• Published on Aug 16, 2016
  • As creative and brilliant anime can be, we do see a lot of repetitive points that really irritate us. Which ones are the worst? Lets find out with Anime America's Top 10 WORST Cliche's in Anime!
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Comments • 16 148

  • Dbzmaster159
    Dbzmaster159 3 days ago

    I liked Chibi Vampire, which I saw back in High School. Also in the Perceived Pervert... Some of those were actual perverts like Miroku. I never even saw in all those clips anything relating to Rito Yuki from To Love-Ru. He's an innocent guy trying to confess to one girl, but winds up with practically a harem, having moments where he trips and winds up in all sorts of awkward situations with the ladies. Also the main kid from like Kanokon. The one you included where the guy got half his head cleaved off by a spiked club was gory overkill. Also another good cliché... The Arrogant Powerhouse!!!! Examples being Laxus from Fairy Tail, Bakugo from My Hero Academia. Basically the characters that are proclaimed to be the best of the best either by themselves or others to the point where they are as arrogant and vicious as the villains they fight. Frieza was also an example considering his family, his father who named Frieza the successor, Cooler who would actually train throughout his life, and the fact that in Super was the first time Frieza ever trained in his life, but as soon as he gained his golden form he thought himself invincible before getting full control of it.

  • stuckerfan 256
    stuckerfan 256 9 days ago

    well to be honest random power ups fit better in kamen rider since there is literally an explanation

    • Do Dodakowski
      Do Dodakowski 8 hours ago

      Where did you get that from?
      *I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!*

  • Zandra Andra
    Zandra Andra 10 days ago

    5 minutes is 3 episodes in naruto

  • Owen Wilson From Disney Pixars Cars

    Funny story: when my dad was a kid he was in gym and he accidentally fell on this girl and grabbed her breast. Luckily the girl didnt respond in the cliche way and both got up without injury lol

  • David Hack
    David Hack 11 days ago

    But Robyn, Sango married Maroku in the end and they've got three kids!

  • CEB
    CEB 11 days ago

    WHAT IS THE ANIME AT 9:05?! I have been trying to find it based off of vague, childhood memories of me watching it on adult swim.

  • Robert Nickles
    Robert Nickles 13 days ago

    I actually agree with every one of these, especially that last one.

  • InvinciGaz
    InvinciGaz 13 days ago

    You missed the arm at the side fist clenching, happens in pretty much every anime lol

  • Patrick Mulopo
    Patrick Mulopo 14 days ago

    The ending killed Poor guys.Damn😂

  • DC and Marvel
    DC and Marvel 16 days ago

    Every Anime has this .There is a reason why anime doesnt have even 1 good movie.

  • Leeto
    Leeto 17 days ago

    2:37 PAUSE

  • Gretchen Wagenlander
    Gretchen Wagenlander 27 days ago +1

    Fairy tail is different OK!

  • Elizabeth Comes
    Elizabeth Comes 27 days ago

    This is an old video and IDK if it's been said, but not all filler is bad. If it's done well, it can be enjoyable and memorable. The G8 arc in One Piece is one such arc, giving an appropriate (and hilarious) break between serious arcs to give the audience breathing room. Another is Piccolo and Goku learning to drive cars in DBZ, what's the worst that could happen? :D
    But, filler hell in Naruto and some of the Bleach arcs leave a bad taste in my mouth, SO the qualifier is that it has to be done WELL. We can't escape filler as a whole, but hopefully we can at least have more that's done well; to give the audience a break, for character building, or even just "let's see the characters do something silly for a day in their normally serious lives".

  • Marsblumillow ;3
    Marsblumillow ;3 Month ago

    You know the cliche that bothers me the most?

    The girls aren't wearing anything under their school uniform except for panties!
    It isn't that hard
    Buy some shorts to wear under for once

  • sirachxi
    sirachxi Month ago

    Yes i agree with the #1 be persevered perverts but Miroku was in the clips for it and he is a pervert grabbing women's butts and asking to have sex with almost ever female in the show.

