I Joined ROBLOX'S Game..

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • I Joined ROBLOX'S Game..
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  • Mr TheMan
    Mr TheMan 8 hours ago

    0:20 This is just an inspect element so just shut the hell up idk why the hell this even is in my recommended

  • VoltTheStar
    VoltTheStar 10 hours ago

    what is that anyway

  • VoltTheStar
    VoltTheStar 10 hours ago

    its like roblox is using u to ban more hackers so he doesn't have to do that

  • Adsyve
    Adsyve 23 hours ago

    "last online: 2 yrs" :L

  • Myles Mutambo
    Myles Mutambo Day ago

    *recfreshes page*

  • EllaBella Gaming

    I actually remember when ROBLOX joined my game! It was a couple years ago. I can’t remember if it was on my old account, but I was in trading hangout or something. For some reason, the game started lagging and I saw ROBLOX’s Inventory. The game than crashed, or at least I got lagged out. I didn’t really know what was happening at the time. XD

  • LPS Sunday
    LPS Sunday Day ago

    LOL who really believes this LMAO 😂

  • Ultimate Kakarot
    Ultimate Kakarot Day ago +1


  • Fire Studio
    Fire Studio 2 days ago

    Ooof old scmmer

  • ęndêr Drągōn
    ęndêr Drągōn 2 days ago +1

    What would you ask roblox?

    1.-infinite robux.

    2.-roblox administrator.

    3.-all gamepass games.

  • king johnson
    king johnson 2 days ago

    everytime he talk to roblox it zooms in

  • king johnson
    king johnson 2 days ago


    my broter beliveing its real

  • king johnson
    king johnson 2 days ago


  • Potato Wisdom
    Potato Wisdom 2 days ago

    Roblox has not played since 2017

  • Daniel games 21
    Daniel games 21 2 days ago


  • gorigo roblox
    gorigo roblox 2 days ago

    This isnt real roblox... Just to get likes and subs...

  • Just Rainbow
    Just Rainbow 2 days ago

    Congratulations you got click baited!

  • the cousins
    the cousins 2 days ago

    Rlly you are BANDING USSSS

  • Heart !!!
    Heart !!! 2 days ago

    Honestly when roblox was spamming STAY HERE! in chat when Zeph almost went out. The thing he was spamming was creepy

  • -φђ๏ร†-
    -φђ๏ร†- 2 days ago

    thats a char.. 3:52

  • Heart !!!
    Heart !!! 2 days ago

    And why IN THE LIVING WORLD WOULD “THE” ROBLOX WOULD MAKE A RANDOM YTBER TRY BEING A MODERATOR?? I mean, even though he’s a star code or what, Roblox would probably kick him. And I bet roblox is trolling him, or this is a prank

  • Keyo Binder
    Keyo Binder 2 days ago

    Hey MrBeast, continue with the 20 million trees planted and plant 8.7 million trees more to exact your subscribers

  • Członek Mafii Ziemniaczanej

    What a scammer

  • Kim Corrales
    Kim Corrales 2 days ago

    well my id is there but im not banned but i actually use hacks

  • Youtube qwervy
    Youtube qwervy 2 days ago

    Roblox: “ We’ve found we’re able to perform “certain” task much more effectively inside of roblox”
    “Zeph reads it”
    Zeph: task much more “OFFICIALLY” inside of roblox 4:02

  • AduriteX
    AduriteX 3 days ago +1

    When would Roblox ever go on a game?
    And why is there cuts when he "talks" to ROBLOX?

  • ghostt
    ghostt 3 days ago

    Y didn’t u show the name of who kicked u

  • Alexis Rodriguez
    Alexis Rodriguez 3 days ago

    This game started when i was born

  • Legend Vanoss
    Legend Vanoss 3 days ago


  • Name Name
    Name Name 3 days ago


  • CobaltLeaf
    CobaltLeaf 3 days ago

    lucky zeph..

  • sofija vukovic
    sofija vukovic 3 days ago

    I wish we knew if Roblox was going shut down or not 😣😞😭

  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom 4 days ago

    i see builderman

  • Imaginary friend
    Imaginary friend 4 days ago

    That just doesn’t make sense. I’m sure that if you joined, there would be others before you

  • ItzLiaAnderson
    ItzLiaAnderson 4 days ago

    2/27/2006 is actually my birthday 😂

  • Ivonne Antillano
    Ivonne Antillano 4 days ago

    Hey roblox is no online just is a freind

  • Аи рис
    Аи рис 4 days ago

    Your lucky day 😉

  • Dep r
    Dep r 4 days ago

    On the player list S comes before R?

  • Muhammad 147
    Muhammad 147 4 days ago

    ohh really wow

  • Wallace cheese
    Wallace cheese 5 days ago

    Wow kids believe this 🤦‍♂️

  • NoahHaveKnax َ
    NoahHaveKnax َ 5 days ago

    Literally the CEO of Roblox.

  • Krystal Roberts
    Krystal Roberts 5 days ago


    I feel bad for the people who believe this cause of you just check the roblox profile it still says 2 years :P

  • connor Jaques
    connor Jaques 5 days ago +2

    Honestly who belives this even?Its just a stupid joke for kids.

  • Julian Charles
    Julian Charles 5 days ago

    Why is the player list so thick?

  • LutherAOT
    LutherAOT 5 days ago +2

    "I have ROBLOX in my friends list"
    *In the roblox profile...*
    0 Friends.

  • Chaiyan Riewkanjana
    Chaiyan Riewkanjana 5 days ago

    woah, R is before S. then how roblox's username is under his name?
    and roblox's neck animation is not normal too

  • MF Ero
    MF Ero 5 days ago


  • futuristic gamer427
    futuristic gamer427 5 days ago +1

    hi zeph i subed it u r channel iam poor in roblox can i have some robux ( futuristicgamer427)

  • MrDurpy
    MrDurpy 5 days ago

    Roblox was last online in 2017 lol

  • Mand Fortnite gamer
    Mand Fortnite gamer 5 days ago

    Is this real?

  • Mahmoud2007
    Mahmoud2007 5 days ago +1

    I TOTALLY can't check the "last time online" and see they weren't online anytime soon

  • TryHardPanda
    TryHardPanda 5 days ago

    He just made an alt and Inspect element the followers -_-

  • MyNameJeff
    MyNameJeff 5 days ago +3

    Wow I haven’t watched in like 2 years and he’s changed ALOT

  • Jaden Murphy
    Jaden Murphy 5 days ago

    Why look up Roblox his name is shows me he's offline so he's might be offline forever

  • mottiemel
    mottiemel 5 days ago

    There is no what people believe this

  • poison
    poison 6 days ago +1


    I’m not blind idiot

  • Saul Mojaras
    Saul Mojaras 6 days ago

    Ok ok why does roblox have the green pants roblox had pants but with red shoes lol

  • Adrian Pastor
    Adrian Pastor 6 days ago +1

    All he did is He made a game, And made a talking NPC Called ROBLOX. If u looked at the menu of his game ROBLOX WOULDN’T BE IN THE GAME.

  • The Lord Of The Review ᨆ

    Lmao everyone that believed this dude is a boomer, because ROBLOX itself don't need a login from an admin to post assets on his behalf, so it haven't ever gone online since *September 8th, 2017.*

  • furiousbeluga
    furiousbeluga 6 days ago +1

    if I met roblox I would say to them

    fix your tags