Lonzo Ball EXCLUSIVE Reveal of Second Signature Sneaker: The BBB ZO2.19 🔥

  • Published on Oct 17, 2018
  • Thirteen months after the reveal of ZO2 Remix, Lonzo Ball’s and Big Baller Brand’s first signature shoe, the company is now introducing the second signature sneaker under the ZO2 collection. The “ZO2.19” will be worn by Zo during his upcoming sophomore season with the Los Angeles Lakers.
    One of the biggest differences between this year’s edition and last year’s inaugural kicks is the pricing. The ZO2.19 comes in at a $200 price point - a significant drop from the $495 ZO2 Remix.
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    Lonzo Ball EXCLUSIVE Reveal of Second Signature Sneaker: The BBB ZO2.19 🔥
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Comments • 232

  • SLAM
    SLAM  11 months ago +114

    You gonna grab a pair? 🤔

    • Supreme Mickey KPN
      Supreme Mickey KPN 4 months ago

      Fuck no... its a waste of money, so miss me with that "your not a big baller bull shit" Soilder 12 on the NIKE website cost less than these. 😑

    • Willie WMS
      Willie WMS 6 months ago

      They look like a mix between clown and bowling shoes.

    • Peter Vasquez
      Peter Vasquez 10 months ago

      Already did 😂

    • Jerome b williams
      Jerome b williams 10 months ago

      Ima grab a dozen

    • Fusion
      Fusion 11 months ago

      @Sid Johnson shut up you didn't make it to the NBA you couch potato

  • Sebastian Cruz
    Sebastian Cruz 26 days ago

    Wannabe pg 3s and they only for 90 95 dollars😂😂😂

  • Joevanchi12
    Joevanchi12 27 days ago

    Hey mars Blackman here chillin chillin chillin

  • Nya Etsitty
    Nya Etsitty 2 months ago

    okay but why did Lonzo LITERALLY COPY Devin Booker on his shoes as well. ITS LITERALLY THE SAME COMMERCIAL.

  • Lorenz Co
    Lorenz Co 2 months ago

    Am I the only who notice that this commercial has a similar to the commercial of Air Jordan shoes from 3 to 6? 😂

  • Carlos Juarez
    Carlos Juarez 3 months ago

    Man Why They Need To Get Jordan Stuff

  • Ashlee 227
    Ashlee 227 6 months ago

    Does Big Baller Brand ship to Philippines

  • Lenin Franco
    Lenin Franco 7 months ago

    You won't and can't ever beat Nike.. BBB STANDS FOR BIG BULLSHIT BUMS.

  • Lenin Franco
    Lenin Franco 7 months ago

    Why are these fools copying the Jordan spike lee commercials? Smh.. And this fuck lavar ball talking trash about Nike..motherfucker and his shoes are total trash.

  • Lenin Franco
    Lenin Franco 7 months ago

    Are these shoes at the Walmart isle?

  • Will Swope
    Will Swope 7 months ago

    Bro my house is tiny and it the same price as his

  • Joseph Mason
    Joseph Mason 8 months ago

    I might have to get on board now. These are pretty nice.

  • Jarvius Jackson
    Jarvius Jackson 8 months ago

    Those all white ones though🏀💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • kenneth sateniaman
    kenneth sateniaman 9 months ago

    waiting for to cut down to 170. i mean, its still op for non all star player. and also try to enter asian market.

  • Jae Barnes
    Jae Barnes 9 months ago


  • Mr. America
    Mr. America 9 months ago +1

    This is so cringeworthy, they blatantly ripped of Nike and Michael Jordan, the Balls are imposters. Embarrassing.

  • Edward Lleyton Robillos

    Mj commercial parody😂

  • Tony Gillespie
    Tony Gillespie 9 months ago

    Look like grandma shoes

  • Duh Bik
    Duh Bik 10 months ago

    The look fire

  • Martian Sensei 火星
    Martian Sensei 火星 10 months ago

    Shoe looks dope but should be $120 in my opinion.

  • Tre 40
    Tre 40 10 months ago

    These shoes lowkey fire

  • Jason Chevez
    Jason Chevez 10 months ago

    Please people look up orthopedic shoes orthopedic shoes and then add some colors to them

  • Jason Chevez
    Jason Chevez 10 months ago

    Jesus That s*** is crap

  • SetTrender
    SetTrender 10 months ago

    Ngl they’re kinda hard still

  • Super Mega Strong Armpit Power

    They look good but I'm not paying 200 for a sketchers. 🤐

  • deonfenbauer comments
    deonfenbauer comments 10 months ago +1

    Why would I buy a pair of shoes of man that plays in the NBA and i still can hit an open 3 pointer better than he does. Plain simple prove that you are Great and i will wear your shoe! You passed and open lay up last night when the raptors embarrased you all lakers.

  • OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs
    OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs 10 months ago

    Grabbing every colorway in these. Them first joints was ass not gonna lie. But, these guys are legit.

  • TheHawksrock4
    TheHawksrock4 10 months ago

    1:50 why the hell did the ball just morph into the wall after it hit DMO?

  • Kirohh Does TCGs
    Kirohh Does TCGs 10 months ago

    Is it because he has 2 signature shoes but barely averaged 10 points a game last season?

  • D.e.j Chung
    D.e.j Chung 11 months ago +1

    sick sneakers no lie!

  • Jacob Garza
    Jacob Garza 11 months ago

    Only thing uglier than them kicks is his shot.

  • Minkah McKay
    Minkah McKay 11 months ago

    Love it, great idea 💡 I’m buying some...

  • William Langley
    William Langley 11 months ago

    Come-on. Shoes are whack and this comment gets edited in seconds after I post it. Bet.

  • lukasbuin
    lukasbuin 11 months ago

    I may cop them

  • Eastside Rider
    Eastside Rider 11 months ago

    I'm buying a pair

  • atkris
    atkris 11 months ago

    This guy just needs to make the switch to Nike or Jordan brand

  • John
    John 11 months ago +2

    Can I buy them at Wal-Mart?? Cause they sure as hell look like they belong there. Lol!!!!!!! I'll pay $29.99 . No more then that.

  • KCClassic7
    KCClassic7 11 months ago +4

    I mean $200 is more affordable but that’s still an extremely high priced shoe! Don’t retro Js / which are extremely overpriced as well go for less? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    • OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs
      OxxY MC_TaKeS DuBs 10 months ago +1

      @Marlon Beckford exactly

    • KCClassic7
      KCClassic7 11 months ago

      Marlon Beckford GOMD? Or nah

    • Marlon Beckford
      Marlon Beckford 11 months ago +1

      If youre going to buy the shoe just buy the fucking shoe if not just shut the fuvk up

  • King of youtube
    King of youtube 11 months ago

    Yooo white colorways are heat 🔥🔥🔥

  • Coach E
    Coach E 11 months ago

    Air 🏀 💨 Dude sell shoes coming off the pine .. hasn’t proven anything .. these should be 29.95 at Payless.. he is not spending anything to make these .. what’s the tech .. support etc .. rating 10 air 🏀💨’s easy

  • Theo Aperahama Johnson
    Theo Aperahama Johnson 11 months ago +1

    I mess with these

  • Memph Thugga
    Memph Thugga 11 months ago

    I need these. I’m poor though.

  • neznar castro
    neznar castro 11 months ago

    This guy is a bencher why buy his shoe 🤔

  • Native American Swag
    Native American Swag 11 months ago

    White ones look nice!

  • Juan Mercado
    Juan Mercado 11 months ago

    They need money to support jba

  • a rag44
    a rag44 11 months ago

    Not gonna lie, these look really good

  • Jackson Hillhouse
    Jackson Hillhouse 11 months ago

    I’ve never seen Lozo so excited

  • Crescent City
    Crescent City 11 months ago

    Shoes looking G-league

  • Kyng Symba
    Kyng Symba 11 months ago

    Bubble Soles i need a pair... 💯💯

  • Genaro Sanchez
    Genaro Sanchez 11 months ago +1

    What's next? A fake AI commercial with demo acting like he Jadakiss rapping LMFAO.

  • MetdzSneakers
    MetdzSneakers 11 months ago

    Looks like balenciaga remix

  • Dame M
    Dame M 11 months ago +4

    Who watched the spike lee commercial after this

  • Angelo Fernandez
    Angelo Fernandez 11 months ago

    Bruh, this dude is a fucking bench player... tf i look like buying that trash? I mean Stephon Marbury was a fucking allstar... And he sold his for $15

  • Christopher Dones
    Christopher Dones 11 months ago +1

    When you can’t come up with an original shoe commercial idea so make a horrible parody of a classic one 😅

  • W C
    W C 11 months ago +1

    I 'm Lonzo Ball Fan Thailand

  • Vinson
    Vinson 11 months ago

    Nike should sue

  • Mr Weezer
    Mr Weezer 11 months ago +2

    These actually look very good. Imma definitely going to cop👌🏼

  • Maha S
    Maha S 11 months ago

    The most talked about athlete - just because his old man would not shut up.I mean LeBron had to move to LA in order for that to happen .. better stop rappin and work harder on his game, Rondo taking his job while young man releasing stupid music and tv shows. .

  • strongforu
    strongforu 11 months ago

    Spike Lee is not gonna like this! #MarsBlackmon

  • Alex Pinon
    Alex Pinon 11 months ago

    things look like clown shoes perfect for his DAD 2 sport never lost clown