How To Locate Caves (Without Cheating!) ▫ The Minecraft Survival Guide [Part 242]

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • The Minecraft Survival Guide continues! Today I explain how to locate unlit caves when you want to stop mob spawns around a farm - all without relying on spectator mode, x-raying, or other cheats!
    The series will teach you how to master Survival Mode, and will also be my Single Player Let's Play series!
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  • Robert Krampf
    Robert Krampf 5 days ago

    Quick question. Normally, if you kill a captain, one of the other pillagers will pick up the banner. If you dropped a banner from a previous raid into the area, would a regular pillager turn into a captain, letting you get a bad omen?

  • Jim's Retro-Gaming
    Jim's Retro-Gaming 6 days ago

    I find the funny in the speed up, all the mobs in the ravine were acting like Pixlriffs' groupies. 😅

  • Chris Duplantis
    Chris Duplantis 12 days ago

    Just curious, a raid killed all of my villagers, but one nitwit. Is there any way to get them to respawn or do I have to bring them from another village? I have another village about 200 blocks away so it's not terrible if I have to bring them

    • Chris Duplantis
      Chris Duplantis 11 days ago

      Pixlriffs Awesome man, I’ll set up the system to get them over then. Thanks!

    • Pixlriffs
      Pixlriffs  12 days ago

      Villagers don’t naturally respawn, they need to breed. Bring another villager over, make sure there are lots of beds in the area, and throw a few stacks of carrots or potatoes at both of your villagers

  • Mary Gercke
    Mary Gercke Month ago

    Nice tips, thanks. Raid farm is awesome!

  • Jack Shield
    Jack Shield Month ago

    Hi, umm how do you know where the raid will spawn?

  • The Gaming King
    The Gaming King Month ago +1

    If you place sea pickles or sea lanterns i think the drowned will not spawn
    I prefer sea pickles bcoz its easy to farm

  • georgef551
    georgef551 Month ago

    Does tutorial on how to find caves without cheating.
    Tells people to enable subtitles (Mojang considers that as "Cheaty").

  • borodiss
    borodiss Month ago

    If you don't count bugs as cheats (which you clearly don't since you are fine with getting on the nether ceiling and breaking bedrock), why not use view bobbing bug? Its doesn't require any special preparations or tools and can help save some time.

  • RCslay3rz 12
    RCslay3rz 12 Month ago

    Hey man your videos really cheer me up I just recently lost my 1+year old world due to corruption loss

  • ironside31
    ironside31 Month ago

    I know this is off subject but I wanted to ask if anyone else is annoyed with the wandering traders in 1.14? Ive had several spawn while I was in my basement creating my crafting and enchanting rooms. The trader itself goes invisible but its llama do not, so they attract creepers. Ive had my wheat field blown up and half my cows at once point. Ive gone to the point as soon as I heard them I was going out and killing the traders. Now ive stopped needing to do that as most of the house work is finished but just asking

  • OneeChan Fucked Me
    OneeChan Fucked Me Month ago

    Dig straight down

  • Mister Frankie
    Mister Frankie Month ago +1

    You are the only thing that makes me fell happy I have to put my cat down today (oct.20) thank you for making me happy❤️

  • Jerry Coleman
    Jerry Coleman Month ago +1

    this is one of the best minecraft channels!

  • Jon Suoh
    Jon Suoh Month ago

    Why not just keep a chest of banners and throw one into the bunch of normal pillagers to hope they pick one up?

    • Jon Suoh
      Jon Suoh Month ago

      Pixlriffs ah i see, thx for clarifying

    • Pixlriffs
      Pixlriffs  Month ago +1

      Pillagers don’t pick up captain banners unless there’s a raid happening

  • George Wendling
    George Wendling Month ago

    Has anyone seen that technoeasy add about minecraft?

  • Eric Wong
    Eric Wong Month ago

    You should get a dog in Minecraft to keep you company correct me in the comments if he already does but

  • Lynx
    Lynx Month ago

    You joining hermit craft Any time soon?

    • Lynx
      Lynx Month ago

      Pixlriffs aw would love to see you there

    • Pixlriffs
      Pixlriffs  Month ago +1


  • MEGADRON 255 255 255

    Keep up the good work buddy ...your videos are brilliant.. you deserve a larger subscriber base.
    Keep working hard and never lose the happy chirpiness of your voice

  • Eleking _
    Eleking _ Month ago

    Now that you can have unlimited totems of undying, you should jump of the end with inventory full of them and see what happens :P

  • Noel Periodico
    Noel Periodico Month ago

    pixlriff can you RLCraft pls?

