SPACE TRIP Chillwave Synthwave Retrowave Mix 1

  • Published on May 3, 2018
  • Chillwave Synthwave Retrowave Mix 1
    Credit to the Mix and Gif : Asthenic
    Original Video :

    Songs :
    0:00 憂鬱 - Slow
    5:34 M.O.O.N - Dust
    10:32 憂鬱 - Sun
    15:44 Efence - Spaceflight
    18:45 Emil Rottmayer - W.A.V.E
    24:18 Voyage - Paradise
    29:44 Quixotic - Dust To Dust
    34:00 HOME - Hold

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  • immortalocelot -
    immortalocelot - 13 days ago

    Can you reupload again please?

    • 00x000
      00x000 Day ago

      @Jakarta Thanks!

    • Jakarta
      Jakarta 13 days ago +1

      This is stolen from

  • Paulo Gabriel
    Paulo Gabriel 18 days ago


  • maximus decimus meridius

    It cuts off after 5min ?

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 27 days ago

    How Can I listened the all songs again?

  • Andrews mathews
    Andrews mathews Month ago

    This is the best synth playlist!!

  • JVG
    JVG Month ago

    Argentina 2019

  • SN GO
    SN GO Month ago

    When you travel to your province be like..

  • Taylor Riggs
    Taylor Riggs Month ago +1

    HALF of the SONG CUTS OUT!

    • XhaosRazer
      XhaosRazer  Month ago

      I had to mute it because of copyright or the whole mix would be removed,im sorry

  • anna apacen
    anna apacen Month ago +6

    Damn, this was my favourite synthwave mix, did some of the songs get copyrighted? Most of the mix is now muted... :(

    • anna apacen
      anna apacen Month ago

      @XhaosRazer ah don't worry, that makes sense now, that sucks!

    • XhaosRazer
      XhaosRazer  Month ago +2

      I had to mute it because of copyright or the whole mix would be removed,im sorry

  • kr0n2600
    kr0n2600 2 months ago +1


  • Matyáš Černík
    Matyáš Černík 2 months ago +1

    My favourite mix

  • MidgetMan 420
    MidgetMan 420 2 months ago +3

    Hey yo, first one I see with the credits and originator, good job man you get a like just for that

    • XhaosRazer
      XhaosRazer  2 months ago

      @MidgetMan 420 Yeah i know what you mean,thank you and i hope you will hear more from me

    • MidgetMan 420
      MidgetMan 420 2 months ago +1

      @XhaosRazer you should ask the popular ones, like the guy who made this originally. Also work on a new channel logo, you know what I mean? Well anyways, I'll stick along for the ride

    • XhaosRazer
      XhaosRazer  2 months ago

      Thank you☺️ im not trying to steal from the video like anything but when i learn how the youtube system works im gonna make my own videos.

  • Plexus Dp
    Plexus Dp 2 months ago +1

    Best video i love music man,so good

  • pi hermoso
    pi hermoso 2 months ago +114

    did some of the songs got muted?? 6/30/2019....

    • Ryan Bernardi
      Ryan Bernardi 11 days ago

      SO WEAK! i love this mix stinks that it is muted now

    • Christopher Ramirez
      Christopher Ramirez 15 days ago

      oh then that's it, I had downloaded the mix and when I heard it I thought the audio had been damaged, so sad :(

    • الحارثة السابع عشر Aretas
      الحارثة السابع عشر Aretas 17 days ago

      mirror anyone?

    • BLOWAB
      BLOWAB 21 day ago +2

      That’s not why. This video is stolen from Asthenic. Me and many others have reported it. This guy is a fraud. You can view the original here, nothing is muted:

    • Lando Calrisian
      Lando Calrisian 22 days ago

      Yo that link to the full mix is gone!?

  • mofadlson
    mofadlson 2 months ago +2

    M.O.ON is muted?

  • Noble Richy - GB
    Noble Richy - GB 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that can't listen anything when Dust plays?

    • Death Gun
      Death Gun 2 months ago

      Muted 'cause of copyright, pal...

  • david tiemstra
    david tiemstra 2 months ago

    i got really sad when dust was muted

    • david tiemstra
      david tiemstra 2 months ago

      @XhaosRazer its good dude i get it just had to pause the video to go listen to that and come back

    • XhaosRazer
      XhaosRazer  2 months ago

      Yeah,i almost got a copyright strike im sorry

  • Malachi Muncy
    Malachi Muncy 2 months ago

    um big quite spots copy right takedowns? missing alot of the songs i liekd here

  • Ian Knapp
    Ian Knapp 2 months ago

    This is dope. 😝💜🤘

  • Slug Rider
    Slug Rider 2 months ago

    I like the music but serious ads mid song... at least have them between songs that just pissed me right off

    • Boaty McBoatface
      Boaty McBoatface 2 months ago

      It blows my mind that there are still people who arent using AdBlock Plus

  • forest 333
    forest 333 3 months ago +1


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  • o B
    o B 3 months ago

    When the average human start exploring the galaxy it’s going to be so ridiculously far in the future. Were talking year 3000 shit if were still around. One of us being in year 3000 would be like a caveman in modern times.

  • Claudio CL
    Claudio CL 3 months ago

    6:45 :)

  • psued 0
    psued 0 3 months ago


  • lofi weirdo
    lofi weirdo 3 months ago +9

    i wonder how will the world be in the future, if we're going to socialize with machines, if we won't be driving cars anymore, if our work will be replaced by softwares and robots, if we're going to explore the galaxy
    it's kinda nice actually, i'd like to live in a future like that, really

  • The Gentleman Farmer (captianwiggles)

    New sub! Chill vid, hope u get to 1,000 so u get that monetization money soon yo!

