Doctor Reviews Meatless Burgers | Impossible, Beyond & More!

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • After my successful 30-day vegan challenge I decided to give you an in-depth look into this new meatless burger or vegan burger craze! I ordered five meatless burgers and a single beef one for comparison's sake. I will say these burgers are technically not vegan because I included cheese and the brioche bun but they are still vegetarian! I love cheese. Let me know if you've tried any of these!
    Burgers Included in this Review
    - Impossible Burger
    - Beyond Burger
    - Quinoa Burger
    - Black Bean Burger
    - Beef Burger
    - Sweet Potato Burger
    If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Doctor Reacts Series & Responding to Comments so please submit more names of shows/episodes & questions you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
    - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Dayto
    Dayto 10 hours ago

    What a terrible blindfold jesus/

  • L M
    L M 11 hours ago

    What's with you and weight? Kept picking them up and say "this one has got some weight on" lol 😂

  • sue kirsh
    sue kirsh Day ago

    I think you nutrition ideas are very outdated, for such a youg doctor. I would love you to interview Dr Ken Berry, also a doc on You Tube and/or Dr Paul Saladino. You have a large following and spreading bad medical advice about nutrition is criminal and outdated. I would love for you discuss never research on nutrition with other doctors on your channel to start educating people on proper nutrition and disease prevention. My background, a type 2 diabetic, for over 20 years - sugar addict, slowly reversing diabetes. A1C is 5.2, goal is 5 or high 4's. Please take up my challenge. Yiu are entertaining but not newsworthy, currently, as a medical doctor.

  • Dianna Mirsakandov
    Dianna Mirsakandov Day ago +1

    I was sure he prefers classy women, but okay.

  • Marcia Russi
    Marcia Russi Day ago

    You should be on HOTONES!!!

  • Glem Wheatley
    Glem Wheatley 2 days ago

    Great. Now I want a burger. In & Out May be getting a visit from me this evening.

  • Levi Dahl
    Levi Dahl 2 days ago

    Focusing on nothing but calories, sodium and protein is a pretty lacking view of nutrition.

  • Greg Zeng
    Greg Zeng 2 days ago

    Vegetable based burgers have FIBER. This fiber is necessary & essential for prevention of constipation & diarrhea, afaik. Fiber may also be needed for health guts, etc.
    The other environmental cost of real meat burgers are green house gases (methane & carbon dioxides) and use of fresh water. Real meat burgers have bad land use histories, compared to plant based burgers.
    Pity the tests here were not just burgers alone. Other burger non-essentials confused the results: sauce, bun & fresh vegetables. Hopefully searching the internet might uncover a more credible result than this video.

  • patanella
    patanella 3 days ago

    if they’re from bareburger they’re all vegan if they aren’t beef

  • MrTacticalinuit
    MrTacticalinuit 4 days ago

    The high sodium causes heart problems is not really true, or so I've heard.

  • Lucas Nielsen
    Lucas Nielsen 4 days ago

    This guy makes me nervous, am I the only one?

  • Dino Rossi
    Dino Rossi 4 days ago

    Since I got a like from you, That is "yes", I take it. :) I want to share this on my blog with your permission. Thanks

  • Cricket Baxter
    Cricket Baxter 4 days ago

    My boys (11and 15 yrs old) don’t have healthy eating habits. I model the behaviour I’d like to see in them but their dad... not so much. I tried not buying junk food and they got really upset. Nagging doesn’t work. (Obsv 🙄) the 11 year old is starting to get chubby where as the 15 yr old has an insane metabolism. Any suggestions for getting the boys to eat better.? I feel guilty when I buy junk but then don’t want to be controlling. P.s Bear is the cuttest

  • Madein Heaven
    Madein Heaven 4 days ago

    I looove sweet potato burgers and halloumi burgers!!! But I'm vegeterian. Thanks for this video, so so interesting 😍

  • Julia Zardo
    Julia Zardo 5 days ago

    Are you learning portuguese? numero 4quatro, numero cinco. very good!

