Kylie Skin Review with Shane Dawson

  • Published on Jun 2, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today Shane Dawson and I are trying Kylie Jenner's new skincare line, Kylie Skin! This has been such a highly requested review, but it has been sold out and we all know little ole Jeffree ain't on the PR list! But Shane ordered it... And it's HERE! Watch our unfiltered and honest thoughts and find out the REAL truth about Kylie Skin.
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    (Additional footage filmed & edited by Andrew Siwicki - Studio footage shot & edited by Christian Smith)
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  • xx bri xx
    xx bri xx 9 hours ago

    Shane: it’s burning, it’s burning burning
    Jeffree: okay get the washcloth and take it of
    Shane: puts more on

  • debzilla
    debzilla 10 hours ago

    the stuffed dogs on the shelf look like they're moving. :) Or the edible kicked in

  • Keeley-anne Weston
    Keeley-anne Weston 11 hours ago

    Rise and shine

  • Julie Mota
    Julie Mota 11 hours ago

    I love Shane’s and Jeffrees relationship, it’s ionic

  • Julie Mota
    Julie Mota 11 hours ago

    Who is still watching this and laughing over Shane’s actions

  • Lara Baldacchino
    Lara Baldacchino 12 hours ago

    The chaotic energy in this is amazing

  • Gianna lucia
    Gianna lucia 12 hours ago

    This review is everything !!! ... couldnt stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣 love these two together

  • Brandon Chavez
    Brandon Chavez 12 hours ago


  • marygrace cloud
    marygrace cloud 12 hours ago

    SHANE!!!! I have really sensitive skin too. To calm down the redness I started using very simple products. Straight glycerin soap, witch hazel toner, and jojoba oil for moisturizer. Get the purest of each of those you can find with the least amount of ingredients. And every once and a while I use aloe Vera plant as a face mask. Nothings wrong with your skin, we just more high maintenance 😋.

  • Sisster
    Sisster 13 hours ago

    15:07 Shane being Shane
    15:07 Jeffree’s reaction is everything 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • aexotic fruit
    aexotic fruit 14 hours ago

    they inhaling that scrub

  • Tristan Rogers
    Tristan Rogers 14 hours ago

    Jeffree: I mean, the toner is turning my face a little red
    Shane: IT *BURNS*

  • Sophiespottering x
    Sophiespottering x 15 hours ago

    the chaotic energy is what i’m living for

  • Joud Thabet
    Joud Thabet 15 hours ago

    I just realized that Jeffree said “after the robbery” before the series came out! How did I not notice before

  • Srinjayee Sharma
    Srinjayee Sharma 16 hours ago

    25:23 I think Shane was talking about concealer

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 18 hours ago


  • Aatikah Carmen happy
    Aatikah Carmen happy 19 hours ago

    Would love too see you travel to my native country N.Z and try the local makeup oroducts the manukua honey moisturizing and other organics are massive like wild ferns company and glow lab etc i miss them. Awesome chance for a holiday and fan meet up

  • morgan coleman
    morgan coleman 19 hours ago

    Ok!!!! Hahahha well this won funniest video award! I've seen like every one if Shane's & Jeffeee's videos and this one man.....him and Jeffree together being themselves and just so real and silly, Lord, I nearly wee-d my pants!!!!

  • Titanic Bitch
    Titanic Bitch 20 hours ago

    14:15 to 14:18 I’m dead 😂😂

  • Kae Je’Ne
    Kae Je’Ne 20 hours ago

    Shane washing his face is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all year i can’t

  • Sonyeoduel Wassup
    Sonyeoduel Wassup 21 hour ago

    Is it just me or Shane has princess Mae’s laugh and Jeffrey has Bretman’s laugh? 😂

  • PunkSkunk
    PunkSkunk 21 hour ago

    I really have to ask is clothing shops really selling pre-ripped tops now or is Shane just being Shane 🤣 no hate I’m really just wondering. My theory behind this is that Shane chose to wear the shirt on purpose just to show off that sexy chest hair 😅 nah just keep doing u Boos

  • Ë M M Ä .S
    Ë M M Ä .S 21 hour ago +1

    Shane saying he knows what he’s doing is the equivalent to Tana knowing how to run a convention

  • Cami Flitcroft
    Cami Flitcroft 21 hour ago

    Shane just made me shed a whole tear from laughing 😂💀

  • Courtney Robertson
    Courtney Robertson 22 hours ago

    Funniest shit of my life. I cried laughing so hard

  • Paula Easter
    Paula Easter 22 hours ago

    Me. I like. For r what. Your. Do
    From jeffreetar

  • KaiCupcake 48
    KaiCupcake 48 23 hours ago

    4:41 Is that shane or jeffree’s pallet??

