Hovering a Helicopter is Hilariously Hard - Smarter Every Day 145

  • Published on Nov 20, 2015
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  • James Herron
    James Herron 10 days ago

    Airplane: Easier to fly, but more dangerous
    Helicopter: Harder to fly, but more stable

    • Jhon Lewis
      Jhon Lewis 7 days ago

      James Herron Nononono. I remember sitting in kitty hawk with a friend of mine, and talking to a pilot who transitioned helicopter pilots over to airplanes. Airplanes are inherently stable. The wings even have dihedral(or a tilt) to them that helps keep their wings level. With an airplane you can pretty much set up the trim and turn the rudders to wherever you need to. Helicopters are inherently unstable. With a helicopter you need to be moving constantly. I will say though with airplanes you also have a clicking moment the instructors talked about here, and suddenly you can land and what not. Airplanes aren’t more dangerous than helicopters, helicopters are way more versatile though.

  • James Jatta
    James Jatta 13 days ago


  • Kamren Porche
    Kamren Porche 15 days ago

    I know this video is nearly 4 years old now, but I absolutely loved it! Great stuff man, keep it up!

  • Soepri 15
    Soepri 15 16 days ago +2

    Just press R2 and the left stick forward

  • Richard  Bertino
    Richard Bertino 17 days ago

    Thanks for coming to my hood.

  • Gerald EV
    Gerald EV 17 days ago

    You have to find the sweet spot.

  • semperneoeon
    semperneoeon 19 days ago

    @SmarterEveryDay are we getting a "How Winter's Tail Works" video?

  • John Hutchison
    John Hutchison 22 days ago

    I'm glad you enjoyed your time down here. It is quite a great place to live, aside from road congestion, heat, and humidity. Winter is heavenly!!

  • karel bellic
    karel bellic 22 days ago

    The only guy that makes you say "hey, man, it was OUR pleasure to have that promotion".
    If I come to the states, il make it a definite.

  • John Debest
    John Debest 23 days ago

    An excellent book on flying helicopters (in Vietnam) is Chicken Hawk. Written by Robert Mason , the first 1/3 of the book deals with military helicopter training.

  • Ony
    Ony 23 days ago +1

    Maybe non of these things are that hard and you are just really uncoordinated

    • Emma McNeill
      Emma McNeill 19 days ago

      Ony have you flown a helicopter? 😂

  • Nick Mendez
    Nick Mendez 25 days ago +5

    Notice how the instructors control arm is longer than the students so that they have more leverage if they start grabbing on too tight.

  • нєll fєѕт
    нєll fєѕт 28 days ago

    Ok so moving it is moving it to much.....so don't touch it at all

  • GunBunnyHE
    GunBunnyHE 28 days ago

    You found the hover button faster than I did hahahaha

  • Bryan Dyer
    Bryan Dyer Month ago

    The alliteration of this video's title, lol

  • Dominic Acia
    Dominic Acia Month ago

    I held a tight hover in a 6kt crosswind with full control after only flying for 15 minutes. The instructor thought I was from another school sent there to spy on them.
    2 things that help: No bands. The assisting bands make the controls numb. Every input induces a moment. You need to counter every moment with another input/moment. They aren't like fixed wing aircraft with dihedral to the wings that lead to the craft having some self stabilization effect; helicopters just keep moving in the direction you pushed them until you counter that movement.

  • Ola Bergvall
    Ola Bergvall Month ago +1

    I'm just curious, if anyone knows: With all the automated controls and stabilizing systems now available even in cheap hobby drones, why are not helicopters equipped with similar systems, to make flying them easier and less of a hands-on job?

  • Blender Dumbass
    Blender Dumbass Month ago

    I crying of Jealausy. I have no kids. And my little brothers live with the father in a different city. And you showing me how you have fun with kids.

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray Month ago

    not a single word about resonance.....

  • binghamfa
    binghamfa Month ago

    I fly both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Imagine driving 150mph down the freeway, now think about how much pressure you use on the steering wheel to turn. Basically, if you think about moving left in a hover, it will start to go left. If you moved the controls to the left, you probably over controlled.
    Plus side of flying helicopters, it’s exciting and fun. Downside, pay is sub par compared to fixed wing.
    Plus side of flying fixed wing, pay is amazing. Downside, it’s nowhere near as fun.

  • Kane Xu
    Kane Xu Month ago

    This looks exactly how I handle the helicopter in Microsoft Flight Simulator! I've been told the real helicopter is truly hard to control, just like in FS. Now I believe this, lol

  • Capitola Bill
    Capitola Bill Month ago

    I began to lose concentration around 6:00.

    DDT DDT Month ago

    Not bad dude. Well done! Probably better than I did in my time.

  • jacob shrum
    jacob shrum Month ago +1

    Honestly best sponsorship. I actually want to go there now.

