Lord Jamar: If Paul Mooney Has Dementia He Doesn't Remember Assaulting Richard Pryor Jr (Part 11)

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • part 12: ru-clip.net/video/FuE4dSZY0po/video.html
    part 10: ru-clip.net/video/dtJfpZ2FXME/video.html
    part 1: ru-clip.net/video/nI3perrJ4qE/video.html
    Lord Jamar spoke to VladTV about the allegations about Paul Mooney allegedly molesting Richard Pryor's son when Pryor was underage. Lord Jamar questioned whether Mooney would remember the incident given the reports about him having dementia.
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  • Panshy
    Panshy 4 days ago

    4:42 damn cuh...you didnt have to throw that shade...

  • Matt Riley
    Matt Riley 6 days ago

    Paul Moore is gay

  • ebbdiggy1
    ebbdiggy1 10 days ago

    Yeah vlad u may not have been molested but because of your religion the rabbi sucked the meat off your penis tho....stop fronting...

  • TAS 3
    TAS 3 11 days ago

    Fn Shocking how much Laughter there was in this interview when U consider the subject matter. These 2 men's behavior was somewhat disgusting...

  • xdude2x
    xdude2x 11 days ago

    Who is Lord Jamar?

  • Latisha Ellerton
    Latisha Ellerton 13 days ago

    Vlad u need to ask Paul Mooney about what he does ans does not remember, another man!!!

  • A Echols
    A Echols 17 days ago

    This nigga presumes too much

  • AL K
    AL K 18 days ago

    Yo whats the joke about the french actor?

  • ecilop Dorsey
    ecilop Dorsey 19 days ago

    Vlad You culture vulture

  • James Sheridan
    James Sheridan 22 days ago

    Accusations like this against those who speak truth to power should always be questioned. HEAVILY.

  • wanassmoke
    wanassmoke 24 days ago

    Talk about coming outta left field wid that last comment...funny asf jamar

  • Sa Khepera
    Sa Khepera 26 days ago

    You’re an idiot if you think Richard Pryor would have been silent on this. On his death bed he could have said “ that MF f@cked my son!” People are lying for attention, money, and the trend now is to bring down a Black Man to distract from the White Men that are Sexual Predators.

  • anonymous lakernerd
    anonymous lakernerd 26 days ago

    Who cares about Jamar's comedy Mount Rushmore? Do you care about Godfrey's rap Mount Rushmore?

  • Vegetarian Way
    Vegetarian Way 27 days ago +1

    this butthole is exit only lmaooooooooo

  • Vegetarian Way
    Vegetarian Way 27 days ago +1

    i was born in 1990 so dave, katt, bill burr and luis ck for me

  • Dale AtsOverton
    Dale AtsOverton 29 days ago

    You needa start showing the pics & videos that you reference in interviews bro , a lot of times I don’t finish a vlad video it’s bc I left to google something n forgot to come back

  • Dale AtsOverton
    Dale AtsOverton 29 days ago

    You needa start showing the pics & videos that you reference in interviews bro , a lot of times I don’t finish a vlad video it’s bc I left to google something n forgot to came back

  • Dale AtsOverton
    Dale AtsOverton 29 days ago

    You needa start showing the pics & videos that you reference in interviews bro , a lot of times I don’t finish a vlad video it’s bc I left to google something n forgot to came back

  • Michael Tarantino
    Michael Tarantino 29 days ago

    Wooow. Havent watched DJ Vlad in like 5 years. Jamar STILL interviewing with him? And what happen to Jamar why is he all twitchy now?

  • Travis NEWgod
    Travis NEWgod Month ago

    Juicy Smollet...🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖😡😡😡😡😡😡📱📱📱📱📱👾👾👾👾👾👾👾

  • Kenny Lewis
    Kenny Lewis Month ago

    Vlad: I just interviewed Pierre.
    Jamar: Who?
    Exactlyyyy. Vlad putting his first name like he's Beyonce or something. That dude aint famous like that lolll I said who when I saw the previews.

  • Timeless
    Timeless Month ago

    Paul Mooney is not gay and he didn’t molest Richard Pryor’s son. If you listen to his dialogue, he is very conservative and morally intact Why an isolated incident like this and no other male has stepped up in 50 yrs saying Paul was with them in an awkward manner? I don’t believe it.

  • Corinna Herzog-Burkart

    Vlad try to get more legends on your show C-Bo,X Raided,E-40,Ant Banks etc

  • Insidious Vidz
    Insidious Vidz Month ago

    Eddie > Bill & I think Rock and Dave have cases

  • Dkz 888
    Dkz 888 Month ago

    Eminem is about to end your dumb illiterate racist old ass hole career off shortly

    • Dkz 888
      Dkz 888 28 days ago

      @James-Earl Bonez white Jesus?wow you are so racist.. woooo!!! Well Eminem is and still better than the rest of you, well known world wide. Fact!! Jamal, who???? Lol.. god damn it. Imagine if a pussy like you was born in south Africa. You won't last 1 minute, pussy, go get a job.keyboard racist twat. I bet you and your sister and your boyfriend listen to R kelly..

    • James-Earl Bonez
      James-Earl Bonez 29 days ago

      Ahhhhhhh u still mad fuck yo white Jesus

  • L3t Me
    L3t Me Month ago

    No order ok but my top Rudy ray Moore, Reds Foxx. Bernie mac . Richard Pryor. Robin Williams . I will throw in Jim Carey .as a alternate

  • Vincent Hawkins
    Vincent Hawkins Month ago

    There's a reason why it's No Statue Of Limitations Of Rape!!! Don't give a fuck if a nigga is blind, cripple and crazy! These predictors will all there day of reckoning.

