• Published on Oct 25, 2013

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  • Carmen Sikntyrd2011
    Carmen Sikntyrd2011 3 months ago +1

    The video is very dark when you are removing the armrest

  • Coastal Gamer
    Coastal Gamer 4 months ago

    Hack job

  • Andrej Panjkov
    Andrej Panjkov 4 months ago +1

    2:25 if you are wondering what the adhesive is. It's 3M Rubber and Vinyl '80' Spray Adhesive.

  • Marco Curtis
    Marco Curtis 8 months ago

    So which model are you installing this on. Doesn't look like the 14 Camry I disassembled today.

    • Haggisdog
      Haggisdog 3 months ago

      Infiniti/Forerunner 96-04

  • Thomas Brooker
    Thomas Brooker 8 months ago

    I am recovering because my stock arm rest has ripped. I feel like installing over rip will look bad. Anyone have any experience with covering a ripped armrest?

  • Qahar Raheel
    Qahar Raheel 9 months ago

    jesus, the amount of adhesive you applied was completely unnecessary.

  • Steve Farrington
    Steve Farrington Year ago

    Did he say he left a dill pickle on the ledge?

  • Alexander Oberemok

    I got this cover from

  • Rilly Jo
    Rilly Jo Year ago

    Where's the light lol

  • Mrs.Loreal O
    Mrs.Loreal O Year ago

    You didnt do s horrible job explaining. You did a great job. Thank you for posting this video. I see that it is not as scary as I have been thinking. Be kind with your self criticism. It was very nice

  • The life of Breanna Rae

    Thank u so much I have had my leather cover sitting for months was going to pay someone to do this but i can do this lol easy

  • Mike R
    Mike R 2 years ago +2

    So the existing arm rest material is not removed?

  • I Park
    I Park 2 years ago

    Would be nice if you used a flashlight in the beginning part of the video. It was really dark. My handle came off differently, but yours helped me figure out mines. It had two screws inside. I was not careful enough to keep the screws upright though, so had to have extra holes put in to allow my husband to remove the screws and put them in the hole properly. So the screws were hidden and there was no way to reposition them without make a hole to get the screw out, then back in. But otherwise it did help some. I cut my own fabric though since everytime I ask Toyota about stuff they want me to remove everything and get brand new stuff. Thenk you, your helped me get the handle off!! I have a Toyota Prius and they made it a bit more difficult to change the cover.

  • James Elmore
    James Elmore 2 years ago

    Dang, I wanted the door armrests, not the console arm rests.

  • jkr
    jkr 2 years ago

    I used loctite super glue to stick the leather on the center console. Worked amazingly well, the leather stuck within seconds. No need to spray adhesives and hold it together with clips.

  • London Calling LLC
    London Calling LLC 2 years ago

    I love the darkness! Such mystery!

  • Amber Light
    Amber Light 2 years ago

    this is too dark to see anything!!

  • Hugh Core
    Hugh Core 2 years ago

    Does anyone have a video on removal and install of a armrest cover for a 2005 Toyota avalon, please help.

  • MortimerEsq
    MortimerEsq 2 years ago

    I bought one of these "skins" from these guys for my GF's Altima. (They sell on eBay under user name STVCustoms ) I figure I can handle this. After all, the armrest is pretty basic. If I screw it up I will take the armrest and leather skin to a local shop who does auto upholstery. After they are done giggling at me I will let them have at it. The skin cost me $30 shipped. The shop will charge me about $50 at most. $80 to replace her gross looking armrest, that's worth it.
    P.S. The armrest they sent is very good quality. Real leather (thick too) and the stitching is well done. Label on bag says "Made in Mexico" which as we all know is a great place to get auto leather or vinyl. The Mexicans have been making leather goods and fabrics for hundreds of years. They know what they are doing.

  • E JC
    E JC 2 years ago

    Excellent instructions. I found, however, that the OEM for my Jeep used heavy duty staples. Also, my original cover was padded; therefore, I simply slipped the replacement cover over the original padded cover and used staples. It looks great and took only 30 minutes.

  • XtremerJay
    XtremerJay 2 years ago

    looking for similar tutorial for 2007 nissan altima. Arm rest cover clip came off. Any suggestions?

  • Jeffrey Fetrow
    Jeffrey Fetrow 2 years ago

    What about the original padding? Does that get removed, or left in place?

  • Michael Charity
    Michael Charity 2 years ago +1

    I'd let that adhesive setup a bit first before pressing/clamping it down. You'd get a much stronger bond that way.

  • Henry Godin
    Henry Godin 2 years ago +2

    The Armrest assembly on the Honda Ridgeline is totally different....Does anybody have any info on how to remove it?

  • grm3300
    grm3300 3 years ago

    Video - way to dark ???????

  • wackysacky001
    wackysacky001 3 years ago

    video is too dark???

  • Matt Finley
    Matt Finley 3 years ago


  • Ron Martin
    Ron Martin 3 years ago +3

    Did you install over the old one?

