• Published on Jun 23, 2015
  • A terrifying tale of youth, Wonderland, and pants.
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  • aRtizt XD
    aRtizt XD 6 hours ago

    i love how she made her own slow_mo effect

  • Woo Lidd
    Woo Lidd 11 hours ago +1

    This is 2019 and I wish you kept drawing mouths :(

  • Tanya Ebbett
    Tanya Ebbett Day ago

    X. B m

  • Jun TV
    Jun TV Day ago +1


  • Layla Butterworth


  • Gaming GirlC
    Gaming GirlC Day ago +1

    Al Alike Alice

  • Jeremy Ray
    Jeremy Ray 2 days ago

    When people know you that they know you even if you wear a mask. If you take up superheroing, do it in a new town where nobody knows you... unrelated but how does Superman fool everyone with a pair of glasses. Well, presentation. Clark is wimpy and timid. Superman upright and bold. The two are masks in a way Clark Kent being Kal-El’s mask.

  • Quinn Normand
    Quinn Normand 2 days ago

    It’s ki ki ki ma ma ma not chi chi chi Ka ka ka

  • sonofjafarreturns
    sonofjafarreturns 2 days ago

    I knew there was gonna do something weird when I read the title. Didn't expect it to be an old mantho

  • Dhel Mayek
    Dhel Mayek 2 days ago

    We did Alice and wonderland this year it was so good

  • Berlize
    Berlize 3 days ago +1

    This year we did Alice in Wonderland and I got the part as the Dodo Bird. Not the most amazing part but I was still really happy. It was a musical so there was A LOT of singing and dancing (obviously). So during the Caucus Race scene, it was sort of like a cha cha dance so there was a lot of moving the hips/but and as some people know, Dodo birds have huge butts. So what they did was they gave me a huge fake but that tied around my waist. During the dance, the butt was becoming askew and it started pulling down my pants. We also had radio mics. At the end of the dance me and small Alice fall back to back so my only choice was crush the butt or the mic. So what I did was land on my hip. There were about 10 mics turned on at the time including the characters so it created that loud screech sound so after that trainwreck I walk of stage. Butt half off.

  • Xxgacha_summerxX :3
    Xxgacha_summerxX :3 3 days ago +1

    (• ~•)

  • Bobocean342
    Bobocean342 3 days ago

    4:18 that illegal ur not supposed to do that

  • Star2ThePowerOf100
    Star2ThePowerOf100 3 days ago +1

    Selling cringey replay buttons! One button costs 1 like! :)

  • Soul Seeker
    Soul Seeker 4 days ago


  • Pop Man
    Pop Man 4 days ago

    Nice Zelda font

  • Wendi Martines
    Wendi Martines 4 days ago

    Omg I am subscribed and I hit the bell 🔔 button please give me a shout out on any video I am actually Sophia Martines I am on my nanas iPad .

    101. I have never had a shoutout

  • Luna’s Life
    Luna’s Life 5 days ago +1

    Becca you’re better than this. CLICKBAIT!!

  • T.C.W.D
    T.C.W.D 5 days ago

    I'm sorry but at 2:55 I was just laughing literally only laughing but I still felt sorry that I was laughing at this personal story

  • Shawnee Farrell
    Shawnee Farrell 5 days ago

    Ribbons snap ch..ch..ch..ch ..a..a..a..a.....(2x)

  • gaming_queen_101
    gaming_queen_101 5 days ago

    Whats the song at the end called

  • Toh Andrew
    Toh Andrew 6 days ago

    sorry i have to say this: WHAT THE F**K?!!?

  • Hippity Hoppity Memes are now my Property

    2:30 Is that Rhett and Link?!?!

  • tiger lillies gotcha life

    Old man got no respect!

  • Jesse Gatlin
    Jesse Gatlin 6 days ago

    My favorite was jontron in the audience

  • Lyubov Chernous
    Lyubov Chernous 6 days ago

    As soon as she says what type of moral is that I respond a good one

  • Aaron Jr Apcico
    Aaron Jr Apcico 6 days ago

    Why does tweedledum and tweedledee have propeller hats?

  • Mathieu Lipman
    Mathieu Lipman 6 days ago


  • •• KrystalKrabby ••

    *my favorite part was when we got to see the girls hinie* 😏

  • Knight Wing
    Knight Wing 7 days ago

    4:05 "Hi, I'm Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC. How about you have a seat over there?"

  • Spilt Milk
    Spilt Milk 7 days ago

    i just got up

  • captain lora
    captain lora 7 days ago

    3:40 I like her socks

  • Isabeth Mateo
    Isabeth Mateo 7 days ago


  • James Bunting
    James Bunting 7 days ago

    Becca, gurl, you deserve better than RU-clip. You should be an actor. We'd miss your videos, because you'd probably be full of movies and shows, but seriously. If you really love being a RU-clipr, then you do you. :3

  • Jasmine Booth
    Jasmine Booth 7 days ago

    All of her videos HAS to have a dramatic part

  • Red Crystal
    Red Crystal 7 days ago

    The Fortmite... Confirmed! She was one of the developers of the game in the early 2015.

  • Nacho Business
    Nacho Business 8 days ago

    Woah. Cheshire cat cute ;)

  • Itz Mia
    Itz Mia 8 days ago

    Wow he's is a creep isint he

  • Mega X Sonic 18
    Mega X Sonic 18 8 days ago

    3:33 Animat and John Tron

  • Tony M.
    Tony M. 8 days ago

    So Becca wanted to be the Queen of Hearts, and likes FIre, and likes the color red? Hmmmmm if she doesn't sprout a pair of kitsune ears and kitsune tails soon enough I'm gonna lose faith in probable anime plot twists.

  • Fire Flame Burst
    Fire Flame Burst 9 days ago

    1:47 Rebbeca said fortnite😂😂😂😂

  • Chipyeedraws XD
    Chipyeedraws XD 9 days ago +1


  • Lucien Simmons
    Lucien Simmons 9 days ago

    what is the outro song?

  • Gacha Butterfly
    Gacha Butterfly 9 days ago


  • opie4life15
    opie4life15 10 days ago

    -_- BRU

  • Luke Raquinel
    Luke Raquinel 10 days ago


  • Nina Gaming
    Nina Gaming 11 days ago

    That last part oml

  • Hailey McDonald
    Hailey McDonald 11 days ago

    Who else saw Rhett and Link in the crowd

  • Chris Jocelyn’s Studio!

    4:05 my favorite part was when we got to see the girls 👿

  • MilesSwap_ 78
    MilesSwap_ 78 12 days ago +1

    4:09 Cliche Much?

  • dEVIL Animations
    dEVIL Animations 12 days ago


  • El Chankito
    El Chankito 13 days ago

    I really like the Cheshire Cat design!!

  • Ethan Vo
    Ethan Vo 13 days ago +1


  • Reallylongweshanks YT
    Reallylongweshanks YT 13 days ago +3

    "my favorite part was when we got to see the girls hiney...."

    FBI OPEN UP!!!

  • mark jarwet
    mark jarwet 13 days ago

    the old man is a per

  • Sunny Shine
    Sunny Shine 13 days ago

    *chi cha cha Ah Ah Ah*

  • Marshmellow Playz
    Marshmellow Playz 13 days ago

    *Yeah,creepy,very creep*

  • Slim Jim23
    Slim Jim23 13 days ago

    PERVRT you old MAN😂😏

  • AnisFridayShow
    AnisFridayShow 13 days ago

    You are so full of yourself

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover 14 days ago

    Just subed