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Comments • 80

  • petra Maria Paicu
    petra Maria Paicu 22 minutes ago

    I like dress 1 the most

  • Lillie-mae Johnson
    Lillie-mae Johnson 33 minutes ago

    fav:fish dress

  • Amber Curtis
    Amber Curtis Hour ago

    Dress 8 is least favorite

  • Amber Curtis
    Amber Curtis Hour ago

    Dress 1 is my favorite

  • Madison Montpellier

    The 1# is the best and 3# worst

  • Annalisa G
    Annalisa G 5 hours ago

    1 ,6,11

  • Suzy Leigh
    Suzy Leigh 5 hours ago

    Good job!

  • Phaedra Walker
    Phaedra Walker 6 hours ago


  • haileighmack
    haileighmack 6 hours ago

    1, 6, and 10 were the best

  • Sunaee Varela
    Sunaee Varela 7 hours ago

    Best: fish

  • Gianna Moriel
    Gianna Moriel 7 hours ago

    fave fish and bad lamp

  • Marco Palafox
    Marco Palafox 8 hours ago

    Best 1

  • Caroline Karow
    Caroline Karow 8 hours ago

    fave: 1
    lesser best:8

  • Lizzy Smith
    Lizzy Smith 9 hours ago

    Dresses 1 & 11 are the best!

  • Kenzie Lynne
    Kenzie Lynne 9 hours ago

    1 & 11 😍😍

  • Shaheryar Asghar
    Shaheryar Asghar 9 hours ago

    1 at is the best 7 is the worst

    JACK HAHN 10 hours ago

    Can someone please explain to me why he zoomed up on her boobs while she had the “stain” dress on??? 😂 It’s at the time of 13:51 if you want to know...

  • Mya Perez
    Mya Perez 12 hours ago

    1 !!!!!!

  • Anaya Menon
    Anaya Menon 13 hours ago

    Def dress 1

  • Tess Pursell
    Tess Pursell 13 hours ago

    Favorite: fish

    Lease favorite: lamp

  • A O
    A O 13 hours ago

    1 like 6 and 1

  • Radu Fudulu
    Radu Fudulu 14 hours ago


  • kEnZiEeEeE ._.
    kEnZiEeEeE ._. 16 hours ago

    Dress 1 is absolutely stunning its my favorite out of all of them!

  • Alivia Guinsler
    Alivia Guinsler 16 hours ago

    it was longer then 1:50

  • rubyyxtuesdayy
    rubyyxtuesdayy 16 hours ago

    Im gonna find out your P.O. box thingy for people to send stuff and then send you something because I have adhd and I personally have to fiddle a lot with stuff so I invented my own fidget thing called a “funhouse box” where theres just a box about the size of a box that a phone comes in with loads of things like buttons and lids and squishies/sponges and turny things and textures on and inside a box. I make them out of dish sponges (not used ones dont worry 😂) and the juice carton lids I cut out from with the cap that you turn the cap off, open and close lids from things like toothpaste, homemade buttons, fabric, sand paper, tin foil, and things like that. I will try make a dar-dar themed box and if I do and you see this comment Ill edit the comment below this part or in the replies of this comment saying what the big box Im sending it in looks like and Ill try make it more distinct and obvious 😂💕 Ive been such a giant fan of you for like 5 or 6 years and Im only 14 in a month. Youve been my inspiration and idol for basically the majority of my whole life so far so if I manage to make this and send it and you receive it that would make me cry of just happiness, even you seeing this would mean the absolute world to me 💕 your incredible and even tho ive only seen you once from the audience at a show in Manchester when I was like 10 or something so if I managed to send you this and Flynn liked it or even just saw it that would mean the absolute world to me. Youve helped me through so much horrible times in my life like my pet dying or my pretty bad leg injury or my diagnosis’s and so much more. So Thankyou. I love you! ❤️

  • 3melval
    3melval 16 hours ago


  • Katilyn Carson
    Katilyn Carson 17 hours ago

    I love fishy couture! and #11

  • Marie Ledbetter
    Marie Ledbetter 17 hours ago

    My favorite is the first one. The silver is the worst

  • Ruby Richard
    Ruby Richard 18 hours ago

    I really liked the first one she tried on.

  • Zea Nelson
    Zea Nelson 18 hours ago

    fishy is my favorite and mother of the bride is my least favorite

  • Living with CRPS and weight loss surgery

    I seriously can't believe you cut off the lace of the fifties era replica wedding dress.

