Mortal Kombat 11 - How Terrific is Highborn Kitana??

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Highborn Kitana has been Praised by Many Pro Players! Even Sonicfox believes she is Very Strong! Today, I wanted to see for Myself how Viable Highborn Kitana actually is! Join me as we Discuss her Attacks and Playstyle!
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Comments • 130

  • TrueUnderDawgGaming
    TrueUnderDawgGaming  29 days ago +39

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    • Kojo Baah
      Kojo Baah 28 days ago

      Sc6 tier plZ

      AMERICA FIRST 28 days ago

      @Deurge there ads on all his videos his just saying that to get more clicks.

    • Buff Raiden
      Buff Raiden 28 days ago

      Just wanted to mention that you seem to have like 5-10 videos on every character, except you only have 2 for Raiden and Kano. Would like to at least see these two in your inside the mind of series.

    • Deurge
      Deurge 28 days ago +1

      Fuck youtube for demonetizing this kind of videos. Their politics are just stupid. Awesome video!

    • just2raw4yall
      just2raw4yall 29 days ago


  • hypersonic 30
    hypersonic 30 5 days ago

    The variation was already good. Fuck the pros.

  • Dah Duh
    Dah Duh 18 days ago

    No one gives a fuck about Kitana by the views lol

  • x17x2xwildx
    x17x2xwildx 22 days ago

    My god, please don’t end your combos in sai throw.

    • Athenis
      Athenis Day ago

      That bugged me every single time he did it. I have never done it, and I've never fought someone that did. I've never even seen the tower AI do it either, and the tower AI makes the worst choices 95% of the time.

  • 321Ian123
    321Ian123 27 days ago

    I get so much shit for spamming strings into fans or throws online, like what else am I supposed to do?

    • Athenis
      Athenis Day ago

      If they can't stop you, they are the one that needs to change tactics.

  • Blair Owens
    Blair Owens 28 days ago

    last question was obviously rhetorical.

  • Quantum
    Quantum 28 days ago

    Almost 800 likes no aliens invaded.

  • adel
    adel 28 days ago

    Oh hello aziz i see u

  • Tony B
    Tony B 28 days ago

    While Kitana needs to dial in the entirety of the B231 string, she can do her stance cancel after the second hit instead of the third. This is when stance cancel into throw is ridiculously dirty.
    Also the chip damage that Razors do is crazy. It's 17.50 chip for each fan. So you're looking at a free 5% chip anytime you do a string that gives all razors on block.

  • WutTheDeuce
    WutTheDeuce 28 days ago

    I don't think her stance cancel is that good. It's definitely reactable, and fully punishable.

  • Dom Mo
    Dom Mo 28 days ago

    Something technical.
    Do you have HDR on? If so, what are your brighness levels from the in-game menu?
    Thanks in advance, mate.

    P.S. Buff Sub-Zero

  • Dom Mo
    Dom Mo 28 days ago

    *Buff Sub-Zero's damage*
    *Make Ice Ball have damage on hit*

  • Justin Landsman
    Justin Landsman 28 days ago

    Mister dawg, I love this video and to answer your question about milenna in mk11, 🤬 yes, if they don't put her in the game then I'll roit

  • Krazy Tarkatan
    Krazy Tarkatan 28 days ago +3

    The amount disrespect Mileena gets 😢 and yes I would love Mileena in this game

    • Athenis
      Athenis Day ago

      @Krazy Tarkatan You must not look at replies when Boon posts things on Twitter. Or at any of the bigger reddit communities for the game. Boon does troll people that constantly ask for things, but too many of the responses he gets about Mileena go too far.

    • Krazy Tarkatan
      Krazy Tarkatan Day ago

      Athenis I see no proof of threats all I see is put Mileena in

    • Athenis
      Athenis Day ago +1

      The disrespect isn't aimed at her, but at the very vocal players going beyond what is acceptable to try and get her added, acting like entitled brats and harassing NRS staff with threats. There's plenty that want her and don't act like that, but the vocal minority gets all of the attention.

