Stupid Things I Do

  • Published on Mar 27, 2017
  • WE all do stupid things from time to time BUT i do alot more. Here are my stories CHUN CHUUUNN
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • swordmaster 21
    swordmaster 21 2 hours ago


  • Ryleigh Greavette
    Ryleigh Greavette 4 hours ago

    I do way stupider stuff like....touch my brother back then his butt

  • lego toys
    lego toys 16 hours ago

    I got adhd to

  • keisha daza
    keisha daza Day ago

    i relate to the dont care what people think about me thing

  • Selene Torres
    Selene Torres 2 days ago

    AYEEEE I have ADHD too!

  • Denise Belcher
    Denise Belcher 2 days ago

    Why do u have horns

  • Tomboy The Purple Bunny

    0:28 like if you also have ADHD I have it

  • Lucas Long
    Lucas Long 3 days ago

    I do the same thing! Although idk if I have ADHD

  • Muhammad Fadhil2
    Muhammad Fadhil2 3 days ago

    Me : *sees Title*
    Also me : *i can relate to that..*

  • InkHeart Studios
    InkHeart Studios 4 days ago


  • VintageNightmare
    VintageNightmare 4 days ago +1

    “We all do stupid things sometimes”

    Albert Einstein: hold my beaker

  • Matthew/Jacob
    Matthew/Jacob 5 days ago

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  • Rachel Ward
    Rachel Ward 5 days ago

    hi my name is scarlette i actually have 80HD as well so... i do a lot of stupid things to.

  • BenCoggamingz
    BenCoggamingz 6 days ago

    Something else I also have ADHD so I can relate to your doing stupid stuff.

  • J. S.T.
    J. S.T. 6 days ago

    I do that too

  • captainprice808
    captainprice808 6 days ago

    No I do it to annoy my parents and people I can care less of what people think about me

  • Jerome Torcal
    Jerome Torcal 6 days ago

    Frick you

  • Snipper cookie
    Snipper cookie 7 days ago

    1:19 pause at 1:21 ur welcome uwu

  • Nieka Vermaak
    Nieka Vermaak 8 days ago

    *M Y J U I C E BXOY!!!!!!!*

  • Elsabe Van Heerden
    Elsabe Van Heerden 9 days ago

    I also have adhd and i was pretty weird

  • bad fallout boy
    bad fallout boy 9 days ago

    I have adhd i feel your pain... (juice box)

  • •o•
    •o• 10 days ago


  • Dragon Dawn
    Dragon Dawn 10 days ago +1

    Who’s here during world war 3

  • Psycho Path
    Psycho Path 10 days ago

    A stupid/ weird thing I do is, whenever I am with a friend (I do this to my male friends more than female friends, but mainly because of their nails) is I take their hand and stick one of their fingers in my mouth and suck on it. When I first started doing this with my first serious group of friends they all individually freaked out, but I explained to them that I was just weird and not trying to make a move or seduce them. Now all my friends are cool with it, and sometimes we don't notice we are doing what looks every suggestive in public and we get odd stairs. I do it so often that most of my guy friends do it without me grabbing for their hand, or they do it when I am stressed to calm me down.... Weird,right?😋🖤💋

  • Nicole Fair
    Nicole Fair 10 days ago +1

    AD-HD squad 🤙

  • Rowan VDH
    Rowan VDH 11 days ago

    I got adhd 2

  • Me My Friends and I
    Me My Friends and I 11 days ago

    What was I taking about right I'm an idiot.

  • Melanie Gentry
    Melanie Gentry 11 days ago

    I'm also dumb but I don't remember what I did even though I do stupid things everyday

  • Yingtheeevee
    Yingtheeevee 11 days ago +1

    "My juice bowx ; m; "
    yeah sounds like something's i'd do

  • purple pokimon person
    purple pokimon person 12 days ago

    Also part of the adhd gand comerad the meds sukz they make me nauseated and normal which is boring

  • Gavin Goodson
    Gavin Goodson 12 days ago

    he spelt where wrong

  • Naval Tree
    Naval Tree 13 days ago

    Adam, why was your end card cut off?? There likes 10 seconds missing????

  • GracieGamer 2011
    GracieGamer 2011 13 days ago

    i have ADHD yay! I'm super #relatable to adam! seriously want to die...... i have combined ADHD i have both hyperactive and inattention.

  • mapache arcilla
    mapache arcilla 14 days ago

    i also do stupid things all the time

  • Hayden De roahn
    Hayden De roahn 15 days ago +1

    whats aseHDDDDDDDDDdd

  • Jessica Rhoads
    Jessica Rhoads 15 days ago


  • Conner
    Conner 15 days ago +2

    Also part of the ADHD gang.

  • Inky The fox
    Inky The fox 15 days ago +1

    “Some fly under the radar and go completely un noticed while others go completely viral and end up on your....

    *GTA V confirmed*

  • DinoBoy Fletch
    DinoBoy Fletch 15 days ago +1

    My father gets me “nice clothes” and their uncomfortable af

  • Jenna Grace
    Jenna Grace 16 days ago

    At school everyday at lunch I go to the washroom and whisper to whoever is there things like “I bet I have more brain cells than you” and see how they react 😂 this one girl screamed and ran out of the bathroom because I think she didn’t realize I was there and I felt so bad

  • Wyatt Amos
    Wyatt Amos 16 days ago

    One time my little brother was drinking a juice box and my big brother said that juice box are for baby and then I see him drink a juice box and I’m like WHAT THE

  • Slimy Charms
    Slimy Charms 17 days ago

    I can’t believe that it is already 2020
    Hope you all have a great day 🤗

  • Little Liyah
    Little Liyah 17 days ago

    3:34 Adam: “ Im an idiot “
    Me: Welcome to the squad!

  • Dragon King
    Dragon King 17 days ago +1

    Adam: don’t try these at home
    Me: ok mom can we go to the store
    Adam 2 seconds later: or any where else
    Me: 😩😩😩😩

  • FloridaFishermen
    FloridaFishermen 18 days ago

    I have ADHD to

  • Parker Metcalf
    Parker Metcalf 18 days ago

    I've been watching you videos for 2 years

  • Parker Metcalf
    Parker Metcalf 18 days ago

    I also have combined adhd

  • Cailin Nelson
    Cailin Nelson 18 days ago

    Thare are so many things wrong with me I have ADHD and SVT and IBS

  • Grace Gonzalez
    Grace Gonzalez 19 days ago

    And also because I have adhd

  • Grace Gonzalez
    Grace Gonzalez 19 days ago

    Relatable I'm so much like this!

  • I have Low Self-esteem

    “Time to time”

    That’s a joke

  • Jose P
    Jose P 19 days ago

    3:45 says shit two times then says "doing the number two" lmao

  • Tododeku
    Tododeku 19 days ago juice box

  • Reaper foxy
    Reaper foxy 20 days ago

    Subtitles and not

  • Fxz OwenB
    Fxz OwenB 21 day ago +1

    I have adhd as well

  • Leilani Richardson
    Leilani Richardson 21 day ago


  • Moonlit Stars
    Moonlit Stars 21 day ago


  • Pokémon Go Hunters
    Pokémon Go Hunters 21 day ago

    A stupid thing I did is watch u (jk I love u)

  • Savage Baller_2254
    Savage Baller_2254 21 day ago


  • Brook Legit
    Brook Legit 21 day ago