  • LolloBlue96
    LolloBlue96 Month ago

    To be fair, in Soul Eater, the incident with Blair sounded more like Maka chastising Soul about bursting in like a dumbass... and with Kid, he brought up the boob-size difference between Liz and Patty. I think Liz is a bit self-conscious about being smaller than her lil' sis

  • FN LN
    FN LN Month ago

    _trips and accidentally headbutts you in the balls_

  • ღღ Briαηαε ღღ

    Sooooooooooo TRUE

  • Koky m
    Koky m Month ago +1

    I fucking hate the "Main dude says something stupid then the girl side (main) character abuses him and mysteriously gets spiky teeth"

  • Xavier-Rai
    Xavier-Rai Month ago

    I happen to disagree with her on the Honorable Mentions. Anime is not real, it does not adhere to reality in all aspects. Leave the Gravity defying tits out of it goddamn.
    Also I get the feeling that she agrees with the UN on their whole loli-banning aspects. Because oh noes ...Drawings deserve human rights despite being ya know... fictional

  • andyenid2
    andyenid2 Month ago

    Saves a girl from getting raped also girl U PERVERT! slap

  • Huynhgiao P
    Huynhgiao P Month ago +1

    And then when the Percieved Pervert is the girl


  • Paul
    Paul Month ago

    The reasons I do not watch anime anymore. It all becomes so predictable.
    Your commentary is really funny though. :)

    • Chito is best girl!
      Chito is best girl! Month ago

      How many Animes should I watch to predict, even with the most outrageously Bizzare plot in Anime history?

  • lone marshall
    lone marshall Month ago

    Yo what? Wtf Japan

  • taiga
    taiga Month ago

    The end of fairy tail is the definition of lazy lmao.

  • Filip Rebro
    Filip Rebro Month ago

    I hate cliche, when they run the picture over and over, because they could have just show it. For example, In berserk, When Guts is killing 100 men in the forest, they use it so many times.

  • boopernoodle
    boopernoodle Month ago

    At 2:38 If you pause at exactly at the right time you get full uncensored tiddy

  • Jum-B
    Jum-B 2 months ago +4


  • Jum-B
    Jum-B 2 months ago +1

    School Life Anime Opening of the series be like: Main character is in the corner by the window and students are having Phys Ed outside.

  • Mama Booz
    Mama Booz 2 months ago

    Don’t do fairy tail💀💀

  • Katie
    Katie 2 months ago

    You totally went V for Vendetta for the number one, although I'm with you I feel sorry for those guys.

  • Ayla Osuna
    Ayla Osuna 2 months ago

    I wanna see an anime with the number one cliche turned on it's head: Imagine the situation happens and the girl's friend is the one who freaks out, but the girl who the guy falls onto on accident defends him while the friend gets her hand slapped if she tries to 'avenge her friend'.

  • January The Fifteenth
    January The Fifteenth 2 months ago +1

    Harry Potter must be considered an anime too


  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner 2 months ago

    I saw an anime where the guy was called a pervert only to have his best friend reveal that he was actually his boyfriend.
    " I can guarantee he wasn't peeking on you."
    " Cause one you are taking a shower in HIS dorm room."
    " Plus secondly he isn't interested in anything you got over there."
    " Because he is my boyfriend not a pervert. Yeah that's right he is gay."
    " So shut you stupid mouth and get out of my boy toys dorm."
    She actually came into the dorm and started cooking a meal from his food.
    Got in his bath tub and used his bath products without wondering who does this stuff belong to.
    But it turned out she lived right night door and he forgot to lock his door when he left to send out a package at the post office.
    He basically tells her to go home and leave him alone.
    He pretty much tells her to fuck off.

  • The TotalEconomist
    The TotalEconomist 2 months ago

    >Yuki and Zero have a son

    Daughter. Ren is their daughter.

  • Vlad 117
    Vlad 117 2 months ago

    Villain monologuing and convenient timed power ups are cliche in everything . Not just in anime.
    But the long reveal is actually cool if done right.

  • BookCat
    BookCat 2 months ago

    At least in Tsubaki's case, Black*Star actually WAS trying to peep on her.

  • Franz Volkier Sir Ran
    Franz Volkier Sir Ran 2 months ago

    listen the nose bleed is nasesery because the nose bleed is a replacement for boner and unless you don't want to see any character that see hot girl in anime having a huge boner then the nose bleed must stay all so fillers are important to buy time because if they will continue the main story with no source materials and without leting the manga to reach to an end we will get what we got in the end of season 8 in the show game of thrones which is a massed up shity made up ending that is nothing like the awesome ending that was spouse to be so unless you want that from now on animes shell be limited to be created only for finished mangas it a thing that sadly we all must endure, as for fan service well nothing is wrong with fan service you may don't like it but that because you are a girl and don't care much about sexy girls but i can assure you that we guys do care and do like it not all in the world made for every one this fan service is for us guys and they are anime for girls and in thous animes they are plenty of fan service for girls with tone of hot shirtless guys for the girls to enjoy watching so don't assume people don't like it just because you don't and wail i do agree on many of the things you said some thing have there reasons and are kinda a "necessary evil" as for all the transformations well that for the toy sells like basically Frizza have 4 forms which means 4 times more figures to sell and i'm sorry but anime creators do need munny and figures bring munny it is a business after all and if the anime creators will not have munny we anime fans will not have anime shows to enjoy they are many things you seem to assume and to see as unneeded without truly understand the reasons behind it all but trust me if its exist there probably a reason to it.

