Rescuing an adrift catamaran from dismasting on a bridge and a boring monologue.

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • (#7 of 7) Rescuing an adrift catamaran from dismasting on a bridge! I couldn't believe when we got the call to go and rescue a friend of a friends boat that was adrift. To think what was about to happen sends a shiver down my spine. Anyone ever seen a bridge dismasting? Anyway, here's where I'm leaving La Vagabonde as I fly back to Australia to meet up with Elayna. Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned. Riley.
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  • Sailing La Vagabonde
    Sailing La Vagabonde  28 days ago +15

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    • Chuck Reynolds
      Chuck Reynolds 26 days ago +1

      Sailing La Vagabonde excellent. thank you for the intel sir.

    • Tender Greens
      Tender Greens 26 days ago

      +Chuck Reynolds You can do the math mate! Banking well over gross one million per year with Patreon, RU-clip income, and various affiliates and what not. Shhhhhh......

    • Tristan MacRae
      Tristan MacRae 28 days ago +1

      +Sailing La Vagabonde thanks mate

  • Joe Tittiger
    Joe Tittiger Day ago

    I hate both Paypal and Patreon. Isn't there an honest, free market company to use?

  • Douglas MacLean
    Douglas MacLean 2 days ago

    funny how alot of yanks look like Kennedy's... Ted to be specific... hmmm... oh never mind. :)

  • Frigate Chaser Fishing


  • Rewil Mendoza
    Rewil Mendoza 5 days ago

    Honestly i've been watching through every video and im almost caught up! Love yours and Elayna's channel has given me so much inspiration. Can't wait till i'm able to support you guys on Patreon. I will literally watch anything you put out, even if it's Elayna talking about being a mom on the sea, both of you are so inspirational and I can't want to finally catch up!!!!

  • Lyvi Land
    Lyvi Land 11 days ago

    Have u ever been to poole quay

  • Martijn Gottgens
    Martijn Gottgens 11 days ago

    certainly enjoyed your solo sailing vlogs!

  • Jim Keller
    Jim Keller 12 days ago

    Riley is just one squared away Sailor. Super smart, and GOOD.

  • Tubajock2
    Tubajock2 15 days ago

    As a SC native glad to see Charleston from your perspective

  • JW B
    JW B 16 days ago

    This guy's mustache game is on point.

  • Flower
    Flower 16 days ago

    love you guys...been with you from the beginning ...And now we have Lennon...he is gorgeous. Two become three..all the better. x

  • Chad White
    Chad White 17 days ago

    Another way to contribute: watch (don't skip) the ad videos at the beginning of each episode. Also, if the ad has a link that pops up, click it. Love watching your videos Riley & Elayna...looking forward to Lenny time!

  • Rick Chollett
    Rick Chollett 17 days ago +4

    Two questions.
    1. Have y'all sold the old boat yet?
    2. What flag do you fly on the boat? I haven't noticed any.

  • humongous chungus
    humongous chungus 17 days ago

    I'm 17 but when I turn 18 I'll donate to you two of course, I've been watching you both since I was 14 and it really is quite crazy how much time flies. You two have literally been my inspiration for sailing around the world, and it has been my dream ever since I saw both your videos and The Maiden Trip. I'd love to do what you guys do one day, and I just wanted to thank you guys for being who you are, I know everyone says it but you guys have literally helped me through hard times, as cheesy as it may sound 😂. I just want to make sure that you guys know that you're appreciated, and a huge inspiration. Looking forward to seeing all the new adventures with Lenny :) Love ya guys. - alex

  • MLS Yogi
    MLS Yogi 17 days ago

    I just became a patreon. love you guys

  • Nobby Barnes
    Nobby Barnes 19 days ago

    Gone full comercial.

  • knoblybits
    knoblybits 19 days ago

    speaking of looking into the future mate, have you thought about tipping as a revenue stream? i have a block-chain based tipping extension on my chrome browser called reddcoin. a click of a mouse can send a tip of my choice to your reddcoin (or other similar tipping cryptocurrency) to your wallet, which you can later convert to fiat currency.. let me know if you want more info.. nice episode mate btw..!

  • Eric
    Eric 19 days ago

    You will have to take more people on board with camera and editing experience.

  • 21 day ago

    Burn those @ugg boots mate. You may not know but they're ruining small family businesses all over Australia.
    "Google; UGG Australia lawsuit"
    @deckers & @ugg should never be warn by Aussies! Better to support an Adelaide/Aussie brand!

  • Ryan Collins
    Ryan Collins 21 day ago

    Advice from fans: “just take some time off, make less videos”
    Riley: “well first off, because of the youtube algorithm”

  • Amelia Walker
    Amelia Walker 24 days ago

    I’m from Charleston!! So cool to see you anchoring in my town :))

  • Max Mac
    Max Mac 24 days ago

    Babytime about to happen. It's like normal time only with less sleep.

