My Classmate Is A Murderer

  • Published on May 1, 2019
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    Hi, I’m Sam and I was only 12 when I solved a murder.
    You see, my dad is the sheriff of our small town and around here is a local hero. As expected, he is also my personal hero and role model. So, it’s not a surprise to anyone that I want to be a cop just like him when I grow up. My mom doesn't appreciate it much, but she also doesn't talk much about it.
    For me, being a real-life cop has always been my fantasy. I read books a lot. Mystery and crime novels are my favorites and on many occasions, I try to figure out who the killer is right from the start of a mystery novel. Most of the times, my guess is accurate. But I know merely solving crimes in novels doesn’t make me a cop. Little did I know, I would have the chance to solve one in real life at a very early age!
    One day, something unusual happened in our small town. There was a murder and the whole town was in shock! 16-years-old Jane had been killed in her own house, right in her bedroom and everyone was talking about it.
    In my small town, everyone knows everyone and news here travel really fast. Not much happens around here; just a few burglaries once in a while and the petty criminals get busted almost every time. Someone getting killed was unheard of. The people needed answers and the cops were under a lot of pressure. I was terrified when I heard the news! Why would anyone kill Jane? She’s one of those kind and cool girls who’s loved by everyone! I couldn’t grasp what happened!
    My dad was really confused about the murder. He had not had to investigate a murder for a very long time. He was sincerely concerned about the safety of the people and the fact that a killer might be on the loose really ticked him off.
    My dad and his best friend, another cop at the police department, had been working on the case for some days. They have been digging for answers and clues to unravel the mystery and they were getting really frantic because they couldn't find any hint!
    I knew how frustrating the situation was for my dad, but what I couldn’t understand was what would a teenage girl do to deserve to be killed? I mean, what has she done that someone decided to take her life?
    Everyone in the town was tense and the situation was pretty much the same in school as well. People wouldn’t stop talking about the murder. Rumors started flying around in the school. Dad says people are scared of things they don’t understand and when people get scared they will always make up stories. With all the stories and rumors, I was getting more scared myself. What if the killer is never found and he kills again? What if he is after young girls? What if he comes after me or one of my friends? The whole situation was putting me and everyone else on edge. I wished dad would just find the killer already.
    I knew he was trying his best, every night he would spend hours on the front porch with his friend discussing the case and their findings so far.
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    Sounds like you're saying adults are dumb and teens are smart. Sounds sorta like bragging to me.

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