Building A Shipping Container Home | THE BOHO BOX AIRBNB!

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • SHARE THIS VIDEO! In this video I meet the builders, Seth & Emily, of the beautiful Boho Box. They explain the vision and the building process of their next shipping container home.
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Comments • 113

  • Janet Cunningham
    Janet Cunningham 10 days ago

    Updated tour please!!!

  • Kat Bruneau
    Kat Bruneau 15 days ago

    When will the full, finished tour be uploaded? I watched it once, and wanted to show people but I'm guessing it's private now? Will it be able to be viewed again?

    • Jose Pirela
      Jose Pirela 11 days ago

      I've been studying constructing shiping container houses and found a fantastic resource at Magic Container Plans (check it out on google)

  • dus toin
    dus toin 21 day ago

    Can't believe they spent the money on Pella windows.

  • Renee Cannon
    Renee Cannon 24 days ago

    Sounds luxurious!! Can't wait to see it finished ♡

  • Avid Swam
    Avid Swam 26 days ago

    In 40+20 they could easily plan two bedroom!

  • Grace Star
    Grace Star Month ago +11

    What happened to the BOHO tour video!!? Been trying to share it with my friends. 😫

    • Doug Richard
      Doug Richard 7 days ago

      Me too!

    • Sarah Wiley
      Sarah Wiley 8 days ago

      I've been look for it too. I saw it before and went back to show someone and it is gone!!! 🤬

    • LEGO Guy Tighe
      LEGO Guy Tighe 20 days ago

      I know me too I’m pissed

    • KhaoticKim
      KhaoticKim Month ago +1


  • LynettaaShay
    LynettaaShay Month ago +4

    I keep looking for the boho box video 📦 and can’t seem to find it??? Was it removed? It was so gorgeous, I keep wanting to re watch.

    • Jason Wright
      Jason Wright 27 days ago +2

      LynettaaShay you and me both. I have been trying to find it back to show some people. It was awesome!

  • Karine Williams
    Karine Williams Month ago +9

    Why was the end result video changed to private video? It was so pretty to keep private. You guys did such a great job!!!

    • L P The Whisky Lady
      L P The Whisky Lady 18 days ago +2

      Ah... i watched it a couple weeks ago and have been looking everywhere for it...thought I was losing my marbles.

  • Lisa Monzione
    Lisa Monzione Month ago

    This is amazing i would love to book with my family. Where is the full tour video

  • Chris Harrison
    Chris Harrison Month ago

    Too commercialized and doesn’t feel like home.

  • Giniel Villacote
    Giniel Villacote Month ago +2

    It seems me that the best direction for this channel is this type of content. The presentation is informative, no high pitch voices, just enjoyable. Im starting to like the cozy feel of wooden cabins, might build an A Frame cabin soon 😀.

  • junior
    junior Month ago +1

    In cold days they will freeze and in hot days they will melt

  • Bmo Baby
    Bmo Baby Month ago +1


  • Matthew Stapleton
    Matthew Stapleton 2 months ago +1

    Your videos are an inspiration
    to my build out of a shipping container home as well. I’m up in the Pacific Northwest! Stop by my channel and check out my videos if you get a chance!

  • Kash
    Kash 2 months ago

    How much did it cost?

    • Levi Kelly
      Levi Kelly  2 months ago +2

      You didn't watch all of the video... its in the video

  • Robin
    Robin 2 months ago +1

    Here's a thought...By the time you buy a container for ten to fifteen thousand, and have it transported to your site, and placed level where you want could have saved the money and time by going to your local building supply store, having framing material and metal or plastic corrugated sheets delivered, and you could build your own unit to pass for a container if you like, but at a fraction of the cost, and with better long term serviceability. You can add inches in width to allow for insulation without giving up space, or add height and enjoy a green roof with deeper soil. - just sayin' :)

    • Robin
      Robin 2 months ago +1

      @Levi Kelly They actually are that expensive anywhere around here. I priced them a few times before I built my last house. Anyway, if you build your own container-look dwelling, you do not have the work of cutting out for windows or doors or framing in for insulation. Also, if any part gets dented or scraped, you just replace a panel, but hey, if you wanna go out of your way for extra work and compromise, knock yourself out.

    • Levi Kelly
      Levi Kelly  2 months ago

      The containers themselves are no that expensive at all! Plus the companies usually deliver for free

  • John Flanders
    John Flanders 2 months ago +1

    How do they connect the containers together at that angle? I'm assuming some type of steel support beam and they're welded together.

  • Sadak Haji
    Sadak Haji 2 months ago +1

    What's the cost of building a place like this? Really Wana know. @levikelly

    • Levi Kelly
      Levi Kelly  2 months ago +1

      Watch till the end of the video my guy!

