Bruce Wayne talks with Joker | Batman [4k, 30th Anniversary Edition]

  • Published on Aug 8, 2019
  • Batman 4K Blu-ray (30th Anniversary Edition) (1989)
    Scene: Bruce Wayne talks with Joker
    Storyline: The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being the clownishly homicidal Joker.
    Director: Tim Burton
    Cast: Michael Keaton (Batman / Bruce Wayne), Jack Nicholson (Joker / Jack Napier), Kim Basinger (Vicki Vale), Billy Dee Williams (Harvey Dent), Michael Gough (Alfred), Robert Wuhl (Alexander Knox), Pat Hingle (Commissioner Gordon)
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  • Edwin Heredia
    Edwin Heredia 9 hours ago

    So is this Jeremiah😂

  • joecee67
    joecee67 2 days ago

    jack nicholson is brilliant at being a villain /bad guy /psycho ... joker ,departed ... HEEEEEERES JOHHHHHNNNNYYYY

  • Евгений Савицкий

    Kim is so hot!

  • Olympius Studios
    Olympius Studios 4 days ago +1

    3:23 perfectly describes Joaquin Phoenix's Joker

  • -XLCR-
    -XLCR- 7 days ago

    When you realise Jack Nicholson's Joker was just a glorified Ceaser Romero knock-off with zero originality lol...

  • Raji Babiker
    Raji Babiker 7 days ago


  • mongo mongo
    mongo mongo 7 days ago

    she was hot then

  • SomethingVod
    SomethingVod 7 days ago

    It really looks like Jack's lips are that wide, LOL
    On second thought, they are that wide, how did they do that??

  • Sneaky Castro
    Sneaky Castro 7 days ago +2

    Harry: But what if he would of shot you in the face.

  • jimmy youngblood
    jimmy youngblood 9 days ago

    gayest joker ever

  • Nintendog140
    Nintendog140 11 days ago +3

    I can’t watch this without hearing a Prince beat in the background.

  • Wilson Fisk
    Wilson Fisk 11 days ago

    Never rub another mans rubarb

  • vgs pfl
    vgs pfl 11 days ago

    Best actors to play Bruce and joker

    AVLRECORDS 12 days ago +3

    this makes jaquin look like a boring useless waste. people have NO more sense of humor..

    • justiceingeneral
      justiceingeneral 10 days ago

      It was an origin story. He literally just became the joker at the end of the film

    • Tamás Pákey
      Tamás Pákey 10 days ago +1

      You have to understand that new film is supposed to show how and why Joker became the Joker . This Joker is supposed to be fun main villain in this movie . While in the new film we see how society can create remorless sociopaths from people like Arthur . Two very different takes . Each unique in their own way .

  • Wheezy the Wompie
    Wheezy the Wompie 12 days ago +1

    I'm busy looking at that horrifying baby doll in front of the mirror

  • Jack Gray
    Jack Gray 13 days ago

    What exactly was Bruce's plan if joker decided to shoot him in the head?

  • PrinzSop
    PrinzSop 13 days ago


  • Faux Panacea
    Faux Panacea 14 days ago

    I REALLY see Beetlejuice at 2:35

  • Ray Finkle
    Ray Finkle 15 days ago

    You wanna get nuts? C'mon! Let's get nuts!

  • Pengantar Akuntansi
    Pengantar Akuntansi 19 days ago

    I’m not sure is that bruce wayne or tom hanks

  • paul simon
    paul simon 21 day ago

    The original Batman was supposed to be 6ft. Tall and part native American...does that look like michael keaton. ..stupid movie.

  • John Cooper - Art of Social

    Anyone else think it was ken docherty the snooker player in the thumbnail?

  • FriendlyCrooc
    FriendlyCrooc 21 day ago

    Similar to Cameron's Titanic this film has both scenes who are ingenious and scenes who are as bad as if a 6 year old made them.

  • sky high
    sky high 23 days ago +1


  • Arthur Delin
    Arthur Delin 23 days ago

    Jackie Nicholson was very evil.

