No Flag Northern Ireland

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Northern Ireland's officially unofficial flag.
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  • casey b
    casey b 4 hours ago

    0:32 there's ole Hera Mora. He just wants you to spend some time with him, that's all...

  • That Asshole
    That Asshole 7 hours ago

    Ireland was colonised

  • Gareth Burch
    Gareth Burch 5 days ago

    Union jacks and tricolours are irrelevant
    Might as well use either The Ulster Banner or Saint Patrick’s Saltire as the flag for Northern Ireland.
    Now hear me out Irish Republicans and Nationalists. Yes we understand that most folk that use those flags in the riots were in the wrong, but that doesn’t mean everyone in that supports that kind of flag is like that. The majority of Northern Irish citizens support that flag because they are proud where they came from. The same to Unionists and loyalists, hear me out. When you see someone fly a tricolour in riots yes, it’s bad they are disrespectful using country’s flags in riots that are irrelevant.
    So here’s my point to both sides, there is no such thing as hateful or bigoted or Sectarian flags. Just flags that Represent the country.
    So what my point is that it doesn’t matter what kind of new Design flag you’ll make for Northern Ireland, both sides will never accept it or like it. If anything, Union Jack and Irish tricolour should go up Designated days.
    And just use either the Ulster Banner or The Saint Patrick’s Saltire as the flag for Northern Ireland because in my humble opinion, that’s the only flag we’ll only have to Represent for Northern Ireland and both sides have to accept. And also in my humble opinion, but sides will have to accept that flag for Northern Ireland 😊

    • Gareth Burch
      Gareth Burch 5 days ago

      Also just to point out to anyone here, I don’t classify myself as a Unionist/Loyalist or a Irish Republican/Nationalist. I see myself as an Independent. But like the majority, just Expressing my opinion like everybody else. 😊

  • J M
    J M 6 days ago +1

    You mentioned Northern Irish families with creation of the red hand of Ulster, but at that time they where just Irish families as Northern Ireland hadn't been a distinct area due to no (massive) outside foreign interference on the island.

    Remember Northern Irish refers to those descendant of Britain in Ulster (mostly Scottish descendants).
    And Irish just to the native inhabitants, whether it be in the Republic or in the North.

  • Shaun Stephens
    Shaun Stephens 7 days ago

    Gah!! I just can't stand it. It seems you really love that non-word 'coronated'. 0:46 maybe I'll leave the back catalogue alone...

  • Jarlath Kinning
    Jarlath Kinning 8 days ago

    Up a ra 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • Half-life fan 39
    Half-life fan 39 11 days ago

    The Troubles

  • Bonnie Friend
    Bonnie Friend 13 days ago

    I'd love to see a video about The Troubles to make it more understandable

  • ironmaz1
    ironmaz1 14 days ago

    ahh some good old vexillology

  • JDewitt345 Guy
    JDewitt345 Guy 15 days ago

    Come out ye Black and Tans

  • Game Predator
    Game Predator 15 days ago

    Oney will reign supreme

  • Brendan McCabe
    Brendan McCabe 15 days ago

    Fuck Britain

  • Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname

    I thought North Ireland used the red X flag, which is where the red X on the UK flag comes from.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 16 days ago

    The flag of Northern Ireland should be 🇮🇪

  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie B 16 days ago

    I am extremely interested in a video on the "troubles"

  • Jared Doppenberg
    Jared Doppenberg 16 days ago

    Damn Oneyng has alot more background than his youtube....

  • Robert E. Waters
    Robert E. Waters 16 days ago

    Actually Counties Antrim, Down, and Monahan- three of the Six Counties- were not a part of the Ulster Plantation. People have been migrating back and forth on their own over the North Passage for millennia. The ancient kingdom of the Dal Riata was partly in Scotland and partly in Ulster, and to this day the people of northeastern Ulster and those of southwestern Scotland are not only considered a single gene pool but have more in common culturally with each other than with the rest of the countries they're located in.

  • Robert E. Waters
    Robert E. Waters 16 days ago

    The newly CROWNED queen. There is no such word as "coronated." A CORONATION is when someone is CROWNED. "Corona" is Latin for "crown."

  • KeRen Tan
    KeRen Tan 16 days ago

    Northern ireland's flag is the american "don't cross cars are coming" sign

  • KeRen Tan
    KeRen Tan 16 days ago


  • CeresTV
    CeresTV 16 days ago

    You're right, North Iresland has no flag, because it's part of Ireland #giveirelandbacktotheirish

  • Jeffrey Allan Backowski II

    Why did you leave out what the Jew star of the meant?

  • IndiaBall RohanDalvi
    IndiaBall RohanDalvi 16 days ago

    1:31 indian Navy

  • harbinger200
    harbinger200 17 days ago

    Why there is a Jewish star on that flag?

  • Stephen Chowder
    Stephen Chowder 17 days ago

    I live in Northern Ireland and genuinely can't wait to leave given how far behind everyone else we are in every single facet of our society, and so have no allegiance to either protestants or catholics in terms of local politics;
    But I do find it disgusting that people refuse to speak of British invasion of Ireland to civilise the people there, and the ongoing persecution of Catholic Irish people on the land as second class citizens unable to even get a job in their own country and being murdered by British sent militia,
    Why can't we talk about that?
    We're happy enough to criticise the British's negative influence on Indians and India and almost every part of Africa and around the British Empire in general?
    Most frustrating because I think people from NI regardless of their positions on the troubles never Ever see themselves be represented anywhere. The rest of the UK don't consider us and recently voted majority in favour of dropping us from the UK if it mesnt getting their preferred Brexit outcome (leave or remain), and who else talks about the Troubles?
    Our government is completely insuller comprising of people who were prominent figures during the troubles (not a good thing when most prominent figures are this time were usually murdering people) and they get voted in year after year but then do nothing (we haven't had an active government for 3 years).
    You feel totally alone in the world, no real culture or indentity other than present day and The Troubles, no one acknowledging your existence, everyone tip toeing and refusing to get involved because its better we all kill ourselves and be forgotten on this island than for the people that caused the divide in the first place to ever have to face their decisions and the vast consequences which might never be resolved.

