Shattered My iPhone (again)

  • Published on Feb 4, 2017
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  • Hont Nog
    Hont Nog 5 hours ago

    why you put the phone in the pocket

  • Trollee 123
    Trollee 123 8 hours ago

    Get A Samsung!

  • Cian Torio
    Cian Torio 8 hours ago

    Just accisentally shattered my phone today

  • Stream Cloudy309
    Stream Cloudy309 19 hours ago

    You should get a new iPhone 7 Plus

  • RaNoOni
    RaNoOni 2 days ago

    Oh maaaaan now you have 5 million more phones

  • Keller Mendez
    Keller Mendez 2 days ago

    I just broke my iphone but now im geting the iphone xr

  • The Real Captain Crunch

    This is why I use a phone case

  • Gypsy y
    Gypsy y 6 days ago

    Tbh it’s not even that bad. I’ve seen way worse from ppl who have the same phone as yours and had to deal with it until their birthday or Christmas

  • ty fine
    ty fine 8 days ago

    Ijustine your not an idiot your not reckless your a regular pirson dont worry it happens alot

  • Kirsten Buendia
    Kirsten Buendia 9 days ago

    Me too my iPhone 7 Plus is Shattered I’m careless!

  • James Playzz
    James Playzz 10 days ago +1

    Dont say that to yourself😢 its okay its no ones fault😊

  • I'm Bish
    I'm Bish 10 days ago

    I never shattered my phone.!!and that sad

  • Monalie Stacruz
    Monalie Stacruz 10 days ago

    That is why all/most of us have a screen protector on their phone

  • DexterDex
    DexterDex 11 days ago

    I am ten and have had my iPhone 6s for 3 years and have never broke it ps love you

  • Guadioso de Guzman
    Guadioso de Guzman 11 days ago +1

    Otterbox defender case recommended

  • Unknown 69
    Unknown 69 12 days ago

    Imagine how big her butthole is...

  • Lana.Edit.Gachalife :3

    Like you don't have money to get the most expensive phone ever

  • Ishkhame Wee-Ellis
    Ishkhame Wee-Ellis 12 days ago

    I feel sorry for her

  • Chrais channel woorld
    Chrais channel woorld 13 days ago

    i like your all review and unboxing all phone

  • Jacari Alexander
    Jacari Alexander 13 days ago +1

    Like. Me

  • SteppenWolff100
    SteppenWolff100 14 days ago

    "I am never bored anywhere; being bored is an insult to oneself" (Jules Renard)

  • Cold Night
    Cold Night 14 days ago

    Your dog is more civilized than some of my friends

  • Gidgie
    Gidgie 14 days ago

    I shatter, broke the front camera and disabled my phone and I waited 3 years for a new phone
    This actually happened believe me it is the worst feeling in the world

  • Prince Ezeh
    Prince Ezeh 15 days ago

    what is that drink that justine has
    I am literally obsessed with that drink

  • ChuggyPuggy
    ChuggyPuggy 15 days ago

    Wow everyone cares about your phone

  • Kami Röse
    Kami Röse 16 days ago

    Is your Dog a Bichon Frise?

  • Matthew Tran
    Matthew Tran 16 days ago

    don't worry this is what makes you you

  • Domingo Aquino
    Domingo Aquino 16 days ago

    Didn’t u have an IPhone X?

  • Comfy Sunday
    Comfy Sunday 17 days ago

    Maybe you should get a case or get an android until you can control the way you carry for phone

  • Manuel Sanchez
    Manuel Sanchez 17 days ago +1

    She acts like she can't afford a new phone

  • Müjgan
    Müjgan 19 days ago +2

    Before the video,I shuttered my phone😑😑😑

  • Jacob Burnett
    Jacob Burnett 19 days ago +1

    Get a case and keep it safe

  • asiankid902
    asiankid902 20 days ago

    a tempered glass screen protecter and some beefy otterbox will do the job done.

  • Airurando Buemio
    Airurando Buemio 21 day ago


  • Airurando Buemio
    Airurando Buemio 21 day ago

    can i keep that

  • Airurando Buemio
    Airurando Buemio 21 day ago

    akin na lang yan

  • AnnaJ24
    AnnaJ24 21 day ago

    Why not buy a Phone case its so cheap just like 3-4 dollars and tempered glass same price too

  • Jessica Gehrt
    Jessica Gehrt 23 days ago

    My last phone shattered in the bottom right corner and the base on the whole back

  • Uros Ivkovic
    Uros Ivkovic 23 days ago

    Honestly I don’t know why but I keep watching this video knowing that I will never afford for a iPhone, And this Video is from two years ago

  • Myles Denstedt
    Myles Denstedt 24 days ago

    At least you care about it some you tubers have shattered I phone 7 plus

  • Latonya Tubbs
    Latonya Tubbs 25 days ago

    We all make mistakes and I have never sharrtered my iPhone xr and xs max 🤔🤨🤨

  • Lillith Let’s play and more

    Don’t you have 10000 other phones 🙄😂

  • Amanda Fitzsimmons
    Amanda Fitzsimmons 25 days ago

    My son just broke his phone

  • JustLegendary
    JustLegendary 26 days ago +1

    She looks so done with her life lol cba

  • Felipe Arriagada
    Felipe Arriagada 26 days ago

    New name for the channel: “ishattering”

  • Juan_ M3lchor
    Juan_ M3lchor 26 days ago

    iPhones and Apple Problems 😂

  • vule king
    vule king 26 days ago

    Why do you have 2 phones ???

