Resident Evil 7 - 21 DLC - Banned Footage Vol 2 (no commentary)

  • Published on Feb 14, 2017
  • Check out the 21 DLC from Resident Evil 7's new DLC, Banned Footage Vol 2. Resident Evil 7 gameplay recorded in 1080p, 60fps with no commentary.
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Comments • 3 494

  • Yum Tacos
    Yum Tacos 23 hours ago

    Is it bad that I wanna find the guy who tortured them and do everything they went through to him?

  • colton pitts
    colton pitts Day ago

    When you hit someone by mistake. hit me

  • yeet
    yeet Day ago

    resident evil 7 gave me some serious Outlast vibes

  • Ammar Abdelnabi
    Ammar Abdelnabi Day ago

    R.I.P daddy finger,R.I.P mommy finger,R.I.P brother finger,R.I.P sister finger,baby finger wins!

  • Timothy Nguyen
    Timothy Nguyen Day ago

    Good thing it's not real bc it's sad what did they do 😢

  • group chat story

    This should be in the next saw movie

  • Kroq Gar
    Kroq Gar Day ago

    This is gross

  • Solar Edxts
    Solar Edxts Day ago

    Bro exactly at 4:50 when he said hit me. I said 7 beforehand!

  • Fallen Slayer
    Fallen Slayer Day ago

    That game seems so sick like brutal it should be reported and deleted!

  • Tom Tly
    Tom Tly Day ago

    Why its banned

  • Brat Bart
    Brat Bart Day ago

    WHO THE FUCK in this world would build MACHINES LIKE THIS WTF

  • JVNTA -E m p i r Ǝ-

    Fucking hell the guy that says 'DUH' LL STAY' sounds like fucking Patrick from spongebob

  • Harry Claus
    Harry Claus 2 days ago

    Which sick brain thinks of something like that? And how sick must a brain be that likes it?

  • Daniel Antunes
    Daniel Antunes 2 days ago

    Crlh que jogo f***

  • Marco Stuur
    Marco Stuur 2 days ago +1

    4 fingers are cut off
    calmly says: GIMME ANOTHER

  • Elvis Delann
    Elvis Delann 2 days ago

    uno and friends

  • Koppiright
    Koppiright 2 days ago

    That voice acting is worse than the "What? What is this?" - "What is it?" - "BLOOD."

  • WWEGarzaSlam
    WWEGarzaSlam 3 days ago

    Saw, Hoffman....what a reference.

  • WWEGarzaSlam
    WWEGarzaSlam 3 days ago

    THE WINNER IS...............

  • WWEGarzaSlam
    WWEGarzaSlam 3 days ago

    I didn't lose any of my fingers doing joke.

  • WWEGarzaSlam
    WWEGarzaSlam 3 days ago

    This is like SAW!!!

  • Aquasunz XD
    Aquasunz XD 3 days ago

    20:40..thank me later..

  • Henry Townsend
    Henry Townsend 3 days ago

    Why was it banned

  • Lavarockgaming Games & more


  • Creeper Edge
    Creeper Edge 4 days ago

    Fuck this game. This game sucks. Why is it a thing. It could fuck their company and the company will be pissed.

  • Cube Mind
    Cube Mind 4 days ago +1


  • •Alice Eve•
    •Alice Eve• 4 days ago +2

    Wow,What a cheater,He control Holfman (I think) and Make him play another round,Wow,Genius

  • •Alice Eve•
    •Alice Eve• 4 days ago +1

    I feel bad for the guy with Family but at the same time feel bad for Clancy,I feel like if I was In that situation it'll be tough,I either sacrifice myself bc he has a family but at the same time, What's the point of saving him if he's gonna Fail to get out?if he succeed in getting out then I have no regrets xD I hope like,Maybe he remembered the person who saved him if not,I'm haunting him

  • Dominic Corralejo
    Dominic Corralejo 5 days ago

    13:04 this was my voice when someone wouldn't give my stuff back

  • Foxy Power
    Foxy Power 5 days ago +1

    9+10= 21 2:54

  • William Woods
    William Woods 5 days ago

    Would it be possible for all 4 Of his fingers and thumb been cut off can you just get his hand slipped out while using the blood from His fingers been cut off And you know pull his hand out so we can untie his right hand or something if it’s possible

  • Journei Graham
    Journei Graham 5 days ago +2

    Oh BoI iM sCaReD nOw !! hoffman sounds like porky the pig and droopy at this point

  • Bagdar Of life
    Bagdar Of life 5 days ago

    What if jigsaw and Lucas play blackjack

  • Your Welcome
    Your Welcome 5 days ago

    They need to work one the voice acting

  • Mihajlo Show
    Mihajlo Show 5 days ago

    Dude this us SICK

  • Stephanie Langsiu
    Stephanie Langsiu 5 days ago +2

    i feel sorry for hoffman because he i s crying for his family

  • LuXX
    LuXX 5 days ago +1

    9:30 69 haha XD XD DX ahah

  • Rainbow Fortnite
    Rainbow Fortnite 5 days ago

    -cry- hit me

  • gaming with gamer400

    He said I'll say like Ross in friends

  • Sammy Saleh
    Sammy Saleh 7 days ago


  • Raj Dutta
    Raj Dutta 7 days ago

    What actually is it ? A game ? 😐

  • Aljan Vivar
    Aljan Vivar 7 days ago

    Ima get nightmares now...

  • Aljan Vivar
    Aljan Vivar 7 days ago

    Fell bad for the other dude...

  • Sasha Braus
    Sasha Braus 7 days ago +17

    Hoffman: *cries, sobbing* *stops crying* gimme another. 😒 *cries again*

  • Chris Skehan
    Chris Skehan 8 days ago +3


  • Crystallization of the soul

    "Oh I want to play a little game! Only one will walk alive" Hmmmm sounds like Saw!

