Strong Black Legends: Garrett Morris | Strong Black Lead | Netflix

  • Published on Feb 26, 2019
  • This week, Tracy honors legend and everyone's pretend uncle, Garrett Morris! He shares all kinds of stories from what it was like growing up in New Orleans to being the first-ever black cast member on "Saturday Night Live". He also shares behind the scenes moments from Martin and The Jamie Foxx Show.
    Strong Black Legends is a weekly show brought to you by Netflix and Strong Black Lead that honors the best of black Hollywood. Every Tuesday, host Tracy Clayton sits down with the legends that paved the way for black representation both on and off screen.
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    Strong Black Legends: Garrett Morris | Strong Black Lead | Netflix
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Comments • 144

  • L.J Ross
    L.J Ross Day ago

    Baseball been berry, berry good to me !

  • missval7
    missval7 4 days ago

    Why are the interviews with the legends so short?

  • fmbrooks2
    fmbrooks2 4 days ago

    Cooley High

  • GainzGanG Inc
    GainzGanG Inc 11 days ago

    Who's disliking this? Oh, I know who.

  • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

    Y'all forgetting he was in Married with Children too.

  • Carsha Thomas
    Carsha Thomas 17 days ago

    Mr Garret's bags under the eyes are of hard work and hard life.
    I love every movie's and sitcoms he was in. My niece and I love, Two Broke Girls, he is funny and still got his game tight and right and brings his funny

  • Audreona Harrell
    Audreona Harrell 27 days ago

    He's a wonderful man

  • Voracious Child
    Voracious Child 29 days ago

    Ole Stan keeps him a job..

  • Miguel Emmanuel
    Miguel Emmanuel 29 days ago

    too short

  • Mr. Barber
    Mr. Barber Month ago +1

    Thank You Netflix for acknowledging and honoring our strong black Leads✊🏾 p.s we need Martin seasons on Netflix word to Stan lol

  • Giorgio G
    Giorgio G Month ago

    Family guy episode lol

  • sunflower power
    sunflower power Month ago +1

    jimmy from the jefferson's and car

  • Kevin Bean
    Kevin Bean Month ago +2

    Martin was better, but Jamie show was good too!!

  • amcra1
    amcra1 Month ago

    Can we get Glynn Turman next

  • Richh T
    Richh T Month ago +1

    i like these keep it going queen

  • MultiCloudRainbow
    MultiCloudRainbow Month ago

    Is there a place to view the whole video?

  • Jamile Wilson
    Jamile Wilson Month ago

    He was great on Roc also!

  • LifeEntity
    LifeEntity Month ago

    Damn he still alive!!!!

  • Lamont King
    Lamont King Month ago

    Martin and Jamie fox he done so many great sitcoms especially back in his day .... truly a legend a icon 💯

  • B Hall
    B Hall Month ago +1

    He was on Jamie Foxx show from beginning to end so of course he would like that show better both great shows still watch them both

  • Hashim Warren
    Hashim Warren Month ago

    Garrett Morris!

  • Exist N Nature Media
    Exist N Nature Media Month ago +2

    Stan was funny on Martin. Garrett I appreciate the humor.

  • Mat Bowers
    Mat Bowers Month ago


  • Troy Dee
    Troy Dee Month ago

    Tracy is sexy

  • Crystal Roland
    Crystal Roland Month ago +2

    "RENT 'EM SPOONS!!!" 🙌🙌

  • MrMustBNice
    MrMustBNice Month ago +2

    Lol *of course* _Martin_ was/is better but Garrett Morris had a better character on _The Jamie Foxx Show_ and in _2 Broke Girls_ .

  • aholsey
    aholsey Month ago +1

    I love this. Is this a series that actually airs on Netflix, or are they just sponsoring?

  • Mc LBJ
    Mc LBJ Month ago


  • AveIvy
    AveIvy Month ago +10

    Brotha Garrett is one of the funniest men alive. We should celebrate him because he has been blessed to have lived a long time. Not many are still with us.

