New Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Review (iPad Pro vs Fire HD) + GIVEAWAY!

  • Published on Dec 21, 2017
  • I have found an AMAZING deal on the Amazon Fire HD 10! In this video I compare the Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet vs iPad Pro and let you know which I think is best for the average consumer
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    In this video The Deal Guy has found an amazing deal on the New Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet. I compare the Amazon Fire HD 10 vs iPad Pro in an interesting comparison.
    This Amazon Fire Tablet review shows you what the laptop does and how the amazon fire tablet can work in your studio or household. I also am doing a fire tablet giveaway!
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    The Deal Guy may be compensated by Amazon for purchases, resulting from this video.

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  • Sievpao Bun
    Sievpao Bun 12 days ago

    Well my recommendation is that:
    -If you are rich then go for iPad
    -If you are in a low budget then go for Amazon Fire lol

  • Duke Smith
    Duke Smith 19 days ago

    I can’t believe a tablet can be that tough!

  • Mujtaba Mahmood
    Mujtaba Mahmood Month ago

    When I watched this video I bought the tablet

  • Yvette Sienkiewicz
    Yvette Sienkiewicz Month ago +1

    Best review ever! "Drop test" was hysterical! I kept thinking: "I can't believe he just did that!"

  • SullivansTravels
    SullivansTravels 2 months ago


  • Danny Ramirez
    Danny Ramirez 2 months ago

    5:24 my brother had his amazon fire hd 10 tablet next to him and Alexa went on 😂.

  • Msisjjs Skksksksk
    Msisjjs Skksksksk 2 months ago

    Great video👍

    BEARDED BEAST 3 months ago

    You ate not even trying to hurt that fire tablet dude

  • Evan Feiring
    Evan Feiring 3 months ago

    I'm watching on a Fire HD 10

  • Frosty_Illusions YT
    Frosty_Illusions YT 4 months ago


  • Del
    Del 4 months ago

    I suspect Apple is so terrified of offending just ONE person that they made it so Siri doesn't tell any jokes.

  • Del
    Del 4 months ago

    I got my mom a blue Fire HD 8 for Christmas and just ordered myself the HD 10 for myself.

  • manu gamer
    manu gamer 5 months ago +1

    I think amazon did a great job

  • Yes Man
    Yes Man 5 months ago

    That smash test. WOWzer.

  • manny CARRION
    manny CARRION 5 months ago

    Kool I like dat one I got n HD 8

  • Marvin Clemente
    Marvin Clemente 5 months ago

    Sir plss i like the tablet fire hd 10

  • Jabber Jaw Reviews
    Jabber Jaw Reviews 5 months ago

    OMG! I love anyone that can make fun of themselves. "That guy is annoying" Love it!

  • itsGuy
    itsGuy 6 months ago

    You mention that if you have more money, buy the iPad.. But why? What does the iPad do that deserves the price difference? Slightly faster? Apple apps? Don't see any other reason.

    • Normal Person
      Normal Person 6 months ago

      Wayyy faster. Better gaming. Relaible and won't get outdated at least in 4 years

  • Jon WheelWulf
    Jon WheelWulf 6 months ago

    Based on your review, and that awesome drop I just bought one which comes tomorrow.thanks deal guy

  • 涙駿河
    涙駿河 6 months ago +2

    Hello!I am Japan Every dayLook!

  • Nader
    Nader 6 months ago +1

    This is the stupidest advertising for Amazon with this rustler.

  • madcapper6
    madcapper6 6 months ago

    Where can I find one of those stands, do they come with the units or do you have to buy them seperately?

  • Najatski gaming
    Najatski gaming 6 months ago

    shh... I'm on kindle 10... stop being cruel to my mind by breaking it..

  • Sakurage Yamazaki
    Sakurage Yamazaki 6 months ago

    nice vids bro. hope get one from u tnx, god bless

  • ZoruaZorroark
    ZoruaZorroark 6 months ago

    i like the fire hd 10, and got it on sale for $100us a year after you posted this video

  • Pynk Floyd
    Pynk Floyd 6 months ago +1

    With google play installed the fire hd 10 is an amazing value.

  • pyronmasters
    pyronmasters 6 months ago

    Damnit, you set off my tablet and echodot

  • Mehul Desai
    Mehul Desai 6 months ago

    Does it have SIM slot?