  • EtharViolo 21
    EtharViolo 21 8 days ago +1

    He actualy using Uno Reverse Card

  • Brian Plaza
    Brian Plaza 8 days ago

    Jigsaw killer

  • Gouled Dragon
    Gouled Dragon 8 days ago

    Thank goodness it’s not real

  • generic scout
    generic scout 9 days ago

    i want hoffman to win

  • DEDS3C Forever
    DEDS3C Forever 9 days ago

    Can i play this game

  • Teo Sh.
    Teo Sh. 9 days ago

    Pobre dylantero

  • Julian Cardona-Smith

    there a naked body in the backround

  • dzoja 23
    dzoja 23 9 days ago

    Why is this banned footage can someone explain why is this banned????

    • Annie Britton
      Annie Britton 8 days ago

      dzoja 23 because this was what had happened to Clancy before Ethan came to rescue Mia. It’s banned just because it wasn’t found and stuff like that

  • Minik Deniz
    Minik Deniz 9 days ago

    *build a fucking wall*

  • Minik Deniz
    Minik Deniz 9 days ago

    I feel sad for Hoffman.

  • Widowmaker
    Widowmaker 9 days ago

    I got a commercial involving a card game wtf.

  • Widowmaker
    Widowmaker 9 days ago

    after the first finger cut off they would bleed to death in few minutes.

  • Abdullah Alshamari
    Abdullah Alshamari 10 days ago

    تيور ماتر كلب حمار هينا

  • HomiAranhaAKATSUKI
    HomiAranhaAKATSUKI 10 days ago

    Ta acontecendo com o daniel , cada dia que passa ele fica mais branco

  • TiOs
    TiOs 10 days ago

    I come this video from watching twd pff

  • sausager
    sausager 10 days ago +12

    Sad but remember that Mr Krabs sold SpongeBob's soul for $0.62

  • TheGreatDabdos
    TheGreatDabdos 10 days ago

    Think this but vr

  • megasxlv0.1 11
    megasxlv0.1 11 11 days ago

    Welcome to the black web

  • Perry Chan
    Perry Chan 11 days ago

    is there a way of winning without getting any of your fingers cut off?

  • FNAF plush films gaming

    This is like jigsaw

  • Alexiz Vieyra
    Alexiz Vieyra 11 days ago

    And the 6 looks like the ok sign

  • Andre a
    Andre a 11 days ago


  • Selenay Uyar
    Selenay Uyar 11 days ago

    gg hoffman

  • pootuis poot
    pootuis poot 11 days ago

    this was banned because of how dumb it was

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 13 days ago

    I wish they can follow the damn train

  • tukang sedot tai
    tukang sedot tai 14 days ago

    jig saw

  • Carlos Jr. Escalante
    Carlos Jr. Escalante 14 days ago +7

    this guy is copying jigsaw
    also can hit 20 likes its make me feel better plss

  • Roberto richardsen
    Roberto richardsen 14 days ago

    what a stuppid video game

  • T a e
    T a e 14 days ago

    Lmao I learned how to play Blackjack by Bitlife

  • Ben Cruz
    Ben Cruz 15 days ago +1

    Im so confused I thought resident evil was about zombies then 7 came out with haunted houses and ghosts and now this. I don’t understand.

  • Internet Nerd
    Internet Nerd 15 days ago +2

    Doesn’t Clancy sound like Anthony Padilla, or is that him?

  • ZMAnime
    ZMAnime 15 days ago

    Shit i shouldnt watch this vid

  • Reverse-Sauce
    Reverse-Sauce 15 days ago

    he on drugs lol

  • T1. 2
    T1. 2 15 days ago


  • ZigZagCookie
    ZigZagCookie 15 days ago +1

    I was wondering how the dude gonna fuk that one up like the last "i guess ya both lose"

  • Hellkro
    Hellkro 15 days ago

    It looks like they're about to play the knife game

    GOLDEN PUNCAKE 15 days ago

    jigsaw: *sips coffee.........that is not how u do it

  • Allison Quilzada
    Allison Quilzada 15 days ago

    I'd rather die really quick than feeling the pain

  • Pramudita
    Pramudita 15 days ago

    Another one, another one

  • 100k sub challenge P.s it’s shrek approved

    7:26 *gets all fingers cut off and gets electrocuted*, *says normally* give me another

  • Buffalo Bill
    Buffalo Bill 16 days ago

    What is this from and what is the backstory

  • Zionzar 13
    Zionzar 13 16 days ago

    He sounds like woody when he screamed 3:28

  • Christopher Cook
    Christopher Cook 16 days ago

    I’m sad that Hoffman dies

  • Rapha RL
    Rapha RL 16 days ago

    second 0:55

  • Moon Knight
    Moon Knight 16 days ago +2

    I didn't know hoffman was still alive after electrocution

  • stick sun
    stick sun 16 days ago

    The beginning looks like far cry

  • talha 3134
    talha 3134 16 days ago

    it was awesome wish I could play it too

    xXDIAMOND RUSHXx 17 days ago +74

    Yall playing 21 and the video is 21:59 long your lucky you almost went over

  • Logan M
    Logan M 17 days ago


  • Squeaker Kid
    Squeaker Kid 17 days ago

    *Hoffman, you tough son of a bitch*

    TYLER WALKER 17 days ago +1

    Has 18/21
    *H I T M E*

  • Michael Carrano
    Michael Carrano 17 days ago

    Don’t make it and it’s banned

  • Nuggetmator
    Nuggetmator 18 days ago

    At least it's not your d get cut off because you would be yell and in pain like he*l

  • Cole Edits
    Cole Edits 18 days ago +7

    They need to make a SAW game in this style.