Most Dangerous iPhone X/8 Cases Ever! (Most Illegal)

  • Published on Apr 4, 2018
  • The Most Dangerous & Illegal iPhone X, 8 & 8 Plus Cases. iPhone X Gun Case, Stun Gun Case, Brass Knuckles Case, Knife Case & More!
    Tasing an iPhone X:
    More Dangerous Cases:
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  • gcbws hasde
    gcbws hasde 23 hours ago

    im from phillipine

  • Rednaxela
    Rednaxela 10 days ago

    Just casually he kills an iPhone with a taser

  • Sydney Tang
    Sydney Tang 17 days ago

    “Here’s a potato 🥔 “

  • Not_ Spongebob
    Not_ Spongebob 23 days ago +1

    Everybody gangster till everythingapplepro whips out the tac 45

  • Nubian Princess
    Nubian Princess 25 days ago


  • Chase Fromm
    Chase Fromm 28 days ago

    0:00 what i want to do to my dad when he irritates me to death and some kansan natives who just dont know when to SHUT THEIR FUCKING MOUTH when im busy!

  • Arhum Walker
    Arhum Walker Month ago

  • shrizzle
    shrizzle Month ago

    Omg Filip, didn’t know you were Russian! Love your content so much
    Из России с любовью 🖤

  • 100% XiaoWin
    100% XiaoWin 2 months ago


  • JaxsinGamer
    JaxsinGamer 3 months ago

    The taser can also kill the fire tablet

  • random random
    random random 3 months ago

    Just one question ..... Why does he have a naked mannequin in his room.

  • peter Kash
    peter Kash 3 months ago

    You will burn your phone one you turn it on

  • peter Kash
    peter Kash 3 months ago

    Why is there a manequin in the backround

  • Danki Boi
    Danki Boi 3 months ago

  • Md Afnaan
    Md Afnaan 4 months ago

    Where do buy the gun case??????

  • Hachi Roku
    Hachi Roku 5 months ago

    2:02 look at dis dood

  • Josiah Scollary
    Josiah Scollary 6 months ago +1

    how many electronics do you have your destroying them without even caring!

  • PablitoEM1 bsp
    PablitoEM1 bsp 7 months ago


  • Kya Wolff
    Kya Wolff 7 months ago

    is it just me or is he trying to kind of show off his gun in a way???! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😝

    VISION 7 months ago +1

    Oh my god you’re ass is so perfect I want to lick it so badly

  • Greg Mather
    Greg Mather 7 months ago

    Can you get the iPhone gun case from amazon

  • Blackfantastic Guccilife


  • lil Gal
    lil Gal 8 months ago

    I am a college female who was robbed, so I am definitely gonna buy that stun gun and knife case. I don't want to be fucking raped when I am out jogging. Sad it has to come to this.

  • Aixah . Flores
    Aixah . Flores 8 months ago

    Why do you have a real one 😬

  • Elmo's mother Xx
    Elmo's mother Xx 8 months ago

    3:37 THATS WHAT SHE SAID!😁😁🤣

  • GrnArrow092
    GrnArrow092 9 months ago

    The Yellow Jacket case is a good idea for the built in charger feature. It would be nice if they made a version without the taser included.

  • Henry Franken
    Henry Franken 10 months ago


  • Tommy Hackney
    Tommy Hackney 10 months ago +4

    *I really hope the rumors of apple killing this phone aren’t true.. the build quality and the weight of the phone is perfect>>>**** the edge to edge screen is super beautiful.. att ship my order really fast and had it the next afternoon thank you att and Apple I can’t say enough about this phone*

  • heyitshunter7
    heyitshunter7 11 months ago

    If there illegal why do you have them?

  • jfizz Richards
    jfizz Richards 11 months ago +1


  • galactic gangsters
    galactic gangsters 11 months ago

    is that a real gun

  • Anastasios Kondakos
    Anastasios Kondakos 11 months ago

    I am watching you for 3 years but I never knew you are a Russian guy 😎 COOL

  • puppy 123
    puppy 123 11 months ago



  • Eran Hernandez
    Eran Hernandez 11 months ago

    Meh EYES hurt

  • Diabeetus
    Diabeetus 11 months ago

    The iPhone 8 cases also fit iPhone 7 cases so technically its for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

  • Dylan Eade
    Dylan Eade 11 months ago

    Do one for the iPad

  • Dennis Silva
    Dennis Silva 11 months ago

    WHere can i buy these?

  • ツShruggo
    ツShruggo Year ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jinte
    Jinte Year ago

    never thought a VICTORIA'S SECRET would end up here

  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott Year ago

    Are u actually Russian

  • Isabelle Luna
    Isabelle Luna Year ago

    Slice up a potato with your blade case and cook it up with your taser case and you have instant french fries!

  • Alejandro Rodriguez


  • Ayaan Hd
    Ayaan Hd Year ago

    Year poor potato but its dead

  • Ayaan Hd
    Ayaan Hd Year ago

    You showed us that same on the other video

  • Ayaan Hd
    Ayaan Hd Year ago

    And a ipad

  • The IA Channel
    The IA Channel Year ago

    RIP iPad pro

  • Cla!re H
    Cla!re H Year ago

    yea that would do some serious damage to your face- hahahah

  • the blazing nic
    the blazing nic Year ago

    RUSSIA 🇷🇺!!!!

  • Rashid Magomedov
    Rashid Magomedov Year ago

    Норм на русском шпаришь

  • esther wheeler
    esther wheeler Year ago

    How many iPhones do you have ???

  • ItzDanii
    ItzDanii Year ago

    Wait. You can speak russian? 😱😍❤️

  • December 17
    December 17 Year ago

    Dude that’s f******g Russian

  • Lmao
    Lmao Year ago


  • Diamd Ring
    Diamd Ring Year ago

    Can I get an iPhone and u

  • CoolDerek100
    CoolDerek100 Year ago

    4:11 R.I.P. POTATO

    1 like=1 preyer

  • TSM_ Jaycob
    TSM_ Jaycob Year ago


  • PulZe Super
    PulZe Super Year ago


  • 1000 subscribers without Any videos

    He destroyd iPhone like it was nothing 😮😮😮😮😮

    GAMINGFORLIFE90 Year ago

    This is the link to this vid. Notice anything?

    • IcyFox YT
      IcyFox YT 11 months ago

      GAMEING FOR LIFE fuck is in it

  • Nick Nick
    Nick Nick Year ago