Hyundai Tucson SUV 2019 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • This is the Hyundai Tucson! It's a new SUV that has the likes of the Peugeot 3008 and Nissan Qashqai in its sights. What's more, it comes relatively cheap, with a starting price of only £22,000! However, there may be a number of exterior styling improvements compared to the previous model, but can the same be said for the interior and drivability? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!
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Comments • 708

  • Deeench 91
    Deeench 91 11 days ago

    You will need to spend a small fortune keeping this thing going also worthless after you have paid it off. Might as well buy a good second hand car.

  • greenknight quorth
    greenknight quorth 28 days ago

    Very very disappointed for this car....if i knew i dont buy...only 3 months..... problems....i hope help someone who think buy this car....22.300euros

  • Mohammed Moied
    Mohammed Moied Month ago

    Does this car have autonomous driving capability (similar to XC60) ? how well does it operate. I thought lane keep assist only steers the car back in lane when it drifts out.

  • Hr H
    Hr H Month ago

    Do the rear seats move horizontally?

  • thinK biG
    thinK biG Month ago


  • 아카시아
    아카시아 Month ago

    와~ 정말 꼼꼼하게 리뷰한다

  • Benjamin Sullivan
    Benjamin Sullivan Month ago

    Does the Hyundai Tucson have Remote Start?

  • Matheo Pigeot
    Matheo Pigeot Month ago

    Nice car 👍👍
    When is the creta coming???

  • LSG TV
    LSG TV Month ago

    Please make a Tucson N Sport review..

  • अदनान खान


  • Αλεξανδρος Μιχαλοπουλος

    Please can you make a video with the i30 fastback diesel version?

  • Pregardt
    Pregardt 2 months ago +1

    You can zoom on the touchscreen with the right nob. I find it easier to use in traffic than 2 fingers.

  • Tibor Hrotko
    Tibor Hrotko 2 months ago

    This car was such a pleasant surprise for me. It feels great to drive and to be driven in. I somehow feel like the Korean cars are getting so much better to live with than Japanese cars.

  • funkystuff007
    funkystuff007 2 months ago

    If you plan to buy this car only go for the 4x4 model or the suspension will beat your ass

  • Steven Voigt
    Steven Voigt 2 months ago +2

    Stupid review stuff your interior and all you gadgets on the inside. how about we talk about the more important things like how is the motor and transmission after 300000km which could easily be done in 6 years these cars are nothing but rubbish you buy a Hyundai you getting a Kia! You buy a Kia you're buying a Hyundai these vehicles are only built to last the time of the warranty and really your warranty only gets you into their service Bays to milk you for everything you have and if you miss a couple of services voids the warranty so they do have you by the balls.
    Service base catering mechanics that make no profit for themselves which results in mechanics that don't give a s*** about the vehicles they work on

    • Lightning Farron
      Lightning Farron 15 days ago

      Take a seat, kiddo.

    • Pregardt
      Pregardt 2 months ago

      I saw so many Toyotas burning oil and big white blue smoke came out once accelerated. Hyundai has changed a lot and much more reliable than 10 years ago. I dont know how you can miss a service there is a sticker on the windscreen tell you when to come back like stupid proof.

  • Edinburgh74
    Edinburgh74 3 months ago

    I’ve got the 2015 SE Nav version and it doesn’t look like it’s much different maybe they’ve brought the interior up a little (but he’s reviewed the better equipped version. The good - quite smart exterior, easy to drive, great rear camera m, easy to park and loads of space and equipment and gadgets most of which I switch off or don’t use (lane assist etc)
    Bad - cheap interiors and scratchy plastic, a bit uninvolved to drive and crap mileage. Around 36mpg in town and 45 on motorway. Plus the start stop stopped working after 18 months and had to replace the battery at 3 years as it was ‘knackered’ according to AA. It’s decent if a bit dull

  • Pablo Villaronga
    Pablo Villaronga 3 months ago

    Great review, now i want my tucson , I read there is foot detector to open then booth, and there is no automatic parking as the santa fe . but its great vehicle ! Thanks for sharing

  • Elect Ro
    Elect Ro 3 months ago


  • Jonathan Fernandez
    Jonathan Fernandez 3 months ago

    Smoke cloud! 17.05

  • noname
    noname 3 months ago

    Rubbish vehicle that gives no end of trouble

  • david webster
    david webster 3 months ago

    Do not buy a Hyundai Tucson..!! They have transmission and engine problems.!!! My 2017 blew its motor after I complained 4 times to Hyundai there was an issue with stalling and hesitated... I still haven’t gotten my car back from the dealership because Corporate wants pictures of the oil pan then the valves like it was my fault. Google Hyundai Tucson hesitation and you’ll see website after website with complaints..!!!

