• Published on Dec 1, 2018
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Comments • 117

  • Ancient Mariner
    Ancient Mariner 10 hours ago

    Ivey is a has been

  • Gabriel Anderson

    I hate that he told him what his tell was in the first featured hand

  • AbyssGnasher
    AbyssGnasher 2 days ago

    cant really respect Ivey anymore after cheating.

  • lucus lopez
    lucus lopez 3 days ago

    so much skill in poker

  • T Sull
    T Sull 4 days ago

    Sammy said deal it twice😂😂

  • benard johnson
    benard johnson 4 days ago

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  • TheGodEmperorofMankind
    TheGodEmperorofMankind 5 days ago +3

    Never understood why you would ask or agree to see your opponents hand after you've folded, there is not up side. If they show a bluff you are pissed and therefore they have a psychological edge, if they show that they lost they still have a psychological edge as you still lost the hand. Poker is about winning whats in the middle, not about how good you look when you are losing.

  • vote for no. 6
    vote for no. 6 5 days ago +3

    Ah, come on... the last one hardly qualifies unless it goes runner runner quads.

  • Peli Mies
    Peli Mies 6 days ago +4

    Erik wins a million -> stupid smile
    Erik loses a million -> stupid smile
    Erik chokes on chips -> audience smile

  • Jordan S
    Jordan S 7 days ago +3

    Year after year Ivey asks “ Where do I go?”

  • Michael Pinal
    Michael Pinal 7 days ago

    Is that the guy from master chef ?

  • vincent gnanaraja
    vincent gnanaraja 8 days ago

    I thought it was murr in thumbnail

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore 11 days ago

    Am I the only one who has never seen Ivey actually win anything?

  • Freeloader 420
    Freeloader 420 11 days ago +1

    Hachem with the excellent laydown.

  • Michael Greenberg
    Michael Greenberg 13 days ago +1

    Why was the Ivey - Cates hand included? Nothing special about it, unless Ivey had gotten away from it.

    • ihcug90
      ihcug90 11 days ago

      it was in this uploader's mind that the Ivey - Cates hand must be included, it was simply his opinion

  • ShapeshifterAA
    ShapeshifterAA 13 days ago +8

    The only one with skill is Ivey's bluff all in.

    • Luis Velador
      Luis Velador 9 days ago

      ShapeshifterAA wouldve been funny if the other guy just called it off 😂

    • stef delt
      stef delt 11 days ago

      i believe the bodylanguage answering stacksize question helped Ivey.

  • pafpaf paflol
    pafpaf paflol 14 days ago

    Lindgren is very good player

  • Shenkk
    Shenkk 15 days ago

    Did that dude say it is down right hard dick?? 😭😭🤣😂

  • Jiayang Lu
    Jiayang Lu 16 days ago +1

    when you get asked how much you have left, what's the best thing to do?Thank you for the suggestions.

    • Andrew JW
      Andrew JW Hour ago

      Make the dealer do a count.

    • anyonfire
      anyonfire 16 days ago

      answer as cold as possible. show no reaction, no pitching up in your voice. would be my advice.

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson 20 days ago

    Why would the last guy go all in so quickly with such a strong hand?

    • Joe Anderson
      Joe Anderson 20 days ago +1

      @Renè Fredsgaard ah good point. Maybe he could tell that from the other guy's body language and wanted to get the hand over with.

    • Renè Fredsgaard
      Renè Fredsgaard 20 days ago

      @Joe Anderson ahh okay, i think i know what you Mean :) bettin that high would risk that the other Guy folded?
      I actually think he could sense that the other Guy believed so much in hes hand that he just went all in...

    • Joe Anderson
      Joe Anderson 20 days ago

      @Renè Fredsgaard i understand that. My thought was that he had 2 more cards where he could have bet more chips. Seemed he went all in quite quickly. But i don't know squat about poker beyond the basics, it's why i was curious.

    • Renè Fredsgaard
      Renè Fredsgaard 20 days ago

      Because he wanted to win the other guys chips?

