BTS (방탄소년단) '봄날 (Spring Day)' Official Teaser

  • Published on Feb 9, 2017
  • BTS (방탄소년단) '봄날 (Spring Day)' Official Teaser
    ‘봄날 (Spring Day)’ music video will be released on February 13th, 2017 worldwide.

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  • Syifa Rizky
    Syifa Rizky 16 hours ago

    Can we agree that this and blood sweat and tears' is the best teasers

  • KookiesN V
    KookiesN V 18 hours ago

    Gosh I swear BTS is making me crazy with these!

  • The Secrets of the jams

    It's 2019 and ever since this came out I always come back to it to make me smile

  • Sophia Park
    Sophia Park Day ago

    someone play this at my funeral or i will jump out of my coffin myself and sue you

  • ji ji
    ji ji Day ago

    okay but spring day is the best teaser

  • Chan Fam
    Chan Fam Day ago

    Thanks youtube for recommending this to me. I truly appreciate that I can look back on this historical artwork

  • idk lol
    idk lol 2 days ago

    Nothing will ever top this teaser

  • AyeexKyra
    AyeexKyra 2 days ago

    pls play this at my funeral thanks.

  • Empress Ayii
    Empress Ayii 2 days ago


  • classicarii
    classicarii 2 days ago +2

    this has to be my favorite BTS era, this is such a meaningful and amazing song!

  • Alex The Racer Racing

    **cries for this sad bts song**

  • Ariana Beeing
    Ariana Beeing 3 days ago


  • Malo
    Malo 3 days ago

    play this at my funeral or i'll personally jump outta my coffin and sue you all

  • karine costa
    karine costa 3 days ago

    obra de arte

  • jeon dn
    jeon dn 3 days ago +1

    i'll never forget this teaser forever😭😭😭

  • Zoha Kurd
    Zoha Kurd 4 days ago +2

    This trailer and the Spring Day mv will hit harder when BTS disband to spend an year in the army

  • Katherine Ellis
    Katherine Ellis 4 days ago

    I can't forget these harmonies❤️

  • Anna 6690
    Anna 6690 5 days ago

    This will forever be my favourite

  • gukie luvv
    gukie luvv 5 days ago +1

    I'm still listening to this
    6 year's with bangtan is coming!

  • Sahrish Majeed
    Sahrish Majeed 5 days ago

    This is brit remix version and i fckin love it

  • Its_Jungshook _Not_Jungkook

    So thats how heaven sounds

  • Rifa Rafifah
    Rifa Rafifah 6 days ago +2

    My favorite Trailer
    The best Trailer
    Beautiful amazing Trailer

  • xXWiZardy QueENXx
    xXWiZardy QueENXx 6 days ago

    So this is where Army singing the "Woah ohh~" part...Still this so is so beautiful to us Army 😭💜

  • 田柾國的小兔牙


  • Army Ananya Oberoi
    Army Ananya Oberoi 6 days ago

    Whenever I see it.
    I just got goosebumps
    I really love this era forever💜💜

  • squᎥᎠᎥ ᎾᎳᎾ

    *thank you recomendations*

  • Genius Min Suga Jjang jjang man bbong bbong

    I miss this ERA *sending purple hearts*

  • Kez
    Kez 6 days ago +6

    Idk why, but hearing the “oh-woah-oh” part SENDS me. And I know other people can relate.
    It’s so comforting to hear that. 💜

  • Joon ation
    Joon ation 6 days ago

    Don't @ me but this is one of the best teasers ever

  • mariam chebli
    mariam chebli 6 days ago

    i am obsessed

  • jjj in
    jjj in 7 days ago

    봄날 티저버전 존버해야지..언젠가 나올꺼라 믿는다ㅠ

  • زهراء الشاوي


  • _ jiminsjamsj
    _ jiminsjamsj 7 days ago +4


    • _ jiminsjamsj
      _ jiminsjamsj 2 days ago

      Sunthi Jong thank youuu

    • Sunthi Jong
      Sunthi Jong 3 days ago +1

      _ jiminsjamsj lucky for you there is one :3 look up spring day Brit rock remix

  • Daniela Reyes
    Daniela Reyes 7 days ago +5

    “How can I tattoo a RU-clip video on my forehead?”