    • greenknight quorth
      greenknight quorth 28 days ago

      Transmission problems who exactly he have because my tucson 2019 i think have same problems in transmission .

  • S5tm Alot
    S5tm Alot 3 months ago


  • rajina k.m
    rajina k.m 3 months ago

    I just bought hyundai tucson n line, I understand why it has conquer whole Europe.... it gives you everything with best price...

  • exsgrean soon
    exsgrean soon 3 months ago

    i just got my hyundai tucson 1 month ago it is a wonderful car!
    but the steering wheel a bit stiff going to sent it next week for 1st check up hope they can do something about the stiffness :)
    overall i am very please with the car smooth riding with good suspension and not so much outside noise when driving :)

    • exsgrean soon
      exsgrean soon 3 months ago

      Ban Powel the sound of RAV4 outside noise reminds me of when u taking a airplane taking off plus u also can hear the engine i strongly believe Toyota put just a slim insulation that why we can hear all these noise.
      And to add I had RAV4 for 3 years and I don’t dare to drive more then 30min because the suspension is so stiff that passengers will feel dizzy and my baby girl will vomit.
      When I sent it for checkup to Toyota they told me this is normal all suv is like this.
      And I also sent the RAV4 to workshops the mechanic told me that when he look at the suspension there nothing wrong with it no break or leaking.
      That mean it is just the way this RAV4 were built.
      After I sold it and get Hyundai Tucson the right feels like heaven! 👍😁👍

    • Ban Powel
      Ban Powel 3 months ago +1

      @exsgrean soon true, i guess being an SUV, one has to expect some noise, I recently went on a journey in my friends range rover, and the noise entering the cabin was the same, as the tuscon, i think its due to the larger space, but the noise is not that bad........just nit picking

    • exsgrean soon
      exsgrean soon 3 months ago

      @Ban Powel if i were to compare my Rav4 2017 model the outside noise is terrible and the suspension is very stiff even on a small hump that is the reason i sold it;
      even there abit outside noise on hyundai tucson not as bad as rav4

    • Ban Powel
      Ban Powel 3 months ago

      ? Outside noise is very loud...

  • Moshiur Rahman Mintu
    Moshiur Rahman Mintu 3 months ago

    please Hyundai H1 2019

  • MarkCa
    MarkCa 3 months ago +3

    This Tucson have a beautiful european Design!! Very nice car!

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris 4 months ago +1

    Remember the tuscon from AMCs Walking Dead?

  • Lunghi Lunghi
    Lunghi Lunghi 4 months ago

    Why don't review Nissan X trail?😔

  • forresg500
    forresg500 4 months ago

    whats the average everyday mpg of 1.6 petrol 177ps manual?

  • Robby Clark
    Robby Clark 4 months ago

    Wow, you guys in the U.K. get quite a few more options on the Tucson than we do in the states.

  • Resonance
    Resonance 4 months ago

    Love that back taillight!

  • kevin farrell
    kevin farrell 4 months ago

    honest vid Matt...thanks for all that Info....

  • Rajan Pudasaini
    Rajan Pudasaini 5 months ago

    Sir I have watched your most of the videos and most of the cars you have put in shortlist plz recommend the car which is very suitable in the context of Nepal