  • Guillaume Casu
    Guillaume Casu 3 months ago +23

    Thanks for the comfort zone during hard times bro

  • Waylan
    Waylan 3 months ago +10

    Before I listen, can someone tell me what the music does to you? I'm new to this, plus I don't wanna get high or open my pineal gland or whatever.

    • Waylan
      Waylan 3 months ago +1

      @XhaosRazer Thanks! Sorry for the question, I have chronic anxiety and I'm a huge hypochondriac, hence how I ended up here.

    • XhaosRazer
      XhaosRazer  3 months ago +3

      Its just relaxing,you get sort of a cringe feeling because of nostalgia or somtehing else

  • Anneka Patel
    Anneka Patel 3 months ago +10

    Muse, Simulation Theory vibes anyone?

  • John-Caleb Bradberton
    John-Caleb Bradberton 3 months ago

    best jam for playing everspace to

  • Juan
    Juan 3 months ago +4

    Even a robot can have dreams listening to this.

  • Claudio Villegas
    Claudio Villegas 3 months ago +11

    I live anxiety crises almost every week since last 2 years. Generally, i'm alone when they come. For some reason that i don't understand very well, this mix helps me to calm down and go ahead, always. Is better for me than any pill or breathing technique. Thanks a lot for that. You are making my life much easier.

  • Thiago Silva
    Thiago Silva 3 months ago +2

    Efence is the best. I'm out of the galaxy while listening

  • Namra Urani
    Namra Urani 3 months ago


  • Namra Urani
    Namra Urani 3 months ago


  • Beth Adcock
    Beth Adcock 3 months ago +2

    this one's definitely my favorite, has all my favorite songs and is perfect to draw to. thanks a lot mate!

  • StevenM801
    StevenM801 3 months ago

    VOYAGE killed this track

  • N8aN8tr HD
    N8aN8tr HD 3 months ago

    You literally just copied the video form Asthenic and posted it. Why?

    • N8aN8tr HD
      N8aN8tr HD 3 months ago

      Kitt Spiken or to profit off someone else’s work

    • Kitt Spiken
      Kitt Spiken 3 months ago

      To trap repeat viewers who didn't look at the channel like mwah.

  • zenrising
    zenrising 3 months ago +7

    One of the things I always found funny about 80s scifi, was when they had these line vector video screens on dashboards. It's literally a shittier version of the view that the driver is looking at through the windscreen.
    Great mix

    • fossil mwk
      fossil mwk 3 months ago

      Too right mate. Its a gird view of the road to avoid obstacles ahead and for the distance I'd reckon its one high grade camera on a high speed vehicle 🐲

    • Neno Mina
      Neno Mina 3 months ago +1

      it's probably meant to be some kind of terrain following radar, for driving through all those rainy atmospheric nights ^^

    • fossil mwk
      fossil mwk 3 months ago +1

      Its not that shietty mate. Its enhanced down the road.🐲

  • Nordic39
    Nordic39 3 months ago +9

    Try to play it with 0.75 speed.

    Thank me later.

  • ディアスジェレミー
    ディアスジェレミー 3 months ago +44

    The music felt like *_floating in space, alone, cold & comfortable._*

    • trenensen
      trenensen 3 months ago

      This whole comment with your username on top of it is aesthetic.

  • Anon Wibble
    Anon Wibble 3 months ago

    Bass is too heavy, gives me a headache through headphones.

  • Mali Silva
    Mali Silva 3 months ago

    haaaaaaaaaaaa this is fuckin good

  • Mandeep Bassan
    Mandeep Bassan 3 months ago

    Love the mix hate the adverts! RU-clip you are ruining mixes and music in general by forcing people to add adverts. Fuck you RU-clip. Fuck you.

  • Keith Decker
    Keith Decker 3 months ago

    I like it. But too many ads.

  • Nugsy Malone
    Nugsy Malone 3 months ago +3

    Another reason to add to the list of having and enjoying driving an 85' El Camino

    • Nugsy Malone
      Nugsy Malone 3 months ago

      @Gray Wildwood No doubt! Theres so many other cars better looking than 80's elcos lol

    • Gray Wildwood
      Gray Wildwood 3 months ago

      They're cool, but don't forget the 82-92 era Firebirds.

  • Brett O'Donoghue
    Brett O'Donoghue 3 months ago +1

    Nice tunes 😂

  • MrDhartz
    MrDhartz 3 months ago +4

    15:43 is pure magic

  • Meme Magda
    Meme Magda 3 months ago +1

    This music can cure depression, anxiety and feeling of being tired :D This video should have 300mln views-it's so good

  • sailcat662
    sailcat662 3 months ago +3

    This is the best music to write to. Thank you.

  • The Mixed Plate Frequency
    The Mixed Plate Frequency 3 months ago +2

    10:32 憂鬱 - Sun is so awesome.

  • Dejan Kostic
    Dejan Kostic 3 months ago +4

    driving and listening to this track is very relaxing

  • Bence Harangi
    Bence Harangi 3 months ago


  • Simon tbrave
    Simon tbrave 3 months ago +4

    actually this whole 'cd' is to be finded on spotify of this: sosocrazyboy.. so someone is stealing songs perhaps??

  • Simon tbrave
    Simon tbrave 3 months ago +3

    the first song is 'Wave' from 'sosocrazyboy' not to be finded on youtube, but on spotify...

  • DADAMON 99
    DADAMON 99 3 months ago

    Amo este set list

  • DADAMON 99
    DADAMON 99 3 months ago


  • Carlos Cuba Lastarria
    Carlos Cuba Lastarria 3 months ago

    .... more more more more sound

  • Jeszica
    Jeszica 3 months ago +3

    I feel I can try my astral projection with this music ❤️