  • Boutneus12
    Boutneus12 28 days ago

    Stupid fans : no wake up option, they just spam chip you to death!

  • Shiro Oni
    Shiro Oni 28 days ago

    I would like to see Tekken 7 on your channel again

  • Libby Putny
    Libby Putny 28 days ago

    Yeeah shes good 🙄

  • Ori Chen
    Ori Chen 28 days ago

    There is no frame trap if you cancel into the sai. There’s a huge gap between the string and until the sai comes out. Liu Kang can just f43u3 you and get his kb. Any character can just attack you and the fan won’t come out. This variation could have been good if she just wouldn’t have those circling fans. Then you could actually go for a frame trap: hit them with the fan tornado and while they are hovering throw the sai. That way, by the time they get up you will already have recovered and the fan will come out even if they attack you. Also you’re plus.

  • Ira Gabelić
    Ira Gabelić 28 days ago

    I absolutely love that variation. It's definitely a lot better that in was before the patch, but i feel like many people are overrating it currently because of the fact that it is somewhat new considering rarely anyone played it before the patch and she plays completely differently now.
    Btw there is no way to combo into seeking sai unfortunately. About the b231 you aren't doing it wrong, it's just that on player 1 side you can't connect all 3 razors after the b232, but you can do it on the player 2 side. However on the player 2 side razors don't jail from the blocked b14. I hope they will still improve on this variation .

  • StefanPanMK
    StefanPanMK 28 days ago +6

    I think opponent can hit you out of the Seeking Sai after B231, but I'm not sure. If they can, the sai won't drop, keep that in mind.

  • Dorian_ BJE
    Dorian_ BJE 28 days ago +2

    I’m a Kitana main and I rarely use this variation, Just doesn’t feel like Kitana at all plus if you are good with fanfare there is no reason to use highborn just because other people say it’s better

  • Francisco Delgado
    Francisco Delgado 28 days ago +2

    Staying in the half blood stance should charge your attacks' damage it would really fit the animation

  • Christina Azarian
    Christina Azarian 28 days ago +5

    The razors still have hit box issues eve after the patch. They’re inconsistent always, they need to fix Kitana period

  • Steve Krbekyan
    Steve Krbekyan 28 days ago +2


  • Bob Juarez
    Bob Juarez 28 days ago +3

    This ain’t it, Kitana needs buffs and mileena needs to be added to the game

    • omri tusubary
      omri tusubary 28 days ago

      I mean kitana yes, Mileena no

    • omri tusubary
      omri tusubary 28 days ago

      No plz no

    • FearNoxx
      FearNoxx 28 days ago

      Bob Juarez sure, like they are gonna add mileena as dlc.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 28 days ago +4

    “Beefy damage”
    “Chunky damage”
    Bruh the way describe damage sometimes is so hilarious 😂

  • Mark L
    Mark L 28 days ago

    Fair assessment... I’ve honestly gotten used to playing both FF and HB vari with Kitana. She does have a few issues which I hope they address by the release of Terminator next month. I love her character and she needs some attention from NRS on a couple things just so her basic functions are even with the majority of the cast.

  • Angelic Amnesty
    Angelic Amnesty 28 days ago +3

    That sai projectile is a gimmick. You can interrupt it on hit

  • Keith Mjali
    Keith Mjali 28 days ago +1

    0:18, that's essentially what it is. The Mileena variation, hit the Sai right on the head Mr. UnderDawg sir, Lol. But for real though, don't the dive-port kick and other Sai moves look and feel a bit slow than it should.

  • kelby Yatsayte
    kelby Yatsayte 28 days ago +1

    How do you get the skin?

  • Max Littlewood
    Max Littlewood 28 days ago

    you should check out Noob's seeing double variation, its actually really great after the meter burn slide buff

  • Nelson Monge
    Nelson Monge 28 days ago


  • Fluexon
    Fluexon 28 days ago

    Fans: We want Milly
    Devs: Nah, but here is a purple skin.

