G-Eazy - Tumblr Girls (Official Audio) ft. Christoph Andersson

  • Published on May 27, 2014
  • ‘These Things Happen’ Available Now iTunes: smarturl.it/TheseThingsHappen?IQid=yt Music video by G-Eazy feat. Christoph Andersson performing Tumblr Girls. (C) 2014
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  • Hannah-Claire Vann

    Never really listened to G eazy...... but I fuck with this

  • JAX
    JAX 2 days ago

    Yay! Old G Has Came Back Everyone!

  • Kylie Rackley
    Kylie Rackley 2 days ago

    I like the new G-Eazy but I miss the old G-Eazy

  • Devrim Dengiz
    Devrim Dengiz 5 days ago

    2020 ? 🧨

  • giorgos konstantinou


  • Layla Ryder
    Layla Ryder 6 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Jaylynn Barton
    Jaylynn Barton 6 days ago +1

    *no one left to blame but me*

  • duygu türkmen
    duygu türkmen 7 days ago


  • Cory A
    Cory A 8 days ago

    Bringing this to 2020?

  • jam jam
    jam jam 10 days ago

    who came here from an edit?

  • Derek Cabeca
    Derek Cabeca 11 days ago +1

    Man when I heard this album this is was album of the year!! Cause I’m in love with these tumblr girls! Bring back this kind of vibes Gearld!!! Bay to the universe!! Yee

  • Tikky Dmitrovicz
    Tikky Dmitrovicz 11 days ago

    Right now, I still can't understand the glass or door or how to... bring you to life

  • DSixteen Magic
    DSixteen Magic 12 days ago

    I’m still here . Anyone else?

  • ThatGirlChløePrice
    ThatGirlChløePrice 12 days ago

    Anyone from ig edits?

  • Dhanushia Arumugam
    Dhanushia Arumugam 12 days ago

    Mahesan 💔🃏

  • Wifi Profit
    Wifi Profit 12 days ago +1

    Summer 2014

  • Karla Sevestrean
    Karla Sevestrean 12 days ago +2

    This remindes me of summer 🌅

  • meteorite1219
    meteorite1219 14 days ago

    i'm waiting for vsco girls to come out, bet it would slap like this

  • wolfgirlgang;-; lol
    wolfgirlgang;-; lol 17 days ago +2

    👌✌️👌✌️🖤🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️I love this soooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • danielle carnicle
    danielle carnicle 19 days ago +1

    'Cause I'm in love with these Tumblr girls, with skinny waists and drug habits
    Pretty faces love status, she acts as if she's the baddest
    Man I swear she's just like tons of girls, she expects the free drinks
    And I'm successful she thinks, always comes around when weed stinks
    We fuck off and on, off and on, only ever really fuck off and on
    Never see her these days cause I'm often gone
    When I'm home off tour never stop for long
    Back this week from across the pond
    Noticed I was close to the block she's on, elevator to the floor her loft is on
    Drinking whiskey, she likes vodka strong
    But after we fuck it's over, walked out the door, that's closure
    No I can't stay here and hold her, tomorrow act like I don't know her
    Wouldn't ever be here sober, can't tell which one is colder
    My clothing's on, we both did wrong, I gotta go that's what I told her
    She said she can't feel her face, right now I can't feel my heart
    For your feelings there's no place, but she knew that from the start
    You and I were made of glass, we'd never last
    You and I were made of glass, we'd never last
    Meant to die, we moved fast and then we crashed
    You and I were made of glass, we'd never last
    She's fine as fuck and she knows it, sexy body she shows it
    Loves the drama she chose it, she draws the line then she blows it
    The most fun I suppose it, pops a bottle won't close it
    Fills a fifth then she throws it, she pops a bar now she's dozing
    She's hot and cold, hot and cold, homie I don't know she's hot and cold
    Truly the bullshit has gotten old, superficial with a rotten soul
    Fucking off and on, always stop and go
    Probably got someone, choose not to know
    Head to her place then we lock the door
    Making bad calls when I'm off the blow
    'Cause she's a bitch, I'm selfish, want every girl, can't help it
    And it's tough for me to shelf it, it's you I see myself with
    Right now I know you felt it, I touched her then she melted
    We shouldn't chill but we do it still, gotta play the hand if you dealt it
    She said she can't feel her face, right now I can't feel my heart
    For your feelings there's no place, but she knew that from the start
    You and I were made of glass, we'd never last
    You and I were made of glass, we'd never last
    Meant to die, we moved fast and then we crashed
    You and I were made of glass, we'd never last
    Missing everything you say, it's not important what you stand for
    You're asking will he be the one, I'll be gone before you're done tonight
    Waiting for another day, you're not getting what you paid for
    Trying to salvage what's undone and deny you got outrun tonight
    Never knew her name, they're looking all the same to me
    They only chase the fame, there's no one left to blame but me

  • bella
    bella 19 days ago +6

    dawgggg y’all remember when all the youtubers would use this song in the background of their videos

