LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
  • High-tech thieves, immortal A.I., and sightseeing automatons - all compute in 18 NSFW animated stories.
    Presented by Tim Miller & David Fincher.
    Love Death + Robots lands on Netflix March 15th.
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    LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 589

  • Sarah Ryan
    Sarah Ryan 7 days ago

    What an amazing show! I'm dying for season 2!

  • wBALROGw
    wBALROGw 15 days ago

    Ambassador21 - We Are Legion (Matt Green Remix)

    • Auzekklark
      Auzekklark 11 days ago

      Papa Roach- Last Resort Dubstep version
      original"Papa Roach- Last Resort"

    • Arturo Jara
      Arturo Jara 12 days ago

      The first?

  • Asalieri2
    Asalieri2 18 days ago

    the world is insane.

  • onaga dragonking
    onaga dragonking 19 days ago

    What the hell is the name of the song that plays during the first half

  • valentin beurier
    valentin beurier 20 days ago

    What's the first sound plz? Shazam is useless this time ahah

  • D Babies
    D Babies 21 day ago

    i literally got nothing from this trailer. I'm so confused.

    • Bacon Nation
      Bacon Nation 21 day ago

      just watch it. u will NOT regret it

  • Niko
    Niko 22 days ago

    衪郋 郅迮迮 郋 赲邽迡迮郅 郱訄 郈郋郅迮迡郇迮迮 赲迮邾 ! 苤 郇迮迮郈迮郇邽迮邾 迠迡 2 迮郱郋郇訄 !

  • TheRobotsTV
    TheRobotsTV 22 days ago

    THE ROBOTS APRIL 2019 Official Trailer [HD] YouthDiamond

  • DJ Mag
    DJ Mag 27 days ago

    This series is perfect for me cuz I love sci fi

  • Christine Schoultz
    Christine Schoultz 27 days ago

    This series is fantastic! I liked it so much, I binged the whole season in one night. Highly recommend.

  • Gabriel Fernando
    Gabriel Fernando 27 days ago

    Deveriam fazer s矇ries de cada um dos epis籀dios
    A primeira anima癟瓊o faria sucesso
    E a dos rob繫s de f矇rias tamb矇m
    Bom todas seriam legais mas essas 2 seriam as m瓊os tops

  • Peter Pain
    Peter Pain 27 days ago

    Loved it. All of them. Thanks Netflix!

  • Dakz
    Dakz 27 days ago

    What is the name of the orange robot?

  • psycho maniac
    psycho maniac 27 days ago +4


  • Jonathan Rapozo
    Jonathan Rapozo 29 days ago +1

    Yall really outdid yourselves with this one

  • skulls228
    skulls228 29 days ago +6

    Anyone find the name of the first track song?

    • Auzekklark
      Auzekklark 11 days ago

      Papa Roach- Last Resort Dubstep version
      original"Papa Roach- Last Resort"

  • Chu
    Chu 29 days ago

    Here's a list of hardcore electronic songs to use in your next trailer of Love Death + Robots:
    ㎜itch Mad Attak - Ghost
    ㎞oughSketch - Alice in Voodooland
    /gressive Noize - Beastmode
    %eadhunterz - Destiny (Alby Loud Remix)
    $amellia - GHOST-NOVA
    ㎡eam Grimoire & Laur - Grievous Lady
    /rt of Fighters - God's Fury (RoughSketch Remix)
    \odyshock - Moshpit
    ¥ither - Raggacore
    ¢REAKY - Sacrifice
    ㎡eam Grimoire - TiamaT-F Minor -Zeit Ende-

    • Chu
      Chu 27 days ago

      +psycho maniac
      From 0:00 - 0:12, no idea
      The hardcore beats from 0:14 to 0:20, it's called "We Are Legion" *Matt Green Remix* by Ambassador21

    • psycho maniac
      psycho maniac 27 days ago +1

      Which one did they use for this trailer? If ya dont mind me askin

  • jokerman1216
    jokerman1216 29 days ago

    Friend: Wtf is that?
    Me: An experience. Go experience it.

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie Month ago +1

    This show will fuck you up and you would like it

  • Nico Marquez15
    Nico Marquez15 Month ago +4

    Once i say i'm bad at basketball, all my teacher says is this:
    I feel super identified right now

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson Month ago

    The animation in all these episodes is extraordinary! SERIOUSLY fucked up and pornographic in parts. Luckily its not all like that.

  • Night Thinker
    Night Thinker Month ago +14


  • ZMWilliam
    ZMWilliam Month ago +4

    Whats the song you hear in the begin

  • bats hats
    bats hats Month ago

    most amazing show to watch in Netflix

  • Medo Ammar
    Medo Ammar Month ago +1

    Freakin masterpiece

  • AV Gaming
    AV Gaming Month ago +8

    First soundtrack name?! Can't find it anywhere -_-

    • Auzekklark
      Auzekklark 11 days ago

      Papa Roach- Last Resort Dubstep version
      original"Papa Roach- Last Resort"

  • John Tejada
    John Tejada Month ago

    This series is phenomenal

  • 1 Flo
    1 Flo Month ago

    Okay Netflix. If inspiration for this came from the 1980s flick Heavy Metal well done. If not. That's the first thing i thought of when watching this. Love this series.

