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Comments • 80

  • Courtney Miller
    Courtney Miller 11 months ago +22735

    Someone write a fan fiction about me and Star Lord

    • Xx_dallas_gacha_xX
      Xx_dallas_gacha_xX 14 days ago

      Courtney Miller I have

    • SA Tahaa
      SA Tahaa 16 days ago

      they did

    • AwsomeMan 879011
      AwsomeMan 879011 22 days ago

      Oh boy Courtney get ready. You have asked for something that you can never take back.

    • Mrunmai Parab
      Mrunmai Parab 2 months ago

      You know Courtney when Brad Pitt was with you in 'you posted that' just saying

    • amy logan
      amy logan 3 months ago

      Courtney Miller oh we will

  • AstroNut Productions
    AstroNut Productions 13 hours ago

    “Tis’ I, the lesbian at this table.”

  • Builder101's Loopy Life

    Idk about when y'all are watching this but rn they have 6.9 million subs

  • Summer_Playz
    Summer_Playz Day ago

    Is Courtney actually lesbian tho?

  • Summer_Playz
    Summer_Playz Day ago

    This may be weird, but when I first watched Smosh I shipped Courtney and Shayne..

  • Addison_ Rae_fan
    Addison_ Rae_fan 2 days ago

    Tbh.. I have a crush on Damien xD

  • Kayla Chen
    Kayla Chen 2 days ago

    Let’s be real, Ian wasn’t in any of them bc they’re all about Anthony 😂

  • Teodora Prokovic
    Teodora Prokovic 2 days ago

    ,, Tis I, the lesbian at this table! '' 😂😂😂

  • Tanner Mcclellan
    Tanner Mcclellan 3 days ago

    Why was kieth acting like a drug dealer during the library

  • EBear More
    EBear More 3 days ago

    What's with all the Keith and Noah fan fics?

  • everything coasters with lily jo

    honestly , i ship Damien and Sara

  • Madison Conway
    Madison Conway 4 days ago

    Is they were Madagascar characters
    Keith: Marty
    Noah: Melman
    Shayne: Alex
    Courtney: Gloria

  • harley wagner
    harley wagner 4 days ago

    That small, aquward sorry sam

  • ticforlove
    ticforlove 4 days ago +1

    Courneys gay panic lmaao, this was before she came out

  • I'm Yang, Let's Fight

    😹 😹 T'is I! The lesbian at this table! 😹 😹

  • Buster Cannon
    Buster Cannon 4 days ago

    Courtney's fiiiiine...... hope Star Lord gets that no bake puddin

  • agirlwhoishere
    agirlwhoishere 4 days ago +1

    14:05 just making a marker

  • I Like Turtles
    I Like Turtles 4 days ago

    I once remember stumbling across a Noah x Reader smut fanfiction somewhere were the reader is a loli and he had a hidden S side. My eyes were tainted. I wish I didn’t read it lmao

  • Guy_Fieri’s_Earlobe

    Olivia: *closes door* lets smOsh

  • Bethany Cantrell
    Bethany Cantrell 5 days ago

    Idk why but I ship Damien and Sarah ;-;

  • Ben C
    Ben C 5 days ago +1

    13:55 is probably my favorite like 20 seconds of Smosh content

  • Shivani Langer
    Shivani Langer 5 days ago

    Keith in the fanfic

    *liza koshy intensifies*

  • Traumatized Broom
    Traumatized Broom 6 days ago

    This is the worst decision you could ever do, especially if a thirsty teen wrote it 😟😰 it must have been hard to find the pg-13 fanfic most or R rated

  • Ben Zintak
    Ben Zintak 6 days ago

    It says everyone but Ian isnt in it :d

  • Technically Y e s
    Technically Y e s 6 days ago +2

    so- like i was in the living room the other day just drawing. My parents were also in the room with me watching the Goldbergs i look up due to a familiar voice on my t.v . It was Shane. later on i figured out that Shane was on that show lol

  • Sahaj
    Sahaj 6 days ago

    Aka committing mass murder of the species called fanfiction writers

  • Very Aristocratic Goose

    Poor Ian

  • gray blanqet
    gray blanqet 7 days ago

    As someone who actually writes story (Storys not fanfictions) it would have been hilarious to hear someone read a story I wrote:

  • Xx Ashley xX
    Xx Ashley xX 7 days ago +1

    Im ely into it the noah keith thing whos with me

  • Mark Hutchingsfcwe
    Mark Hutchingsfcwe 7 days ago

    Noah and Keith are so cute together I think they need to be a actual couple

  • Abstract Emu
    Abstract Emu 7 days ago

    this is so awkward omg I love it

  • Caroline Rolston
    Caroline Rolston 8 days ago +1

    No one:

    Not even people saying: MY SHIP SAILED!

    Keith; you know, you knoa

  • The Pelican
    The Pelican 8 days ago

    "see you at work tomorrow~"

    *"Same To You."*

  • Lindy Hanson
    Lindy Hanson 9 days ago

    Mac and cheese:
    "Annie's, velveeta, kraft...Annie's"
    I'm like "Annie's??? That's the worst one! Choose velveeta!!!!" 😂😂

  • Michaels_ Madness
    Michaels_ Madness 9 days ago

    Why isn’t there any for shayne and matt

  • Lazy Gacha
    Lazy Gacha 10 days ago +1

    When Keith and Noah did there's right when Ian said the end I thought to myself Aww Man I wanted them to kiss and then I weote this comment

  • Denki boi
    Denki boi 10 days ago

    16:33 me sitting down next to my girlfriend and her friends:

  • my mama and dada
    my mama and dada 10 days ago

    The fan who wrote these fan fictions is not a REAL fan cuz they didn't include ian

  • SoftiiPanda
    SoftiiPanda 10 days ago


  • Plushii V Fan #1
    Plushii V Fan #1 10 days ago +1

    Ian sounds like Shane!
    LOVE YOU ALL!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ritesh
    Ritesh 10 days ago

    Awww, wish Noah & Keith were for real 😍

  • kaind 1
    kaind 1 10 days ago +1

    When my crush sits next to me on the bus

    me: 17:20

  • Khian Larugal
    Khian Larugal 10 days ago

    They should be facing each other

  • Gaddyn Nation
    Gaddyn Nation 11 days ago +1


  • Sunny girl 7952
    Sunny girl 7952 11 days ago

    Damian is really cute with Sarah

  • Christopher Jake
    Christopher Jake 11 days ago

    Who is the girl with the curled hair at the back in the intro

  • KiriXezor
    KiriXezor 12 days ago


  • The Ultimate Being
    The Ultimate Being 12 days ago

    We need Shane and Courtney

  • Anatasha Penelope needham

    i love the fact that courtney is the third wheel

  • Tarious Flah
    Tarious Flah 13 days ago

    Y’all never fail to crack me up💀

  • Forgotton Pilot
    Forgotton Pilot 13 days ago

    Dalivia[Damian and Olivia] or Cortivia[Courtney and Olivia]

  • Hannah Roeder
    Hannah Roeder 13 days ago

    Dude they need to start linking their clothes in the description 😂. I loooove olivias pants

  • TheProtean Girl
    TheProtean Girl 14 days ago

    It's not the same as when it was just Ian and Anthony. These guys seem cool but not as Smosh.

  • ZpicyDragon
    ZpicyDragon 14 days ago

    I'd go for shayne and damien oof no one kill me ik I'm stoopid

  • BlanketCapeActivate
    BlanketCapeActivate 14 days ago

    My only hope with these videos is that they never find my fanfics from when I was 13

  • Gerardo Garcia
    Gerardo Garcia 15 days ago

    Pure cringe

  • OverMaximal
    OverMaximal 15 days ago +8

    Courtney: "We let our writers be very professional and write it all out."
    Writers: *Copy paste*

  • Rosie Mears
    Rosie Mears 16 days ago

    Sara and olivia
    I would ship

  • AwsomeMan 879011
    AwsomeMan 879011 16 days ago +1

    13:24 "Hey Fee Fee."
    That's a nickname for me at my high school. Freaking weird. Really strange.

  • SA Tahaa
    SA Tahaa 16 days ago

    Also... Why is olivia always horny? 😂

  • Alyeexa Myeed
    Alyeexa Myeed 17 days ago

    You can tell Olivia and Courtney we’re looking forward to this

  • Alyssa Villarde
    Alyssa Villarde 17 days ago +1

    I'm laughing at the fact that Olivia's hands were on Damien's shoulders while she's facing backward HAHAHAHA I just realized that Olivia was suppose to face Damien.

  • KLTGaming
    KLTGaming 17 days ago

    I ship noah and Corntny

  • CcIsCopyrightClaimed 030

    everyone fanfic....I said orgy lol

  • Cathy Pancho
    Cathy Pancho 18 days ago


  • Priscilla Allen
    Priscilla Allen 19 days ago +1

    I was laughing so hard at this video I gave myself a headache

  • Maddie Vang
    Maddie Vang 20 days ago

    This is something I did back in grade 1-2. Our teacher wrote a sentence about some weird shit😂 then fold it cover the sentence she wrote and told us the last world of the sentence then gave it to someone and that person then has to write something linked to the word then fold it to cover their sentence then tell everyone their last word and so on.
    If your confused well sorry, I can't help it that I make no sense.😂
    But I think you guys should do then open your paper up and read the story you guys wrote.😂

  • O Wise
    O Wise 20 days ago

    Cringe level 1000

  • Lise Magic
    Lise Magic 21 day ago +1

    I think jacksfilms could use the 3rd story as a ygs episode

  • creepyexplorer
    creepyexplorer 22 days ago

    When Damien caught Olivia in his arms... was the fanfare the beginning of the USSR Anthem..?

  • Chipman AndWhatNot
    Chipman AndWhatNot 22 days ago

    Tis I, the lesbian at this table!

  • Ahmed The Gacha dragon

    Courtney I will

  • Midnight Warriors
    Midnight Warriors 24 days ago

    The first one was cute,
    The second one was cringe,
    The last one was both, and scary.

    “It’s I, the lesbian of the table.”
    What the actual f*ck.

  • Sofia Zahr
    Sofia Zahr 27 days ago

    pleeeeaaaasssseeee do part 22222222

  • Squid Man
    Squid Man 29 days ago

    Still love the intro,a lot of random stuff falls in a hole then a flamingo pops out and says”kill me”

  • Cormier co. LLC
    Cormier co. LLC Month ago

    My favorite fan fiction is Sarah and Keith not in videos

  • Selena Autufuga
    Selena Autufuga Month ago +1

    When in doubt of how to phrase things to people, revert to shakespearian, "Tis I the lesbian of thy table!"

  • Maya Bauer
    Maya Bauer Month ago

    Olivia: teenagers. That’s what we are.
    Ian: no you’re not.
    Olivia: and what do teenagers do on the weekends? They go roller skating.
    Me: ummmm...

  • Kennyboi
    Kennyboi Month ago

    i like how keith is actually a normal person

  • ThePreyShow
    ThePreyShow Month ago

    Shayne would have lost his *s h i t*