  • Shani Mulah504
    Shani Mulah504 Month ago

    Mine is Paul Mooney , Eddie griffin, Katt Williams, and Patrice O’Neal

  • Mikey978
    Mikey978 Month ago

    Why don't u ask lord jamar is opinion on Hassan Campbell

  • Roll Safe
    Roll Safe Month ago

    Patrice oneal

  • Tyren Hills
    Tyren Hills Month ago +3

    Juicy Smulett, the.French Actor 😂
    Dave Chappell with the classic!!

  • bongo I kno
    bongo I kno Month ago

    Molested and rape are not synonymous guys

  • Echo Genetic
    Echo Genetic Month ago

    Mount Rushmore of Comedy:
    Paul Mooney
    Martin Lawrence
    Eddie Griffin
    Dave Chappelle

  • MegaREALdiva
    MegaREALdiva Month ago

    Lord looks like he’s always so damn irritated with Vlad

  • Kudee Fudd
    Kudee Fudd Month ago +1

    He didn't Paul Mooney didn't write for no Richard Pryor STOP the lies it was Pryor Place on T.V not jokes. Pryor's Place cast
    Richard Pryor
    Lily Tomlin
    Danny Nucci
    Henry Winklerr
    Paul Mooney
    Tony Cox

  • Kelvin D. Marshall
    Kelvin D. Marshall Month ago

    Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Bill Cosby, Paul Mooney, Dick Gregory and Flip Wilson laid the groundwork for every comedian (especially "conscious" comedians) that we have come to know and love. You can't put the children before the Fathers on the "Greatest" list...period. I don't care if it's rap etc....there is no Eddie Murphy without this group coming before him. He only became inspired (gifted with his own GOD given talents) and built on what was laid before him in order to inspire future comics. Richard Pryor was inspired by Cosby, Gregory and Bruce....they created him...Mooney, Bruce and Carlin were absolutely fearless.....their brand of comedy almost bordered on a sermon. Today's environment would cancel classic comedians of this ilk.

  • Raphael Hameed
    Raphael Hameed Month ago

    Redd Foxx, Moms Mabley, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryer & George Carlin... OK, throw in Rudy Raymore ... LOL... That's my Mount Rushmore of Comedians...

  • Judy McGaugh
    Judy McGaugh Month ago

    The only thing I keep tryibg to bring out about this is, if someone has a Pedro behavior to molest wouldn 't you hear more about Paul doing this to more than one young man? I AM JUST SAYING..No one else has stepped out saying Paul did anything to anyone else.. This too me makes me think , and not saying it did not happen, just saying Usually a Pedo has a pattern and it does not seem to fit in Paul's case, so until Richard Jr. Asolutely says Paul violated him, I can not believe it.... and again its up to Richard Jr. To open up about this part if his life, its not up to the public to play hero and try to keep digging trying to bring justice to something that maybe never even happened the way its being portayed..

  • riflemania
    riflemania Month ago

    Come on son. We all know Paul Mooney is nuttier then a fruitcake So that’s not the question. The question is did he do that to RPJ under age Hopefully it’s not true but I’m leaning towards it happened

    TERYA VONTRELL Month ago

    Bernie MAC??

  • seven grow7
    seven grow7 Month ago

    Eddie is not Rushmore material he basically stole everything from Richard Pryor. he only has 2 hours of stand up that we know of and he was basically copying Richard. you cant thief your way into top 5. i love Eddie though.

  • Casey Clemons
    Casey Clemons Month ago

    He did that shit man it's fuck up but true

    JAY WAYY TOO FRESH Month ago

    Why would he cancel he's shows if he has dementia he no longer does stand up

  • Rob v w85
    Rob v w85 Month ago

    Lol I love how jussie smollett will forever be called juicy now.

  • Jason Gill
    Jason Gill Month ago

    The majority of these celebrities are pansexual. They single people out to make it seem as if they all dont do it but the culture of the music industry is sexual depravity

  • tennaj
    tennaj Month ago

    Sorry but joking about this kind of shit ain't fucking funny at all !!

  • Soda Popinksi
    Soda Popinksi Month ago

    More accurate title " If Paul Mooney Has Dementia He MAY NOT Remember Assaulting Richard Pryor Jr"

  • James Jones
    James Jones Month ago

    I need a two hour interview wit from him vlad

  • AvEryBadApPLe
    AvEryBadApPLe Month ago

    Uh, wait a sec! What late teenage Black male gets raped outside of of prison???

  • AvEryBadApPLe
    AvEryBadApPLe Month ago

    Eddie doesn’t necessarily need to be on the rushmore of comedy. He’s is the lincoln monument. He has freed and pathed the way for cats like Martin, Griffin, Kat, Dave and Hart.

  • Tremayne Sirmons
    Tremayne Sirmons Month ago

    Can we move on from Paul Monney.

  • D Goldstein
    D Goldstein Month ago

    I think Vlad needs to come out of the closet and let everyone know he and Lord Jam Jam are having great sex. Vlad should be a gossip columinist.

  • MP R
    MP R Month ago

    I like Jamar, but he's still dressed like a teenager at his Methuselah lookin ass age. His wisdom gets lost in the haze of a dude hanging onto youth. You can be hip-hop without looking like a 40 something-16 year-old

  • Jim Lapps
    Jim Lapps Month ago +1


  • Bryan Rodriguez
    Bryan Rodriguez Month ago

    I’m just here for Lord Jamar’s “You nadameen?”

  • Langston Anderson
    Langston Anderson Month ago

    That nigga just tryin to sell books, i don't believe Rashan Khan!

  • MUSA X
    MUSA X Month ago


  • In My Opinion
    In My Opinion Month ago +2

    Eddie gotta be on Mt Rushmore as well.

  • The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions

    He remembered enough to cancel them shows.

  • michael fish
    michael fish Month ago

    don rickles atleast deserves a mention