  • Kimberly Anderson
    Kimberly Anderson 24 days ago

    i also would be looking at your contracts with the varied and possible renegotiating how the royalties are spread out...( not to be deviously selfish--but more from where do y want to go in the future with things and who do you want involved, and who do y need involved..)you will have some allegiance to start-up..funding..who help with marketing etc..y know who they are..(how y came to be with La Vag)..and then streamline necessities going forward as well...but remembering we never really get anywhere without the help of being able to incorporate somewhere of paying it forward mentality part of yr biz model😊

  • Ian MacLean
    Ian MacLean 24 days ago

    The meditation story might be the funniest moment in all of the videos...

  • jim28fl
    jim28fl 25 days ago

    Join us next week for... what we wanna share. We love what you share, and share what you love with us, and the rest will work out my friends. Don't let the stress of any of it get to you. Stress free. If you didn't put out a video for three weeks i'd be all the more excited to watch what you been up to. The crowd will come n go, but this is your life, enjoy it first n foremost or it will become too much stress and break you. And thank you, as always, for sharing with us.

  • Rick Rothstein
    Rick Rothstein 25 days ago

    So very happy for all that you've accomplished Riley & Elayna... The best is yet to come..

  • Gary LeLacheur
    Gary LeLacheur 25 days ago

    RU-clip. Lennon. Priorities? Lennon = No.1

  • Wallace Grommet
    Wallace Grommet 25 days ago

    Your single-handed voyages had a wonderful thrilling drama and riveting excitement. Great stuff!

  • Wallace Grommet
    Wallace Grommet 25 days ago

    From all of the sailors stuck on land, yearning to sail to wherever the seas wash the shores, thank you for taking us to sea with you

  • Wallace Grommet
    Wallace Grommet 25 days ago

    The more you dare to share, the more we care!

  • Wallace Grommet
    Wallace Grommet 25 days ago

    We’re with you

  • Wallace Grommet
    Wallace Grommet 25 days ago

    Go visit my Dad and sister!

  • Brett Agostini
    Brett Agostini 25 days ago


  • Cody Luxton
    Cody Luxton 25 days ago

    Just become a Patreon :)

  • Caroline Adams
    Caroline Adams 25 days ago

    ugh i live in charleston its a shame i didnt see you!

  • MrYort13
    MrYort13 26 days ago

    Welcome to being a Dad ... you will find it goes way to fast.

  • Grace Poremski
    Grace Poremski 26 days ago

    YOU MADE MY CITY LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL!!!glad you made it and congrats on the baby!!

  • Melissa Starnes
    Melissa Starnes 26 days ago

    Your in my srate!

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller 26 days ago

    You are holding your own , :D

  • Robbie Leffel
    Robbie Leffel 27 days ago

    I'm not a Patreon but I LIKE every video you put out!

  • David Rix
    David Rix 27 days ago

    Could "Sailing La Vagabonde" be the first 1 million subscriber channel? I hope so!

  • 57koop
    57koop 27 days ago

    Great job Riley

  • Steve Calwell
    Steve Calwell 27 days ago

    Parked up in a marina with M/Y Athena. Noice.

  • Andrew Hamilton
    Andrew Hamilton 27 days ago

    Big love dude! Done great on your own and love the honesty when you get a good bit of time in front of the camera.

  • Nuru
    Nuru 27 days ago

    " so I got caught in 38 knots, with full main sail up.....know what I was doing right beforehand ? MEDITATING ! " .... I jus fell off my seat, bruv ;)

  • Fifi CH
    Fifi CH 27 days ago

    Continue as you are!.... Don't have a great set up!!!

  • H J Wolff
    H J Wolff 27 days ago

    Say something about the Carolinas here Riley.


  • petronics2454
    petronics2454 27 days ago

    Riley, I think you are doing an amazing job:- sailing, educating us on blue water sailing, navigation, filming (what ever else).... and it's all really wonderful so an huge thanks. I have already proffered my congrats to you and Elayna on the recent birth of Lenny and so all the blessings to you both, again. What I did want to add was that I don't mind not getting a response with all you have to do - your patrons are first priority and I totally understand. I reckon your achievements are spectacular and thoroughly, thoughtful and inspiring. From someone who has spent a lot of time on boats. Pete

  • Frostbbitten
    Frostbbitten 27 days ago

    So glad to see your boat a mess! We chartered in the Bahamas in Dec and ended up on a Lagoon 39, our last day was a beam reach sail in 33 Kts Dbl reefed and stuff was falling all over the cabin and I thought to myself....I never see this happening on La Vaga, or Curiosity (Wynns). Good to see we aren't alone.

