Shattered My iPhone (again)

  • Published on Feb 4, 2017
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Comments • 7 006

  • Lili Mei Wu
    Lili Mei Wu 5 hours ago

    I don't understand, did she bought another iPhone or she just fixed it?

  • Room Zee
    Room Zee 5 hours ago

    Next time ised a thick cases stupid

    SARA VERNON 18 hours ago

    no no don't say that

  • Kiran Gowda
    Kiran Gowda 2 days ago

    Put on a case genius!!!

  • Ya Gurl Marinaaa
    Ya Gurl Marinaaa 2 days ago

    But u have like all the iPhones ever existed 😑😑😑 while I only have one until I can afford one

  • Kevinkplayz
    Kevinkplayz 4 days ago

    There a thing call pop socket

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles 4 days ago

    How does that even happen

  • Darragh O
    Darragh O 4 days ago

    Ur not an iddiot ur sexy

  • mousumi datta
    mousumi datta 4 days ago +1

    You signed plainrock124 iPhone SE .One day I saw it. Reply me 👇👇

  • Madison Dean
    Madison Dean 5 days ago

    Person: what’s your name?
    Justine: Justine Ezarik
    Person: what’s your favorite place in the world?
    Justine: the Apple store

  • Typical.Frankie
    Typical.Frankie 5 days ago +1

    why are you being so hard on yourself

  • Raiyan Wald
    Raiyan Wald 5 days ago

    Ive never broken a phone

  • Tehya Blackburde Moore

    Whatever you have like 100 more

  • Sany blue
    Sany blue 6 days ago

    This is so fricking relatable ;-;

  • Brooke Turner
    Brooke Turner 6 days ago +1

    You have like 400 other ones anyway

  • Hope Griechen lol
    Hope Griechen lol 6 days ago +2

    I got a tiny scratch in the corner of my iPad that was hardly noticeable and I cried for 3 days.........

  • Murray Norris
    Murray Norris 6 days ago

    Get mous case problem solved 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Adam Van Der Valk
    Adam Van Der Valk 6 days ago

    Lovely bit of piano!

  • kemo and shadow 1
    kemo and shadow 1 7 days ago

    At least you have not dropped your MacBook. About 1 year ago I dropped all my windows laptops and that broke one hard drive and the other one started to fail so I put a different hard drive in and put different operating systems on both and they are running perfect

  • Gacha Luna
    Gacha Luna 8 days ago

    It's her baby

  • Gacha Luna
    Gacha Luna 8 days ago


  • ThePerson -WhoWatchesVideos

    The case on the iPhone has 0 protection. Plus the huge flaw is the bottom as it is exposed. I’d nightly recommend getting otter boxes for your phones. Just recommending! Love your channel though btw! Awesome videos! ^_^

  • Blu Gacha블루 가차 -

    You can still use your phone its just shatterd

  • alwaysperfect1
    alwaysperfect1 10 days ago

    like i care 🤣

  • Yasar Özugurlu
    Yasar Özugurlu 11 days ago +1


  • Homanzi
    Homanzi 11 days ago


  • irn rana
    irn rana 12 days ago +1

    Get a case

  • Galaxy lili Xoxo
    Galaxy lili Xoxo 12 days ago

    Same! I fell outside and my entire phone shatteres

  • hari presad Presad
    hari presad Presad 13 days ago

    She is drama queen

  • Moonlight Wolf Animations

    Why do you need that fixed? You have a million others. You used it in the car.

  • Panda Bear ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Don’t worry she has at least 5 $1000 phones :) now

  • The Big ???
    The Big ??? 19 days ago

    Poor iPhone 👎🏻

  • Karen G.
    Karen G. 19 days ago +5

    I took off my phone case and started using my phone then I dropped it, the worst part is that the screen protector didn’t even protect my phone screen so now the left part of my phone is completely shattered and i don’t think I’ll be able to get a new one🥺

  • Daniela Granillo
    Daniela Granillo 21 day ago

    U have like 1000 phones so shut up

  • Rsd Here
    Rsd Here 21 day ago


  • Dontae Dovel
    Dontae Dovel 22 days ago

    Go get it repaired

  • hot_cheeto imma_
    hot_cheeto imma_ 22 days ago

    Did you try rice?