  • notthat guy
    notthat guy Month ago

    The replay section was brilliant

  • Wawasjohn
    Wawasjohn Month ago

    U missed one of the best ways to find caves which I used a lot of to light up my witch farm. By using the f3 overlay and looking at the E and just look around until u see a large entity count

  • Igor Zurakowski
    Igor Zurakowski Month ago

    Im watching this on a Saturday afternoon with a cup of Pot Noodle while its pouring raining outside. Good times.

  • Jelle Ruiter
    Jelle Ruiter Month ago

    How are you level 188?!

  • masonmyerss
    masonmyerss Month ago

    i think you should release your survival world when you hit 300 episodes of the minecraft survival guide!!

  • Osama Jassim
    Osama Jassim Month ago

    you should tray to playe RLcraft

  • SimSphynx
    SimSphynx Month ago

    random question but is it worth it to have fire aspect on my sword?

    • SimSphynx
      SimSphynx Month ago

      Pixlriffs that explains why zombies never get knocked back, ew. And the enderman point is pretty important since I want to fight the enderdragon. Thank you so much!!

    • Pixlriffs
      Pixlriffs  Month ago +1

      I really don’t like fire aspect, it causes more problems than it solves. Endermen teleport around a lot when they’re on fire, so they become even more unpredictable to deal with. And some zombies are unaffected by knockback, so unless you’re careful you’ll find they set you on fire as well. Baby zombies on fire are also difficult to deal with, and I think they can set you on fire even if you’re blocking with a shield (although it’s been a while and that might have been fixed now).
      Fire aspect is only really useful if you want insta-cooked meat at your animal farms

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja Month ago

    Can't you just just build it 128 blocks in the air

  • David Yodo
    David Yodo Month ago

    Fantastic Stuff!

  • Mixarium TG
    Mixarium TG Month ago +2

    what about bringing an enderman stuck in a boat in a cave, shooting him with a spectral arrow, throw eggs or snowballs at him, and then he'll try to teleport somewhere, but will come back to the boat, however the enderman only teleports to thin air, so there could be a cave and you go for it
    Not original
    It's from SimplySarc

  • André Pastoriz
    André Pastoriz Month ago

    I think that is better put the place to make a raid far from the pillagers tower to prevent interrupting while the raid is happening

  • Noah Salloum
    Noah Salloum Month ago

    just a quick question: does anyone know how he makes the spectator acc follow him, or would that just be another person controlling it?

    • Noah Salloum
      Noah Salloum Month ago +2

      ahh right. thanks for that guys

    • Purple Fire 28
      Purple Fire 28 Month ago

      He's using the ReplayMod, which allows to you take recordings of you in the world, then you can edit it so the camera moves around.

    • Ghost10RSN
      Ghost10RSN Month ago

      He made a tutorial a couple weeks ago. It's called the replay mod I believe

  • Redgamerlord 67
    Redgamerlord 67 Month ago

    Place ominous banners around your farm it should increase the rates of pillagers

  • Naelynn
    Naelynn Month ago

    I keep feeling bad for those horses.

  • Spooky Boi
    Spooky Boi Month ago

    You're gonna need a Piglin bartering hall for minecraft 1.16.

  • cyclopsboi
    cyclopsboi Month ago

    I would think that merging the mob output so you only have to kill one area would be more enjoyable. also maybe a non-stackable item filter to deal with the crossbows?

  • Hihi 9380
    Hihi 9380 Month ago +4

    Awww they’re hugging

  • Diogo Bernardino
    Diogo Bernardino Month ago +1

    Finally a farm in wich Bedrock is better!

    • Hfhch E
      Hfhch E Month ago +1

      This isn't a farm video

  • DogFish Rising
    DogFish Rising Month ago +2

    Torches on arrows would be cool to place torches over long distances like in ravins and yea ik about flame.. but with infinity that might be game breaking if they’re permanent,’ maybe a new tipped arrow $;

  • Tiliang Millot
    Tiliang Millot Month ago +2

    If you let the pillager see you at the bottom of the tube and make it so the dropper doesn't pick up the banner from a previous captain you can make another pillager pick up the banner.

  • Tender Nipps
    Tender Nipps Month ago

    Why don’t you use the banners to get more captains?