  • M M
    M M 5 months ago

    JUST GOT A RENTAL 1.6 PETROL naturally aspirated - normally I drive VW CC 2.0 140bhp diesel.
    THIS PIECE OF SHIT DOESN'T DRIVE AT ALL, EVEN WHEN YOU REV IT TO THE RED FIELD... THAT IS APPARENTLY 130BHP hehe - YOU MUST BE STUPID TO BUY THIS ENGINE: FUEL CONSUMPTION WHEN SHIFTING LIKE A GRANDPA UP TO 2000rpm - URBAN 32MPG, - MOTORWAY 45MPG doing 70mph (nearly 3000rpm), 32MPG doing 80mph (nearly 4000rpm). COMPARED TO MY VW CC it's loud when doing 70mph and annoyingly loud when 80mph. IT OFFERS MORE SPACE ABOVE YOUR HEAD (for tall people), and you can drop the back seats slightly - I guess that's the feature for the fat people with large bellies. I didn't like the front seats they don't hold your back sideways also feel too soft in the lumbar and too rigid in the scapula level. All other things seemed fine, pretty big screen, although adaptive cruise wasn't adaptive, lane assistant didn't work at all and auto start-stop worked only once- I mean worked only when driving a bit and stopping for the first time, unfortunately after "first" stop, when moving slowly in the stop-start traffic didn't want to work again- Useless.
    I can't understand the pressure on petrol engines - this car doesn't have power at all, just to do "normal" acceleration you need to shift to 3-4th gear!!! and it does noise only... also burns twice more fuel compared to a diesel where is that fake economy???
    APART from, for me its an insurance replacement car!!!! AND I JUST TOOK 600kg of bricks and crap to the tip in two runs :))))) Rentals are the best cars in the world:)))

    • Tachanka
      Tachanka 4 months ago

      I have the premium se 2019 micron grey 136 bhp diesel 1.6 manual fwd, its great, but it hink your issue is the petrol.

  • lecu1967
    lecu1967 5 months ago +1

    You can't have an SUV in Australia without a full-size spare wheel.

  • procerator
    procerator 5 months ago +1

    I didn`t knew that Sportage is pronounced Sport-ah-zhe.

  • Stephen Poirier
    Stephen Poirier 5 months ago

    The Korean version of this car comes with 8-way JBL sound system. The North American version has an Infinity system. Strange that they went with a no-name brand for the European market..The Korean version also has AWD at all levels regardless of the engine size

  • nickwibb1
    nickwibb1 5 months ago +3

    Hyundai Tucson or Volvo XC40?

  • OzzyAlexMason
    OzzyAlexMason 5 months ago

    Tbh the backseat folding isn’t too bad compared to the likes of the GLE or the GLS which are a proper faff

  • Ryei
    Ryei 5 months ago

    Why you don’t review Subaru models?

  • Mark Butler
    Mark Butler 5 months ago +3

    No ski hatch, doesn't matter!What percentage of owners take their car on skiing holiday?....I suggest hardly anybody!

  • Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock

    I will add now. I love my cars. I have previously owned sports cars, small cars, big cars - ranging from a 1.0 litre up to a 3.0. Diesel. Petrol, Automatic , manual, semi. I have actually done my homework on this and spoken to many a friend who are mechanics and owners. Also my own research. This is the first brand new car I am purchasing. I have now bought the premium SE because - the facts - It has everything, the budget is on par ( 48 months £330 PCP ). The servicing is cheaper then most. Boot space - ok abit MEH - but cheaper to get smaller suitcases then upgrade the brand to a bigger boot space and a chunkier engine that will cost your fuel. Who needs power any more when the roads are bloody traffic anyway !! I have a dog, a 4 yr old and a 13 yr old ( and a grumpy 40 something kid - my hubby ). Enough space for them for day trips and weekends away (( just remember ROOF RACK )) and CHARGERS EVERYWHERE !! Perfect. I rarely do school runs but if I have too, it will be a head turner. I live in Swindon UK, soooo many roundabouts and yes I know I will get through tyres - but we have so many tyre garages they will always compete. Mat has given a just worthy review but look at your own personal Circumstance - I wanted big, I wanted HUGE, I wanted Sporty - but in the end. I realised. It is just not feasible. This gives you 85% of that. You want 100% - expect the price tag it comes with. This has the 5 yr warranty (( ok the garage kept saying the fair wear and tear conditions )) But As it is on PCP - - I expect in 4 yrs time electric will no longer be Beta tested but a proper thing on the road (( that Is why I didn't go down that route because newer and better versions keep happening )). PCP has better get out clauses then the others. Ok the Sat nav - So apparently the update for this is done with the yearly service - If they charge I will haggle that I bought car from brand spanking new ( also point out that it has probably been sat on Avonmouth docks for at least 6 months - SO CHECK FOR SALT DAMAGE !! I used to work for a car manufacturer that mentioned that - not Hyundai ). I think like mobile phones, Give it 6 months and a better one will come out. But this - it's the car for my family needs. It has taken me 6 months to get to this point, do not think it is easy to choose your next car, it isn't - don't go by your friends recommendation, nor garage ( they can give you advice about costs and stuff when you narrow it down to certain makes and models which I did ), nor family. It is you and who will be in that car with you - also look at where you will be 5 years down the line. I have only just touched to edge of what I think.