  • Jason  Rideout
    Jason Rideout 23 days ago

    Never rub another mans rhubarb lmao

  • Emmanuel Fletcher
    Emmanuel Fletcher 23 days ago +1

    “I’m only laughing on the outside
    My smile is only skin deep
    If you could see inside
    You might join me for a weep”
    That part was seriously overlooked.

  • PiCheZvara
    PiCheZvara 24 days ago

    The picture looks amazing. Excellent remaster.

  • Texas Rising
    Texas Rising 24 days ago

    Shitty acting.

  • I AM Batman
    I AM Batman 25 days ago

    Well I know for a fact that when Joker aims for the head, he always hits the guts so that's why I used that silver plate!

  • Gantlax8F
    Gantlax8F 26 days ago

    should've aimed for the head.

  • Joke See
    Joke See 26 days ago

    This bitch was hot all the way back in the day to now lol

  • Ahmed Ashraf
    Ahmed Ashraf 27 days ago


  • Old School Uncensored
    Old School Uncensored 28 days ago

    "Never rub another man's rhubarb!"

  • Strife Co. Studios
    Strife Co. Studios 28 days ago

    why does the 30th anniversary have a strange filter?

  • Oli K
    Oli K 28 days ago

    When you try to act serious for atleast a couple of seconds

  • Sami Nasri
    Sami Nasri 29 days ago +1

    This was better than jared leto

  • tyl er
    tyl er 29 days ago

    his cheeks when he smiles pisses me off

  • k!ng
    k!ng 29 days ago

    Is that peter father in spiderman homecoming?
    So he looked old from such a young age itself

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 29 days ago

    Good god Kim was beautiful

  • Ian Piepenbrock
    Ian Piepenbrock 29 days ago

    prime Kim Basinger 😍

  • Airton Santana
    Airton Santana 29 days ago


  • Vusal Mammadov
    Vusal Mammadov Month ago


  • abigail fear
    abigail fear Month ago

    That moment when u realise just how small Michael keaton is compared to Christian Bale lol

  • Juana Badillo
    Juana Badillo Month ago

    Este joker es el mas cabron de todos

    OBUCHI Month ago

    Heath ledger

  • Best 4Last
    Best 4Last Month ago

    I forgot he even played Joker and I grew up in the 90s 🤣👍🏼

  • Jamie Slater
    Jamie Slater Month ago

    "You can't handle the TRUTH!!"
    Oh shit, wrong film! 🖐
    "You ever dance with the devil in a pale moon light?" 👍

  • idalgleish87
    idalgleish87 Month ago

    'What if he shot you in the face loyd?'

  • Prathit
    Prathit Month ago

    Sorry he cant hold a candle to Heath Ledger.

    • Prathit
      Prathit 21 day ago

      @K1dCharlemagne character development for the Joker?

    • K1dCharlemagne
      K1dCharlemagne 21 day ago

      I used to feel that way, but then I realized Ledger's performance was just him acting like an edgelord and licking his lips a lot. No character development, no story, no reason to believe he was capable of anything, just crazy for the sake of crazy. Just because he died and had buttsex with Bubbleboy in a tent doesn't mean he's better than Jack. And Ledger couldn't carry Joaquin's filthy underpants.

  • 00Snake
    00Snake Month ago

    Bruce, darling, light of my life! I'm not gonna hurt you. You didn't let me finish my sentence. I said I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm just gonna bash your brains in. I'm gonna bash 'em right the f*** in!

  • Ab X
    Ab X Month ago

    "Sideshow Phony" ! Lol that's Donld Trump's phrase

  • Mr Twister
    Mr Twister Month ago

    This is trash

  • Carlo Balzer
    Carlo Balzer Month ago

    Jack Nicholson the best joker

  • Haval Abdulrahman
    Haval Abdulrahman Month ago

    The worst joker i've ever seen

  • Arch Vile
    Arch Vile Month ago

    I love how Keaton let a little bit of Beetlejuice slip.

  • Mik Rod
    Mik Rod Month ago

    Kim was gorgeous

  • Grand Lake Paranormal Society

    You want to get nuts...come on, let's get nuts. Bruce and the Joker than proceeded to go to the store to get nuts...

  • Alan Angelov
    Alan Angelov Month ago

    Imagine Batfleck in this scene 🤔