Six Flags GAdv - 4.19.19 - Broken Down on Skull Mountain

  • When we went outside, I couldnt see my screen to turn the brightness back up. Sorry about the bad live stream lol

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  • Nelson S
    Nelson S 11 months ago

    I was there that day too, didn't see you though.

  • Kool-Aid iGamerBoy2008
    Kool-Aid iGamerBoy2008 11 months ago

    I was their but the next to get on

  • CockenBall Jr.
    CockenBall Jr. 11 months ago

    yooo i saw you today near el toro but i didnt get to say hi.

  • Sam Yelts
    Sam Yelts 11 months ago

    I hope you had a great day 😁

  • Mikethecoasterguy
    Mikethecoasterguy 11 months ago +1

    How are the waits today? Im going wednesday so hoping its not too crowded even though its spring break

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary  11 months ago +1

      Not terrible. alot of rides were down though and Toro was on one train ops

  • Daniel Blaney
    Daniel Blaney 11 months ago +1

    Someone probably just let go of the trains advance switch to check something.

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary  11 months ago

      Yeah they were all trying the advance button until it eventually made it up!

  • Time to race Joel Extreme
    Time to race Joel Extreme 11 months ago +1

    Are you going to be there Sunday I am

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary  11 months ago +1

      Not sure yet. Check my instagram stories for updates

  • Baby Pluto
    Baby Pluto 11 months ago +1

    Are you gonna be at sfgadv tomorrow?

    • OfficerOLeary
      OfficerOLeary  11 months ago

      I don't think so, but you never know lol