    • Sx Vx
      Sx Vx 15 days ago +2

      @Stephen Chowder Thought so, thanks

    • Stephen Chowder
      Stephen Chowder 15 days ago

      @Sx Vx No I literally just made it all up

    • Sx Vx
      Sx Vx 15 days ago

      Is any of that actually true?

  • Daniel Jian
    Daniel Jian 17 days ago

    On 0:10, Scotland has 3 arms.

  • The Brocialist
    The Brocialist 17 days ago

    I’ll never recognize that rag

  • Peter Connaghan
    Peter Connaghan 17 days ago

    I’d just use the simpler yellow version

  • Frindjinny6
    Frindjinny6 17 days ago

    Parts of the UK flag
    England: +
    Scotland: X
    N.I.: Second part part of the X.

    Wales: am I a joke to you?

  • Sebastian Marquez
    Sebastian Marquez 17 days ago

    Vote for the Welsh dragon in the UK falg

  • TheMonyarm
    TheMonyarm 17 days ago

    I somehow missed this video, damn you youtube.

  • Oisín Mícheál Ó Ceallaigh

    They use the Islamic state banner in a lot of places too but it shouldn't be recognised on that basis . Why did you say they made it white for no reason? Its clearly to make it look like an English flag its wilfully ignorant to pretend that's not why

  • Titanic
    Titanic 17 days ago +1

    Northern Ireland's flag should have a ship on it.
    You know which ship it should have, right?

  • Aurelius R
    Aurelius R 17 days ago

    Grey's robot dog is adorable, I'm assuming it's a reference to Mr. Chompers

  • KnowledgeSource
    KnowledgeSource 18 days ago +36

    Why has Scotland have 3 arms at 0:09?

    • Shaun Stephens
      Shaun Stephens 7 days ago +2

      So she can work and drink at the same time?

    • MotoCat
      MotoCat 17 days ago +7

      shhhh it's a secret

  • Phrophetsam
    Phrophetsam 18 days ago


  • Joachim Frederiksen
    Joachim Frederiksen 19 days ago +2

    Did anybody notice that the Scottish has 3 arms? 0:10

  • Emile van der Merwe
    Emile van der Merwe 20 days ago

    The american flag is basically computer screen ratio. I wonder if they're at all related or if it's just coincidence

  • James Karg
    James Karg 20 days ago

    Sorry GCP
    you physically CANT talk about ulster WITHOUT mentioning "The Troubles" brought about by Irish national Extreamists who attempted (even to this very day) reigonal coups in the area trying to physically throw out ALL english-originatining nationals.

    Which is also another reason why the Brexit no-plan no-deal mess is going to inevitably end in disaster: war Between the UK and the EU by proxy of either Irish agression or victimization.

  • WHColours999
    WHColours999 20 days ago +2

    So, it's like the dictionary. It doesn't have to be official, it just has to be used.

  • Larry 1273
    Larry 1273 20 days ago +1

    I’m from Northern Ireland

  • Spooky Glaz main
    Spooky Glaz main 20 days ago

    That isn’t our flag this is 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • BlueFan99
    BlueFan99 20 days ago +1

    Nice hentai sounds

  • Paul Moran
    Paul Moran 20 days ago

    The red x (St Patrick's cross) on the union jack represents Ireland. Its just not used by anyone anymore.

  • Higginsamerica
    Higginsamerica 21 day ago

    26+6=1 Tiocfaidh ar la

  • Matt Potter
    Matt Potter 21 day ago

    Is this where the term "caught red handed" comes from when you are caught stealing something? Just had a moment of clarity watching this. Did I stray from the path? Does anyone out there know?

    • Liam Marshall-Butler
      Liam Marshall-Butler 19 days ago

      I think it's originally for getting caught murderong someone and the red is blood.

  • Tai Thang Cong
    Tai Thang Cong 21 day ago +1

    1:20 this look like what joffrey would make as his banner if he could choose
    Fucking brat

  • Sven Keijzer
    Sven Keijzer 22 days ago

    I know it's super petty, but at 2:17 he says 'vexicological' instead of 'vexillological'.

  • Hacker snacker
    Hacker snacker 22 days ago

    on my school we had latin as a forced esson. My cat is named dexter,because i pet him with my right hand

  • Zander Nguyen
    Zander Nguyen 23 days ago +133

    “If it’s good enjoy for sports, it’s good enough for skorts.”
    -CGP Grey, 2019
    Edit: THX FOR THE LIKES!!!

  • Glen Johnston
    Glen Johnston 26 days ago

    Whats the north of Ierland (Is fuath liom Tuaisceart na hÉireann agus is O'Neill mé.)

  • Wlla643 :D
    Wlla643 :D 26 days ago

    That troubles fight scene caught me off guard but I absolutely loved it

  • Grahm Singleton
    Grahm Singleton 29 days ago +1

    My family is called the red hands

  • B Lidge
    B Lidge 29 days ago


  • Demonetized
    Demonetized Month ago +1

    Good robo-dog

  • Un Limon
    Un Limon Month ago

    2:30 hmmm

  • The Worst Channel ever Do NOT subscribe

    🇨🇮 can't we just use this

    AAALE Month ago

    1:32 Sardinia??

  • Bashkir
    Bashkir Month ago

    Can't they use the st.patrick flag?

  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford Month ago

    They aren't a country. They're a secret Welsh military base.