  • Otte Otte
    Otte Otte Month ago

    Enough with the spoilers.

  • ThiagoSrc
    ThiagoSrc Month ago

    T繫 querendo saber como vai ser a 2簞 temporada, se vai ser desenhos aleat籀rios ou a continua癟瓊o dos da primeira

  • Crystyan Santos
    Crystyan Santos Month ago

    We deserve a season 2. Thats was awesome. The history narrative and animation are incredible. #netflix quero mais.

  • Wolfes S
    Wolfes S Month ago +1

    Des g矇nies ! Vivement une saison 2

    YOLOMAN Month ago

    Season 2 pls!

  • urbanshadow777
    urbanshadow777 Month ago +1

    Netflix listen up, the secret war from this needs its own series. That is one of the most awesome and engaging things I have ever watched. Everything from the dialogue to the personality of the characters to the story are absolutely top notch and I could watch 10 seasons of it.

  • Bastian Fernandez
    Bastian Fernandez Month ago

    Im waiting for Heavy Metal 2000 in Netflix!!!

  • Alfero
    Alfero Month ago

    I can't wait to see what else this show has to offer, there was already soo much energetic passion and spice in the first season ; I just can't help but wonder who else will join the show in season 2!

  • Jeizen Galletes
    Jeizen Galletes Month ago

    Can u make sonnie edge a show please its one of my favorite ones in love death and robot please make sonnie edge a show

  • Lurk
    Lurk Month ago

    this series is a masterpiece

  • Fast- -kun :v
    Fast- -kun :v Month ago

    Perfect 50/10.

  • Alejandro L籀pez Tob籀n

    Damn! now this is a trailer

  • vitalyr777
    vitalyr777 Month ago +9

    0:00 - 0:12 Music name pls))

    • Auzekklark
      Auzekklark 11 days ago

      Papa Roach- Last Resort Dubstep version
      "Papa Roach- Last Resort"

  • ChocolateBear
    ChocolateBear Month ago

    Soooooo Good. Great. Awesome etc

  • Carl Horton
    Carl Horton Month ago

    Best thing I have seen on TV in ages. Absolutely LOVE this !!

  • Carl Horton
    Carl Horton Month ago

    Y'all got any more of those episodes?

  • Zunaid Ahmed
    Zunaid Ahmed Month ago

    Another example of netflix playing shit shows

    • Ayelis
      Ayelis 27 days ago

      Another example of shitty youtube comments

  • You stoopid. no u stoopid

    Black Mirror season 100

  • Erik Throndson
    Erik Throndson Month ago

    Amazing stories and like its original

  • bowser the kingdom koopa

    I hope 3 robots Will become series

  • bowser the kingdom koopa

    0:13 Who,s name 3 robot on the movie???

  • cipitopus
    cipitopus Month ago +3

    First track name?

  • Guilherme Volpini
    Guilherme Volpini Month ago

    Netflix, era isso que eu queria, que s矇rie foda, tava na hora de um plot twist vindo da pr籀pria Netflix 伐

  • Tish Smiddy
    Tish Smiddy Month ago

    Thank you
    Bravo Bravo
    Watch and will enjoy

  • Jason Surovec
    Jason Surovec Month ago +3

    What's the name of the song that plays at the very beginning

  • Bongani Mhlanga
    Bongani Mhlanga Month ago

    We want more already!!!

  • No Coytolovee
    No Coytolovee Month ago +3

    Song name?

  • Fatal1ty
    Fatal1ty Month ago

    loved it.. i hope theres a season 2 on the way

  • soupitsas lk
    soupitsas lk Month ago +1

    I want a season 2 guys pls

  • Riles07
    Riles07 Month ago +1

    Just watched all 18 episodes, I was glued to my screen. It's good, it's so fucking good it's almost unbelievable. 100,000% recommend, keep in mind this anthology is very 'R' rated. That being said, these videos are profound, humorous, disturbing, tragic, violent, poignant... I've never seen animation and story-telling this extraordinary and unique; already in eager anticipation of season 2. This is a home-run. Beautifully done Netflix, and congratulations to all of the animators, writers, and voice-actors involved for the enormity of this success.

  • Justin Poindexter
    Justin Poindexter Month ago

    Greatest thing on Netflix in a while!

  • Vitor Kazuo
    Vitor Kazuo Month ago


  • DubQWST
    DubQWST Month ago

    Wow....can't wait for Season 2!

  • vankilsing
    vankilsing Month ago

    hope this gets another season asap!

  • Edouard Renaud
    Edouard Renaud Month ago +3

    What is the song at the start

  • JPS
    JPS Month ago

    I watched 3 eoisodes and its shit? like just a budget black mirror but with no dept or story at all, just sex and violence. and the "plot twists" at the ends are just horrible lmao

  • Sydney Novotny
    Sydney Novotny Month ago

    Pls make more

  • IamJan
    IamJan Month ago

    F_ing loving every single episode!!!

