Expandable Outdoor Table

  • Published on May 31, 2019
  • Upgrade an ordinary side table to give it more function! Keep Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics™ handy for a more bountiful garden: bzfd.it/2wgdqhX

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Comments • 18

  • pathetically insecure clown

    In the thumbnail I thought it was going to be a barbie size table😂

  • Santiago Ramos
    Santiago Ramos 6 months ago


  • Happy & Healthy
    Happy & Healthy 6 months ago


  • Niamhy Wonder
    Niamhy Wonder 6 months ago

    1like =1 slaps for the people who disliked

  • My Plant World
    My Plant World 6 months ago

    Wow nice idea👍👌👍

  • Marsun Alvarez
    Marsun Alvarez 6 months ago

    Very nice ideas

  • keri duty
    keri duty 6 months ago

    Love that

  • Mad Samurai
    Mad Samurai 6 months ago


  • Save the trees _
    Save the trees _ 6 months ago

    Ooooooo yes

  • shruti cutu
    shruti cutu 6 months ago +3

    Love you best diys please give me a 💕

  • Karley M
    Karley M 6 months ago +9

    *I saw an old guy at the store today who lost his wallet*
    *1like = 1% chance he has found it*

    • yq stronk
      yq stronk 6 months ago

      @Karley M
      "oH iF yOu hAvE hAtE kEeP iT tO uRsELf" stfu I have the right to criticise
      Please, how would superficial internet points help some old guy find their wallet? Your type of comments have no creativity, I hate how many of these stupid "oNe LiKe = oNe cUrE fOr cAnCer" comments there are.

    • Karley M
      Karley M 6 months ago

      @yq stronk im seriously not if you have a problem keep it to yourself

    • Kayla _TFMS
      Kayla _TFMS 6 months ago

      smol bean DoNt Be RoOdDdD!

    • yq stronk
      yq stronk 6 months ago +2

      You're just begging for likes like a sad, pathetic loser who only cares about internet points

  • Akshat Middha
    Akshat Middha 6 months ago

    Great will try it for sure

  • Don Wynn
    Don Wynn 6 months ago +4

    Great ideas for me to try...thanks

  • hema anjali
    hema anjali 6 months ago +3

    Wowwww !!!!they are awesome!!!love you guys