Surprising My Dad with His Dream Bike!!!

  • Published on Oct 10, 2018
  • I surprised my Dad with his dream bike and his reaction was priceless. So happy to be able to do something like this and to share it with you guys. Hope you enjoy :)
    See him ride the bike for the first time!
    Huge Thanks to Luis at MineolaMoto for helping us get this bike!
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  • Jaret Campisi
    Jaret Campisi  9 months ago +1552

    This is something I've been wanting to do for my Dad for a very long time. I can't even explain how good it made me feel to be able to do this for him. Thank you all so much for continuing to support me and this channel. I couldn't do this without you guys. See him ride the bike for the first time!

    • Joel Campbell
      Joel Campbell 5 days ago

      Thats really nice of you

    • Eugene Valdez
      Eugene Valdez 21 day ago

      Jaret campisi nice one bro. I am a very fun of big bikes, and I wish that someday I got a big bike too but I don't know someday I can't not afford to buy bigbikes

    • Curtis Nappi
      Curtis Nappi 21 day ago

      That was amazing .. your dad was so stoked . Total tear jerker

    • Ian Carlo Bautista
      Ian Carlo Bautista Month ago

      You are such an awesome son godbless 😊

    • Chuck T.
      Chuck T. Month ago

      Nice bike, but don't rip on his ole Magna...

  • Rotea Khawlhring
    Rotea Khawlhring 13 hours ago +1

    I broke my dad's car today😁

  • Indika & Co
    Indika & Co 16 hours ago


  • pepe
    pepe 17 hours ago

    Dad just came @ 4:26

  • Bambang Suprayogo
    Bambang Suprayogo 22 hours ago +1

    do good to father deeds of very good and cool

  • Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit Day ago

    Your Successful Congratulations

    TITAN Day ago

    I bought a car for my father,snd he mad because of the tax.

  • majd landung
    majd landung Day ago

    This is " how to treat your parent"

  • Roman
    Roman Day ago

    Man this bike is expensive :/

  • tenerife boy
    tenerife boy Day ago

    My dad wants a Harley that is really loud lol

  • Ke Xu
    Ke Xu 2 days ago

    very cool bike for dad!

  • John Rhoy Pigar
    John Rhoy Pigar 2 days ago

    Oh my god I love this bike pretty cool
    Hope somebody send me à bike like this thank you guy's I love it.,

  • Vullnet Emshiu
    Vullnet Emshiu 2 days ago +2

    His father is great.. listening to his son about details of his DREAM BIKE..😂
    God bless all of you, it was really beautyfull.

  • Doug Mehring
    Doug Mehring 2 days ago

    At 428 is he jerking off lol

  • LoNe WoLf
    LoNe WoLf 2 days ago +3

    Bro, you really are a gift to your dad from above and he must be very proud to have a son like you. I envy you very much. Graduated from college since 2017, struggling real hard to get a job but I failed so many times still he look after my needs. I wish I have stand on my own feet so that I could get a home for my dad. Your video had me emotional because I couldn't do nothing for my parents. But I hope one day I can. God bless

  • Fraylin Rosario
    Fraylin Rosario 4 days ago

    Regáleme una a mi

  • Iqbal Persie
    Iqbal Persie 4 days ago


  • Alazar
    Alazar 4 days ago

    3:17 "look at the difference from yellow to black" smh lady has no clue.

  • Pree vlog
    Pree vlog 5 days ago


  • Dean Cooling
    Dean Cooling 5 days ago +1

    My dream bike too. Well done on doing such a cool thing. I wanted to do the same for my dad, but he had ‘just a deep seated cold’ as he put it....after a year or so he went to his docs to find out it was stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Ex military. Toughest, hardest working guy ever. Was 18 stone and built like a brick s**t house, he died 7 weeks later weighing 9 stone. So this gave me a wonderful insight to how I believe it would’ve been for my dad.
    Hope your spending as much time as possible cruising towards the horizon, chasing the sun together as often as possible.
    All the best
    Wales, UK

  • Jayson Ebrada
    Jayson Ebrada 5 days ago

    You're so good brow

  • Alessio Pino
    Alessio Pino 5 days ago +2

    Campisi ... italiani?