  • Luke Harris
    Luke Harris 28 days ago

    Do b13 bd42. Spacing is much better for options like for b231, jump in or walk up and grab on block or hit.

  • Lachlan Elford
    Lachlan Elford 28 days ago

    I’ve been playing Kitana’s highborn since launch pretty much and I honestly love it the amount of pressure you can do now with her buff and then you can cancel into a grab

  • Elle Kenway
    Elle Kenway 28 days ago


  • Angela Figueroa
    Angela Figueroa 28 days ago

    Love your videos Kitana I one of my favorite character to me she is the best😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️💗💗💗

  • xdy FaZi
    xdy FaZi 28 days ago +15

    I am a highborn kitana main and that pressure that you are showing is fake they can interrupt the start of frames of the projectile without you being able to throw it out completely, you have to use the stab to catch them trying to punish since the stab has no gap, but the two are react able.
    Edit the two options can be Os very easily online

  • Cashew
    Cashew 29 days ago +4

    Would you ever consider streaming your kombat league sessions?

  • pedro henrique costa quadros

    You mean mileena

  • moonchild lua
    moonchild lua 29 days ago

    Do seeing double next

  • Moonzz
    Moonzz 29 days ago +1

    Your post makes me moist.

  • Rothemberg Music Videos

  • sci yer7
    sci yer7 29 days ago +2

    This variation is better, but never having any meter makes it a no for me, ill stick with fan fare.

    • sci yer7
      sci yer7 28 days ago

      @Robert Dukarm wow you sound real smart, lol.

    • Robert Dukarm
      Robert Dukarm 28 days ago +2

      @sci yer7 Yeah, "completely" is over selling the idea. Kitana is a prediction based character; she has a good tool set but it's dependent on reads. In that case you will beat the opponent with anyone really. This is why people don't regard her. I still main her since she's the "funnest" character for me.

    • sci yer7
      sci yer7 29 days ago

      @Robert Dukarm your absolutely right. But you still gotta be more creative then that.

    • Robert Dukarm
      Robert Dukarm 29 days ago

      Fan fare is completey dependent on hiw well you can use Air Flutter. It Kitana's true "mix up".

  • Augusto Henrique
    Augusto Henrique 29 days ago +20

    The sai pressure can be taken away by a simple hit or in that case a fireball (sai is slow and fade if u punch ) =X . The sai will be gone after u get her with a hit or another projectile.
    The sai KB is complicated to do it, cause people don't fall for that so easy, (3 things on hit... =S) not players that are in the game in a long time. And her other KB, that must hit a combo with 9 hits - almost gone in Highborn, BUT u can do it in the corner, but also - not that easy.
    If u got hit by teleport on block, just duck the fan. Also, a F4 Kang can get u with F4 while using the fan. Take care. The teleport does not combo - to be honest, that's so lame for her. She needs combos.
    The Edenian Fans: The thing is: do B231 or B14+ DB2 or B34 (almost always +1) and hold 2 then press F - U must pratice that A LOT for not get negative like -9. It's not that easy, BUT it's risky and I know all about that. Sometimes u just need to press F and will get +1/0/-1.
    And I must say: Even on pressure +1 if u use B231 has a gap for a 7f poke if you u do it after a neutral jump for ex (Sub Zero's fun time) - and B14 (ends on high) - guess what ? D2 bro !
    Like u told and realize, the mind game with her is pressure, but u do not need to respect the sai for ex. The game will hold the chains while using sai/fans/cancels. B231 is a very complicated string, whiffs if hit on jump and uu got punished for that. Highborn keeps iit better using B14.
    Watch this:
    If they dont fix Kitana, bro - this is gonna be sad. It's not about being a cheap character, it's about not messing around by trying to play good. I'm playing Highborn and watching good players like Shadow X and Jack Ashe, they all main her - it takes time. In the end of the day is Kitana and whoever works on her was unahappy with life, cause she has problems. Just sad.

