His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

  • Published on Dec 29, 2016
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    His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!
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  • Julie Bie
    Julie Bie 46 minutes ago

    when you make Simon cry you know shits real

  • Lunarosa Linda
    Lunarosa Linda 56 minutes ago

    Handsome out-inside ❤❤❤

  • AlexanderThePup
    AlexanderThePup Hour ago

    You can hear his pain in his voice. They just have been whatever word is beyond friends. Non romantic soul mates I don't know how to say it

  • MAIRA Routiño
    MAIRA Routiño 2 hours ago


  • Shap Thok
    Shap Thok 5 hours ago

    So emotional song 😭😭

  • Jnk Acme
    Jnk Acme 7 hours ago

    what a fukkin pile of fake bullsh*t, everyone and mainly Simon..

  • Malika Lasla
    Malika Lasla 7 hours ago

    :-) :-) :-)

  • Renee Ari
    Renee Ari 7 hours ago

    To the young man that sang Jealous I must say you were AWESOME. I hope the world gives you e everything.

  • Jera Coronacion
    Jera Coronacion 7 hours ago

    i am so affected this song😭😭😭 full of emotional😭

  • Hanageman Gorilla
    Hanageman Gorilla 8 hours ago


  • Cenette Moodie
    Cenette Moodie 9 hours ago

    I’ve never cried so much. I’m watching this again _ it keeps popping up. Im still crying after so nanny years.i can’t ever remember my tears flowing so easily, so many times.

  • Mrs Mimi H
    Mrs Mimi H 10 hours ago

    I don't know what memories it brought up for Simon but they were deep. Good job.

  • Sun Récords Music La Compañía

    Verga esto está sad

  • Maddy NoneYa
    Maddy NoneYa 12 hours ago +1

    He should've gotten an golden buzzer T^T 😭

  • Tutor Play
    Tutor Play 12 hours ago

    Lindo video

  • Yukiebabii
    Yukiebabii 13 hours ago

    Rewatching again 2019 ❤️😔

  • amadio grimes
    amadio grimes 14 hours ago

    You can hear his pain

  • mas tommy
    mas tommy 14 hours ago +1

    this is the most beautiful black and white friendship!

  • Rachel Walsh
    Rachel Walsh 15 hours ago

    Losing a Loved One will make anyone Cry, let it out, take as much time as you need to. 💖

  • Brandon bbb
    Brandon bbb 15 hours ago

    Cold chills😬

  • Flavio Oliveira
    Flavio Oliveira 16 hours ago

    how how how

  • Ilka Görz
    Ilka Görz 16 hours ago

    Die Stimme ist grandios... So much soul in his voice 😌👍🏾

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 16 hours ago

    2019 peeps

  • Alexandre Lafrance
    Alexandre Lafrance 17 hours ago


  • Karina Joseph
    Karina Joseph 18 hours ago

    That song make me cry

  • roxter
    roxter 18 hours ago

    no kurwa piekne

  • Sami_gemer Viip
    Sami_gemer Viip 18 hours ago

    جدا رائعه ومآثره جدا 💔

  • Jack Reacher
    Jack Reacher 19 hours ago +1

    Woe that hit Simon hard. Dude was Awesome

  • J. R. H.
    J. R. H. 20 hours ago

    Pro Tip: Kleenex on hand.

  • a blueberry
    a blueberry 20 hours ago

    The show is absolutely fake, but the guy is still a good singer.

  • Gastle Bullions
    Gastle Bullions 21 hour ago

    It's xo nice

  • Gastle Bullions
    Gastle Bullions 21 hour ago

    It's xo nice

  • Kayla Cool
    Kayla Cool 21 hour ago

    My dog died four years ago and I still cry about him :(

  • Adolf Hater
    Adolf Hater 21 hour ago

    eu sei obrigado sz

  • Emilly Vitoria Santos
    Emilly Vitoria Santos 21 hour ago

    Sou a única brasileira que assiste isso?

  • ᅵᄃᄃsleepy
    ᅵᄃᄃsleepy 21 hour ago

    i really can not understand there is 94k hates at this video

  • Frida Kalo
    Frida Kalo 21 hour ago

    Simon lost somone....

  • Lydia Touahri
    Lydia Touahri 21 hour ago

    This really make me cray even if my best friend still alive😭 ,
    I don't know what can I say anymore

  • M 1
    M 1 22 hours ago +1

    This has more views than the actual song 👀

  • عاشقه الانمي


  • Sophie Nick
    Sophie Nick 22 hours ago


  • Sophie Nick
    Sophie Nick 22 hours ago

    so cool is this

  • TweetieNerd
    TweetieNerd 22 hours ago

    What’s with the stupid sunglasses in the dark?

  • Martha Tobi
    Martha Tobi 23 hours ago +1

    This is echt mooi he can singi echte

  • Rachel Fashion
    Rachel Fashion 23 hours ago +1

    If your watching right now and crying like. Really 😀😀😢

  • Xavier Arnaud
    Xavier Arnaud 23 hours ago +1

    commentaire français, je n’en trouve pas :)

  • Angelica Maldonado
    Angelica Maldonado 23 hours ago

    Que vos mas hermosa.

  • Lajos ifj Drázsnyák
    Lajos ifj Drázsnyák 23 hours ago

    Nem csak a hangja miatt, hanem amit énekelt.

  • pranjali vishwakarma

    The story was so unnecessary though

  • САмсунг Самсунгов

    Ты молодец.

  • Sady Zhumi
    Sady Zhumi Day ago

    Yeah shut up press the button that was amazing

  • Gods' Image
    Gods' Image Day ago

    If this didn't touch your soul you aren't human

  • Nailm Memmedov
    Nailm Memmedov Day ago


  • Hajer hajer
    Hajer hajer Day ago

    Oooh my God its so inspiring to my life i can,stop crying

  • Jason Martinez
    Jason Martinez Day ago

    Where did his accent go? Lol

  • Game Boy
    Game Boy Day ago

    Does it mean I’m a bad person cause I didn’t even get sad if it does I’m sorry I mean I feel bad but I didn’t cry or anything

  • Irene Olebi
    Irene Olebi Day ago

    Dad is been years you left am jealous you happy without me

  • T.
    T. Day ago

    OH MY, he can SANG! I was NOT expecting that voice to come out of him. So sweet and moving😍

  • Jackie Trexler
    Jackie Trexler Day ago

    Who is the Lady Judge?