  • Soggyy_Pancake
    Soggyy_Pancake 22 days ago

    Honestly if it still turns on and the crack is that small you should be able to live with that for a couple of months, I mean it’s just a corner crack

  • Marchito Alcantara
    Marchito Alcantara 23 days ago

    0:00 OOF

  • Icy YT
    Icy YT 23 days ago

    She’s 📱📲 Her Phone

  • roni rose
    roni rose 23 days ago


  • theloniousMac
    theloniousMac 24 days ago +1

    You ran out of things to do in an Apple Store? Next time try these:
    1. Create a wanted poster of yourself and have it ready on a website with the title: FBI WARNING! HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN? While in the Apple Store, launch the site on several devices.
    2. Write down or memorize phone numbers from display iPhones. Then go outside and call the phones or FaceTime the phones and say there is a dangerous woman impersonating you in the store somewhere.
    3. Leave a piece of paper on a table that says...
    1. Drive to Apple Store.
    2. Go inside Apple Store.
    3. Kidnap Apple Store Employee.
    (Remember to check off 1 and 2)

  • Shuu秀修
    Shuu秀修 24 days ago

    Magic 8 ball was right

  • theloniousMac
    theloniousMac 24 days ago +2

    Why don’t you keep backups running automatically. It’s like keeping all your feathers numbered for just such an emergency.

  • Everything Nerd Bro
    Everything Nerd Bro 24 days ago

    i should of planned to go to the gym, but i went to star bucks ... hahaha great

  • James Williams
    James Williams 24 days ago

    Well if you can Android phone get last a lot longer than iPhones

  • Ember_Swifty plays
    Ember_Swifty plays 24 days ago

    Use a case!!!!

  • Sulwen Drapkin
    Sulwen Drapkin 24 days ago

    Things happen

    CISCODE 24 days ago

    That’s why cases exist and screen protectors

  • Karson Davenport
    Karson Davenport 24 days ago

    I love your chrome nail polish


    Moral of the story.

    Dont get a dog.

  • Master Kamen
    Master Kamen 24 days ago

    Buy a damn Xiaomi Redmi phone that thing is extremly durable I have one that fell from 3 meters and no damage happened

  • Animator Content
    Animator Content 25 days ago

    Your not alone I’m the same

  • Angel Gaona
    Angel Gaona 25 days ago +1

    What phone is that.?🙌🏼🍁

    • Joris Beek1
      Joris Beek1 24 days ago

      Its an iphone 7 plus 256 gb jet black

  • AeroFlow
    AeroFlow 25 days ago

    anyone in 2019?

  • MyIdol TomHolland
    MyIdol TomHolland 26 days ago

    iJustine It’s Okay You can Maybe Use Ur old But sorry

  • Ava Taylor
    Ava Taylor 26 days ago

    You said that like you can’t get a new one if I did that I would be worried 😟 not you

  • Kamri and Paisley
    Kamri and Paisley 26 days ago +2

    I shattered my phone (worse then that) like 3 years ago... I'm still using the same phone...

  • Wonback
    Wonback 27 days ago

    You literally bought a new macbook because you forgot the password of the old one, idk why u complain XD

  • JohnB551
    JohnB551 27 days ago +1

    Who's watching in summer 2019?

  • Jhon Garcia
    Jhon Garcia 27 days ago

    Who’s watching this in 2019? 😂

  • Rman121games
    Rman121games 27 days ago


  • Christopher Fields
    Christopher Fields 28 days ago

    Why u sad about it when u can get it fixed or get another one?