  • Rafy Aqwa
    Rafy Aqwa 5 days ago +2

    "More reliable than your Magna" *buys a Ducati*

    • Jaret Campisi
      Jaret Campisi  4 days ago

      has 6k miles on it and not a single issue :)

  • Thiện Đinh
    Thiện Đinh 5 days ago

    4:26 WTF

  • Jainism_is _great
    Jainism_is _great 6 days ago

    I am his neighbour the son is riding this bike for himself. Its scam

  • Максим Иванов


  • J Angel Sarabia
    J Angel Sarabia 6 days ago +1

    Ya me dieron ganas de tener hijos :v

  • Eves Daily Vlog
    Eves Daily Vlog 6 days ago

  • Ekkanofiq Andriyana
    Ekkanofiq Andriyana 6 days ago +3

    I've met with your dad before, but i can't remember where
    GTA.? Or movies or something like that

  • Joshua Berner
    Joshua Berner 6 days ago

    It also has a desmodronic valve train.

  • Kenbrian Dayson
    Kenbrian Dayson 6 days ago

    Good job sir☺️

  • No Name
    No Name 6 days ago

    Plot twist : bike was purchased by his father's money.

  • God Smurf
    God Smurf 6 days ago

    i saw a Honda

  • Steven Roberts
    Steven Roberts 6 days ago

    4:28 lmao

  • Jonas Juarez
    Jonas Juarez 7 days ago +1

    You will the talk of the table when he's with his friends. He will brag about you all the time (and who the hell wouldn't with a son like that)!

  • yarick citizen
    yarick citizen 7 days ago


  • Deutscher Patriot
    Deutscher Patriot 7 days ago

    Great. Good Son

  • ricky bobby
    ricky bobby 8 days ago

    Hes happy about the bike, he's pissed his son sounds like such a pussy. Most feminine ass voice iv ever heard.

    MOTOW 8 days ago

    You need a MOTOW to get that bike to California! Check out our channel MOTOW. Thks.

  • xhimiz14
    xhimiz14 8 days ago +1

    Such a great gesture. Enjoy it

    MAFFEN MAVERICK 8 days ago

    YEH, here dad a SECONDHAND bike , dad: thanks son for nothing , cheapskate 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 and that one of a ugly bugger of a bike,good luck with you're back

  • Chief 'Bear Claw
    Chief 'Bear Claw 9 days ago

    WHY ? ? 🤡

  • UntilSpike
    UntilSpike 9 days ago

    What is the name of the bike?

  • Keifer
    Keifer 9 days ago

    This made me want to cry.

  • Arm drop 1oh1
    Arm drop 1oh1 9 days ago


  • yamitha999
    yamitha999 9 days ago

    8:52 is that jim carrey?? :D

  • Fejerick Torres
    Fejerick Torres 9 days ago

    If I was your dad.. My tears would burst out. Lol.

  • Ákos Barcza
    Ákos Barcza 9 days ago

    I don't know when was the last time I bought a bike for my father because why not

  • Random_games YT
    Random_games YT 9 days ago +1

    4:27 look at the dad 😂

  • Zakki Ali Ali
    Zakki Ali Ali 9 days ago

    mantapp....bro,sayang ayah..

  • Gilson Topfstedt
    Gilson Topfstedt 9 days ago

    Dad came totally tired from work.

  • Java Grape
    Java Grape 9 days ago

    good job bro👊💪💞

  • Isagani Basis
    Isagani Basis 10 days ago

    one of my dream bike, but this is only dream,

  • Paddy Hanlon
    Paddy Hanlon 10 days ago +1

    Well done bud u are a good man to do that for your dad only one dad 👍👍👍😂

  • James Adcock
    James Adcock 10 days ago

    That is cool love it

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody 10 days ago

    Ford raptor crashes with This Ducati.
    Ford raptor= completely destroyed
    Ducati= it's my time to shine NIGGA

  • Lala dubbe
    Lala dubbe 10 days ago

    you want a more reliable bike and bought an italian bike?

  • Danyal Ad Khan
    Danyal Ad Khan 11 days ago

    You are a man

  • Danyal Ad Khan
    Danyal Ad Khan 11 days ago

    Good job bro

  • dairondr215
    dairondr215 11 days ago

    I almost cry man i wish i could do something like this for my dad or mom

  • A A
    A A 11 days ago +2

    Your dad's reaction was priceless. 🏍👍✌

  • A A
    A A 11 days ago

    That's really cool. Your a good dude.

  • Jason McKinney
    Jason McKinney 12 days ago

    Very cool what you did for your dad! But I’ve been hearing nothing but negative reviews about the diavel’s. This one is a 15 with only 1800 miles I’d be worried why it’s got such low mileage. Probably spent more time going to the shop than riding.