  • Jacob Bucko
    Jacob Bucko 27 days ago

    Hey! How much is an acceptable amount to send on paypal? Id love to donate but don't know if I can commit to patreon.

  • Magnus Lisborg
    Magnus Lisborg 27 days ago

    I hope that one day Elayna will be able to or want to make a professionally made studio cd. I would RUN and buy it directly for sure! That would also feel like a nice way to support you guys.

  • T DOT
    T DOT 27 days ago

    Dude I can't believe you left the boat there. There be pirates

  • Kiko
    Kiko 27 days ago

    pure business ! too bad ...

  • Ben Walwyn
    Ben Walwyn 27 days ago

    Have you had discussions with RU-clip about whether they're going to disable comments on your videos as soon as the little man comes onboard? They are doing that to other channels.

  • RB E
    RB E 27 days ago

    I think you're going to find out that the "little man" is going to be the new star of the show. Everyone loves babies and little kids content. It's all good.

  • Marc Wolf
    Marc Wolf 27 days ago

    Be careful where you fly the drone mate the FAA get really pissy about drone use.... Nice shots btw

  • Blue Tube
    Blue Tube 27 days ago

    Totally enjoyed your videos Riley. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kimble Mooney
    Kimble Mooney 27 days ago

    More inspiration - thanks loads!

  • Jimi Napier
    Jimi Napier 27 days ago

    good stuff mate , don't worry about the time management thing with the kid and the rest of your life , it will all pan out perfectly man

  • Kevin Sterner
    Kevin Sterner 27 days ago

    I realize the baby was born awhile ago but congrats. Your adventure just got more exciting.

  • be pacman
    be pacman 27 days ago

    Goal 1, that baby and making a strong bond from day 1 mother, father, baby. A Family!! The rest will come but that child is a blessing for you, the Vagabond family!!! Congrats!!

  • David Ascher
    David Ascher 27 days ago

    "Say something about the Carolinas here Riley . . uh!" Too funny!

  • James Stader
    James Stader 27 days ago

    Just so you know I was a recording engineer here in Los Angekes for 12 years and I have recorded some of my own music. It's not that difficult to make good quality recordins, you'll need a good microphone of course and I prefer a DAT recorder and some kind of mixer. Hit me up for more tips and questions that you might have. Best to both of you. Love James.

  • bjørn ove torsøy
    bjørn ove torsøy 28 days ago

    Grrreattt content, Riley!. From one father to another..; give him the better part of your time,- well manage , and understand ;.)

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith 28 days ago

    I did not understand your comment about the Carolinas, would you explain?

    • Kfields Kfields
      Kfields Kfields 26 days ago

      Bill Smith he is reading what elayna wrote , he was meant to talk about the people in Carolina , not read the sentence out aloud, I thought it was funny and cute that they didn't edit it out

  • Reagan
    Reagan 28 days ago

    My parents got married there💓

  • Luca Remmel
    Luca Remmel 28 days ago +1

    Riley once shaved his legendary moustache. Now he can wear fancy UGGs made from his moustache.

  • jeff koon
    jeff koon 28 days ago

    You will become a great multitasker, that's what children do for you.

  • Brandons Adventures
    Brandons Adventures 28 days ago

    awesome video I have been enjoying all these vlogs you two are awesome

  • Candy Garage
    Candy Garage 28 days ago

    I agree, I am looking forward to her music. Its one of the many things that separated you guys and made me immerse myself in your episode.

  • Brian  O
    Brian O 28 days ago

    It's legit. I seen the Len. I'm so happy 4 you 2! Awesome video

  • Matthew Adkins
    Matthew Adkins 28 days ago

    I loved the solo sail videos Riley :) they were amazing

  • Matthew Adkins
    Matthew Adkins 28 days ago

    It’s crazy to think that you sailed right by me xD I pass over that bridge in the beginning ever time I head down there

  • TUShared
    TUShared 28 days ago

    Babies are pretty resilient, you’ll be fine. Just make sure Yelena gets sleep when the baby sleeps.

    TRICIA COLLIER 28 days ago

    2:04 - 2:40 made me laugh out loud. Even had to go back and replay! Death by meditation : )

  • caps4lifeov8
    caps4lifeov8 28 days ago

    So are you going to meet Woody or what 😂

  • Tim Hyatt
    Tim Hyatt 28 days ago

    loved the single-handed sailing videos, but i was a little sad there were no Bilgey / Great Oven moments :P those were the highlights of the last one you did...

  • Cabe Irwin
    Cabe Irwin 28 days ago

    The picture for this video, looks like Rileys about to John Cena slam that man into the water.

  • Lance Emil
    Lance Emil 28 days ago

    Worry less, do more. You're young - pay attention to now. You'll be glad you did.