  • Mike McGomer
    Mike McGomer 21 day ago

    This is about what I should buy and not what to bet. Back to the chess channel.

  • cyatuesday
    cyatuesday 21 day ago

    Deal it twice lol

  • Beau Payne
    Beau Payne 21 day ago

    This tournament has loaded decks

  • Kevin McLain
    Kevin McLain 21 day ago

    It's funny how bad the commentating was in 2003 because the commentators knew nothing about poker

  • Kevin McLain
    Kevin McLain 21 day ago

    Jungleman is cringy AF

  • Vogel Account
    Vogel Account 23 days ago +1

    The Ivey one is the best, by far. The rest are just cards being cards.

  • jake james
    jake james 24 days ago

    Fuck you and you herpe infested aids

  • Tito frost
    Tito frost 25 days ago +6

    Farha saying deal it twice after the hand was over is gold

  • JTWood429
    JTWood429 25 days ago +42

    Stupid poker kept interrupting the ads.

    • joeashbubemma
      joeashbubemma 11 days ago

      What ads? Adblock for RU-clip.

    • Tony England
      Tony England 17 days ago

      @Funkenstein lol I'm not sure, I have had one on my browser for a decade or so, but maybe I dreamt it.

    • Funkenstein
      Funkenstein 17 days ago +1

      @Tony England Do such things even exist?!

    • Tony England
      Tony England 17 days ago

      @Funkenstein lol how many years do you think it will take before they hear about such amazing addons?

    • Funkenstein
      Funkenstein 19 days ago +3

      If only there were browser addons that eliminated them all. IF ONLY.

  • Marty Morrison
    Marty Morrison 25 days ago

    Getting a bit fucking ridiculous with these ads 6 in 10mins like

  • Kropotkin2000
    Kropotkin2000 25 days ago +7

    Coolers aren't "best hands".

  • BladeSC74
    BladeSC74 26 days ago +6

    More coolers than a tailgate party 🤣 gotta remember that one!! 👍🏻

  • Đức Anh Bùi
    Đức Anh Bùi 27 days ago +1

    5:13 Williams should have bet, one big bet

  • oriondx72
    oriondx72 28 days ago

    why would phil ivey blink look at how much chips he had really no risk to him.

  • Drew Conway
    Drew Conway 29 days ago

    10:46 It must be so irritating to be in the middle of a hand and have the emcee come up to your table and start talking to the camera. Can’t they do that from somewhere else?

  • Rick Ralph
    Rick Ralph 29 days ago

    Ads are ridiculous!

  • Egrin
    Egrin Month ago +6

    You can only upload this video with this title if you haven't played a lot of heads up NL.

  • Del G
    Del G Month ago +1

    I wouldn’t call Joe's move "genius". Joe didn't know what the kid had, he just guessed right.

  • Aaron Zucker
    Aaron Zucker Month ago +16

    Can you cram any more ads into this video? Jesus christ

  • Kanjoos Lahookvinhaakvinhookvin

    "We are watching some poker here, Barry"
    That's exactly right

    • videonikita
      videonikita 15 days ago

      Yes other Barry, we are watching some poker here

  • Riki
    Riki Month ago

    Ivey vs Jackson, couple of real weirdos

  • ed00r
    ed00r Month ago +1

    lol every normal person would of folded that 1st play. like wth ??

    • videonikita
      videonikita 15 days ago

      u never played final stage in a tournament, very very different mentality from "regular" (cash games or even small tourney) poker

  • mareks mezalis
    mareks mezalis Month ago +1

    Ivey, you are a fish!

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow Month ago +5

    in phil iveys masterclass he talks about the Q8 hand. he said he based it all on when he asked jackson his chip count. he said jacksons response made him think he was very weak. Ive watched it a few times and I cant pick up anything 'weak' about how jackson answers the question. ivey is an alien.
    I did pick up one tell though. In the last hand with lindgren and phillips. when phillips is raised he sighs really loudly, and then goes all in. this is always a tell of strength. Whenever your opponent seems bothered or upset by being raised, and then jams --- they're almost always super strong.

