i lost

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
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  • Brad Baker
    Brad Baker 4 hours ago

    Get over it. You lost. And jj won. Simple as that😂jeez like you havent even uploaded it 2 weeks.... you know you lost.

  • Mob Draco
    Mob Draco 4 hours ago

    dude ksi kicked your ass. you hit him with an uppercut while holding and then go on to do three illegal hits and he was down for less time than when he hit you with one legal punch. plus you knocked him down with an ILLEGAL hit and you scored a knockdown which should not have been a knockdown. THEN he knocked you down for longer with a LEGAL punch so the two point deduction was to make up for ksi knockdown that wasnt scored. so lets get into why you wouldve lost or tied either way. first off you should not have scored a knockdown because you were holding so -1 point from you. and ksi knocked you down with a legal hit so it should have been a knockdown. so again that would have been -1 point from you 1+1=2. 2 point deduction was fair.

  • Educated Ant
    Educated Ant 4 hours ago

    Nobody has ever deserved a loss more than you. Maybe smoke some DMT to destroy that pathetic ego you have.

  • mr.MoNsTeR
    mr.MoNsTeR 5 hours ago

    Let Jake fight him cuz he will whip his ass

  • Melisa W
    Melisa W 5 hours ago

    I’m not a part of those 9 year olds that just go around choosing sides. I never seen Logan videos or KSI videos before. I analyzed their videos, and to be honest.. Logan is a better youtuber. I don’t care.

  • Pro Acoustic
    Pro Acoustic 5 hours ago

    I like KSI better but I have to agree that the 2 point deduction was too much

    • VD 26
      VD 26 5 hours ago

      Pro Acoustic Yh it should’ve been disqualification tbh

  • Thaa isa
    Thaa isa 5 hours ago +1

    those who want to snow tomorrow

    I have 41 Subscriber can you Make it 80

    BLOODY BLAZE 5 hours ago

    Btw audience of youtube is b/w age 10-30

  • gefen shachar
    gefen shachar 5 hours ago

    Logan Paul is a sore looser no doubt about it. Otherwise ge would've stopped bitching and lying and just be honest and admit that there is absolutely no chance he had won

  • nightmare plushtrippin

    burn in hell

  • Jayrian McNab
    Jayrian McNab 6 hours ago

    Logan I have to say something what happened to *Logan you are my hero*

  • lol every Day
    lol every Day 6 hours ago

    Logan paul : i lost
    Me: we know

  • ilija cvjetkovic
    ilija cvjetkovic 6 hours ago


  • Greg Authorizer
    Greg Authorizer 6 hours ago

    Both of them look thicc

  • J Gaming123
    J Gaming123 6 hours ago +1

    Subscribe to my channel
    J gaming123

  • GotBlickyUhh
    GotBlickyUhh 6 hours ago


  • Yogen Moorghen
    Yogen Moorghen 6 hours ago

    Logan is losing subs🤣

  • Andrew Andrew
    Andrew Andrew 7 hours ago +1

    Your acting all sad about loosing but you sure weren't sad when you guys filmed a dead person you fucking idiot

  • ella mullen
    ella mullen 7 hours ago

    you made the right decision, i just hope that this won’t start up more beef between you guys again

  • Bermudez John
    Bermudez John 7 hours ago

    bye bye youtube

    X_SEINSEI_X_KILLA_X 7 hours ago

    Well ist ur fault for hitting him in the back of the head and the referee said before the fight to you, you are not allowed to hit him in the back of the head and punched him while he was on the floor fuckin idiot end you channel please

  • cute baby
    cute baby 7 hours ago

    Logan please make more video

  • Joel Asher
    Joel Asher 7 hours ago

    Honestly , I don’t think Logan completely took a L , he maybe the biggest pussy in the internet (thats what he said ) but he didn’t completely lost . I’m a KSI fan like since the start but this time I’m on Logan’s side . I still 100% think KSI won the fight but Logan shouldn’t be a meme .They both literally spend the last few months training for this fight and they both started from utubers to now ACTUAL/LEGIT boxers . Cheers to KSI and Logan . Cya