    • RealLucidity
      RealLucidity 15 days ago +2

      I wanna go back to my first time hearing this

  • robin yoo
    robin yoo 21 day ago +1


  • Sam
    Sam 21 day ago +1

    am i the only one who wants to frick his voice? 😅🤤 it sounds so good

    • R3tr0 117
      R3tr0 117 20 days ago

      Sam u wanna have sex with a sound or a human voice why not fuck him instead

    • Sam
      Sam 20 days ago

      R3tr0 117 why lol

    • R3tr0 117
      R3tr0 117 20 days ago

      Sam u crazy

  • Stephanie Coyomani
    Stephanie Coyomani 21 day ago +1

    Honestly the best album he ever did

    • RealLucidity
      RealLucidity 15 days ago

      No cap! This is one of my fav albums ever

  • Sanam Aliabadi
    Sanam Aliabadi 22 days ago +3

    I am in love this. I am never stoped listening.

    • RealLucidity
      RealLucidity 15 days ago +1

      Me neither, all these years later

  • BoyGang- Brawl stars
    BoyGang- Brawl stars 22 days ago

    Back mene

  • lucette
    lucette 24 days ago

    i hope y’all remember the gossip girl vines ...

  • Lucia T
    Lucia T 26 days ago

    Tumblr is ruined ; /

  • Aydın Qasımov
    Aydın Qasımov 26 days ago +6

    N O S T A L G İ A O L D G - E A Z Y F A N S

  • Farid Yachi
    Farid Yachi 27 days ago

    2019 😍😍

  • MxNo Kuma
    MxNo Kuma Month ago +3

    Brings back hella memories

  • 5oo2r
    5oo2r Month ago


  • Martin O'Donnell
    Martin O'Donnell Month ago +3

    this song is insane was my exes favourite even tho we both moved this song brings back memories and this song never gets old the best production on a song ive ever heard

    • RealLucidity
      RealLucidity 15 days ago

      Fuck that's how it is for me too. Life's a bitch

  • zFiisher
    zFiisher Month ago

    Só os BR vão deixar o like 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • dash1141
    dash1141 Month ago +1

    What happened to these people?

    • RealLucidity
      RealLucidity 15 days ago

      They made Spectacular Now, which is a decent song

  • Shaddict
    Shaddict Month ago

    Lol la vieille intro de Maxestla x)

  • papara doris
    papara doris Month ago +2

    Cc inoxtag

    • sah
      sah 12 days ago

      papara doris mdrr wtf?

  • Irish Phillips
    Irish Phillips Month ago

    Love it Geazy. You da best. Veeer

  • Sam Duran
    Sam Duran Month ago


  • Noxofcrystal
    Noxofcrystal Month ago +3

    October 2019?

  • Tikky Dmitrovicz
    Tikky Dmitrovicz Month ago

    I'm d only 1 who doesn't give u any...

  • Ryan Ferry
    Ryan Ferry Month ago +2

    Made off glass we’d never last.........

    • RealLucidity
      RealLucidity 15 days ago

      You have great music taste! Sinatra, G-Eazy, Cudi, damn bro be my friend lmao

    • RealLucidity
      RealLucidity 15 days ago

      Moved fast, and then we crash

  • Vasi97
    Vasi97 Month ago +1

    simple, the best !❤️

  • Paula Electra Brandqvist


  • Mother F**keress
    Mother F**keress Month ago

    I would title the record TFF The Finest F**k as opposite to BFF

  • Mother F**keress
    Mother F**keress Month ago

    Seriously disturbingly emotional no question about it... I just couldn't feature you on any of my official or unoffical playlist

  • Mother F**keress
    Mother F**keress Month ago

    If you should only know...

    • Mother F**keress
      Mother F**keress Month ago

      I blame you for the moonless sky and the dreams that die with the eagle flight

  • Wyverson Begay
    Wyverson Begay Month ago +1

    Shit bring back hella memories ☄️I fucking miss her

  • catherine waithiru
    catherine waithiru Month ago

    Who's here after scary nights?

  • A_lacolle_5 edit
    A_lacolle_5 edit Month ago +2

    3:40 the best

  • Aaron Hoffman
    Aaron Hoffman Month ago +2

    this was on my bday...

  • mat linez
    mat linez Month ago

    october 2019

  • Triple F
    Triple F Month ago +315

    2014: tumblr girls
    2019: vsco girls

  • Nick Smerke
    Nick Smerke Month ago

    I tripped balls to this song 😂

  • Francesca P.
    Francesca P. Month ago +16

    "You and I were made of glass, we'd never last"

  • Samiyah Green
    Samiyah Green Month ago +16

    October 2019 ?🕺🏽

  • Fahad Jan
    Fahad Jan 2 months ago +1

    G eazyyy plllsss switch back to this type of music🤩🤩🤩

  • duygu türkmen
    duygu türkmen 2 months ago +3


  • duygu türkmen
    duygu türkmen 2 months ago +1


  • Bill Voss
    Bill Voss 2 months ago +3

    I miss you, Meredith.