  • Kulaklık Almalıyım


    BTS X ARMY 7 days ago

    Why it popped up in my recommendations

  • BuLtAoReUnE Suga.
    BuLtAoReUnE Suga. 8 days ago

    Pls play this at my funeral ❤️

  • thrufinos Hounkpatin

    Huh?? I never knew there was a teaser for Spring Day.. ' '

  • aidah
    aidah 8 days ago

    The best mv teaser award goes to spring day

  • Pjhay Ternal
    Pjhay Ternal 8 days ago

    2019? Best teaser for me

    TIMOTHEEE 8 days ago +1

    I love Jimin in this era ❤️

  • Aoife jjk
    Aoife jjk 8 days ago

    It makes me so sad I never got to witness this and know bts before :(

  • •Simplified for You•

    *this will be the song of my dead*

  • Açúcar Sem Doce
    Açúcar Sem Doce 9 days ago


  • Brenna Hodges
    Brenna Hodges 9 days ago +1

    I wish I was an ARMY before this comeback. Ugh. I get goosebumps even so, but it would have been amazing to look forward to this song/MV back before it was released by watching this teaser. Got chills nonetheless! Such a beautiful piece of art all around.

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 9 days ago

    This gave chills but overall one of the best MV trailers💜💜💜

  • NicoleGames Noob
    NicoleGames Noob 9 days ago

    I was once a BTS antis
    Until IDOL era
    Then i became an army
    Yah BTS is so awesome

  • Kim Bambi
    Kim Bambi 9 days ago

    Does anyome mind to explain WHY ALL OF THE SUDDEN I GET THE TERRIBLE URGE TO CRY... Just curious

  • 김애라
    김애라 10 days ago

    I'm crying 😭😭 for me this is the best teaser 💜💜😭

  • bunni
    bunni 10 days ago

    it's been 2 years and i'm still crying

  • Gabby’s Vlog Life
    Gabby’s Vlog Life 10 days ago +3

    If this isn’t played at my funeral I will *personally* jump out my coffin and sue you all

  • Starrybunbun HyungJungoo

    This is THE BEST teaser trailer for a MV EVER-

  • Kim Chiisgood
    Kim Chiisgood 11 days ago

    *_Someone please play this at my funeral or I'll come back as a ghost and sue you all._*

  • na me
    na me 11 days ago +1

    6 June and I am going to start a new life 🌺

  • Sujita Shrestha
    Sujita Shrestha 11 days ago

    honestly the best teaser ever😍😍

  • Jasmine He
    Jasmine He 11 days ago

    Let me lay out the facts here. This trailer is the best trailer to have ever existed. Sorry not sorry.

  • Kathlyn Lerios
    Kathlyn Lerios 11 days ago


  • Bangtan천사
    Bangtan천사 12 days ago +1

    Whenever that "oohh" intro comes, I always tear uo goddamnit 😭😂

    A.88 BLAKE PINK 12 days ago +1

    مدري الفديو هذا فتنح نفسي ايش اقول بس بيق هيت اشكركم على التحفه

  • Maria A.R.M.Y
    Maria A.R.M.Y 12 days ago

    Se o esse teaser não tocar no meu velório,eu mesma revivo e coloco!!que perfeição cara!!!

    BTS FAN 13 days ago +1

    Those poor kids 😔😔

  • mya-shireé
    mya-shireé 13 days ago

    fight me if you must but this will forever be the *best* and the most *beautiful* trailer ever

  • NicoleGames Noob
    NicoleGames Noob 13 days ago +1


  • LV Channel
    LV Channel 13 days ago

    Ah waw

  • love is nothing stronger than a boy with luv


  • Mỹ Lê
    Mỹ Lê 13 days ago

    Spring day

  • Yuuki Chan
    Yuuki Chan 14 days ago +1

    2 years & 3 months 26days and we still WAITING FOR THIS VERSION !!!!

  • trisy heart
    trisy heart 14 days ago

    Best mv teaser 😭✊🏻

  • 재형 김
    재형 김 14 days ago

    Everything related to the song always sends chills to my back. The music video gives a strong aesthetic vibe. And the song sounds so soothing to the ears whether it's the original or the Brit Rock remix. This is my favourite song so far. 💜

  • _kay Min_
    _kay Min_ 14 days ago +1

    I swear to god. If every sad BTS song isn’t played at my funeral. I will actually haunt everyone there.