  • Eugene.
    Eugene. Month ago +4

    Literally started Watching the Jamie foxx show since saturday.

  • jlhabitan50
    jlhabitan50 Month ago +1

    Wasn't he the cool dude from 2 Broke Girls?

  • Just Another Person

    2:00-2:03 life

  • Antônio Cruz
    Antônio Cruz Month ago

    He'll always be Earl to me. #2BrokeGirls.

  • jay blaze
    jay blaze Month ago

    He was only on Martin for like 2 seconds, He was on Jamie for the entire show from start to finish. Love both shows

    • Gina Belle
      Gina Belle Month ago

      jay blaze what?! He was on Martin for a long time.

  • Bailey Sims
    Bailey Sims Month ago

    my k i n g

  • Juhabus Quincy
    Juhabus Quincy Month ago Good real

  • sab walkswithpurpose
    sab walkswithpurpose Month ago +1

    I remember him from back when he was on.......SNL! Oopsie, flat earth days ;)

  • SDMFAnthony
    SDMFAnthony Month ago

    One of the SNL O.G's.

  • Rebecca Sylvester
    Rebecca Sylvester Month ago

    I also like a drizzle every once in a while

  • Kam
    Kam Month ago +11

    OG SNL member right here. Nothing but respect and admiration for Mr. Morris and his work.

  • The Velvet Lounge
    The Velvet Lounge Month ago

    GARRETT ❗❗❗☺️☺️☺️

  • jayjay 154
    jayjay 154 Month ago


  • Damon Salvatore
    Damon Salvatore Month ago


  • Walter Williams
    Walter Williams Month ago

    Real legend

  • Dum Surfer
    Dum Surfer Month ago +5

    I always loved him on Saturday Night Live !!!

  • Terry Manning
    Terry Manning Month ago +18

    Garrett Morris is one of my favorite performers EVER. Before "Two Broke Girls," before Jamie Foxx, before Martin, before SNL (I think) he was in "Cooley High" (another classic.) And "cat daddy"? I haven't heard that in years LOL Nice interview!

  • Ricardo Cadet
    Ricardo Cadet Month ago +3

    That's my dude so many accomplishments so many shows from Jamie Foxx to Martin Marty Mal...!

  • Linda Gashi
    Linda Gashi Month ago

    Pleas sharukkhan in German

  • M.M A.L
    M.M A.L Month ago

    The og antman

    MrZACATECANO100 Month ago +1

    I remember this man being a Gritty ass Pimp from Martin. Wat up wat up , Wazzzup!

      MrZACATECANO100 Month ago +1

      Ricardo Cadet yes I’m a busy man 🙏🏼

    • Ricardo Cadet
      Ricardo Cadet Month ago

      He's done more..i guess he didn't peak your interest to learn more about him...not surprising looking at your photo..guess you were too busy 😒

  • ATechnews
    ATechnews Month ago +9

    2 broke girls

  • malek miko
    malek miko Month ago

    The original ant man

  • calstatebadboy1111
    calstatebadboy1111 Month ago +4

    Legend actor.

  • EST84x
    EST84x Month ago +7

    Seriously, he does not look or seem like an 80-something year-old at all. Did they age him for 2BG?

  • Tremaine Oliver
    Tremaine Oliver Month ago +4

    Born in 1927 God bless him 💯🙏🏾

  • SubUrbanSF
    SubUrbanSF Month ago +1

    Can someone get me 3 minutes alone w mr Morris and a tube of Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse?!
    SERIOUSLY tho!?!🙄

  • The Sunflower
    The Sunflower Month ago +1


  • 2nd Round
    2nd Round Month ago +1

    where are his flowers?

  • slappy sam
    slappy sam Month ago +1

    Netflix has been very very good to me.

