$140,000 Concrete Job Completed In 15 Days (Epic Landscaping Time Lapse)

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • When we started it was a jungle. Wasn’t long after we came in the yard started to take shape. from start to finish the job was done in about 15 days.
    Next video i post will be on how much did i make from this job. What are the profit margins for something like this after everything is paid for.
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Comments • 105

  • Anand Lucertini
    Anand Lucertini 2 days ago

    more like a 10k job lol

  • Mateusz Ł.
    Mateusz Ł. 2 days ago

    I dont belive what i watching... in Poland i can get 4-7k dolars for this job... wtf... thats sad. This yard is ugly :(

  • test
    test 7 days ago

    What stain did you use for the wood fence that covers the shower?

  • Jayson Maharaj
    Jayson Maharaj 9 days ago +1

    140 seem a bit steep tho wow. This guy got robbed

  • keebler6903
    keebler6903 14 days ago

    I would never pay 140k for concrete, learn Hardscapes then maybe I would drop some cash on a paver/stone patio and walls.

  • LawnBarbers365
    LawnBarbers365 19 days ago

    good video

  • oscar carrion
    oscar carrion 23 days ago

    Trash 🗑

  • a v
    a v 24 days ago

    i say that project cost the most 15k i have done something like that for 8k

    JAVIER REYES 27 days ago

    95k is more real

  • juan 1376co
    juan 1376co 27 days ago +3

    it doesn't look like 140k work it looks like 20k

  • rgmuro
    rgmuro 28 days ago

    Big lies is 15.000 job top

  • lord lefty
    lord lefty 28 days ago +1

    Good job but dang u just robbed the owner.

  • BeadHand _96
    BeadHand _96 Month ago +1

    Man that old house was probably not worth 100k to begging with

  • Brian Caveill
    Brian Caveill Month ago

    Love the music!

  • Rey Ruiz
    Rey Ruiz Month ago +1

    This guy is a joke and a thief

  • iSiP Toronto
    iSiP Toronto Month ago

    Maybe alot... but not sure.. cause my koms back yard thats ablut 25 by 30 to removes all grass and a big pine tree to put all concrete was costing her 15 grand.... lowest qoute was 13500

  • oiboy626
    oiboy626 Month ago

    This isn't a "hater" comment, but Tigran, stick to hardscape bro. That landscape design is whack af for that price point. That part when you mentioned that grass the isnt doing too good because of the tree and "there's nothing you can do about it"?? Bro, get outta here with that. There's always something to do about everything. The concrete in the backyard is nice and the firepit is great but your softscape skills and planting designs could use some major help.

    • oiboy626
      oiboy626 Month ago

      @Tigran Gertz whatever makes you feel better my boy

    • Tigran Gertz
      Tigran Gertz  Month ago

      oiboy626 h8er

  • Manuel Vilches
    Manuel Vilches Month ago

    Are you doing another program sale soon
    Or in the future like Christmas?

  • Allen Penitavalu Likiliki

    Great video and a job well done 👌🏽

  • Fernando Diaz
    Fernando Diaz Month ago

    Great job Tigran

  • FELY7494
    FELY7494 Month ago

    Fence posts in the concrete slab? Wouldn't that just rot out? Did you treat the wood with something?

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    This guy is a fn liar

  • MR E
    MR E Month ago

    Lmfao $150000

  • Reza Tashakori
    Reza Tashakori Month ago +2

    You could only charge these prices in California. I'm an architect builder in LA and in Vegas. The contractors bid the same job 3 times higher in LA than vegas. When the recession comes all the prices will go down when no one builds. 10x the price

  • Sergio Rodriguez
    Sergio Rodriguez Month ago +28

    $140k for that? That’s a rip off. He’s lying. I live in the most expensive area in CA. There’s no way that job cost that much

    • Logic Logic
      Logic Logic 23 days ago

      with 140k you'd be living next to the tallest building in the world in dubai. lol what a joke.

    • Buppi337
      Buppi337 28 days ago +1

      Honestly this project would cost 15k-20k on the high end

    • Cristian G
      Cristian G Month ago +3

      Yup that’s definitely not worth $140k. The part of my backyard that I got cemented is just a bit bigger than that backyard and it cost me less than 10k here in San Diego

    • Wauk 9390
      Wauk 9390 Month ago +2

      Idk bro I opted for the cheaper router and got jew’d. You get what you pay for learned that the hard way.

    • Yesenia Felipe
      Yesenia Felipe Month ago

      Sergio Rodriguez how much would you say it really was?

  • mike s
    mike s Month ago

    140k and they made mistakes laying concrete, a bit of grass and some plants. Wtf.

  • Jose Luis Carias
    Jose Luis Carias Month ago +1

    I enjoyed watching your videos but your not giving the homeowners there money's, I think they deserve more then that Tigran work is great but not the best bang for there buck.

