• Published on Jul 27, 2019
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    🏍️As smartphones now appear to play a significant role in the human experience, more motorcycle riders than ever before are depending on these handheld devices as their primary GPS navigation tool. After all, why fumble around with a dedicated GPS device, when our phones, these tools that do so much more than just GPS routing, can do the same. Often better, and more reliably.
    I've been testing a couple of popular handlebar mounting options on the market, RAM's X-Grip® and the Quad Lock® system and have some comments that may help in your decision on which one of these is the best motorcycle phone mount for you.
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  • Chris
    Chris 22 days ago

    Double sided tape. Whole roll from Walmart for .99c lol

    • RIDE Adventures
      RIDE Adventures  22 days ago

      You may be onto something here, but the tape roll being one more thing to keep on the bike, plus all the tape-goo & dirt dingleberries, may make proper mounts the better choice : )

  • OC Rodriguez
    OC Rodriguez Month ago +1

    You forgot to mention one of the outstanding features about Quadlock and this is why I love mine. It is very practical to use as your everyday phone case and is always good to go. The design is sleek and slides right into your pocket without fuss or bulk. Also , there's a variety of mounts so you can go from bike to truck dashboard with ease. Quadlock is so versatile and convenient. The rest of your comparisons are pretty good. Not sure I would highlight that Quadlocks plastic housing can wear out since you yourself mention there's no evidence of it.

    • OC Rodriguez
      OC Rodriguez Month ago +1

      @RIDE Adventures thanks for sharing

    • RIDE Adventures
      RIDE Adventures  Month ago +1

      OC Rodriguez , that's an EXCELLENT point, and the reviewer (Eric) has actually migrated to using the Quad Lock case full time as well when his other (more expensive) case had a failure. ---- Right, we haven't seen failures yet in our operation, but see Mr. Rutherford's comments below and Quad Lock's response, as apparently there has been at least that one issue.

  • James
    James Month ago +2

    so the Quad Lock system will be okay on an ATV?

    • James
      James Month ago +1

      @RIDE Adventures thanks for the reply

    • RIDE Adventures
      RIDE Adventures  Month ago +1

      While we haven't tried it on an ATV, we also can't imagine a reason why it wouldn't well in that situation also. Double-check handlebar sizes/diameters though as they may differ from motorcycle handlebars, and therefore be different for the mounting pieces you may buy. Have fun exploring.

  • El Pollo Claudio
    El Pollo Claudio Month ago

    I decided to go with a bike mount and can anybody make a good recommendation for the following...
    Iam looking for a handle bar mount at no more that $25, Iam planning to mount it on the metal door handle bar on the john deere tractor that i will be assigned, these tractors have no shock absorbing system or suspension at all i should say, other than the air ride seat. this tractor will constantly be traveling at over 20mph on rough unpredictable and unavoidable terrain that will even catch me by surprise and give me some scares more than once, i need this product to maintain its set position of the phone as well as on the handle bar, and i need this product to not let go of my phone, because picking a phone off the floor on a moving tractor is a proven and re re re re proven key to disaster and I also dont want stop my whole operation to find a phone hiding somewhere on the boon docks of the cab... Thank you.

    • West meets East
      West meets East 44 minutes ago

      @RIDE Adventures Iive in Saigon and we can get a great one for about $6 stop paying US prices

    • RIDE Adventures
      RIDE Adventures  Month ago

      El Pollo Claudio, great, but be careful, as we often 'get what we pay for.' Hard to imagine a reliable mounting solution being available for $25 or less these days, unless you find a top quality solution that is being sold as "Used." Saving $20 here could mean buying a new phone.

  • diamondheat9
    diamondheat9 2 months ago

    That sounds like a terrible device to put my full support in especially with your communication device.

    • RIDE Adventures
      RIDE Adventures  2 months ago

      If properly used, we've seen neither of them fail yet. That one that bounced off that rider's bike at 3:25 in the video did not have all 4 corners of the rubber band system attached, so it was part user failure. --- Perhaps the underlying message in the video was that, the rubber bands are so cumbersome sometimes, that we tend to "skip corners" sometimes after the 12th time doing and undoing the bands on a given day. After which yes, there is a risk.

  • James Rutherford
    James Rutherford 3 months ago +5

    I have the quad lock and it has been great however....
    I'm in a rtw ride from australia to the UK and twice the case has failed and warn out. I'm on my second quad lock now and after just 5000km the case has fully disintegrated at the top, the phone stays locked but it wiggles around roughly 2inches and is only getting worse.

    • RIDE Adventures
      RIDE Adventures  3 months ago +1

      Interesting, and this 'possible' wearing out was even mentioned as a Con in the video. Good share, thanks for the info. Looks by other comment that they have you covered though.

      QUAD LOCK 3 months ago +4

      Hey James, thanks for your feedback but this shouldn't be happening we'd love to help you out. Please contact our support team as we have a 1 year warranty on all of our products? support.quadlockcase.com/hc/en-us