    FLEXXX 3 years ago +6

    removal is super simple folks... just get a Philips screw drier... there are two screws... take them out and it comes right out.... you dont need to see him do it... its very self explanatory.

  • skidogp
    skidogp 3 years ago +1

    I purchased the front arm rest cover for my 2008 Nissan Titan. I thought I was buying the entire arm rest.... It is only the cover when you purchase the Kar Designers cover. Not a problem though. ( Video is very dark and hard to see) It was very easy to remove the screws from the inside of the lid. Use a screwdriver to unsnap the lid from the tray. After you remove the lid, remove the old skin (keep the grey pad). Lay the new skin on a flat surface and place the lid back into the skin. Stretch around all edges and corners. Now remove the plastic lid and foam to spray the inside of the leather with glue adhesive ( I use 3M contact glue spray) Once you have completely covered the inside of the leather cover with glue, center the pad and place the interior lid on top of the foam. Pull the leather at all four corners to center the leather cover on the inner lid. Stretch the leather and use a rubber squeegee (Bondo spreader to tuck the leather into the grooves in the lid. Make sure to allow the spray adhesive to dry for a minute or two prior to pressing it into place. Once you have pressed the cover into the groove, place it back onto the inner plastic liner of the arm rest and replace the screws. When the screws are tight it will tighten the cover to the original look. My cover looks as good, if not better than the original!! Thank you!

  • rac2873
    rac2873 3 years ago

    This is very easy but this method will not work on an 09 pilot. You want me to buy the product then show me how to remove the 100 staples and the old cover and then replace that cover.

  • pleezebaleevit
    pleezebaleevit 3 years ago

    Smh I needed to see the removal part

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 3 years ago

    i bought that p.s useless. it was way to short. i got a 2010 altima. and the p# was 141537441488.
    to damn short.
    i want my money back.!!!

  • Tony Scardina
    Tony Scardina 3 years ago

    Clean and simple nice work bro! Way to keep it real.

  • Dave Arthur
    Dave Arthur 4 years ago +13

    Was I the only one who heard someone whisper at 14:58 "You did a horrible job, that's why I'm going to redo it all!" ???

    • Flux
      Flux 2 years ago

      Actually it was him talking. He said "I did a horrible job explaining that, that's why I'm going to redo it all." Im assuming he meant shooting the video. But nonetheless he wasn't trying super hard to put the cover on that well. Looks wrinkled on the top of it when he first put it on. But the end product looks better. I think he took it off and re-did it possibly. Ultimately it's about what you do when you install it not what he does. He's just explaining it so people get the point. Clearly more care must be taken when you're doing it yourself because you're not simply making a video lol

    • MortimerEsq
      MortimerEsq 2 years ago +2

      Yes, you are the only one who heard THAT. The camera said horrible job explaining.

    • Dave Arthur
      Dave Arthur 3 years ago

      Ah... I guess that could be, Matt

    • Matthew J Rantala
      Matthew J Rantala 3 years ago +4

      +Dave Arthur Actually, I think he said "You did a horrible job **explaining** that...." Give the guy some credit...! ;-)

    • Mexoplex Jenkins
      Mexoplex Jenkins 3 years ago

      +Dave Arthur Dude, that was the creepiest, most disrespectful, funniest thing!

  • Quenia Carvalho
    Quenia Carvalho 4 years ago +24


  • Dottie
    Dottie 4 years ago +45

    The most important part was REMOVAL. Could you reshoot it with some lighting so we can see how you did it? Even a decent flash light would certainly help!

    • Haggisdog
      Haggisdog 3 months ago

      Removing the arm rest doesn't need much explanation. It's one of the few parts of an Infiniti that doesn't require you to remove fifteen other parts first. Just remove the two screws and you're done.

  • The Dude
    The Dude 4 years ago +6

    die how about you turn a light on so people can see what your doing

  • Gregg Eshelman
    Gregg Eshelman 4 years ago

    How about a video for the 1998 and later Explorer and Mountaineer and 1st gen Sport Trac? I bought one of your covers for those, which is quite a bit different from what's in this video for the later Explorer console lid.

  • Richard Weisenburger
    Richard Weisenburger 4 years ago

    Just purchased your product on Amazon. I need instructions for a 2011 Raptor. Is this available? The arm rest is a completely different design and I am very scared of spraying 3M glue all over my original arm rest as I'm sure you can understand. The leather piece I got when folder over the edges cover up the screw locations for the insert as well as already has pre cuts in the leather. So nervous of starting the process without seeing it done on the correct arm rest. Thanks! Richard

  • Nicholas Dillman
    Nicholas Dillman 4 years ago

    Todd, you can find the cover on Amazon.

  • todd scheid
    todd scheid 4 years ago

    where di you get the cover?

    • Haggisdog
      Haggisdog 3 months ago

  • Gil Kirk
    Gil Kirk 5 years ago

    I liked your arm rest installation instructions. I couldn't see the part where you remove the 2 screws. the video was to dark. (My toyota has a panel in back and I am not sure how to remove it) Could you tell me where to buy the arm rest cover? Thanks., Gil