Finland Wins GOLD in Hockey (IIHF 2019) and Goes Crazy!! | KatChats

  • Published on May 28, 2019
  • As I'm sure everyone in Finland is aware by now, Finland won gold in the World Championships in Ice Hockey (May 26th, 2019) and the country then proceeded to turn into one huge party!
    So basically in this video I just wanted to have a little chat about Finland winning, what that kind of party Finland has when they win and hockey in general! :D
    Aleksi Himself
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Comments • 79

  • X SkippySticky
    X SkippySticky 2 months ago

    Mörkö is from Moomins kids show originally.
    Mörkö Marko tulee! 💪

  • erik freedom
    erik freedom 5 months ago

    the canadian team was terrible in 2019. i was ashamed.

  • Mauri Virtanen
    Mauri Virtanen 7 months ago

    Olisit öaittanut mörkökontenttia. Muuten kiva video :)

  • Mohammad Ikbal
    Mohammad Ikbal 7 months ago

    Nice to much

  • shane 062801
    shane 062801 7 months ago

    ❥Lady Lions> Lady Lions Onward! ❤

  • Aviation Forever
    Aviation Forever 7 months ago +1


  • Janne Schroderus
    Janne Schroderus 7 months ago

    Taitaa sinulla olla "lätkäveressä" isäsi perintönä?? Eikö isäsi ole ex-lätkäpelaaja??.. Oli taas pitkästä aikaa kiva katsella videoitasi...

  • John Soper
    John Soper 7 months ago

    I will let you have this year's gold medal, but we will return the favor next year and at the world juniors. :D

  • Higgarn
    Higgarn 7 months ago +1

    The only time someone walks their dog is when its a pause after first period. or second. after third you can bet your butt that everyone is cheering for SUOMI.

  • İlayda Üner
    İlayda Üner 7 months ago +2

    loves from turkey❤️

  • Ιωάννης Παπαγεωργίου

    I was really impress when i saw this video on facebook (you can check
    ). This video shows that the whole country are celebrating. And this is the Olympic-athletic spirit, we are welcome the winner with honors as a community. That exactly happened to the ancient Greece when the winner returns, the city destroy a part of the city wall defense and the winner came through this hole! Torille!

  • Sebbe S
    Sebbe S 7 months ago

    Det kändes i Sverige PS är fortfarande deprimerad

  • acspore
    acspore 7 months ago

    You win gold with me.

  • Jaeger233
    Jaeger233 7 months ago +1

    in finland we have this thing called TEAM PLAY!

    • Jaeger233
      Jaeger233 7 months ago

      and yes kaisaniemen puisto was the place

  • Irene Tiu
    Irene Tiu 7 months ago +2

    Yess, Finland won 👏👏🥰💞 we was following the game😊😊 and watching it but just on TV 😇

  • Hyπατία
    Hyπατία 7 months ago

    Onnittelut voitosta!

  • Matthew Mayer
    Matthew Mayer 7 months ago +6

    Awesome!! Go Finland! i don't really understand Ice Hockey much as i rarely followed it, however, anywhere i see Finland, i kick in to support! and i knew something like this could happen actually! i mean Ice Hockey is embraced in Finland and winning it over Canada another strong nation in this sport, it's huge! i'm happy for Finland! Suomi for life!!! ;)

    Katya is back regularly! it must be Christmas!! :))

    • KatChats
      KatChats  7 months ago +1

      Yeah everyone is pretty excited xD Haha aww omg thanks for the support!!

  • mrfriendlyguy
    mrfriendlyguy 7 months ago +1

    Found out about this from my Finnish friend from his facebook post. Introduced me to ice hockey when I visited in 2016 since I live in the South hemisphere where its warm and we aren't known for ice hockey or winter sports. Congrats Finland.

    • Holo Holopainen
      Holo Holopainen 7 months ago

      Thanks Mate ! I remember when I met a Lad from NZ & Gal from Down Under - I also took them to see a HOCKEY GAME ! While were at the game Formula One Driver KEKE ROSBERG - had Won the Australian Gran Prix ! So You can figure out the Date from that ! They said it OUT LOUD / to make People cheer for that Historical Australian Event & Day to remember !

  • shane 062801
    shane 062801 7 months ago


  • Andat Simon
    Andat Simon 7 months ago

    Miksei ei puhuu suomea älä puhu Englanti

    • Holo Holopainen
      Holo Holopainen Month ago

      Watch Uuno Turhapuro Movies !