  • Daniel Stanza
    Daniel Stanza Month ago

    Amazing job, you’ve got one skilled crew! 💥👍👏

  • Vlearmoes Theo
    Vlearmoes Theo Month ago

    No pond ??

  • Javed Dominic
    Javed Dominic Month ago +1

    Good job sir I like your work

  • Rey Ruiz
    Rey Ruiz Month ago

    Dude is full of shit. Whoever believes this lying thief is a dumbass

  • marco munguia
    marco munguia Month ago

    Dam f liar. Yea right. Dumbfuck.

  • Elle ry
    Elle ry Month ago +1

    I am currently helping my husband in our second year in a landscaping industry, it’s not been easy at all, now i am getting more educated.

  • Cesar Limon
    Cesar Limon Month ago +2

    Ur weird bro

  • El Toro Transport
    El Toro Transport Month ago +1

    Do you have any $20 programs like you did back in April? I want to buy a few and join the Goat Gang... but have no work right now...

  • SkateAndReview
    SkateAndReview Month ago +1

    Bad design with the rocks when it comes time to mow the grass clippings will be all over the rocks and will be hard to blow out without moving a whole bunch of rocks everywhere

    • R F
      R F Month ago

      SkateAndReview Cut around the yard first. Like your outlining the perimeter . Works best if you too use a mower with a shoot. It’s a small yard so a push or self propel mowers will get the job done. As for clippings that shouldn’t be a problem. It will be harder if it has black mulch or pinestraw. The river rocks are medium size they are not that small. If you know how to use a blower you wouldn’t move the rocks since they are pretty big. If they were like rock #787 with a more finer touch then you will have trouble. As far as I can see it the design was perfect. I really hope you’re not in the lawn care industry as well. Thank you have a nice day sir.

  • lee burrell
    lee burrell Month ago

    Whats the song bro? Shazam isn't picking up anything.

  • Hunter Caskanette
    Hunter Caskanette Month ago

    You would think it would be cheep to sell and build your own house WITH a better yard before he came and redone it

  • Pedro Orozco
    Pedro Orozco Month ago +1

    Thinking about taking a cement masonry class

  • Danny Gonzales
    Danny Gonzales Month ago +1

    It’s been awhile, where U been hiding with the videos

  • Paşcalau S. aleoagrar


  • Kike
    Kike Month ago

    yo what happed with the 1 million dollar job ? did you finish ?

  • Sam Yeee
    Sam Yeee Month ago +11

    I can do the same thing for under $50,000 I need to move to California.

    • oiboy626
      oiboy626 Month ago

      Those Cali taxes and worker's comps would eat right through that $50k. Make you wanna move back haha

    • Manorscape Gardening
      Manorscape Gardening Month ago

      I doubt it. That many guys, that much labor...for 49,999$? if you can live off a grand, sure

    • Honest Greens
      Honest Greens Month ago +2

      We got plenty of underchargers, its not the place its your brand, raise your prices and make more $ where you are at

  • FET
    FET Month ago

    A handful of shaded seed would fix that thin grass below the trees. It occurred to me that you resemble Jason Mraz, or vice versa. Keep 'em coming.

  • Galvez Lawn care
    Galvez Lawn care Month ago +1

    Hey really good job how much profit

    GT MKIV Month ago +13

    Sir, with all due respect I think maybe you added an extra ZERO to the figure in the title??????

  • Lions Construction
    Lions Construction Month ago

    Pretty good 1000xxx

  • Jesus Sarabia
    Jesus Sarabia Month ago +1

    To simple for 140 g👎

  • weston laney
    weston laney Month ago

    Were the trees killing Sod could put some pavers?

  • Brian Rubi
    Brian Rubi Month ago +2

    So does your crew know how to do everything? Or do you hire other people that know how to do concrete

    • AdvProz
      AdvProz Month ago

      Same question here

    • David Schneider
      David Schneider Month ago

      Brian Rubi I’m also curious. T are you a General Contractor subbing everything out??

  • Tahir Too Saucy
    Tahir Too Saucy Month ago +7

    “Let’s be friends” ( I want your money)

  • Joseph lisky
    Joseph lisky Month ago

    Nice man not shown in this video but why do you always leave the irrigation valves above ground? Is that California code?

  • Scar
    Scar Month ago

    Great job Tig, what do you charge for sod?

  • Maria das Santos
    Maria das Santos Month ago

    Great team.Fantastic job.

  • Joey Ortiz
    Joey Ortiz Month ago

    Dude great work what is that song?

  • Tomas Kohoutek
    Tomas Kohoutek Month ago +7

    the owner forced $140k into the new landscaping and left this cheapest the home depot fence around...what's up with that?!?

  • Roberto De Leon
    Roberto De Leon Month ago +1


  • Flooring Professional.

    Beautiful Tigran. Blessings Robert

  • LandMaster
    LandMaster Month ago +1

    $140k .. dayum. I gotta get my ass to California lol. That whole build would be less then half that amount where I am.

  • Paul Nicholson
    Paul Nicholson Month ago

    Way to go!