  • Joselle Dominguez
    Joselle Dominguez 23 hours ago

    28:43 im living for that❤️

  • Joselle Dominguez
    Joselle Dominguez 23 hours ago

    28:43 your welcome :)

  • Reborn Innocence
    Reborn Innocence Day ago +1

    Can we start a petition so all future reviews include Shane? This is hilarious lol


    Shane LITTERALLY having a reaction to everything XD

  • Stephanie Nichole

    I wish Jeffree would put out a skin care line

  • ア 乇 ム ζ ん リレ Ծ Џ 乇 尺

    When Kylie Skin isnt all that great, some hit or miss.
    Shane: I T S P R O B A B L Y M E?
    Shane: mumble mumble mumble
    Shane:, spooked
    Poor Shane

  • Alex.BTS. Army
    Alex.BTS. Army Day ago

    Shane’s laugh slowly gets more and more wheeze like over time in this video and I’m here for it XD

  • Kathleen Gaetano

    So it’s basic and nothing special with cute pink packaging. Ok. Lol. Sums up this video.

  • Kim Seokjin
    Kim Seokjin Day ago

    Jeffree making a reference to Mrs. Doubtfire made my day. That's my favorite movie. Robin Williams was amazing in it, may he rest in peace.

  • Taliyah Mencio
    Taliyah Mencio Day ago

    What the 23:10 jefferee's excitement

  • Vania Ramírez
    Vania Ramírez Day ago +1

    1:07 "I apologized" "good sweetie" I DIED LMAOO

  • Mackenzie Kline
    Mackenzie Kline Day ago

    omg ive never laughed this much in my life omg

  • Jdspatches
    Jdspatches Day ago

    I’m crying I’m laughing so hard

  • Jyllian Rodriguez

    Jeffree: You shouldn’t drink a a a soap
    Shane: nearly chokes on coke

  • Hallie Ashley
    Hallie Ashley Day ago

    Him ranting about Kylie’s Skin care stuff is the best thing ever

  • The Asian Potato

    Shane having a allergic reaction for 33 minutes and 11 seconds

  • Gwin & Tonic
    Gwin & Tonic Day ago

    The chemistry between these two makes my soul fizz ♡

  • maria445 martini


  • Stephanie Adams
    Stephanie Adams Day ago

    Best review ever so funny!

  • Ania Menartowicz

    I love how it’s like a parent and kid. Shane using way too much product all the while Jeffree says its enough (foaming cleanser and toner).Then halfway through, jeffree starts giving Shane measured amounts

  • Katie Selby
    Katie Selby Day ago +1

    Nobody :
    Shane : doing a kettle impression 28:43

  • Lucas Rawlings
    Lucas Rawlings Day ago

    Jeffree please release your own skincare

  • AlainaXXII
    AlainaXXII Day ago

    But do Shane’s teeth feel clean?!

  • Mackenzie hudson
    Mackenzie hudson Day ago +1


  • AlainaXXII
    AlainaXXII Day ago

    We need a Star Skincare!!!!

  • Mar Lorente
    Mar Lorente Day ago +1


  • Aurora Sky
    Aurora Sky Day ago

    Shane’s squeal has me dead😂😂

  • lili fyle
    lili fyle Day ago

    you are a perfect match

  • lili fyle
    lili fyle Day ago

    i love you both so mutch please do more videos togethet

  • shalini pandey
    shalini pandey Day ago

    Love from India! You make engaging videos.

  • sew.and. create
    sew.and. create Day ago

    Shane: it’s burning
    Jeffree: wash it off now. Wash it off. Look, facetowel there wash it off
    Shane: continues to rub it in

  • Levi The King
    Levi The King Day ago

    That point when you realise shane and maybe Jeffree is being poisoned

  • Stefania Flores
    Stefania Flores Day ago

    Jeffrey’s laugh is so cute 😂