  • Charlie Star
    Charlie Star 2 months ago

    I prefer to watch life uncontained when it comes to container homes.

  • El Jordan
    El Jordan 2 months ago +4

    Love it 👌🏽
    Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  • Htebazile Arm
    Htebazile Arm 3 months ago +3

    Looking forward to see the interior. Thank you for sharing.

  • A dorable
    A dorable 3 months ago

    It's beautiful, but $160,000 seems a bit too much, for 1 1/2 metal containers 😔

    • twitch moments
      twitch moments 24 days ago

      It’s being rented out,They will make the money back

    • Tyler More
      Tyler More 2 months ago

      Lol, how much ... you're too kind bloke...

  • dogsitter68
    dogsitter68 3 months ago +1

  • Almalyn Bautista
    Almalyn Bautista 3 months ago +4

    After seeing the box hop, I'm sure this is gonna be a beauty! I'm subscribing. Much love from the Philippines. 💜

  • MrWafoz
    MrWafoz 3 months ago +2

    How do you deal with the thermal bridge from the outside walls to the internal exposed metal roof?

  • randy roti
    randy roti 3 months ago +2

    Nice! There is a guy in my home town (Lincoln Nebraska) who is building some homes like this...I think he is going to build 2-3 of these on a block he owns. He has done a TON of improvements to the neighborhood his business is in.

  • Kevin Butcher
    Kevin Butcher 3 months ago +1

    Very pretty but not a good use of space.. are you required to use 4x2 internal framing ? makes for very thick walls and limits internal space significantly, the container is a self supporting structure so I'm not sure why framing timber is required to just fix wall panels to.

  • Melissa Tippie
    Melissa Tippie 3 months ago

    Columbus ohio lmao noone wants to visit ohio on airbnb lol.. middle of nowhere my butt. What will people do in winter or when rented this for vacation.. total joke and nice way to waste money. Should have built this on a beach or somewhere people actually travel to.. thanks for the laugh in Ohio

    • A dorable
      A dorable 3 months ago +1

      I would love to be in the middle of the forest 💚 the peace and quiet, fresh air, birds... nature pure.
      I've lived at the beach. No thanks. We're all different 😁✌🌷

  • Claudy TheArtist
    Claudy TheArtist 3 months ago +4

    Beautiful family and a modern cutting edge new home, Wow... Hoping all the best of luck for them...

    • Claudy TheArtist
      Claudy TheArtist Month ago +1

      @Rafael Acosta
      It's just language and the use of English can be as individual as the scores of folks that use it... Often, it's not a question of if it's right or wrong but as long as it is grammatically correct, it's okay to test and play around the edges of our language to maybe create interest... I know a few writers that mis-spell a word in the first sentence on purpose to draw folks in, to read more, even if it's them looking for another error... It's all in good fun and I appreciate you taking the time to comment and I thank you for that... Thanks...

    • Rafael Acosta
      Rafael Acosta Month ago +1

      @Claudy TheArtist lol "cutting edge phenomenon" ive just realized something and that is, you are absolutely right.

    • Claudy TheArtist
      Claudy TheArtist Month ago +1

      @Rafael Acosta
      That's right and used in a brand new modern way making it a cutting edge phenomenon...

    • Rafael Acosta
      Rafael Acosta Month ago +1

      lol i wouldnt call it cutting edge, its shipping container.

  • R S
    R S 3 months ago

    Looks great but $160k for one this small without land cost or labor?

  • D WF
    D WF 3 months ago

    the word is cantilevered

  • Amber wawa
    Amber wawa 3 months ago

    This location look to be dangerous.Do not dare to live there.

  • tlbirdsong1
    tlbirdsong1 3 months ago

    Aren't these containers extremely hot in the summertime?? That's going to be an astronomical cooling bill depending on where you are located if I tried to do this in Texas it would be killer hot

    • A dorable
      A dorable 3 months ago

      It's in the forest. Doubt the Sun even really hits it directly.

    • FlyAsTheKights !
      FlyAsTheKights ! 3 months ago

      Maybe if u use different materials for the insulation

  • Deborah Gay
    Deborah Gay 3 months ago +2

    I am so in love with the first one. Can't wait to see this finished.

  • Phill Huddleston
    Phill Huddleston 3 months ago +3

    I hate to say it after all the work they have done but the top container looks a little crooked.

  • Xavi Gutierrez
    Xavi Gutierrez 3 months ago

    100k lmfao

  • Kenny H
    Kenny H 3 months ago +1

    Looks like a mobile home on steroids!

