Can You Break A Lock With Canned Air? (Movie Mythbusting)

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
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    Today we're testing out a movie myth of whether or not you can freeze a lock and break it with a can of compressed air. We'll also see how much air is inside of them, what happens when you puncture the can, and what kind of air is inside.
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Comments • 3 442

  • nutella boy
    nutella boy 8 hours ago

    you fooled us well

  • SCG Badger
    SCG Badger 8 hours ago

    The King and Queen of Random

  • High Talk Productions
    High Talk Productions 10 hours ago

    Don’t inhale those balloons 😂

  • blim boi
    blim boi 11 hours ago

    wow this chick is pathetic

  • Mark C
    Mark C 14 hours ago

    Flammable / Non Flammable is only determined by an arbitrary temperature point at which it will burn and whether it will sustain itself when burned. R-134 (Tetrafluoroethane) will not burn at normal temperatures so it is considered non flammable. Some brands use difluoroethane which is almost as flammable as propane!

  • A Brittish Panfish
    A Brittish Panfish 21 hour ago

    I feel like if the lock had fractures and moisture it could be broken, since frozen water expands

  • Jonathan Bowman
    Jonathan Bowman Day ago

    Huff it

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson Day ago

    I've seen people use the refrigerant recharge of R 12 to break the club off of steering wheels. The harder more brittle the metal the more susceptable it is to break at super low temps.

  • Michael Hadley
    Michael Hadley Day ago

    What would happen if you guys hung the lock from something, then froze it. If you're going to be busting movie myths, might as well do it like they did in the movie.

  • Cullen Everts
    Cullen Everts Day ago

    Can we see Gallium poured on a RUNNING engine???

  • Alex russell
    Alex russell Day ago

    Just want to point out the way you guys hit it was ineffective. When its hit in the movie the block of the lock is forced down so the mechanisms inside the lock can be broken and the steel part is forced away from it

  • Logan Prenger
    Logan Prenger Day ago

    The reason it didnt break is because you didnt have it attached to anything. The only force acting on the lock is the can impact. What you can do is hang the lock from something, like it would be if it were locking a door, and then hit downward on the lock. This way you have the force of the hammer, as well as whatever the lock is attached to essentially becoming a force pulling in the opposite direction. The shackle will separate from the lock body.
    Not saying this explodes the lock, or even that canned air will help this, but you can break a lock this way and I suspect the freezing of the lock would make it easier.

  • Steve Yzerman Fan
    Steve Yzerman Fan 2 days ago

    7:00 Really?? That's the plastic on fire and the oxygen from the air coming out feeding it. Its NOT flammable because its just air.

  • trackle trickle
    trackle trickle 2 days ago

    I just picked that same lock

  • Marcos Padilla
    Marcos Padilla 2 days ago

    i don’t think that was a balloon

  • Friedfish1234
    Friedfish1234 2 days ago +1

    Calli: *points duster at container of powder*
    Nate: "Oh don't."
    Calli: *proceeds to attempt to blow the powder out*

  • mikehat R6
    mikehat R6 2 days ago +2

    Oh no the Lorax is coming true

    People are paying for air

  • Aiden Leverett
    Aiden Leverett 2 days ago

    Ur making phosgene gas when you burn refrigerant

  • Aiden Leverett
    Aiden Leverett 2 days ago

    Actually it is high pressure in the can and evaporates in atmosphere and becomes cold

  • Joan Torruella
    Joan Torruella 3 days ago

    So the actual video starts at 11:55

  • jake tenanty
    jake tenanty 3 days ago

    Doe's that mean if you spray it in a bucket you can bread in a burning house

  • Kyle Fielder
    Kyle Fielder 3 days ago

    She also hit the lock from the top down while it had a small focus point to put all of the energy into the very top of the shackle while it was frozen and brittle, not the best testing for this.

  • Rocket Boy
    Rocket Boy 3 days ago +1

    @The King of Random can you try liquid nitrogen on the lock for funnsies?

  • aran H
    aran H 3 days ago

    You break into a lock by spraying freon into it, not canned air.... idiots.

  • Joseph Bondi
    Joseph Bondi 3 days ago

    What happens if you spray into the keyhole?

  • Milaan Patel
    Milaan Patel 3 days ago

    The gas in the can is actually non-flamable. When u blow it across a fire it creats high velocity, low pressure flow which drives the surrounding air (containing oxygen) in the flame fueling it. Thats called the venturi effect. It's similar to blowing to dying campfire with your mouth to get it started again.