  • Jeeban Gurung
    Jeeban Gurung 5 months ago

    Watson reviews tucson...

  • Patrique Mansour
    Patrique Mansour 5 months ago +1


    SONAM DAWA 5 months ago


  • Dharma's Mafia
    Dharma's Mafia 5 months ago


  • Edge
    Edge 5 months ago

    Shut up dude just film and point at things and stop talking know it all.

  • musa rapulane
    musa rapulane 6 months ago

    i mean see

  • musa rapulane
    musa rapulane 6 months ago

    hy i am musa i would like to the hyundai tucson turbo on a drag race

  • Genca Genadijev
    Genca Genadijev 6 months ago

    Does this car have enough space for 2 man(186cm / 6.1 feet) and 2 women(171cm / 5.6 feet). sry for bad english

  • Ronald Carnevale
    Ronald Carnevale 6 months ago

    Just took a trip down to Florida from Ohio. I am soooooo disappointed in the gas mileage. I started out with 950 miles and now have 2100 due to the trip. I never stopped so many times coming down here in my life. Just yesterday alone, we took a 200 mile round trip, started out with a full tank and got back just over a half tank of gas. Terrible and so disappointing. Other than that I love the car. The only think I dont like about the car is my own fault. I got the Value (stupid name for it) line and it has less than the other models. Thats fine but I hate the full black front "grill".The other models have the horizontal silver lines.

  • Hyundai An Phú
    Hyundai An Phú 6 months ago

    Bác nào trên đây ở sài gòn muốn thử xe có gì mời em ly cafe nha , hehe . LH: 0778078878
    Hoặc đăng ký tại đây :

  • Steve Robertson
    Steve Robertson 6 months ago +1

    The new Tuscon is the clear winner in all my research. Better warrenty, loaded with tech, fun to drive, so comfy, and by FAR the best styling. So excited to get a Tuscon Ultimate later this year

    • Steve Robertson
      Steve Robertson 6 months ago +1

      @Loosy Bolt the 2020 Tuscon, which is available in UK but not US yet.

    • Loosy Bolt
      Loosy Bolt 6 months ago

      Dear Steve, what do you mean with the new one, 2020?

  • Jordan
    Jordan 6 months ago

    I really don't mean this as a compliment, so please don't take it as one. But you remind me of Alan Partridge (not looks, but mannerisms)

  • infernalme
    infernalme 6 months ago

    Do the front seats recline all the way back (until the seat’s back hits the rear seat)?

  • tanishk khurana
    tanishk khurana 6 months ago +1

    Please rewiew hyundai creta as well

  • letsseeif
    letsseeif 6 months ago

    Wrong. In the UK ten years ago, you may have had the ix35 but that wasn't a Tuscon! I hired a car at a English airport ten years ago and it was to be a Hyundai Tuscon Auto and it's a larger SUV. It turned out that I got an even bigger Hyundai Santa Fe but that's bye the bye. The ix35 was a Second World vehicle that somehow went on sale for a couple of years in developed countries before being withdrawn. Indeed, it was considerably smaller than Tuscon and about current Kona dimensions.

  • IvanRirisu
    IvanRirisu 6 months ago

    korean bull shit car

  • M James
    M James 6 months ago

    I test drove 2 Tucson. Awful cars to drive. No joke It felt like driving a 1980s Fiesta. built to a price. Did not feel rigid. Visible lumpy welds under tailgate. Rear suspension/ shocks are terrible. Steering feels wrong for the car, absolutely gutless 1.6gdi petrol engine has no torque. I drove a Santa Fe before Tucson and it is a much better car build wise.. seriously the Tucson is built to a very cheap standard