    • VD 26
      VD 26 5 hours ago

      Joel Asher I think it’s cause he was so confident that when he lost it was a meme

  • Abayomi Madonsela
    Abayomi Madonsela 7 hours ago

    I think its the kit you were wearing you should've wore your maverick kit

  • J
    J 8 hours ago

    Whahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaahahhhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahabhahahahahbabababababab loserrrrr

  • Pascal Löhner
    Pascal Löhner 8 hours ago

    The 2 points were correct

  • Naythan Nsengiyumva
    Naythan Nsengiyumva 8 hours ago +1

    You have to do a rematch

  • Lil Pink
    Lil Pink 8 hours ago

    Don’t fight a black guy

  • jorji Costava
    jorji Costava 9 hours ago

    You did And suck it up

  • Taoufik Aknioui
    Taoufik Aknioui 9 hours ago +1

    Know your place trash 🗑️🚮

  • J-Dog West-Combo
    J-Dog West-Combo 9 hours ago

    *Ryan Garcia said it was a legitimate knock down of Logan*

  • AnthonyQ_ 2004
    AnthonyQ_ 2004 9 hours ago +2

    Meanwhile on KSI’s channel talking shit 😂

  • _ Spectrlz
    _ Spectrlz 9 hours ago +2

    Yeah no shit Sherlock

  • ash harris
    ash harris 9 hours ago +1

    i know this is late but..... when is the couch tails gonna come back please do it logan

  • Napstablook - PH
    Napstablook - PH 9 hours ago +1

    Mission Failed T_T
    Sorry Logan.
    Is Soo Hard?? :(
    KSI Was A Punch.....

    Ok U Subs For U :3

  • Aidan Schilling
    Aidan Schilling 10 hours ago

    Dude why are you not uploading bro

  • TheAnnualAntagonist
    TheAnnualAntagonist 10 hours ago +1

    Looooooooooooooool a coward alright. Just plays it off as a joke and doesn’t acknowledge the GIANT L you got.

  • Nicolai Semb
    Nicolai Semb 10 hours ago

    sore loser

  • Phap Nguyen Xuan
    Phap Nguyen Xuan 10 hours ago

    It's fine logan

  • FireNation
    FireNation 10 hours ago +1

    See that's why I like MMA better it's so much less confusing

  • exodakz
    exodakz 11 hours ago


  • Ant Enom
    Ant Enom 11 hours ago

    What u all should do is a RU-clip paint ball war

  • Islam
    Islam 11 hours ago +1

    Logan don't be upset cuz nothing has happen you have won this match for the logangster's

  • wa zapp
    wa zapp 11 hours ago

    Where is he???

  • John Howard
    John Howard 11 hours ago


  • Max Salmons
    Max Salmons 11 hours ago


  • Aydon Barney
    Aydon Barney 11 hours ago

    When are you going to see them aphoun kids again

  • cima1402
    cima1402 12 hours ago

    And hoo cares

  • spencer schmucker
    spencer schmucker 12 hours ago

    Hey I really thought you would do good in the boxing with a background in wrestling in NE Ohio where the sport is super tuff but I guess boxing is a different sport

  • Oz Bud
    Oz Bud 12 hours ago


  • asd qwe
    asd qwe 12 hours ago

    خل الهياط ينفعك ⚔️👑

  • Mr Kizere
    Mr Kizere 12 hours ago +1

    You are bad person

  • Ninpulse
    Ninpulse 12 hours ago

    I mean tbh Logan, you asked for this.

  • Ninpulse
    Ninpulse 12 hours ago

    LMAO he ended your career. Deal with it.

  • Arenas yeet QT
    Arenas yeet QT 13 hours ago


  • KSI
    KSI 13 hours ago +1


  • Phantom
    Phantom 13 hours ago

    Team ksi

  • congaming205
    congaming205 13 hours ago +1

    U gay

  • Harvey Joey
    Harvey Joey 13 hours ago

    Your mum is fat Logan

  • Harvey Joey
    Harvey Joey 13 hours ago

    Your mum is fat Logan