  • Random Chiroptera
    Random Chiroptera Month ago

    I was definitely hooked by Episode 1. The rest was.... meh.

  • Random Chiroptera
    Random Chiroptera Month ago

    Every episode a great premise for a series unto itself, but as a series? A series about nothing, that makes me wonder if the writers are lazy, or unwilling to commit to anything they start.

    • Random Chiroptera
      Random Chiroptera 27 days ago

      Such books typically advertise as such. A television series typically implies a modicum of contiguous storyline.
      Even the old MTV Aeon Flux animated series had more semblance of continuity even though she died nearly every episode.
      Hell, even books of short stories typically pick a general theme that they all center around. This has no theme, it has no continuity, it scarcely even has a fandom. No one I mention it to on Facebook, Twitter, and other forums of conversation have even heard of it. As far as most of the internet appears to be aware, it exists in complete obscurity.
      That's pretty abnormal for a decently animated Netflix Original Series. Castlevania wasn't even out for a week before damn near the entire world of the internet was talking about it.

    • Ayelis
      Ayelis 27 days ago

      God help us if you ever find a book of short stories.

  • EYE
    EYE Month ago

    Season 2 please 歹 before 返

  • Robin Rajaonarivelo
    Robin Rajaonarivelo Month ago +1


  • DarkSocerGames BR
    DarkSocerGames BR Month ago

    HOLY FUCK this series is so fuckin amazing

  • 0rangaStang
    0rangaStang Month ago +3

    Does anyone know the name of the song at the beginning?

  • Strichak Is Here
    Strichak Is Here Month ago

    Want expansion of Sonnies Edge and Good Hunting plz

  • rigux10
    rigux10 Month ago

    Amazing series, i just finish it and i need moreee!!! i fell in love with the episode called Good Hunting amazing art style and amazing story, its really stunning how the creator's played first with fantasy and then sci-fi to them mixed them up ufffff i wish you could make an universe of that episode!!!!

  • 苺郕邿郇邽郕 14

    "The Witness" is the biggest art among all episodes.
    My top 3
    1. The Witness
    2. The Witness
    3. The Witness

  • NinjaDust77
    NinjaDust77 Month ago

    Hey Netflix, keep this one going!!!!! It's kinda like the new twilight zone... More, more, more!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Hunt
    Adam Hunt Month ago

    anyone on the fence...GO WATCH THIS. its amazing!!

  • Salom902
    Salom902 Month ago

    Aquila Rift and Sonnies edge were my favorite episodes.

  • Arno Willems on Google+

    Love it ! All 18 episodes !

  • 迮郇邽邿 邽郅赲

    Well, this was a total disappointment. It looks great, but best animators and artists in the world can't save a bad story.

  • Azeem Abbas
    Azeem Abbas Month ago

    Absolute masterpiece

  • MetalGearMk3
    MetalGearMk3 Month ago

    i thought this was going to whack but this is one of the best thing I've seen in a long time!

  • varela7freaks
    varela7freaks Month ago

    I love it

  • youtube troll 916
    youtube troll 916 Month ago

    Ok but wtf is it about all this rave shit

  • LSim
    LSim Month ago

    Looks like a newer version of animatrix

  • Conns Corner
    Conns Corner Month ago

    oh woah ho, thats rich! - nanny bot

  • Mariusz Czupryna
    Mariusz Czupryna Month ago +1

    Three robots deserve a full length production! DO IT AND QUICK!

  • Angela Cappelletti
    Angela Cappelletti Month ago

    what music is the one at the first time of the trailer?

  • Strex
    Strex Month ago +1

    What's the first song name?

    MAD DOG Month ago

    Im Dolby Vision kommt das richtig fett

  • Scherben prinzessin
    Scherben prinzessin Month ago +3

    Could someone please tell us the name of the song at the beginning?

  • Dhm Dhm
    Dhm Dhm Month ago +4

    I couple episodes in and am crazy about it I want countless seasons of this

  • Dasa Games Brawl Stars

    first epizode is best epizode they Have also i really liked Hitler's epizode

  • Clow Riusaky
    Clow Riusaky Month ago

    Only see the first 3 with my GF and both are amazed. Netflix you've already sold me this we need to finish this. Please season 2. We want more projects like this!!!

  • mr_geek _nl
    mr_geek _nl Month ago +1

    I've just seen all of the first season I love it 毋

  • Ma簾treContr繫lePrincipal


  • Overlord Glaucus
    Overlord Glaucus Month ago +14

    What's the name of the first song/soundtrack?

    • Auzekklark
      Auzekklark 11 days ago +1

      Papa Roach- Last Resort Dubstep version
      original"Papa Roach- Last Resort"

  • Gui lherme
    Gui lherme Month ago


  • Thiago Silv矇rio
    Thiago Silv矇rio Month ago

    Thanks for this amazing experience, Netflix

  • Jesse Eigenbrood
    Jesse Eigenbrood Month ago

    Anyone know the music in the intro of this video?