  • groovy pussy nana
    groovy pussy nana 26 days ago

    It usually takes 7 hours to backup!

  • Damian Cox
    Damian Cox 26 days ago

    Upgrade to samsung

  • bariohulimex
    bariohulimex 27 days ago

    Im sad justi

  • james oleary
    james oleary 28 days ago

    Do you have Apple care+?

  • Cameron Chabot
    Cameron Chabot 29 days ago +1

    On 6:27 what song is this because I like this song

  • Tully Zapotosky
    Tully Zapotosky 29 days ago

    you need to take a chill pill to slow your life down its to rushed

  • I try sweat
    I try sweat 29 days ago +1

    the way u putting the phone on the table go crack it more

  • Muna Jitta
    Muna Jitta 29 days ago

    5:04 no look

  • Quintillion PG3D
    Quintillion PG3D 29 days ago +1

    The screen is like 500 bux

  • Quintillion PG3D
    Quintillion PG3D 29 days ago

    Who's WATCHING this in 2019

  • Reggie Owens Jr
    Reggie Owens Jr 29 days ago

    I’ll take the cracked one

  • Dreaf Food
    Dreaf Food Month ago +1

    Im sorry that u broke your iphobe 7 plus 💔💔💔💔💔

  • Corelsk
    Corelsk Month ago

    the change is real in 2019

  • Noelle butcher
    Noelle butcher Month ago

    This bitch spends 1000 of bucks.. To buy some shit .. And when breaks deu to some minor drops ..blames herself ...what world we live in .

  • Randall Emerson
    Randall Emerson Month ago


  • Lili Hanna Vass
    Lili Hanna Vass Month ago


  • Sharon Christ'Everywhere

    My LCD screen cracked on iPhone 7 and the normal screen the people at Apple we’re so nice and fixed it in an hour my crack/accident was 10x worse

  • Rodelyn Razon
    Rodelyn Razon Month ago +28

    2019 everyone? Hahahaa i love you Justine from Philippines. Also love the white case 😍

  • Monty ___
    Monty ___ Month ago


  • Rares Tudor
    Rares Tudor Month ago

    I watching in 2018

  • July Jerrell
    July Jerrell Month ago +1

    Who is watching 2019 (me)

  • Justin the ultimate gamer

    I have the iphone xs max with screen protector and a case because I don't want crack in my phone

  • Maddox Coletti
    Maddox Coletti Month ago

    I have an idea where you can’t shatter your phone get the mous limitless case

  • ejm513
    ejm513 Month ago

    This honestly compelled me to put on my bulkier case :p

    GTAMASTER97 Month ago

    Don't you have like 15 other phones

  • Ajztotheextremo9
    Ajztotheextremo9 Month ago

    Who’s watching in 2019????

  • Freddie Mercury FAN

    that's why popsocets are good

  • Daniel Song
    Daniel Song Month ago


  • Foxy
    Foxy Month ago

    I did similar thing

  • Temp
    Temp Month ago

    oh I remember when my screen just fell

  • Vesuvius InNco
    Vesuvius InNco Month ago

    Have you tried rice?

  • Victoria Cauchi
    Victoria Cauchi Month ago

    Put a case on the phone

  • cowgirl9925
    cowgirl9925 Month ago

    I’m watching this video on my iPhone 7 I got in January 2019 it’s my first iPhone I was using android phone but it kept messing up so i switched to the IPhone 7 I have a case and a screen protector on it cause I drop my phone sometimes and it costs way to much money to get it replaced right now

  • lgc tech
    lgc tech Month ago

    I dropped my phone and I almost died

    DEDS3C CH4NNEL Month ago


  • NoragamiGhouls
    NoragamiGhouls Month ago


  • Marek Kupec
    Marek Kupec Month ago

    Why you do that ...... Just buy android

  • Alisa Borisova
    Alisa Borisova Month ago +2

    You should use screen protectors. Love watching ur vids Justine!!

  • bfredd33
    bfredd33 Month ago +1

    And this is why I have an otter box

  • Evan Nussbaum
    Evan Nussbaum Month ago

    The old iPhone has 8 gigabytes, and my Apple Watch has the same amount

  • Rayees Mathroof
    Rayees Mathroof Month ago

    Whats your job jstn?

  • Caoimhin Mc Cauley
    Caoimhin Mc Cauley Month ago

    Tech 21 and u good

    HELL GAMER THE BEST Month ago +1

    Ijustine cmon why you cracked your iPhone again

  • Flux
    Flux Month ago

    Yeah good idea. Let’s hold my phone and the dogs leash in the same hand!!! Yeah!!!

  • PlayerFoxyGames Alex

    I crack my iPhone too with left screen crack

  • Prince Lal
    Prince Lal Month ago

    I have also shattered my iphone xr and it is not working

  • Macklemore Lewis
    Macklemore Lewis Month ago

    Do you suppose to pay to restore youre iphone

  • tomas kozar
    tomas kozar Month ago

    the way she throws the phomes in the purse pisses me off

  • Bri
    Bri Month ago

    I remember when I broke my LG I was CRYING MY EYES OUT. No joke my face was red. It the screen was shattered, but no glass pieces feel off. Then I got a Samsung Galaxy J7V 2018. 8/10.

  • Eve O
    Eve O Month ago


  • S K
    S K Month ago

    People who don’t have screen protection buys insurance

  • Serena Lin
    Serena Lin Month ago

    No u are not I am also clumsy like very I could die I’m so clumsy