The Slipnutz Open For Slipknot - Conan25: The Remotes

  • Published on May 30, 2019
  • (Original air date: 03/09/05) Conan gets The Slipnutz a huge gig performing at the Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey. Watch the definitive collection of field pieces from "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and CONAN @
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  • Daniel Schnee
    Daniel Schnee 24 days ago

    I saw them in 1976 on their 21-NUTZ Tour. It was epic... but unfortunately RUSH released "2112" right before The Slipnutz made it into the studio. It happened a lot in the 70s and 80s. I think The Slipnutz have a legitimate copyright case on their hands. "Moving Nutz", "Slipnutz Under Pressure", "Hemis-nutz"... RUSH are a bunch of thieves!

  • TheInternet Sucks
    TheInternet Sucks Month ago

    It's funny how max weinberg's son is now the drummer of slipknot...

  • i dont know
    i dont know Month ago

    And apparently a simple joke somehow made it to the point where its performed on stage in front of a huge crowd.

  • PandasUNITE
    PandasUNITE Month ago

    Damn, I remember watching this when it first aired. I really did not have a life. And here I am, watching it again fourteen years later.

  • Benjamin Castillo
    Benjamin Castillo Month ago

    We are nut your kind.

  • BradFo Wesker
    BradFo Wesker Month ago

    i like how the whole arena gets quiet

  • Henrik Wenne
    Henrik Wenne Month ago +1

    slipknot fans without a sense of humor?
    Makes Clown sad...

  • Kurt Stedman
    Kurt Stedman Month ago

    Slipnut Jamm

  • klausweasley
    klausweasley Month ago +1

    If you listen to the "Inside Conan" podcast, a lot of these sketches are brought upon by late nights bullshitting around. This entire bit was literally just the writers going, "Slipknot's on this week.....hehe sounds like slip nuts...slip nuts...slipping on nuts!"

  • Kaka Gaga
    Kaka Gaga 2 months ago

    Councilman Jam lol

  • Travis B
    Travis B 2 months ago

    But, did Slipnut Andy or Brian ever fall down? And did they ever go back to a cotton blend?

  • Chad Clifford
    Chad Clifford 2 months ago

    this time period of conan's career might be my favorite comedic thing to ever happen, maybe the best thing on tv ever; still can't believe you(the masses) screwed conan over to give leno a few more years and then the mess of a show jimmy has now

  • Wolfemane X
    Wolfemane X 2 months ago +1

    I would pay to see Slipnutz

  • lord pickle
    lord pickle 2 months ago

    I remember telling my friend about them (Slipnutz) and he just couldn't get it, said it was stupid. This is comedy gold though.

  • Inspector83
    Inspector83 2 months ago

    if i were at that concert i'd be laughing my ass off lmao

  • transmit13
    transmit13 2 months ago

    Never forget. Five Slipknot fans died on that magical night due to Peanut Allergies. R.I.P. Knotheadz.

  • Synathidy
    Synathidy 3 months ago

    It was subtle, but did you see that little gesture of clapping at 4:11? Slipknot definitely respects the the horizons Slipnutz has opened for them in performance.
    Rightly so, as the nut-strewn mosh-pits Slipnutz were starting in the 90s really paved the way for more contemporary acts like Slipknot. I love to see innovators and pioneers being credited for the next generation they paved the way for. Paved with smashed nuts, you might say in this case.

  • Expired Monke
    Expired Monke 3 months ago

    Why is This So Funny Even As A Maggot ?!?

  • ihatezgoogle
    ihatezgoogle 3 months ago

    Yes! I bet you could be sued throwing peanuts into a crowd these days.

  • Gary Simmons
    Gary Simmons 3 months ago

    Slipnutz. Those guys were close to being killed

  • Nathan Matusek
    Nathan Matusek 3 months ago

    Slipknot sounds terrible live.

  • Money man Dan
    Money man Dan 3 months ago

    Two of the slipnuts are from parks n rec

  • XenoIdo
    XenoIdo 3 months ago

    It's too bad they don't show the entire clip of when they were originally on Late Night, after they do their "routine" Conan does his 'confused- pause for effect' look then tells them that it was "Slipknot" that he booked not them, then the guys turn to Conan all PO'd and say "THANKS A LOT CONAN" , then Conan starts fake crying and puts his face into his hands like he's sobbing. It's great seeing clips of past episodes when the writing was still pretty creatively free (instead of being heavily scrutinized by censors & top brass like it is today), but it's too bad it's only little bits & pieces as so much humor that happened in between of these clips is lost. Wish you could watch all past episodes in full as they were back when they originally aired (not being back-censored to current oligarch standards), late 90's early 2000's was still full of original unbridled comedy writing.