  • Dimitrios Athanasiou

    Make a video about your watches, you are a watch guy, everyone noticed that

  • Shyho Gaming
    Shyho Gaming 5 days ago

    ):12 he got excited

  • asdfgh123
    asdfgh123 6 days ago

    the girl tho

  • Ann Rogers
    Ann Rogers 8 days ago

    Impossible burger has wheat protein. I am very algeric to wheat protein and stop breathing

  • Felixx Denolo
    Felixx Denolo 9 days ago

    Impossible burger has more salt but if you are vegan and don’t eat it all day everyday so I think it’s fine

  • Ali
    Ali 9 days ago +1

    I think it was a bit unfair to compare proteins when the beef burger had egg in the bun

  • Julia Gulia
    Julia Gulia 9 days ago

    I feel like Dr. Mike just rubbed his gf in my face. Why ya gotta hurt us like that boo?

  • Soma
    Soma 9 days ago +1

    I don’t know if I’m the only one who’s thinking like this but...

    I feel strange if a doctor eats a burger (not hating I love watching dr. Mike!)

  • Chris Bessey
    Chris Bessey 10 days ago

    The best way to be responsible to the planet is to buy meat that is farmed responsibly. Cows raised with Regenerative Agriculture in mind actually create a carbon sink (meaning they REDUCE overall carbon emissions instead of increasing them). Another thing we can and should do is eat nose-to-tail to make the most of every animal. Bones can be used for broth, and organ meats are THE MOST NUTRITIOUS foods on the planet (quote me on that). We can also diversify our sources of meat. Small fish and other seafood can completely fulfill many important nutrient requirements (~2 ounces of oysters can fill iron requirements for the week!!!).
    Instead of going vegan, we can make very real changes in how our meat is raised and farmed in order to rehabilitate our planet. Monocrops seem to be much more damaging to our land. Rapeseed, Corn, and Soybean are not only bad for our health, but also bad for our land. And not only are those grown to feed livestock, but they feed US as well. Do your research folks. Beef is good for your health AND for our planet if farmed responsibly and sustainably.

  • Chris Bessey
    Chris Bessey 10 days ago

    However the protein in the beef burger is much more bioavailable than vegetable protein. Not to mention the lack of vitamins that cannot be found in significant amounts outside of animal products without supplementation, which is not ideal.

  • Toi
    Toi 10 days ago

    I don't like hamburgers. I don't eat them at all. So even though you were showing the veggie alternative, I still won't eat them because they look like hamburgers.
    It's weird because I do eat ground beef but it's just the shape of the meat patty and the hamburger itself just doesn't do it for me.
    It was very nice seeing you eating them though.

  • Jay J
    Jay J 10 days ago

    My understanding, the Impossible burger (don't know about beyond burger) was never designed for vegans. .The idea is to get meat eaters to eat them and reduce meat production.

  • brandon day
    brandon day 11 days ago

    Men, check out 0:14. You're welcome

  • Sarah Cook
    Sarah Cook 11 days ago

    Who would ever call a burger health food, vegan or otherwise.

  • David Tal
    David Tal 11 days ago

    well that was interesting. and thanx for the neutritional info in the meatless paddies which makes me even less likely to ever try one. not that i ever really would have. i like my meat, and very much. am happy to be at the top of the food chain, and feel zero shame about it.

  • Paremedics Jeremy
    Paremedics Jeremy 12 days ago +1

    7:01 is she mad? 😆

  • Dodobird
    Dodobird 12 days ago


  • cooksheather
    cooksheather 12 days ago

    How about Turkey burgers? They don’t raise the same, but is it better for you?🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Ethan K
    Ethan K 13 days ago

    This guys blindfold is barely on, could they not afford a thicker piece of cloth? LOL

  • Ophelia Sadie
    Ophelia Sadie 13 days ago

    So I know these are once and a while things. As a vegetarian I obviously don't eat meat (BTW vegan and vegetarian are different if you didn't know.) so what veggie burger that doesn't full on taste like vegetables and is kinda good for you would you reccomend?