  • Novad selir
    Novad selir Month ago +4

    That’s a long a storied career he has

  • Roland Person
    Roland Person Month ago +7

    Loved this man in that Jamie Fox show

  • Cinyx GP
    Cinyx GP Month ago +3

    I’m sorry but when people say you have bags under your eyes, for him they mean LITERALLY

  • doogie Five-Four
    doogie Five-Four Month ago


  • Truth x
    Truth x Month ago +23

    He's a true legend. My dad would say: He was funny on Saturday Night Live/Hunter, My Mom: he was great on 2 Broke Girls. I know him from Martin!

    STONY MAC Month ago +13

    For the white people who gets offended via black people getting proper representation. Get over it this helps the racist and prejudice people unlearn their b.s. For the white people who enjoy learning about and accepting black people keep it up. WE LOVE YOU TOOOOO!!!!

      STONY MAC Month ago +1

      My life is great by the way but thanks for assuming it wasn't shit because I'm black.

      STONY MAC Month ago +3

      So if Mexicans celebrate their culture are they separating anything? No, when they have programs in America speaking nothing but Spanish are they separating no. We put the word black in front of something and then we're creating rascism and get prejudice generalizations.Have a seat man your response was moot, one sided, and sad.

  • Cheryl R Leigh
    Cheryl R Leigh Month ago +3


  • MusicByLegends
    MusicByLegends Month ago +1

    Be sure to subscribe to my channel if you like 2Pac and Biggie!

  • Helcat
    Helcat Month ago +6

    Virtue-signal received. 😂😂😂

  • Broadie Thornton
    Broadie Thornton Month ago +32

    Garrett has ALWAYS BEEN AWESOME.
    This is freaking LOVELY.
    Lavender Jack...Swooping On Down.

  • Kuzgun Cebeci
    Kuzgun Cebeci Month ago +4


    • Eda Eylem
      Eda Eylem Month ago

      +Kuzgun Cebeci Keşke ama dersden dizi izleyemiyorum ve de çok uzun sürüyor diziler maalesef :/

    • Kuzgun Cebeci
      Kuzgun Cebeci Month ago +1

      +Eda Eylem kuzgun mutlaka izle. Güncel olarak Turkiyenin en iyi dizisi

    • Eda Eylem
      Eda Eylem Month ago

      +Kuzgun Cebeci Kuzguna güzel diyorlar ama hiç izlemedim aslında bu dizi ile de alakam yok ama burda ne bok yiyorsam :))

    • Kuzgun Cebeci
      Kuzgun Cebeci Month ago +2

      Kuzgun siker la bu neymiş? :D

    • Eda Eylem
      Eda Eylem Month ago

      Vay vay hemşerim

  • Friend Of The Show
    Friend Of The Show Month ago +20

    "Jamie!" Man this guys great whole ledgend

  • Hu Kares
    Hu Kares Month ago +10

    Finally.. someone worth interviewing.

  • Jedi King Pudge
    Jedi King Pudge Month ago +62

    I remember Garrett Morris from Martin back in the day

    • Mercenary 1914
      Mercenary 1914 Month ago

      YES....That's why I clicked this video. Cause he was legit on Martin!

    • slappy sam
      slappy sam Month ago

      He goes back further than that.

  • Mariovo5
    Mariovo5 Month ago +6

    Stan we love you ♥️

  • Mr. White
    Mr. White Month ago +4

    I love Netflix so much!

    • shanetm
      shanetm Month ago

      Congrats in having poor taste

  • dflowers30
    dflowers30 Month ago +8


  • Eliza Odeh
    Eliza Odeh Month ago +1

    The kissing booth 2 please

  • OGMillyMillz
    OGMillyMillz Month ago +2



  • Shanu Sha
    Shanu Sha Month ago +2

  • Mahamed Ahmed
    Mahamed Ahmed Month ago


  • Lavin Da zy
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    Would you like to subscribe to my channel

  • Black Moustache
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  • Niknamnim Ginu
    Niknamnim Ginu Month ago +10

    I love thiss😍😍