    • d4ve19
      d4ve19 28 days ago +2

      He covered his mouth with his hands and looked nervous when answering, I got straight away that this was the only thing that made Ivey believe he was good. Still, there's no way I can three barrel there with Q8, Ivey in god mode.

  • ONGI
    ONGI Month ago +11

    6:05 Sam Farha after drinking his coffee and looking at William's reaction .. Deal it twice ..

  • gk10002000
    gk10002000 Month ago +2

    While in Pattaya Thailand several years ago, was chatting with a guy on the baht bus as we rode along Beach Road towards walking street. It was just after Hachem had won the WSOP. The guy said he had 10% of Hachem's winnings. Good story. I doubt he really did.

    • ThatGuyThatDoesStuff
      ThatGuyThatDoesStuff 20 days ago

      I once came across a guy in LA, telling some rando that he met Tiger Woods on a flight and that they were still good friends and kept in touch. I couldn't control the contorting of my face in response to his ridiculous story.

      He confronted me, so messing with him I asked him how he managed to get onto Tiger Woods' private jet. This really set him off.

      He wanted to fight me, claiming he was special forces of some kind. He got really out of hand and the only reason I didn't punch him is he looked like he had leprosy all over his face.

  • Jeremie Roy
    Jeremie Roy Month ago +4

    coolers except for the ivey shove

    • JoeCJK
      JoeCJK Month ago

      All dumb and don't require skill, except for #2.

  • Old Conspiracy Dude

    they both can " edge sort" the cards so they know what each other

  • Plummet
    Plummet Month ago

    i played poker for the first time at my local casino i got pair of 9s then 6s then kings lol i went in with £5 came out with £1700

  • Genya Arikado
    Genya Arikado Month ago +1

    give me the money

  • wen yoo
    wen yoo Month ago +1

    why shove Q6? after big bet you raise the guy reraises you again or its Q10 or its airball but here in my local casino they always have the nuts after so many raises

    • wen yoo
      wen yoo Month ago +1

      @Mark B having a queen here is what pros hope u have and u overplay it and pro vs pro and stacks get in its at least queens full or better in both players hand they know each other that they both dont stack with trips and having a low boat there is most of the time not enough. only 1 value hand I might call thats Q4 after so many raises 44 and 66 propably not good.

    • wen yoo
      wen yoo Month ago

      @Mark B you move in with at least 1010 you can get value from thinking players they can call with 66 and 44 and if they dont believe you they might call with trips but 99,9% of the players dont have such big balls to raise a pot bet get reraised and still move in as bluff. if you have 44 even maybe 66 and move in and you get snapped you propably loseXD there are so few spots in poker to raise all in and youre happy to get snapped and you dont have the nuts like K33JQ and you hold KK or you hold 33 and only straight or royal flush beats your hand

    • Mark B
      Mark B Month ago +1

      @wen yoo heads up, those are very strong hands. AQ is a bit thin yes but all other boats will play the same way

    • wen yoo
      wen yoo Month ago

      @Mark B if farha has 44 or 1010 or Q4 the question is would he reraise again and if you shove will he call? maybe with Q4 he will still call but 1010 and 44 I think he is folding and 66 is unlikely just 1 combo of 66 left. and if he calls your shove there with AQ he is a moron with so much action AQ is dead

    • Mark B
      Mark B Month ago +2

      Q6 beats AQ, KQ, and worse boats like Q4, 66, 44, and TT. He only loses to 4 combos of QT.

  • Rock Hash
    Rock Hash Month ago +3

    At 9:20 is where Phil knew Jackson had nothing. Never answer when someone asks you how much you have left. The way you answer, and the number you say will give away your hand.