  • Frost_ Alex
    Frost_ Alex 29 days ago +1

    Am a kitana main and i love this video cuz it helped me a lot

  • Blueninja 602
    Blueninja 602 29 days ago

    Thats a twist

  • pokespritemaker3
    pokespritemaker3 29 days ago +17

    The devs were better off giving Kitana a different variation than giving her Mileena moves. I would have loved Royal Storm or Assassin variation from MKX back. Plus lore wise, it wouldnt make sense for Kitana to have her sai. She hates Mileena lol.

    • Brooke Maddox
      Brooke Maddox 5 days ago

      Keith Mjali maybe the devs felt bad about jade not being on MKX that’s why they probably put a variation based on her moves and they probably did the same in MK11 and probably to make us think that mileena is not coming back after all she doesn’t really need her mileena’s sai kitana has a good amount of moves just about her

    • Keith Mjali
      Keith Mjali 26 days ago +1

      @Brooke Maddox Here's a little fun fact, Sonya Blade in MK1 was the one who originally used the Square Wave (it was more of a punch back then), when she wasn't playable in MK2, which is where the twins debuted, it became Kitana's special move (which later evolved into "the Butt of Doom" in MK games after). But to me, she is female Shang Tsung lol.
      Also, Dead doesn't always mean dead, especially in Mortal Kombat. And after doing some research, Mileena has been revived before, twice actually (by Shao Kahn and Onaga) and let's not forget there are many unfinished clones in Shang Tsung's flesh pits, so lore-wise it's not near impossible.

    • Brooke Maddox
      Brooke Maddox 27 days ago

      Keith Mjali Basically she didn’t steal them, She did have a jade variation in MKX but that’s because jade was not in it but now that she is back Kitana does not have it anymore and About mileena is the same thing I mean she is dead after all so is not like she’s getting her sai’s back lol

    • Keith Mjali
      Keith Mjali 27 days ago +1

      Ikr, but at this point Kitana is the female Shang Tsung/Shinnok, she steals every female character special move from Sonya to Jade & Mileena. So let's just assume Revenant Kitana stole Mileena's soul in the Netherrealm, Lol.

  • Maka's Right Pigtail
    Maka's Right Pigtail 29 days ago +45

    I use fan-fare, sorry bout it

    I don't wanna disrespect Mileena 😖

    • Nacho__06
      Nacho__06 28 days ago +1

      Dorian_ BJE yea I love fan fare, but highborn is pretty good, a great tip is to hold forward after you input edenian razors, it makes them always hit

    • Dorian_ BJE
      Dorian_ BJE 28 days ago +1

      Nacho__06 I find that Edinian Razors are to inconsistent and the crushing blow requirement is just ridiculous, everyone says she’s more of a pressure fighter in highborn but I just don’t see it as everyone seems to done with that variation...I tend to apply more pressure with fanfare as her zoning options are not great, yes it can be difficult to break defensive opponents but that when fan flutter helps a lot

    • Nacho__06
      Nacho__06 28 days ago +1

      Dorian_ BJE Fan Fare has better combos but at high level is really hard to break their defense and when you do they always have breakaway. You need to play super sneaky and clever. With highborn you have more pressure and better damage with easy combos

    • Dorian_ BJE
      Dorian_ BJE 28 days ago +1

      Fanfare is the better option in my opinion

    • Robert Dukarm
      Robert Dukarm 29 days ago +1

      I will always use Fan Fare, If you know how to use air flutter most of your combos will come from a jump starter, and that means almost 30% on a meter. I'm not willing to drive people crazy with air sai just yet. We'll see if Sindel is good, and if not, I'll just try to master this variant and fully main Kitana for the rest of this game's life cycle.

  • Cody Testerman
    Cody Testerman 29 days ago +6

    Nice understanding of the character bro! She is for sure good, and was good before the patch. She has good zoning, space control, and pressure. I think it’s balanced by not having high damage unless you have a crushing blow locked. Plus her anti zoning by using teleport or sai is always fun. Good guide!

  • Damion Baxter
    Damion Baxter 29 days ago +1

    I'm I the only one who thinks kitana feels bad too play.