  • Melanin Fujoshi
    Melanin Fujoshi 2 months ago

    Miroku is a pervert and 95% of the time does deserve the beating sango or other women give him and Death the Kid in that one clip you showed squeezed Liz and Patty's breast because they were not symmetrical which is a form of sexual assault.

  • Ciaphas Cain
    Ciaphas Cain 2 months ago

    One more thing, the laughing thugs that will surround the little girls that the mc will save

  • Ciaphas Cain
    Ciaphas Cain 2 months ago

    Amen on num. 2, and here's more, little girls wearing bikini that they CALL ARMOR!!! LIKE WHAT ARMOR?!!! WAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

  • Belle French Gold
    Belle French Gold 2 months ago

    Gotta agree with all of these. Especially number 1. That drives me nuts too! Except... Miroku and Pip actually were pervs.

  • Valorous Owl
    Valorous Owl 2 months ago

    I mean baby daddy #1 is her Brother-Grampa, so to be fair the least he can do is deal.

  • DeborahJo Rojas
    DeborahJo Rojas 2 months ago

    Muroku from Inuyasha is a pervert he is he is, there's only a 5% chance it was an accident when it comes to muroku. 95% of its when he's perverted, he ask random ladies will they bear his child, he gropes on his female counterpart/parts

  • David Soyele
    David Soyele 2 months ago


  • RPGQueen87
    RPGQueen87 2 months ago

    #4) Two love interests is too many:
    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Inuyasha. He sprang to my mind before Vampire Knights did

  • darkaoshi27
    darkaoshi27 2 months ago

    Girl with big rack and perfect ass ends up loving the nerdy male lead for NO REASON! And to top it off, says she's nevwr been in love, never had sex or the dumbest one, never had anyone interested in them!
    You cannot convince me that a drop dead gorgeous bombshell has NEVER been interested or interesting to other men until this loser with no redeeming qualities showed up.

  • Naitohana the Elf Cat
    Naitohana the Elf Cat 2 months ago

    to be fair, miroku was actually grabbing her ass soooooooooo

  • YamiAtemYugi
    YamiAtemYugi 2 months ago

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who found the montage at the end solely because of the music?

  • Ocd Man
    Ocd Man 2 months ago

    Gravity defying boobs should be number one not a honorable mention

  • Athena Nocturna
    Athena Nocturna 2 months ago

    Hey Miroku was a real pervent. He got it for what he done

  • Raeanne Bedard
    Raeanne Bedard 2 months ago

    Um, Miroku just is a pervert, theres no "perceived" about it

  • TheBombyMaster2 Or Rocket The Space Pup

    Anime Guy: *Shakes Hand* Hi My Name Is-
    Anime Girl: *uGh yOu pErVeRt!!!1!*

  • TheBombyMaster2 Or Rocket The Space Pup

    "Clumsy Is...Sexy..."
    Wait...MARSHALL NO-

  • TheBombyMaster2 Or Rocket The Space Pup

    The Worst Anime Cliche Is That If Your In A Romance Anime, If You Do Even The Most MANDANE Of Things, Something Fanservicey Is Gonna Happen!

  • Nero Dead Weight Claudius

    Hey i fuckin loved the irregular at magic high. GODSUYA

  • Dragon034
    Dragon034 2 months ago

    Can we get an F for all the wrongly accused men for this horrible cliche?

  • Adrian Love
    Adrian Love 2 months ago

    Oh come on, the Korean Culture does pretty ok with the Oppa and Nunna- *Boku No Pico pops up* . . . You know, you didnt have tobe that rude about it. *burns the child porn*
    And I think Tsundere Love Interest would have been a good add too. But I can understand why its not on here.

  • Chelise105
    Chelise105 2 months ago

    F(_)CK Sasuke though....
    He tried to
    1: kill the people who really did care about him MULTIPLE times.
    2: Be. A. Petty. Bitch. The whole. time.
    But Sakura was stupid asf as well like woman how you still gonna be in love with this idiot who keeps trying to kill you???? TAKE A HINT FOR ONCE YA 80% FOREHEAD SELF THOUGHT YOU HAD A BRAIN IN THERE SOMEWHERE

  • Shinku no Yami
    Shinku no Yami 2 months ago

    9:15 PLEASE say Vampire Knight!
    9:17 YESSSSSS!
    Robin and I are on the same wavelength. Yuki annoyed the fuck out of me.