  • глеб веревкин

    Phil Ivey is insane, one of contenders to be GOAT in poker

  • M G
    M G Month ago +18

    click bait, these are not even close to the best heads up poker hands televised

  • dim pap
    dim pap Month ago +5

    09:24 Paul Jackson's voice ,arrival of toilets seats ...Ivey decrypted this stuff and reshove 😂😂

  • TH3 K1NG43
    TH3 K1NG43 Month ago

    Why does Williams keep saying “wow”...Farha raised and didn’t even go all in, Williams got greedy and went all in when he didn’t have the best hand. Then he bitches about it? That’s a terrible play on Williams’s part then he bitches about it. Amateur

  • Ozymandias
    Ozymandias 6 months ago +7

    Farha said “deal it twice” after that massive cooler lol

  • Bob Tate
    Bob Tate 6 months ago +2

    Terrible call by Lindgren. Bet, raise, re-raise, all For that fourth bet to happen either the person had to have caught a major piece of the action or they had absolute balls of steel. 9/10 they actually have something as very few players can make such a major bluff, so I would normally rule out a bluff or draw. Given that, the hands that would be in play are A-A, K-K, 3-3, A-K, A-3, K-3. Out of those hands Lindgren loses to 5 and only ties 1, so for him to call a second raise seems like a bad idea.

    • Joel
      Joel Month ago

      @глеб веревкин well said. SO many hands Lindgren beats. AA KK and AK are all extremely unlikely since no re-raise pre. If Phillips had Ax spades, JsTs, QsJs, or QsTs, he'd have played the hand exactly the same way. From Lindgren's perspective, he's only losing to A3 (which there's 6 combos left of) or 33 (1 combo of.) If you fold K3 there you should stop playing because good players will bluff you to oblivion.

    • глеб веревкин
      глеб веревкин Month ago +3

      Count in all Ax Spades + AQ + AJ + any bluff and you will get an easy call. I don't see anyone in their right mind folding K3 there, if you would, poker is not for you.

    • Bob Tate
      Bob Tate 6 months ago +2

      @6th Wilbury Great comment and analysis. I agree with your expected play of Phillips. I wasn't familiar with him so I didn't think he would be able to pull off a crazy bluff, but gave him enough credit to play solid since he had reached this position. The only thing I might disagree with is Phillips being unlikely to have AA or KK as he flatted pre-flop. I think that would hold true if there had been other players at the table, but since this was heads up I think it's much more likely that a player would slow play a monster in hopes of giving the raiser some rope to hang themselves with and get more chips in the pot. Watching this a second time though, I think you're totally right in that Lindgren just didn't want to be there. He played really fast, I previously didn't pick up on him not attending the selection party the night before, and with this being an NBC show he was probably contractually obligated to appear. Looking at his history for this event prior to this he had one 1st round exit, four 2nd round exits, and one 3rd round exit, so not even a sniff of the quarterfinals. I think the way this hand developed he thought swing for the fences and if it works out great, if not who cares.

    • 6th Wilbury
      6th Wilbury 6 months ago +2

      Maybe not "terrible" per se, but definitely not a good one - especially since it was the first hand. You can never completely rule out a bluff or semibluff, unless it's someone like Tony Cousineau on a tourney bubble. Bear in mind, AA and KK are a smaller part of Phillips' range because he flatted pre.
      Now, I could understand Edog's call against a crafty player who has a lot of bluff raises in their range, OR facing a total noob who would four-bet shove the flop with only top pair. However, Dennis falls into a category of "experienced amateur." I also recall that he was a relatively TAGish type of player. So even in the fast-paced, heads-up format of that NBC show, EDog's best hope against the flop shove was that Phillips had an A-x of spades. Yet even something like A2ss would be a 50-50 flip against bottom two, and that's EDog's BEST situation there.
      My guess is that either a) EDog underestimated his opponent so much that he figured Phillips could overplay top pair there, or b) EDog flat-out didn't want to be there. The latter is quite possible, too - Lindgren was free-rolling with our Fill Tilt money on these shows, plus we already know he didn't attend the selection party the night before.

  • Hashim Moraisel
    Hashim Moraisel 7 months ago +6

    Ivey doesn’t belong to our planet!

  • whitesmoke hiding
    whitesmoke hiding 7 months ago +7

    Jungle man felt bad beating one of his idols then very happy. Good job kid

  • TheNinja07
    TheNinja07 7 months ago +3

    If i had money like Ivey, I would be saying "all in" every other hand I play LOL

    • cormac malone
      cormac malone 7 months ago +10

      And then you'd have as much money as you do now within a week

  • Del Water gaps
    Del Water gaps 7 months ago +18

    Watching that hand makes me scare to think about being head yo head with ivey.