  • Boho Bus
    Boho Bus 3 months ago +2

    700th LIKE right here from the Boho Bus, we approve!! ♥️✌🏻🚌

  • john connolly
    john connolly 3 months ago

    This chick is annoying but the house is very cool,

    • A dorable
      A dorable 3 months ago

      Yes! A valley girl 🙈 I also found her irritating. But, I wonder what Kind of job they have that they have time and money to build like this. She's annoying, but impressive.

  • Anita B.
    Anita B. 3 months ago +3

    wait till its finished

  • Bruneau François
    Bruneau François 3 months ago +3

    So nice!
    I dream to live in a container too but in a less expensive way.
    Just a box you could take away as quick as possible. As a trailer.

  • Aryan Ramanand
    Aryan Ramanand 3 months ago +5

    It is strong and cheap🥰

  • Donn Mogul
    Donn Mogul 3 months ago +2

    Super nice looks so much bigger inside then on the outside, simply nice, I'm speechless.

    • A dorable
      A dorable 3 months ago

      bigger inside "than" 🥰👍

  • Franks
    Franks 3 months ago +1

    I swear I thought it was the box hop at first 🤦‍♂️

  • Inexpensive Arms
    Inexpensive Arms 3 months ago +4

    Woof. 160 grand seems pricey for a shipping container home.

    • twitch moments
      twitch moments 24 days ago

      It’s a rental property to them

    • A dorable
      A dorable 3 months ago

      @S W58 wow 😳 unbelievable how expensive that all is.
      Why spend so much on a big house though?
      For that money, move into a 1-2 bedroom, work part-time, and live a happy care free life.

    • S W58
      S W58 3 months ago +1

      If they can do it turney for $160 it's a win win.
      I purchased an acre of land thinking I could buy a factory made one from Canada & be done turnkey ready for $225.
      👋👋👋 SMACKS ! 3 smacks in my face with the approval from the town the crane permits shipping labor everything
      4 years ago I was looking at over $600k & today over $900k. I kept my 1 acre went to other side of town purchased a 3 bedroom 3 bath converted it to 4 bedrooms total cost $355k my container home dream waits on the lottery.

    • Monday Morning
      Monday Morning 3 months ago +1

      Yep. Insane! And 260 or something a night??? LMAO 😂

  • altj
    altj 3 months ago +2

    Why she show her kid? What's the point... 🤔

  • rafa jardon
    rafa jardon 3 months ago +1


  • Jake Richardson
    Jake Richardson 3 months ago +3

    Aren't used shipping containers about 5k? Seems too pricey.

    • A dorable
      A dorable 3 months ago

      @SIMply Skye 👍

    • SIMply Skye
      SIMply Skye 3 months ago +1

      @Phillip Velednitskiy except the original purpose of shipping container homes before they became "trendy" was to repurpose unused non biodegradable shipping containers that are sitting in container graveyards.

    • Phillip Velednitskiy
      Phillip Velednitskiy 3 months ago

      Jake Richardson a used one might be a horrible idea if it was used to ship crazy things before it

    • S W58
      S W58 3 months ago

      Depends on the condition
      1 use can be $2-$3k
      Multi use are usually the cheapest $1200-$1800 ...DING DING DING! you may need to power spray heavy steam to disinfect it depending what was in it.

  • Edgar Flores
    Edgar Flores 3 months ago +2

    Thanks 4 giving the price!! New sub

  • Geo
    Geo 3 months ago +9

    You said a propane tank runs all your utilities. However, it appears your electric comes from the local power company. Not so much in the middle of nowhere as stated. Even still, truly a nice build though. Congrats!

  • Michael Hardy
    Michael Hardy 3 months ago +1


  • Eddie T
    Eddie T 3 months ago +1

    Looks great! You obviously aren't sparing expense. Why wouldn't you spend a couple more hundred and get a high cube for the 20 footer?

  • Эдуард Зубачев

    The amazing place!!!)

  • Brian Cole
    Brian Cole 3 months ago +3

    It's a odd not practical why not a full basement? Sorry just not getting this.

    • A dorable
      A dorable 3 months ago +1

      Basement????!! What do you mean?

  • M M
    M M 3 months ago +2

    What do you do for the vapor barrier? How do you bring in fresh are an exhaust stale air?

  • John Stup
    John Stup 3 months ago +2

    That is cool looking!

  • Crypto NiNJα
    Crypto NiNJα 3 months ago +3

    that's what a ninja need..... see you soon Airbnb

  • Libby Langhi
    Libby Langhi 3 months ago +7

    Beautiful home and the outdoors is so full with life and nature but with modern vibes inside and out

  • warhammer 40 000
    warhammer 40 000 3 months ago

    Даже ровно контейнер с верху поставить не могут. Узбеки и то лучше бы справились !

  • Haze Paden
    Haze Paden 3 months ago +1

    Wow!!! This is so Lovely ♥️