  • Paul Trush
    Paul Trush 4 days ago

    And also if you are just trying to freeze the body of the lock itself how n the world does it make sense to try and smack it with a hammer or anyting lying flat on the concrete. Because the concrete is absorbing half of the impact energy.🤔🤔😆just sayin lol😂

  • Paul Trush
    Paul Trush 4 days ago

    If u actually set it up on a door jig with a lock clasp like on the movie. And then use the duster air where the shanks go in and in the keyhole itself and then hit the lock itself on a downward motion it should break. Because trying to freeze the whole body of the lock versus just trying to freeze the Tumblers inside the lock is obviously two completely different worlds🤔

  • Kirk Apassingok
    Kirk Apassingok 4 days ago

    Hey guys I want you guys to DIY a coffee machine

  • TTV_AcleTECH Gaming
    TTV_AcleTECH Gaming 4 days ago

    Just saying that crown is for a queen oops they had a bad mistake

  • Brometheus The first bro

    Dude that’s crazy and awesome

  • Koolaid Killa
    Koolaid Killa 4 days ago

    It said non flammable right in the can

  • daniel
    daniel 5 days ago

    Use to spanners on the lock both the same size

  • Jo Var
    Jo Var 5 days ago


  • Lord Felidae
    Lord Felidae 5 days ago +2

    Not sure, dunno, *oh yes,* and fairly well.

  • Freddy Barield
    Freddy Barield 5 days ago

    What happens when you put air duster in fire?

  • sasha vlogs
    sasha vlogs 5 days ago

    Y dont you try putting the nozzle inside the key hole and emptying the can of air in it and the try n smash

  • Eian Henry
    Eian Henry 5 days ago +3

    Me: *clicks on video

    Criminal: *saves to watch later

  • Unrelease
    Unrelease 6 days ago

    And by coffee break I mean bring me my coffee Nate

  • Sam Midwood
    Sam Midwood 6 days ago

    Btw I'm also a blade Smith and ive tried cryogenic tempering which causes the steel to become extremely suseptible to impact but that lick is not steel its aircraft grade aluminum whuch means unless its temprature decreases below negative 100 degrees a prosses of freezing the molecules in the substance will not take place as where with steel the temprature only has to fall below negative 20

  • William Hahn
    William Hahn 6 days ago

    Don’t burn difluoroethane, the reaction released hydrogen fluoride. Not fun stuff.

  • wxtchblades
    wxtchblades 6 days ago

    are they together? someone tell me.

  • ThatKidZach
    ThatKidZach 6 days ago +3

    Do not i repear DO NOT turn upside down and spray on your skin

  • Will V
    Will V 7 days ago +5

    @7:05, Be carefull Collie, double flames can give very nasty burns.

  • Tanner Fisch
    Tanner Fisch 7 days ago

    You should stick it in the key hole🤔

  • 还是什么重要评论重要

    cod 6 ??

  • Amin plays
    Amin plays 7 days ago


  • Jocson Alvarez
    Jocson Alvarez 7 days ago

    Maybe you can break it with liquid nitrogen?

  • Dionis Toutain
    Dionis Toutain 7 days ago +11

    maybe it's possible with a can of *L I Q U I D N I T R O G E N*

  • Sridevi J
    Sridevi J 7 days ago

    Not non flameable, non inflambele

  • Legacy gaming
    Legacy gaming 8 days ago

    Vape nash dawg

  • SmokeTrees 614
    SmokeTrees 614 8 days ago

    They also get u super high if u inhale em

  • Pabst man
    Pabst man 9 days ago

    U can huff it and get high

  • Purple
    Purple 9 days ago

    it wasnt hanging on something. ive personally learned if its hanging and you bash down on it the leverage makes it a little easier

  • Redkman7 ?
    Redkman7 ? 9 days ago

    R I p Thomson’s

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 10 days ago

    Hey so I was bruataily rap3d and I just got out the hospital please get in contact with me cause I really wanted that shirt but you see there was no possible way for me to get it I was in a coma for almost 3 months doctors wanted to pull the plug but juesus crist saved my life so please get in contact with me

  • Rowan Smith
    Rowan Smith 10 days ago

    fill a balloon with liquud nitrogen

  • Guy Bean
    Guy Bean 10 days ago +1

    Would probably help if you concentrated spray on the shackle lol... Basically just froze the concrete insteaf

  • Jes L.
    Jes L. 11 days ago

    As a kid, I accidentally tasted it and ever since then, I've hated it.

  • Jaztor
    Jaztor 12 days ago

    R-134a Refrigerant- well almost any Refrigerant acts kinda the same way. That's kinda odd actually.