Sneakerheads: Inside the World of High-Stakes Sneaker Trading

  • Published on Jun 14, 2013
  • Teenagers are spending thousands to buy and then re-sell limited-edition basketball shoes.

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  • Toxic Murdererr
    Toxic Murdererr 19 hours ago


    *I have failed you Anakin I have failed you*

  • anh da đen
    anh da đen 22 hours ago

    pure cringe

  • Christian DiGiuseppe

    Spoiled-ass rich kids

  • Nun Special
    Nun Special Day ago

    Mfs be complaining bout that 15 a g shit. These kids finessing 100’s of dollars for just shoes. Tf.

  • Getyeeted
    Getyeeted Day ago

    This kid make easy money and he was holding $3,000 and he wasn't even crying i would've started crying even if i got $500

  • XxElStonerGuy 8
    XxElStonerGuy 8 2 days ago

    What city is this I’ll rob all em

  • Super British Cheese

    My mans is selling new Jordan 5s for “60 bucks”. He really losing money tho. And why tf is the other kid thinking on it??! That’s a steal and a half. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • CureXL
    CureXL 4 days ago

    What a bunch of fags

  • Shimazu Clan
    Shimazu Clan 6 days ago

    Shoes have no meaning it's such a waste of time I like shoes but this is terrible.

    • Shimazu Clan
      Shimazu Clan 3 days ago

      @Sosa victor Not the money the meaning of them why people want them that's a waste of time people killed over material such a disgraceful way to die the way they are valued is a waste of time.

    • Sosa victor
      Sosa victor 3 days ago

      Shimazu Clan making good money on shoes a waste of time?

  • Counterclockwise Films

    You can’t wear these 😂

  • penny boarder.
    penny boarder. 7 days ago

    dam the freddys

  • HyperPablo
    HyperPablo 7 days ago

    How long does it take for hair to grow back? *36 days*
    Video uploaded June 2013


  • Bruno da Silva Brandão


  • Markm658
    Markm658 8 days ago

    not sneakerheads, sneakerheads collect and love to wear their shoes, resellers...greedy motherfuckers who get backdoor multiple pairs so they can make extra money

  • Corey Foster
    Corey Foster 9 days ago

    Stupid boomers

  • Daddy 6942021
    Daddy 6942021 9 days ago

    7:00 shit good deal

  • DavidCrypt
    DavidCrypt 10 days ago

    I’ve probably watched this like 13 times now

  • Real Cris Legend
    Real Cris Legend 10 days ago

    Theses aren't sneakerheads these are just kids who no nothing about the shoes but just want cash.

  • Christopher Warren
    Christopher Warren 10 days ago

    What boomers

  • Leon He
    Leon He 11 days ago

    He’s a sneaker head yet doesn’t have yeezys

  • Seye Kola-Olusanya
    Seye Kola-Olusanya 11 days ago

    We love kicks but come on now ian paying resell for anything really, there’s always new releases

  • sebastian hjelde
    sebastian hjelde 12 days ago

    they are reseallers 🤦🏻‍♂️ Its a big diffrent

  • Zion Nelson
    Zion Nelson 13 days ago

    Young businessman

  • Greatest Country Ever
    Greatest Country Ever 15 days ago

    7:24 what if someone stole $400 worth of weed or something. Even at 15-16 someone getting their ass beat 😂

  • Rowan Mason
    Rowan Mason 15 days ago

    Eww those Jordan lows are ugg

  • IconSpal538
    IconSpal538 16 days ago +1

    Why does the news lady sound like she has a cold

  • Evan Martin
    Evan Martin 16 days ago

    sneaker heads collect sneakers not resell

  • Frosty Toast
    Frosty Toast 18 days ago

    Everything can be fucking dangerous. Get over it

  • Jackson Fever
    Jackson Fever 18 days ago

    Hello, Leuon- pong here,
    all shoe made in China by 12-year old for 10 cent
    Searche for "10 cent China shoe" buy now, you be very happy :)

  • NBW Quozies
    NBW Quozies 19 days ago +1

    I only buy shoes like $300 and down

  • dragon4un plays
    dragon4un plays 19 days ago

    I got $200 lebrons :(

  • electrobrine125
    electrobrine125 19 days ago

    I don’t care I just want my shoes to look good and be comfortable

  • CR Card Collecting
    CR Card Collecting 21 day ago

    I do this with baseball cards 😂

  • Meylithh
    Meylithh 21 day ago

    All these shoes ugly as fuck Alexander McQueens are 12 times better or nike air force 1 or some tommy himfigers

  • armando-beatbox ARM-BEAT

    Shoes are like drugs for sneaker heads

  • Hanibal King
    Hanibal King 22 days ago

    Over fuckin shoes that’s pathetic im sorry .

  • raflolio
    raflolio 23 days ago

    7:22 those sb lows cost 2000 dollars now...

  • Gio Buildzz
    Gio Buildzz 24 days ago

    I like how they think there sneaker head when there just buying sneakers

  • Lucid -wavyy-_-
    Lucid -wavyy-_- 24 days ago

    i would beat him up and rob him

  • Redhoot
    Redhoot 25 days ago

    These dumb ass kids get robbed so often lol

  • Aarav Singh
    Aarav Singh 26 days ago +1

    They didn’t even blur they license plate

  • Efren Rodriguez
    Efren Rodriguez 28 days ago

    I mean, they are reselling shoes that were out of sale due to limited edition so...

  • David Mendoza
    David Mendoza 28 days ago

    How embarrassing

  • LlyWoo Gaming
    LlyWoo Gaming 28 days ago

    2:31 them is the fakest shit I've ever seen

  • Max Ansted
    Max Ansted 29 days ago +2

    Theese people and inside edition make everything sound so much worse than it actually is

  • NiMouh
    NiMouh 29 days ago +2

    The real question is...what happens to Alex? He turned a Qiasomar Jr.?

  • Anthony Tah May
    Anthony Tah May 29 days ago +1

    Alex's shoes are pretty ugly ngl

  • Did Rea
    Did Rea 29 days ago

    Em shoes are fake As hell

  • ShIt stick 3000
    ShIt stick 3000 29 days ago

    I think dealin jewelry is better than sneaker cuz sneakers you buy a new pair of $12,000 you leave that store there worth $1200, jewelry on the other hand only goes up on price as time goes on

  • Morty
    Morty Month ago

    For people considering the prospect of hustling sneakers, all that bread their flashing, 90% of it is the Re'Up. The margins are slim.

  • Tiddies_lol
    Tiddies_lol Month ago

    Niggas really out here last name ass far

  • 1k subs Without any videos

    That kid has nice shoes yet he can't afford a good car

  • Elijah Rodarte
    Elijah Rodarte Month ago

    I just steal the shoes, they look like fucks

  • SneeSzn _
    SneeSzn _ Month ago

    That's enough of you boomer

  • Dude
    Dude Month ago

    Well this gave me the information to now beat the hell out of that 14 year old.

  • Nickdaboss77 Nick_lambert77

    These kids are just spoiled

  • xkevin799
    xkevin799 Month ago +1

    All these kids are parent funded 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Stealth Blase
    Stealth Blase Month ago

    People die guys