  • Rodri Segura
    Rodri Segura Month ago

    I guess if you practice with fpv, you can get a better skill's, it's that correct? (Acro lol)

  • Henrique M.
    Henrique M. Month ago

    Nice video, except for the abused dolphins at the end

  • lezzman
    lezzman Month ago

    Cool as it was, I'm not sure I'd want my wife and kids watching my first flight attempt......juuuust in case. It's not the sort of crash they should see!

  • medo medo
    medo medo Month ago

    Dude , you don't have to change your accent when you talk to us .

  • Thomas Schaible
    Thomas Schaible Month ago

    So what your saying I can fly a heli because I can solve a cube
    Here I come Hollywood

  • Cruzito Talamates
    Cruzito Talamates Month ago

    F up

  • Paul Jordan
    Paul Jordan Month ago

    Sign me up

  • Skwisgaar Skwigelf
    Skwisgaar Skwigelf Month ago

    As it happens, it is kind of the same with a racecar. It's not just left-right with the steering wheel, and accelerate-brake with the pedals. It's more. It may sound counter-intuitive, but to take corners at the best possible speed involves a careful use of both pedals syncronized with your steering input. If you're going fast enough, you won't have enough grip in the tires to turn (understeer), and you have to minimize that using the weight transfer of the car. That's the key. You control the car by shifting weight on the suspension system so that you use as much grip as possible. And that weight transfer is achieved through steering and pedal input.

  • Rajeev Kumar
    Rajeev Kumar Month ago


  • Intuition Knows
    Intuition Knows Month ago +2

    I play with a Elite xbox controller with 4 paddles, i got this 😛😂

  • Michael J
    Michael J Month ago

    I'd love to learn how to fly helicopter, they're so cool. haha

  • Mister Bean
    Mister Bean Month ago +1

    Its easy

  • Ken Quesenberry
    Ken Quesenberry Month ago +1

    It's like riding a bicycle.

    ISO UFO Month ago +2

    UFO's don't have any issues hovering.

  • Frosty cold
    Frosty cold Month ago +1

    Helicopters are crazy

  • Kris Knowlton
    Kris Knowlton Month ago +1

    Find an old Bobcat that had the foot controls for the boom and bucket and the levers to turn left or right then learn how to operate it (notice I said operate it, not just drive it). Once you make it look easy then you have what it takes to fly a helicopter.

  • Mark’s landings And aviation vids

    Is there a place where i can do this? I’m 15 and i have a BIG intrest in aviation! Like i see videos all day on youtube. Any help will be much appreciated!

  • Good luck everyone
    Good luck everyone Month ago +1

    Like patting your head and rubbing your belly.

  • Alex R.
    Alex R. Month ago +4

    Hovering an helicopter can be compared also as keeping a brash stick in balance on your finger meanwhile you ride a skateboard...

  • Chado
    Chado Month ago +1

    I'm smarter twice today.

  • E Kennedy
    E Kennedy Month ago +2

    Actually as a experienced gta pilot it’s very easy

  • LEFT-Landed Jett
    LEFT-Landed Jett Month ago +4

    U don’t happen to know where I could get a pilot license for a plane? Or how much practice cost?..

    • meow guy
      meow guy Month ago

      Cost about 10000, just google pilot training near you

  • Clapped Out 270
    Clapped Out 270 Month ago +1

    Where was this video when I went to take the SIFT?

  • Dereal ALPHA
    Dereal ALPHA Month ago


  • Thi 164
    Thi 164 Month ago

    i kinda learnd the same thing but with a rc helicopter

  • theandy4ever
    theandy4ever Month ago

    Idk man it's pretty easy is GTA

  • Marco Mark Productions

    you just need practice

  • Harrier Pilot
    Harrier Pilot Month ago +1

    I can hover a jet.It's Magic.I am AV 8b Harrier Harrierpilot since 2014

  • Fat Splat
    Fat Splat Month ago

    I can relate, i tried the same thing in an r22 with no experience! its like every tiny input is delayed and youve got to control in advance, like acellerating in a modern auto gearbox car

  • NL x Prime
    NL x Prime Month ago

    I know that Microsoft by your lips are dying inside 1:48

  • Alejandro Pérez
    Alejandro Pérez Month ago

    Deadly unintuitive piece of metal. I don't like helicopters.

  • Alejandro Pérez
    Alejandro Pérez Month ago

    Why not use a simulator first ??

  • SkittleSoup
    SkittleSoup Month ago

    Just press right on the dpad bro

  • John Dough
    John Dough Month ago +2

    This is nothing compared to learning to do slow controlled wheelies on a Honda Grom...
    I'm almost there at about 47 hours...
    Edit: About 50 hours now, maybe more and I've got them down, not the best or smooth but I can ride them as long as I want most the time...

  • John
    John Month ago

    Pull up! Pull up! Pull up!

  • DaToNyOyO
    DaToNyOyO Month ago

    First thing you need is a decent understanding of the mechanics and physics of a helicopter.