  • Liyaqat Ali
    Liyaqat Ali 7 months ago +2

    A sick beat of queen full of sixes against queen full of tens, and Phil ivey is why best in this business, maybe he had chips lead advantage too, and the opposition can easily recognized that he is in fear

  • Thomas Davenport
    Thomas Davenport 7 months ago +1

    Idiots both of them!

    • Jounazi
      Jounazi 7 months ago +1

      Both knew other didnt have shit. If other guy went allin Phil wouldnt have called. Becouse why raise 150k and leave 380k back

  • Jason Anderson
    Jason Anderson 7 months ago +10

    Damnit daniel I want to be loosey goosey

  • Matthew Mangione
    Matthew Mangione 7 months ago +21

    That Ivey all-in against can't teach that!

    • atul kumar tripathi
      atul kumar tripathi 17 days ago

      Well the action also was wierd. After Iveys Re raise after a raise (post iveys raise). He shove wouldn't have been called by Ivey if he was willing that much to bluff. Because at this point it's a fold or jam (legit or bluff ).After raise and Re raise its more often than not obvious that opponent has a strong hand which will be called . So if had shoved over that to act like as if he knows Ivey has a hand that he is going to call with then the action would have ended right there. This middle option of raise -reraise-rereraise - Then another Re raise is a definite suspicious act.Not saying it's an easy thing to do .Ivey is Ivey at the end of the day .we wouldn't reach this level of action with such hands. Paul on hand played well too but the option of raise before Iveys shove was a suspicion filled blunder . Ivey doesn't mention about this approach for a reason as it's weird as fuck and a big give away if really noticed at Iveys level. It's not the chip count.

    • Korvaraiskaaja
      Korvaraiskaaja Month ago +1

      @Joel Yea, depends on who you are against also, great move tho

    • Joel
      Joel Month ago +2

      @Korvaraiskaaja Or it could be someone putting in a super small raise to try and entice their opponent to continue in the hand. He put in 60% of his chips, most people don't put in that much without being ready to put the rest of them in. That's what makes the hand so special.

    • Korvaraiskaaja
      Korvaraiskaaja Month ago +2

      Thats easy, he was low stack, cant go all in because he had nothing, just shove all in and he is out. For me basic move.

  • WaveSamu
    WaveSamu 7 months ago +186

    this jackson-ivey hand was actually insane

    • J.L. the Seagull
      J.L. the Seagull 7 days ago

      i knnoooww

    • atul kumar tripathi
      atul kumar tripathi 17 days ago

      Well the action also was wierd. After Iveys Re raise after a raise (post iveys raise). He shove wouldn't have been called by Ivey if he was willing that much to bluff. Because at this point it's a fold or jam (legit or bluff ).After raise and Re raise its more often than not obvious that opponent has a strong hand which will be called . So if had shoved over that to act like as if he knows Ivey has a hand that he is going to call with then the action would have ended right there. This middle option of raise -reraise-rereraise - Then another Re raise is a definite suspicious act.Not saying it's an easy thing to do .Ivey is Ivey at the end of the day .we wouldn't reach this level of action with such hands. Paul on hand played well too but the option of raise before Iveys shove was a suspicion filled blunder . Agreed with Dan

    • J D
      J D 28 days ago +2

      It was literally the only hand worth showing, though Joe's laydown was impressive also (though made less impressive when you realize he didn't put him on the straight). The other hands were just coolers and would have played out exactly the same way at any table/skill level.

    • brendon albrecht
      brendon albrecht 29 days ago

      It was sick... how the hell do you make that move... genius I guess, but bold bold bold…

    • wen yoo
      wen yoo Month ago

      @Dan Huso thats 2003 2019 players are way better now they check raise donk bet jack vs thinking player

  • ZilMusic
    ZilMusic 7 months ago +2

    Damn! 🔥