  • Julie Bliss
    Julie Bliss 14 days ago

    Sodium is used as a preservative in frozen foods and yes it’s bad for hypertension.

  • AlphaWolf098
    AlphaWolf098 14 days ago

    I’ve had both Impossible and Beyond burgers, as well as black bean burgers. The black bean burgers are my favorite of those. The reason for that is that the black bean burger is not trying to be beef. It’s its own unique thing. They also seem to taste like tacos much of the time, which I find interesting, and it really serves to make it a fairly unique, tasty product (most of the time).

  • Fear the Puppy
    Fear the Puppy 14 days ago

    I fell asleep with this on and had a fantastic dream about food. Thanks Dr Mike

  • The DylanPlayer
    The DylanPlayer 14 days ago

    Who's the hottie, obviously I know doctor Mike, I'm talking about the delivery girl

  • Regina Dickson
    Regina Dickson 15 days ago

    Doc Mike: I did really good! 5 out of 6 chest compressions worked!! 😂

  • Knight Armor
    Knight Armor 15 days ago

    I dont even like burgers

  • Baby Turtles
    Baby Turtles 15 days ago

    *EnJoY yOuR bUrGeRs* 😉

  • Abhishek Burman
    Abhishek Burman 15 days ago

    Who also skipped the nutritional info part

  • Mien Murad
    Mien Murad 16 days ago

    I wish we have that in Indonesia😊

  • Dino Rossi
    Dino Rossi 16 days ago +1

    Can I share this on my blog ?

  • Anna Blink
    Anna Blink 16 days ago +1

    Me: I will drink some water
    Mike: Gotta hydrate

  • Mr meeseeks
    Mr meeseeks 16 days ago +1

    He said Quinoa was trying really hard to be beef but still had a vegetable kick. Not beef

  • B Green
    B Green 16 days ago

    That's why most plant based doctors are against processed foods.Whole foods are what you should eat mostly. A plant based burger once a week won't hurt you if you are eating whole food plant based.

  • Mr meeseeks
    Mr meeseeks 16 days ago +1

    My biggest question is where does the fat come from in these burgers?

  • Dannon
    Dannon 16 days ago

    "have them only occasionally, only as a treat" Well, I have a burger only for lunch :)

    • anders damin
      anders damin 13 days ago

      @Dannon got it

    • Dannon
      Dannon 13 days ago

      @anders damin Watch Super Size me.... its a goal

    • anders damin
      anders damin 13 days ago

      Watch Game Changers on Netflix.

  • Jørgen Ramdahl
    Jørgen Ramdahl 17 days ago

    Problem is to compare it to a beef burger...

  • Jørgen Ramdahl
    Jørgen Ramdahl 17 days ago +1

    0:15 Ok. this "doctor" can't be taken seriously anymore....

  • Jose Otanez
    Jose Otanez 17 days ago

    so were gonna ignore shawty delivering these burgers?

  • JustArandomGoatOntheInternet

    For the first 14 seconds I thought I was on the wrong platform.

  • Covel
    Covel 17 days ago

    You gotsa try the Burger King impossible whooper it’s better than beef

  • Jean Brmn
    Jean Brmn 18 days ago

    The intro I- I’m hurt 💀

  • Joonha Shcal
    Joonha Shcal 18 days ago

    Lab grown meat is vegan. Fight me.

  • deslocc124
    deslocc124 18 days ago

    meatless burgers need the salt for flavor.. because of the lack of meat.. or beef.. I see it all the time in the store on food labels.. healthier does not always mean less sodium..

  • Tina
    Tina 18 days ago

    You must watch the Game Changers documentary. It will blow your mind.

  • Amy F
    Amy F 19 days ago

    Mmm! Blind folded with a tie ....🔥😍