    • KatChats
      KatChats  7 months ago +2

      Monet jotka kattoo mun kanavaa ei puhu suomea :P

  • brabham74
    brabham74 7 months ago +16

    Well done Finns. I grew up in Michigan (USA), playing hockey on the local lakes, and with the High School Hockey team. It's still my favorite sport, 50+ years later. Any team that wins a national, or international hockey championship. is deserving of respect. Further more, seeing a Finn, like Kat, show pride in her countries team, is wonderful! That is just how it is supposed to be.

    • Sami Miettinen
      Sami Miettinen 7 months ago

      Only thing we really care about is beating sweden (in anything)... We don't care if we get bronze or 5th place in ice hockey, as long as we beat sweden =D

    • KatChats
      KatChats  7 months ago

      Haha aww. And that's so cool you played hockey yourself!

  • Ilmarinen7
    Ilmarinen7 7 months ago +3

    Hyvää Suomi. Watched Fin be given no chance against World Champs Sweden (beat them). Then no chance against Russia's stars (beat them). Then of course Canada will win the final (Canada score early - then Finland score 3, game over).
    Was very happy to find a UK channel showing the Championsips.
    That was fun.

    • Toni Suomilqmmi
      Toni Suomilqmmi 7 months ago

      ireally lijke ur comment but also when world try to see we not underdogs

  • Andrew Vaughan
    Andrew Vaughan 7 months ago

    Do you follow any other Finnish hockey players, say Tuukka Rask?

    • Jaeger233
      Jaeger233 7 months ago

      @Andrew Vaughan thats cool, the finnish flash. he had great rookie year:)

    • Holo Holopainen
      Holo Holopainen 7 months ago

      @Jaeger233 Ok ! Mää luin että JAGR - mutta toi olikin Jaeger ! Paras vuosi 2019 tähän saakka / U20 ja nyt tämä !

    • Jaeger233
      Jaeger233 7 months ago +1

      @Andrew Vaughan mine too :)

    • Holo Holopainen
      Holo Holopainen 7 months ago

      @Jaeger233 Sometimes Finnish names are quite diffycult to - spell ! But You got ALL RIGHT ! I Dont know - but it seems that EASIER NAMES - are Better players now ! AHO & LAINE & RINNE & HAULA & BARKOV etc etc ! TERAVAINEN & RANTANEN & KOTKANIEMI & RISTOLAINEN are sometimes too different !

    • Holo Holopainen
      Holo Holopainen 7 months ago

      @Andrew Vaughan At These Bratislava Games - We saw / Kaapo Kakkos potential ! He has U18 / U20 & Now World Champioship Titles - before - This years annual NHL Draft / hosted by Vancouver ! He could be the 1st Finnish born player ever to be drafted as #1 ! New Jersey or New York Rangers will draft him ! Now they only need to find someone to say His name right at NJ / NYC metroplitan area ! The SEAECH in ON - and many practise to spell and say his name ! Cheers till Vancouver

  • ilyes skender
    ilyes skender 7 months ago


  • Radim Slámka
    Radim Slámka 7 months ago


  • Aaron Oram
    Aaron Oram 7 months ago

    I watched the end of that game. I was so thrilled! I love to see Finland succeed at anything.

  • Jari Satta
    Jari Satta 7 months ago +15

    Mörkö-memes, The Groke (Swedish: Mårran) a Moomin character

  • Loc Do
    Loc Do 7 months ago +3

    OMG. Welcome back, I have been waiting for your videos, please upload some teaching finnish video pleaseeeeeeeeee

    • KatChats
      KatChats  7 months ago

      Haha yay glad you're happy to see me back xD My Finnish teaching vids will be on my other channel! So look out for those there :)

  • Sousou Wyatt Gibson
    Sousou Wyatt Gibson 7 months ago +2

    First of all I'm not a native speaker of English so English is not my official language .I don't understand the American accent and also some British people who talk so fast but I really really feel comfortable in watching your videos so feel like I have to thank you!

    And yeah congratulations to the Finnish team!

    • Sousou Wyatt Gibson
      Sousou Wyatt Gibson 7 months ago +1

      @KatChats yeah thanks,I really appreciate that!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  7 months ago +1

      Thanks! :) I'm glad you feel like you can understand what I say well :)

    • Lenzikka
      Lenzikka 7 months ago +1

      She's half american half fin and "unfortunately" the finnish english (written said as it is always no exceptions) will just stick no matter how long you live abroad. :)

  • JW424
    JW424 7 months ago

    It's definitely a Finland thing. If the USA won it would barely make Sportscenter. Hell, 90% of Americans had no idea the tournament was even happening. Even if they won the Olympics our military is not escorting them home lol. Good for Finland though. Enjoy it.