  • Avery Houston
    Avery Houston 19 hours ago

    Dress six and eleven btw ilysm. You make me laugh in each video you post. Your so funny! 😄

  • Debbie de Giorgio
    Debbie de Giorgio 20 hours ago +1

    Dress #1

  • Maddie Jayne
    Maddie Jayne 21 hour ago

    I love these types of videos, you should get clothes from and see if they’re any good! Cause they look so nice online but I don’t know if I trust the price😂

  • Anna Anderson
    Anna Anderson 22 hours ago

    Fish and 6

  • Lilly Bear
    Lilly Bear Day ago

    My fave is fishy and my least fave is booby

  • KittyCatPusheen
    KittyCatPusheen Day ago


  • Skylynn Helton
    Skylynn Helton Day ago


  • Lilly Frazier
    Lilly Frazier Day ago

    And dress #6

  • Lilly Frazier
    Lilly Frazier Day ago

    I like dress #1👗

  • Pressly Vandewater

    Dress 6

  • Rose Shelly
    Rose Shelly Day ago

    One or six

  • Maria Heaney
    Maria Heaney Day ago

    Yasss queen

  • Yenny Leyva-Chavez

    Do more of these videos on RU-clip

  • Yenny Leyva-Chavez

    Do you

  • Lucy McMahon
    Lucy McMahon Day ago

    Dress 6 looks beautiful on you

  • Maya Vlogs10
    Maya Vlogs10 Day ago

    Awww I love them!!!!!

  • trillian67
    trillian67 Day ago +1

    Will you try to do a video as Miranda with dude perfect doing trick shots because i know that Miranda is good at everything please do it for a Marfanda I know I spelled that wrong thx

  • Sofie lover 1 Carlson

    Love stain!😍

  • Phoebe Strouse
    Phoebe Strouse Day ago

    dress #6 is my favorite

  • Marc Theriault
    Marc Theriault Day ago

    i could smell that dress through the screen

  • Kevin Tuttle
    Kevin Tuttle Day ago

    The first and the last are my favorite I don’t like the skin colored one’ with the weird pads

    JJMK ULTRA Day ago

    Dress 1 is my fav

  • Mary Whitley
    Mary Whitley Day ago


  • guadalupe rios
    guadalupe rios Day ago

    My favorite one is the fishy one and my less favorite is the sperkly one

  • Buggy 99
    Buggy 99 Day ago

    1,5,6,10,and 11 were my favorites

  • Kerry Green
    Kerry Green Day ago

    The first one was my absolute favorite my least favorite is the one that looks like a Lamp

  • wolf Hildebrandt
    wolf Hildebrandt Day ago +1

    Testing weird beauty projects Amazon

  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh Day ago

    And last one

  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh Day ago


  • America & Ashlynn

    Favorite Dress #1
    Least Dress #7

  • Kennadi Stafford

    idk 1 6 or 11

  • Lily Doby
    Lily Doby Day ago

    #1 #11

  • Jones Family
    Jones Family Day ago

    I love dress #11

  • Nadia Agullana
    Nadia Agullana Day ago

    Dress 1

  • Kristeen&Garrett
    Kristeen&Garrett 2 days ago

    Love you vids are awsome (:

  • REIN 25
    REIN 25 2 days ago

    10:38 HE LIKES IT

  • Charles Marlow
    Charles Marlow 2 days ago

    I like the last one I dislike stain

  • REIN 25
    REIN 25 2 days ago

    1:50 its so funny

  • Elyza Langgamin
    Elyza Langgamin 2 days ago

    My favorite was the fish one😂

  • elysbth reab
    elysbth reab 2 days ago

    #1 and #6

  • Darlene Wong
    Darlene Wong 2 days ago

    1 and 6 is lit! O-M-G!!!!!!!!

  • wolfy dog
    wolfy dog 2 days ago

    Both last one

  • wolfy dog
    wolfy dog 2 days ago

    The last and the first

  • wolfy dog
    wolfy dog 2 days ago

    Hi 😜🤣

  • Adhrianna Vazquez
    Adhrianna Vazquez 2 days ago

    And I like number 12.

  • Adhrianna Vazquez
    Adhrianna Vazquez 2 days ago

    Dresses 1 and 6 are my favorite and nunber 8 is my least favorite.

  • Megan Usry
    Megan Usry 2 days ago

    The last one

  • Samaria Norman
    Samaria Norman 2 days ago

    My fav and least fav was dress number ☝🏾 one