  • Pbg eric
    Pbg eric 12 days ago

    His reaction

  • Riccardo Casanova
    Riccardo Casanova 12 days ago


  • The Nokte Guy
    The Nokte Guy 12 days ago

    I feel sad for your mom. Gift her also something

  • Jeremy Lynn
    Jeremy Lynn 12 days ago

    Il be your dad

  • veera prasad
    veera prasad 12 days ago

    Your dad is like your brother

  • vinny mystle
    vinny mystle 13 days ago

    Honda motorcycles are 100 times more reliable then a ducatti lol.

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 13 days ago

    4:27 wtf why he jerkin the air

  • Sen Sei Guan
    Sen Sei Guan 13 days ago

    mantap bro.. anak yang berbakti.

  • King J
    King J 14 days ago +1

    God bless Jaret. I hope I can do the same one day for my parents

  • Mr Browns
    Mr Browns 14 days ago

    This is such an obvious advertisement.

  • sem Aka
    sem Aka 14 days ago

    He's dad with that black jacket and red bag on his back looks like an homeless junk or something. I should give him descent clothings and shoes rather than a bike.

  • silvano tataro
    silvano tataro 14 days ago

    You're such a generous, son...

  • Marlon Valdano
    Marlon Valdano 15 days ago +1

    Dude, you're an amazing son!!!! But gotta say, that man you call dad has got to be an amazing person. Where i'm from there's a lot of disjointed families and kids growing up without fathers (myself included). Love the love you guys have for each other. This had made my year. I might need some pointers from your dad to be as awesome as him.

  • BlackPythonMotoRider Biol

    Nice bro.ride safe always!pls.shout out my RU-clip channel.BlackPythonMotorider✌️🏍️and Pls.suport for me also my chanel,thanks!

  • Hector Alvarado
    Hector Alvarado 16 days ago

    What's the cc on this?

  • Ramon I Gimenez
    Ramon I Gimenez 16 days ago +1

    EL mejor regalo para tu padre no fue solo la moto, sino tu generosidad y reconocimiento hacia lo que te brindo tanto años. Felicitaciones a tu padre por la moto y felicitaciones a ti, por tener presente a tu padre.
    The best gift for your father was not only the bike, but your generosity and recognition for what he gave you so many years. Congratulations to your father for the bike and congratulations to you, for remembering your father. bye

  • Hamid Shahzad
    Hamid Shahzad 16 days ago

    what did you do about the other bike ?

  • s.r.krishna Nippani
    s.r.krishna Nippani 16 days ago

    Is that new or seconds? Damn good indeed

  • Yeasin Fahim
    Yeasin Fahim 16 days ago

    can you please tell me where do u live?its a very beautifull place

  • Toño M
    Toño M 16 days ago +3

    Your dad is Matt Dillon ?!? WTF !?!

  • Mark Tadena
    Mark Tadena 17 days ago

    I want your bike

  • Joel Patrick Sarmiento
    Joel Patrick Sarmiento 17 days ago +1

    I was just smiling all the time.

  • Anja M.
    Anja M. 18 days ago +3

    Wauw, What a great surprice 🥰... and to bad you live on the other side of the planet, or I would ask dad for a ride... is he single??? 😛

  • ondank
    ondank 18 days ago +3

    "I wanted to get him something more reliable" ... so you got him a ducati :S

  • ggj666
    ggj666 18 days ago

    Something more reliable than an old Honda? "A Ducati" now that's something i would never expect to hear :o)

  • boris kovac
    boris kovac 19 days ago

    I wish i could do that for my dad

  • James Rosete
    James Rosete 19 days ago

    damn my dad even shout "stfu" even tho i'm not talking hahahahahahaha

  • Rushikesh Chandgude
    Rushikesh Chandgude 19 days ago

    Great job man. respect for you !☺️ 👍

  • JM Dayto
    JM Dayto 20 days ago

    the 1.3K who gave this vid a 👎🏽, you guys are all idiots! You dont deserve the love of a son.

  • Callypso32
    Callypso32 20 days ago +1

    If you are selling your Gsxr 600, what are you buying next ?

  • kramark 14
    kramark 14 20 days ago

    I wish I could do that to my dad to :/

  • TR5T
    TR5T 20 days ago +1

    Can I be your step dad?

  • Saxon
    Saxon 20 days ago

    The bike a dream … the repair bills a nightmare!

    MYW AJA 20 days ago +1

    I see about dad's happiness i click , miss you dad 💕

  • James Harbor
    James Harbor 20 days ago

    Isn’t there only 500 of these bikes?

  • Bundhoo Nadeem M.
    Bundhoo Nadeem M. 20 days ago

    6:29 and he never came back

  • marsad create
    marsad create 20 days ago

    Unfortunately dad. April fool. I want to see his face.