    • Holo Holopainen
      Holo Holopainen 7 months ago

      @JW424 This takes place every year / annual event ! This is based on Europen Ice Hockey ! Each Country has their Own Leagues / that We dont get to follow ! So this way - European Nation Compete vs each other ! This is like NasCar vs Formula One ! Many know the Drivers - but Only the Ones They Get to Follow ! I dont know one NasCar Driver - or event ! Formula One is Next in Club De Hockey City of Montreal !

    • Holo Holopainen
      Holo Holopainen 7 months ago

      @Samuli Lehtinen We all remember Lake Placid 1980 ! Miracle on Ice ? That game wasnt even live on TV - thats howmuch intrest - the Network had on the Game ! That Game changed the look at ice hockey in USA ! THERE WILL BE NEVER A OLYMPIC FINAL - ICE HOCKEY - THAT WONT BE LIVE ON TV ! We must also remember that Canada hasnt won The Stanley Cup - since 1993 by Montreal ! Some People has never seen a Hometown Team hoist The Stanley Cup / or taken part of the PARADE !

    • Holo Holopainen
      Holo Holopainen 7 months ago

      @JW424 Ok ! Good - This time The Kids were Finnish ! We had not one goal scored by two NHL PLAYERS on the Team ! Russians had over 250 NHL goals - this season ! Canada was 100% - of NHL PLAYERS ! We didnt have HIGH HOPES etc etc... Canada hasnt won Stanley Cup - since 1993 Montreal ! They have 7 NHL Teams out of 31 !

    • Holo Holopainen
      Holo Holopainen 7 months ago

      Do You remember Lake Placid 1980 Olympics ? Bunch of Collage Kids played the Russian National Team & Won the Gold ! They even made a Movie - Miracle on Ice - with Kurt Russel ! That Game Changed the Hockey & History of Mankind !

    • JW424
      JW424 7 months ago

      @Samuli Lehtinen Men's team at the Olympics: 2 golds, 8 silvers and 1 bronze (Finland 0, 2 & 4) ; World Championships: No one cares because our players avoid it. Women: Defending Olympic and World Champions.

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 7 months ago

    You have a beautiful voice

  • Bay Evrensel
    Bay Evrensel 7 months ago +1

    Let me guess... againts Canada.

  • Raymond
    Raymond 7 months ago +8

    Wow, very attractive Finnish girl? Love ya

  • ihsan anıl Yedek
    ihsan anıl Yedek 7 months ago +10

    probably its one of the few times that Finnish people go crazy on streets haha enjoy it while its happening

    • Holo Holopainen
      Holo Holopainen 7 months ago +1

      @Timo Kuusisto Monasti suomalaisista sanotaan sitä / sun tätä / ja Vanha Kansa ihmettelee että joku haluaa olla Irwin Goodman / Matti Nykanen / taikka Öy yhtyeen lead singer ! Noi kaverithan olivat niin sosiaalia eläessään - ettei monet tee / ole niin koko sosiaalisia elämänsä aikana ! Elämä on Laiffii ja ihmisen parasta aikaa ! Cheers Mate

    • Timo Kuusisto
      Timo Kuusisto 7 months ago

      @Holo Holopainen Kunhan vitsailin sillä että suomalaiset ovat näin "sosiaalisia" vähän väliä

    • Holo Holopainen
      Holo Holopainen 7 months ago

      @Timo Kuusisto You missed the U20 at Vancouver ? That is in the middele of the Winter - but many watched the Gemes - even those were played - just after midnight ! By the way Kaapo Kakko was on that Team too ! So in 5 months - He is on two WINNING TEAMS ! Lets see who has The Balls to Draft him ?

    • Timo Kuusisto
      Timo Kuusisto 7 months ago

      Not so rare at all. Last time it happened was only eight years ago

    • KatChats
      KatChats  7 months ago

      Very true :P

  • Jason Borden
    Jason Borden 7 months ago +1

    I thought you were referring to your decision of studying your master's in Scotland or Finland. I thought Finland won the gold for the master's bad!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  7 months ago

      Hahah that would've been funny though xD

  • Akseli Ruokonen
    Akseli Ruokonen 7 months ago