    • The Jbeast
      The Jbeast 28 days ago +1

      Maka's Right Pigtail I’m sorry but if you’re doing an 8-12 hit crushing blow combo and barely getting 260 damage then there’s something wrong bro. I main Kitana and if you do an 8 hit combo into her df2 crushing blow it’ll do at least 300 or more damage no matter what strings you use. I don’t think you know what you’re doing with Kitana if you only getting 260 damage off of s crushing blow

    • Damion Baxter
      Damion Baxter 29 days ago

      @Maka's Right Pigtail not what I mean like the overall character feels off not her being bad.

    • Maka's Right Pigtail
      Maka's Right Pigtail 29 days ago +1

      A combo I do a lot is a 8-12 hit krushing blow one and it barely hits over 260 damaga

  • EnIgMa MoDs
    EnIgMa MoDs 29 days ago +3

    Underdawg you super and uncaged are the best mk youtibers

    AMERICA FIRST 29 days ago +1

    That Damn soap ad is everywhere. I love it, but Damn, it's a bitch much.

  • Moira O'Deorain
    Moira O'Deorain 29 days ago

    Do the same With Frost-byte it is a very good variation.

  • aale lol
    aale lol 29 days ago +19

    In your opinion, do you think mkx is better than mk11

    • Daymi
      Daymi 27 days ago +1

      @wolf haley I prefer run away zone 2 to both of those

    • wolf haley
      wolf haley 27 days ago +1

      Daymi i prefer poke grab 11 to button mash x

    • Daymi
      Daymi 28 days ago +1

      @Danny Leader and I've only had mkx for a few days while I got Mk 11 when it came out

    • Daymi
      Daymi 28 days ago +1

      @Danny Leader I prefer long combos to poke grab 11

    • Danny Leader
      Danny Leader 28 days ago +2

      Mkx was too easy, matches were basically “who can keep a combo going for the longest amount of time without dropping” 11 actually has effective zoning and reversal

  • ciscoport
    ciscoport 29 days ago +57

    MK11 Kitana was definitely designed by a NRS trainee/intern, with so many flaws, inconsistencies and mistakes that must be the case... (gameplay wise, not aesthetically)

    • none none
      none none 28 days ago +1

      Ancient Guy they removed his easy kb post release too. raidens main fix is to separate teleport from special moves and he has it on all variations. and don't slow it down at all. his raijin variation must eat 0-50% damage before he can deliver damage. Mathematics plays a roll. The variation is invalid. Add teleport and you can be in some ones face an deliver damage. QC should make tele attacking combo starter. Now he is top t.

    • Ancient Guy
      Ancient Guy 28 days ago +4

      Her damage was low because of her fan combos, so she would get fair damage around 30-35% easily with 1 bar. Now they removed it. Like Raiden's overhead combo starter. I would rather if they made her frame data worse than removing her combos.

    • 김치놈
      김치놈 28 days ago +16

      ciscoport nah, what happened was she was built to be like MKX with her fan combos and her assassin buff, but the day one patch killed her

    VII III 29 days ago +13

    Id like to see a tier list with individual variations in it

    VII III 29 days ago +45

    yeah we should start calling characters with their variation more

  • GX Mystery
    GX Mystery 29 days ago +23

    What's funny is that I'm just getting mkx😂

    • Daymi
      Daymi 28 days ago +1

      @GX Mystery I just got mkx like a week ago too. for the combos

    • GX Mystery
      GX Mystery 28 days ago

      @Mistermagius 01 yeah I've been using piercing it's really good

    • Mistermagius 01
      Mistermagius 01 28 days ago +1

      @GX Mystery my favorite variation is piercing

    • GX Mystery
      GX Mystery 28 days ago

      @Mistermagius 01 yeah so far I love playing mileena

    • Richard A. Rivera
      Richard A. Rivera 28 days ago +1

      GX Mystery That's alright I got MKX late as well, I'm glad I got MK11 when it came out though.

  • Rman 450
    Rman 450 29 days ago +1