    • Pixlriffs
      Pixlriffs  Month ago

      Pillagers don’t pick up banners unless there’s a raid happening

  • VerityLife
    VerityLife Month ago

    put jack o lanterns in the water to minimize the drowned. jock o lanterns are cheap and work under water( and are pretty)

  • RollerHawg Gaming
    RollerHawg Gaming Month ago

    Yo Pixlriffs, I found a great way to get tons of Emeralds through village trades (no hacks). So basically you move a cartographer to desert, set up tons of furnaces. make glass panes and sell them. I have 3 carto- graphers as of now and completed the Beaconator challenge just using Emeralds blocks. I dont know if this was found before, but this is cool

    • RollerHawg Gaming
      RollerHawg Gaming Month ago

      @Pixlriffs oh ya thanks. Love your videos and streams dude

    • Pixlriffs
      Pixlriffs  Month ago

      You can buy glass from librarians, so you don’t even need to smelt the sand 😅

  • Juan David Zelaya
    Juan David Zelaya Month ago

    SilentWhisper quad raid farm is so OP

  • Dastan Tekonevic
    Dastan Tekonevic Month ago +2

    You should put a clock on the wall, I got one at my zombie xp farm

  • Brandon Clarke
    Brandon Clarke Month ago

    What the hell!? You can put two tools together in your inventory to fix them!?????

  • _X Y Z_
    _X Y Z_ Month ago +12

    Step 1: recreate world with gamemode set to creative
    Step 2: /gamemode spectator
    Step 3: Find Caves
    Step 4: Move up to identify where to dig
    Step 5: Go to same place in survival world and profit.

    • Dat Little Seagull
      Dat Little Seagull Month ago +1

      thats sort of cheating

    • Kevin
      Kevin Month ago

      _X Y Z_
      Is that you, Jesus?

    • MLG videos
      MLG videos Month ago

      @Toutac lol

    • Toutac
      Toutac Month ago

      Me: realizes there’s no spectator mode in bedrock

  • Fallout Ninja
    Fallout Ninja Month ago +1

    How does he have no lines in the glass?

  • Loïc De Pelsemaeker
    Loïc De Pelsemaeker Month ago +2

    Open to LAN: am I a joke to you?

  • ThatsNotAllowed
    ThatsNotAllowed Month ago

    Maybe put a piston that makes the fall damage enough to kill the outpost pillagers after you start a raid.

  • Hago ASL
    Hago ASL Month ago +1

    put Endermen in a boat and shoot him with an arrow to locate hidden caves
    this video was not really about locating caves :/

  • Moutushi Sen
    Moutushi Sen Month ago

    You should keep the saddle for making a horse stable in the castle for the calvary

  • Jason Castro
    Jason Castro Month ago

    Just fly and glide around the build height to get the pillagers spawning in the raid farm.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Month ago +2

    Me: Sets render distance to 2 chunks while mob farming

  • IJsbrand Hooikaas
    IJsbrand Hooikaas Month ago

    How about giving the pillagers a banner and then killing them, does that trigger a raid?

    • Dannie Abel
      Dannie Abel Month ago

      Pillagers, as far as I'm aware, cant pick up banners unless they are spawned in a raid

  • solid snake
    solid snake Month ago

    he how about the beees!!!

  • alaa mouh
    alaa mouh Month ago

    Or just build your raid farm in the sky

    • alaa mouh
      alaa mouh Month ago

      @Pixlriffs oooh and if you really want to include a pillager outpost in your raid farm you can mix doublemoses's design with etho's design where he found a high pillager outpost in a mountain biome ( ) it will be super cool

    • alaa mouh
      alaa mouh Month ago

      @Pixlriffs by loosing the raid and keeping some captains before leaving the farm
      Doublemoses explained it in his raid farm (in the sky)

    • Pixlriffs
      Pixlriffs  Month ago +1

      Then how are you going to spawn pillager captains my dude

  • Dallas Phillips
    Dallas Phillips Month ago

    Hey man, love the survival guide. Definitely helps new players. I seen you combined your 4 axes to make 1 with high durability. With your iron farm you're not hurting for iron, but if you smelt those axes you could get iron nuggets for each axe.

  • Everywhere
    Everywhere Month ago +1

    Hey Pixlriffs, i saw you trading with cartographers that were trading 1 emerald for 1 glass plane and i was just wondering how you got these trades so cheap. I have a couple of cured zombie villagers in my world, most sell emeralds for 4 or 6 glass panes, but none sell them for 1 glass pane. Any idea how to get them cheaper?

    • Endless Recs
      Endless Recs Month ago

      In his previous vids he talked about curing zombie villagers to cheapen their prices, you should check out his vid talking about his trading outpost!

    • I am Bread
      I am Bread Month ago

      I think he had hero of the village

  • 2- Bones
    2- Bones Month ago

    you can get a bell that make it easy to spot any pillagers