  • Arsh Bala
    Arsh Bala 7 months ago

    Just bought one

  • Hong A
    Hong A 7 months ago

    Does the amazon tab have a fully laminated screen?

  • puchu
    puchu 7 months ago

    Really bad tie tied in the shittiest way possible --LMAO

  • Marty Gufler
    Marty Gufler 7 months ago

    You could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. Well done.

  • shellscrazylife
    shellscrazylife 7 months ago

    Hi. I’ve had my fire hd 10 for one year now. Not one problem or issue! No freezing, no shutdowns, nothing. After playing a bajillion games and watching 5 billion movies, it’s like brand new!

  • KV Trailers
    KV Trailers 8 months ago +1

    Great video

  • Brian Ofori
    Brian Ofori 8 months ago

    Lol the iPad is far superior

  • Dogan Demirci
    Dogan Demirci 8 months ago +1

    Alles schrott

  • Deimos Helsing
    Deimos Helsing 8 months ago

    this video is amazing i have owned a kindle fire for years and had no idea it was so tough thanks and i can not wait for your next video and Happy New year to you and your family and followers

  • redronin1968
    redronin1968 8 months ago

    Bet that tablet shorted out after a while

  • presh xd
    presh xd 8 months ago

    I love this guy's energy and enthusiasm. I'm definitely subscribing

  • Shakil Shaikh
    Shakil Shaikh 8 months ago

    Hi , Can I use it as a drawing tablet for adobe illustrator or photoshop or any cad application ? thanks in advance

  • Jemstone Media
    Jemstone Media 8 months ago +1

    Matt, this is by far THE BEST REVIEW of the Amazon Fire HD 10. Because of your review I took a chance on this tablet and have regretted my choice onw bit. Thanks for a quality video! You've got a subscriber for life.

  • Vinicio Coelho
    Vinicio Coelho 8 months ago

    Can I use a pen to whrite on it? Thanks.

  • Jack Sagrafsky
    Jack Sagrafsky 8 months ago +1

    Would get the Amazon tablet over the OVER priced iPad, AND HAVE. Amazon ROCKS!

  • Merveil Meok
    Merveil Meok 8 months ago

    The granit test was concrete and impressive ;)

    SKM WORLD 9 months ago

    Biy hd 10 for Alexa and built quality ..I am sure it beats ipad easily

  • raven scott
    raven scott 9 months ago

    so I can see youtube on the amazon fire? I am clueless.

  • Artini Edwards
    Artini Edwards 9 months ago

    Guys help me ipad air or fire hd 10

  • Artini Edwards
    Artini Edwards 9 months ago

    Man,i dont like the shape of the fire hd its a bit too rectangular

  • Nai S
    Nai S 9 months ago

    Thank you for the review! I was curious about the HD 10

  • Jeremy White
    Jeremy White 9 months ago

    My fire 7 fell from 3 feet on a corner onto tile floor and shattered...

  • Laura Gonzalez
    Laura Gonzalez 9 months ago

    Thanks for the review! I wasn’t totally convinced about purchasing the Amazon Fire HD 10 until I watched the beating it took. I’ve already had to replace two broken iPad screens and one iPhone 6 screen from my daughter’s “school” use. Let’s see what she does with the amazon fire. Thanks!

  • Del
    Del 9 months ago

    The reason the iPad didn't tell you a joke is because they are likely deathly afraid to offend their primary base. I bet it's something as simple as that.

  • Gretta Kells
    Gretta Kells 9 months ago

    I love yr videos

  • Charles Wendt
    Charles Wendt 9 months ago

    Have over 12 tablets different brands

  • Charles Wendt
    Charles Wendt 9 months ago

    Stop say Alexa

  • J V
    J V 9 months ago

    You should've tried smashing the ipad on the table to compare the 2 tablets

  • Chops473
    Chops473 9 months ago

    Mine fell once and shattered the glass. :(

  • Gatelotzombie
    Gatelotzombie 9 months ago

    I have a kindle fire and it’s actually not my favorite :/

  • Claudia Swenson
    Claudia Swenson 9 months ago

    Just bought one, a switch from a Samsung TabE. I am disappointed that I cannot mirror unless I have an Amazon compatible tv. No Google apps!!! I am keeping my Samsung.

  • Pablo Lopez
    Pablo Lopez 9 months ago