  • Indiana Hoosier
    Indiana Hoosier 28 days ago

    Congratulations to you both...

  • Joe Cole
    Joe Cole 28 days ago

    I've done quite a lot of video editing and would be more than happy to edit some episodes for you completely free if you need a helping hand. Email me if you want???

  • Carlos Nunez
    Carlos Nunez 28 days ago

    forget about sleep, I did that while getting my masters (no you tube though) 30 yr ago. Enjoy the TRIP, it's worth it

  • Suzy Hager
    Suzy Hager 28 days ago

    I clicked the thumbs up and I didn't even have my headphone plugged in.

  • JustifiedPwning
    JustifiedPwning 28 days ago

    What did Riley do for a job before RU-clip?

  • Sailforce
    Sailforce 28 days ago +5

    Thought I recognized you on the tender Riley! I was teaching a sailing lesson in that blue J24 that sailed across the shot around 3:10! Hope you enjoyed the city!

  • Brandon Van Der Heide
    Brandon Van Der Heide 28 days ago

    As a parent, I remember (over a decade ago now) all of the very well-meaning statements of friends telling us about how much time I wouldn't have any longer. My advice is this, don't trust them too much. :) The thing is, every parent, every couple is different. The one universal truth I've found for myself and my partner (and all of our other parent friends) is this: If you're driven you'll find a way that works for you to make it all work out. Will you be exhausted? Sure. Are you already prepared from multiple ocean crossings to have at least one of you awake all night? Yup. You might actually find that your lives to this point have nicely prepared you for the challenges ahead. Funny how things work out like that. You'll be fine.

  • Jacob Arde
    Jacob Arde 28 days ago

    you're trying to make it an anchor baby... get it?..

  • Marlena Lashley
    Marlena Lashley 28 days ago +3

    “Say something about the Carolinas here Riley...” 😂

  • Christine Egeberg
    Christine Egeberg 28 days ago

    Great videos Riley!

  • John Baumgartner
    John Baumgartner 28 days ago

    In a previous video i posted a more lengthy idea of parenting, but to summarize what i previously said before as it pertains to what you said at the end...Don't sweat it, everything you are planning will change. That is the only thing you need to know about parenting....Plan to not be able to plan haha. Each and every day will bring new challenges that you didn't think of before. You guys have good heads on your shoulders so do what you can, when you can. I'm sure all of us here will understand.

  • Jack Poirier
    Jack Poirier 28 days ago

    Just hang around the Caribbean for 6 months to get yourselves adjusted to all that's going on.

  • Bob Shaw
    Bob Shaw 28 days ago

    Riley belated Welcome to America Mate . Hope you like the states until you fly to meet up with Elayna & your new little baby boy Lenny . Congratulations ! Hope your long long flight home to Australia goes well .

    • Bob Shaw
      Bob Shaw 28 days ago

      Very nice of the couple from Columbia to drive to meet you . Hope ya's had a nice lunch together .

    • Bob Shaw
      Bob Shaw 28 days ago

      Whew so glad you all were able to rescue the adrift catamaran before the mast was snapped off by the bridge .

  • Tom Snow
    Tom Snow 28 days ago

    You will learn to sleep less! Congrats on new addition to you little family!

  • Noemi Kubáň
    Noemi Kubáň 28 days ago

    really did enjoy these! :) Good luck

  • Mark Chippendale
    Mark Chippendale 28 days ago

    I just had a thought... and speaking as a parent (and grandparent) there is so much of the early days in a child's life that one of you inevitably miss - and otherwise worthwhile memories - even as just momentary occurrences and random events that you will want to recount to friends and fellow parents, that it might be an idea to routinely keep a lightweight go-pro type of camera on a headband at most times of the day.
    Just an idea...

    OCTAVIO G.M 28 days ago +1

    Hacen una Bonita pareja. Van a ser papás. Todas las BENDICIONES para ustedes en esa nueva etapa. Ojalá y sigan toda la vida juntos. Muy buenos videos y muy buena vibra. SALUDOS desde España y BENDICIONES ✌👍

  • Steve Bradfield
    Steve Bradfield 28 days ago

    You handled that discussion well at the end of the video Riley. Good work!

  • Kym Biddell
    Kym Biddell 28 days ago

    Loved this weeks clips of your solo trip, looking fwd to seeing the little one and watch your adventures as a team of 3 😀

  • WellieSong
    WellieSong 28 days ago

    Superb content quality. You guys work so hard. It's testament to the passion you both have for what you do.

  • Dave Amies
    Dave Amies 28 days ago

    Re Time problem.... plan your second child asap, nothing takes more time than a lonely only child, having 2 especially close together means they play together and take less of your time, it's counter intuitive but true.

    Love the channel, and look forward to seeing the junior skipper (in a few years)