Michael Cera, also known as Tom Holland’s Spiderman body double” 😂

  • Kaybee Raut
    Kaybee Raut 2 months ago


  • Futuremusician12
    Futuremusician12 2 months ago


  • Jandira Manjenje
    Jandira Manjenje 2 months ago +1

    I literally thought about Sheldon before Jim said his clue for “Nerd” and he said it too!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aakashdeep Sharma
    Aakashdeep Sharma 2 months ago +1

    I don't know why i hate steve higgins

  • Nargiz Mammadova
    Nargiz Mammadova 2 months ago

    As always, it felt like Fallon knew all the answers. :/ Stop cheating, Jimmy!

  • Gerry Nightingale
    Gerry Nightingale 2 months ago

    *'Bleeped-out' Parson saying "Christ?"* What the fuck? Seriously? ( *it might upset people who worship a FUCKING IMAGINARY FIGURE???* )

  • S Rowe
    S Rowe 2 months ago

    I truly think this sketch was done without the people receiving the questions knowing the answers in advance. I know they're actors, but their expressions and responses were just too genuine. Props to the Tonight Show for this! 👏

  • Johnny Brighton
    Johnny Brighton 2 months ago

    Michael Cera apparently wears the same clothes he wears in the movies.

  • Jules
    Jules 2 months ago

    Since they were going with “Tom” they should’ve said Scientology

  • Jackwatsky
    Jackwatsky 2 months ago

    9:01 Jimmy cheated

  • ONE The NEO
    ONE The NEO 2 months ago

    Sorry, guys, I've just started learning English and don't understand some words. Pls, tell me, what was Jimmy's clue for the password Sausage? Very similar with the word 'breakfast' but I'm pretty sure it was smth else. Thx in advanse!

    • ONE The NEO
      ONE The NEO 2 months ago

      @Vanessa Büsing, oh, now I get it :) Thank you, you're so kind

    • Vanessa Büsing
      Vanessa Büsing 2 months ago

      "Bratwurst", it's a german word :)

  • Chris Olander-Waters
    Chris Olander-Waters 2 months ago

    Americans are so competitive😂