    Late night tv was great around this period, Leno was still mostly funny, Conan was still killing it even though Andy left (still not as funny as with Andy though) and Craig Ferguson with Late Late night was absolutely insane with the jokes they did (the "I got a little place...." joke and honestly that whole episode was one of the funniest moments in late night tv history IMO).

  • wyattweaver09
    wyattweaver09 4 months ago

    Councilman Jamm

  • Tony Penguin
    Tony Penguin 4 months ago

    Slipnut Brian opened a jewelry store and Slipnut Jon became a city councilman! How crazy! 😂

  • Aa Ron
    Aa Ron 4 months ago +7

    "When we come back, Robin Williams is here!"
    ....right where it hurts Conan.

  • Akilleus
    Akilleus 4 months ago +1

    Slipknot is “hardcore” lol I miss those times

  • Abel Abebe
    Abel Abebe 4 months ago


  • Evan Casner
    Evan Casner 4 months ago


  • Haseul's Husband
    Haseul's Husband 4 months ago

    Their committment to such a stupid bit is so admirable lol

  • Chris Cox
    Chris Cox 4 months ago

    Wow, that was offensively stupid.😂

  • AttilatheThrilla
    AttilatheThrilla 4 months ago +1

    Imagine being at that show and having NO idea that was gonna happen 😂😂

  • Mackalrath027
    Mackalrath027 4 months ago

    freakin’ JAM.

  • Gaurav Sres
    Gaurav Sres 4 months ago


  • Kenny Metal
    Kenny Metal 4 months ago

    This is great

  • BrashHail1688
    BrashHail1688 4 months ago +1

    “...the strength to CLOWN around“ 🤣

  • Nicholas Garcia
    Nicholas Garcia 4 months ago

    To this day 😂 I say this like daily!

  • R L
    R L 4 months ago +4

    Wow look at all those kyles in the crowd

  • metaldad1967
    metaldad1967 4 months ago

    Now book Okily Dokily

  • FanaticalDrummer
    FanaticalDrummer 4 months ago

    I was like damn thats funny... The he said “hey Robin Williams is here”... Oof

  • BootlegFightVideo
    BootlegFightVideo 4 months ago +1

    Back in the 80's I saw them in Anaheim when they were called The Metal Lickers but they broke up when David Mustaine left for some other group.

  • B Taylor
    B Taylor 4 months ago

    This was the best era of Conan.

  • vincent vincinity
    vincent vincinity 4 months ago +2

    So at 4:18 did anyone else think Craig spoke for a second? lol

  • Arg Etect
    Arg Etect 4 months ago

    Pretty sure Conan's a vampire. Only on tv at night. Hasn't aged in 20 years. Extremely, you know.... Pale. Sucks the life out of a room with his exhausting personality.

  • Biu Ji
    Biu Ji 4 months ago +1

    Love Conan, but the best part of this skit begins at 4:40 and ends at 4:59.
    Subhumans - Wake Up Screaming

  • Martin Jensen
    Martin Jensen 4 months ago +2

    Wow did you hear that? At the end Conan said Robin Williams is on next/maybe he slipped on those nutzs when he hung himself/oh well too bad!!!

  • Never happy Assclown
    Never happy Assclown 4 months ago

    I was there people laughed in the back

  • andrea layne
    andrea layne 4 months ago


  • The Crimson Ghost
    The Crimson Ghost 4 months ago

    Slipknot is not hardcore.

  • Spacetravel Pug
    Spacetravel Pug 4 months ago

    Take the slipnuts to logans

  • Tony FreeDrum
    Tony FreeDrum 4 months ago +1

    Slipknot, Slipnutz and Robin Williams best episode ever

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname 4 months ago


  • Jason Abbott
    Jason Abbott 4 months ago

    Skit went on way too long

  • djbutipower
    djbutipower 4 months ago

    Lmao is that jamm

  • SliK
    SliK 4 months ago +1

    Did Craig actually talk?!

  • Jody Powers
    Jody Powers 4 months ago

    “You just got Jammed.”

  • Ript Studwell
    Ript Studwell 4 months ago +1

    You just got jammed.

  • pilihpphilip 777
    pilihpphilip 777 4 months ago +26

    Now we want Dudez-A-Plenti and The Slipnutz Reunion TOUR!

  • huntermc
    huntermc 4 months ago +2

    This is about as strange as when I saw Gil Mantera's Party Dream open for GWAR.

  • jphons duality
    jphons duality 4 months ago

    Hahaha I found this Hilarious seeing their faces but then I heard Robin Williams, I miss him 😔