  • Saif Iqbal
    Saif Iqbal 28 days ago +1

    Life sucks when 1 of 50 of your iPhones break -_-

  • Nina Hedelund
    Nina Hedelund 28 days ago


  • Manhal Mansuri
    Manhal Mansuri 28 days ago +1

    Can justine have 6m please? At least not me :( it would be great if I had 6m I mean but Please let justine have 6m pleaseeeeeee Atleast not me :(

  • The fall Of Kendra
    The fall Of Kendra 29 days ago

    It’s cheaper to buy a new phone lol gotta love apple

  • Ayla Bahrami
    Ayla Bahrami 29 days ago

    Not as bad as when I shattered my iPad that bad that the pieces came out😓😓

  • MrEpic9000
    MrEpic9000 Month ago


  • SuperiorDash
    SuperiorDash Month ago +1

    I got in a accident and shattered my iPhone it still works even tho it got Thrown very far but it had a case

  • Hawaii Lin
    Hawaii Lin Month ago

    Good to have a back up phone

  • Hawaii Lin
    Hawaii Lin Month ago

    Day go by fast

  • Hawaii Lin
    Hawaii Lin Month ago

    Not your fault

  • laura pruitt
    laura pruitt Month ago

    It’s ok it happens

  • Daniella
    Daniella Month ago +4

    Justine u should put the screen protector
    In the Apple store they can put it to u

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian Garcia Month ago +1

    Think that’s bad I fully shattered the screen

  • jayjay milla
    jayjay milla Month ago +2

    omg its so sad 😢😢😢

  • Michaela Browder
    Michaela Browder Month ago

    It’s okay I always drop my phone all the time and it didn’t crack I don’t blame you Justine don’t blame yourself it’s just a phone it’s okay don’t hate yourself

  • rm army
    rm army Month ago +1

    I smashed by iphone 10x max and it's way too expensive to fix:(. I'm forever stuck with it until I get a new phone and I'm pretty sure I'm not getting a new one in years because I just got this phone a few months ago after months of saving for a new one:(

    • Michael
      Michael Month ago

      rm army ohhh shit...

  • toni seals
    toni seals Month ago

    I broke my phone before Glass was afrewr

  • toni seals
    toni seals Month ago

    You are not idiot

  • Tala.M San
    Tala.M San Month ago

    *and my Old iPad that shattered and I bought a new one is still shattered till this day and you can’t even see anything on it*

  • Rukzayani Baskaran
    Rukzayani Baskaran Month ago

    yo i’ve cracked my phone even worse than that

  • Anwar Alhoda
    Anwar Alhoda Month ago

    I am from Syria and I live in Turkey as a refugee. I have five children who come from a poor family. I have long been in love with him for more than 17 years. I dream that I will acquire such a device and so far I can not because of the material conditions I live in. Can you help me with a little money to repay my debts? And then if you can help me buy a mobile of this kind I will be grateful for your longevity

  • Evan
    Evan Month ago

    Be carful

  • Gabriel Matthew Santos


  • Åmān Śįngh
    Åmān Śįngh Month ago

    Bcz u have iphone XS max , why the hell u r blaming that cute ( i mean cuter than u ) dog ?? U are using the newer one instead of old ..! Sali chutiya bna di sbko paid screen protector review without reviewing.

  • Åmān Śįngh
    Åmān Śįngh Month ago

    U look too fake ??

  • Chloe June
    Chloe June Month ago

    Im really suprised that my phone that my mom had for 4 years and is now mine isn’t cracked yet

  • Jeremy Beehn
    Jeremy Beehn Month ago

    Dont say that you have thousends of more phones

  • Cami Sanchez
    Cami Sanchez Month ago


  • Dychjggk Yyghivhk
    Dychjggk Yyghivhk Month ago

    This happens to my laptop, not my phone :(

  • Blaze Gaming
    Blaze Gaming Month ago

    Do you know plainrock124?

    TTVSAVAGEKING 23 Month ago +1


  • Joshy P
    Joshy P Month ago

    Isn't she like rich? Cant she just buy any phone!

  • messed up child
    messed up child Month ago

    I straight up think shes addicted to that yellow drink...

  • The kid cubing Gamer

    It's an ember coffee cup she got from Starbucks

  • Samuel Forte
    Samuel Forte Month ago

    RIP iphone

  • DaSkittlesGirl
    DaSkittlesGirl Month ago

    I don't really care when these things happen all I want is they work and make me happy idc if the screen is shattered

  • grant allen magboo
    grant allen magboo Month ago

    Haha your an idiot i have many apple product haha