  • _euphoria 0_
    _euphoria 0_ 14 days ago +2

    this song make me wanna cry my heart out while thinking about all my life problems

  • btaesthetics
    btaesthetics 14 days ago

    if this isnt played at my funeral im jumping some putas

  • BangtanTrash 247
    BangtanTrash 247 15 days ago +3

    2017- No
    2018- No!
    2019- Mkay lets do it right before the BTS Wembley livestream

  • shahd abu hanieh
    shahd abu hanieh 15 days ago

    it is awesome because they made this song for all of the people who died at the sewol ferry incident, and if you dont like it, GO DIE!!!

  • shahd abu hanieh
    shahd abu hanieh 15 days ago

    i swear to god if this wont be the song to my wedding and funeral i will sue every person on my wedding and i will jump out of my coffin and sue everyone. this is the best thing ever :')

  • عاشقة BTS
    عاشقة BTS 15 days ago

    BTS는 우리가 당신은 내가 이라크 아랍 Alarma 및 Tzhbo의 꿈 Thakqo, 내가 Tzhbo이나 이라크에서 이라크와 Tamilo 극장 및 Ngno에 Tsafro, 나는 아주 아주 아주 아주, I ARMI 매우 행복 할 수 있기를 바랍니다 내가 당신을 사랑 아주 행복 할 것이라는 점을 희망 사랑 아주된다 이라크 Tzhbo, 우리는 당신을 만나고 싶어 할 수 있기를 바랍니다 당신을 만나기 위해 최선을 다할 것입니다. 나는 당신을 너무나 아주 사랑합니다. 나는 진정으로 이라크에서 당신을 만나기를 원하기 때문에 울고 당신의 메시지를 남깁니다.

  • Aries fufo
    Aries fufo 16 days ago

    Who is here in 2020...I'm here.

  • V Kook
    V Kook 16 days ago +2

    please Bighit!!
    Spring day teaser version 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Mochi min
    Mochi min 16 days ago

    imagine 20 years after and your walking on the street suddenly Spring Day plays and you cried and reminisce what have you done fangirling on your youth days and a man tapped your shoulder why are you crying? Let's go home I will sing it for you , it's your bias. IMAGINE

  • Mochi min
    Mochi min 16 days ago

    pure Aesthetic with high quality men

  • Salimatou Traore
    Salimatou Traore 16 days ago +1

    *Anyone listening to this, please play this at my funerals*

  • yoongi reyiz
    yoongi reyiz 17 days ago


  • Son Erine
    Son Erine 17 days ago

    I really can't get over with Spring day, this song became my life's anthem

  • taeyung.mp4
    taeyung.mp4 17 days ago +1

    just...listen, feel the emotion they sing with.

  • Margarita Hernandez
    Margarita Hernandez 17 days ago

    It's really been 2 years... this hits so hard :((

  • ーtaetae
    ーtaetae 17 days ago


  • gyu yeon
    gyu yeon 17 days ago +1


  • JaniceLee id
    JaniceLee id 17 days ago +2

    this is so beautiful 😭

  • Juliana May Benjamin
    Juliana May Benjamin 17 days ago

    the only teaser that made me cry😭💜

  • Kook Beatiful
    Kook Beatiful 18 days ago +1

    Jungkook enamora

  • yellow ?
    yellow ? 18 days ago

    I miss this era :(

  • nausika park
    nausika park 18 days ago

    This song makes me so sad

  • Jeanny RD
    Jeanny RD 18 days ago

    Still waiting for ballad version

  • joyfer brocal
    joyfer brocal 18 days ago

    I miss this era

  • RM’s wifey
    RM’s wifey 18 days ago

    Wait I just realized that this song means more than we may think ... boat, jungkook dies, hope, shoes, no vacancy, crash...

  • Sugas Tractor
    Sugas Tractor 18 days ago


    BTS TURKISH A.R.M.Y 18 days ago

    BTS TURKISH A.R.M.Y 18 days ago

    _I miss you _*_SPRING DAY_*

  • i luv kpop
    i luv kpop 18 days ago


  • Jhope. SUNSHINE
    Jhope. SUNSHINE 19 days ago