Is the 2018 iPad Worth It?

  • Published on Mar 31, 2018
  • For $329 the new iPad 2018 works with Apple Pencil but is it worth it?
    Apple iPad 9.7 inch 6th Generation:
    Is the 2017 iPad Worth It?
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  • TurboPikachuX
    TurboPikachuX Day ago

    Got this one for $225 right as the 7th Gen 2019 iPad is about to be announced for $330. Even after adding a Smart Cover, Apple Pencil, and Apple Pencil Case, my total bundle came to only $395, just $65 more than the upcoming 2019 9.7" iPad on its own, $5 less than an iPad Mini 5 on its own, and $105 less than an iPad Air 3 on its own.
    This has been a fantastic upgrade from my slow-as-molasses 2012 iPad 3 (which with a leather smart cover came to $670 back then)

  • z00011001
    z00011001 2 days ago

    Compare it to something in similar cost bracket like Samsung with amoled display. If Samsung ditches that awkward pencil like display then ipad is as dead as Tim cook in creative work

  • z00011001
    z00011001 2 days ago

    2gb ram is deal breaker. Another iOS update with few dummy "services" running in background and this will be dead as fish without ram.

  • Kunwar Desh
    Kunwar Desh 2 days ago

    hat mc

  • Ur boi Ninja
    Ur boi Ninja 3 days ago

    I’m watching this on the iPad u were reviewing and I got it toady and it is big!

  • Skullen_ 69
    Skullen_ 69 3 days ago +1

    Everyone: 300$ is a lot of money

    Me: my 2012 iPad mini was more expensive

  • Affordable Tech
    Affordable Tech 3 days ago +1

    I can kinda feel how most everyone else feels in the comments. So I made an honest and realistic review on this iPad. Please let me know how it is! It’s actually only $250 atm!

  • gm qatani
    gm qatani 4 days ago

    اسوى شخص هوأنت فهم

  • rich attom
    rich attom 6 days ago

    hell no this is wort the money and i picked one up that had like 22 hours of use for 200 bucks

  • Seppo_randomhero
    Seppo_randomhero 7 days ago

    Dude....slow down!

  • Terra Shot
    Terra Shot 7 days ago

    "Every Ipad Ever"!!

  • W. Dearth
    W. Dearth 7 days ago

    Can't imagine this dork is swimming in beaver.

  • Charles The TMBG Fan
    Charles The TMBG Fan 7 days ago +1

    I am watching this on my iPad 6th Generation.

  • Sonic. exe1256
    Sonic. exe1256 9 days ago +1

    Who is watching this on a ipad 6th gen/2018??

    Like if you do.

  • Lil Infinite Girls
    Lil Infinite Girls 9 days ago +2

    my school uses that iPad and the teachers use the Apple Pencil and the student get the old dumb styluses --.--

  • Marley Cormier
    Marley Cormier 10 days ago

    this non-epic-gamer is such a noob.

    just kidding. 😂😂😂😂

  • Anon Sidious
    Anon Sidious 10 days ago

    I wouldn't refer to it as lower end. Id refer to it as somewhat reasonably priced. The hardware inside is very good. This unit is a workhorse for the price-point. The best tab out there nothign else comes close quality and performance wise. Ipad pros are ridiculously priced you are much better served buying a chromebook or just a flat out LAPTOP.

    BAIDYANATH 11 days ago +1

    I'm sorry, I think I'm quite poor and I wonder if I could even ever make up my parents to buy this $330 ipad. The pro model's price is more than my daddy's salary. Yeah, I believe that's what Apple call supporting. Just saying...

  • Zyad mohamed
    Zyad mohamed 11 days ago +1

    This was made for students what was he thinking about the price as if 300 puck is nothing

  • Quentai Prent
    Quentai Prent 13 days ago

    what a shitty review...if this is a reflection of your personality then that's truly sad.
    As a third world university student that $330 is close to impossibly to attain much less to spend on a damn iPad. I had to give up everything I wanted for my 20th birthday for this school related thing and I got it on a sale. my parents could barely afford this damn thing and it's comical to you?? Then I have to spend $100 on a damn pencil plus a case and screen protector. if this thing doesn't bring all As my parents are going to kill me and here you are being a pretentious prick. Next time consider us "poor unfortunate souls"...

  • Northzy
    Northzy 13 days ago

    I’m on that iPad lol

  • Jake Land Victoria
    Jake Land Victoria 14 days ago +1

    I was watching this on the 2018 iPad and I love it

  • EchoPurpose
    EchoPurpose 16 days ago

    He said that it looks like the screen is a little sunken I can’t unsee this

  • EchoPurpose
    EchoPurpose 16 days ago

    When your watching this video on the same ipad

  • Boss Prime
    Boss Prime 17 days ago +2

    But I'm still using the legendary I pad 2 from 2012

  • ♥papylanky♥
    ♥papylanky♥ 18 days ago

    I thought while clicking this video, it was supposed to be about the ipad 2018.. but i keep hearing "ipad pro blabla" also the price difference is ALOT. For people with less money or people that don't want to spend more than 300 dollars for a ipad i'd personally suggest this!

  • Rah
    Rah 21 day ago +1

    $300 dollars ipad, yea i can get an ipad pro, i don't want to waste money because they do the same things really

    ANONYMOUS 21 day ago

    i have ipad 5 and im gonna say it is worth it.

  • Savar - Fortnite
    Savar - Fortnite 22 days ago

    He makes $300 sound cheap 😂😭

  • Lilith Hedwig
    Lilith Hedwig 25 days ago

    Wow this review sucks lol not all of us want or have the reason/need to spend 700+$

  • John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier

    I'm still happy with my 2nd gen iPad. My first generation full capacity iPad(fully loaded with old games and movies) still works. I can still watch a movie on it on a full charge.

    • Dark
      Dark 21 day ago

      Holly shit! It's too old! Almost Most of the game Not supported

  • Elevator Filmer SG
    Elevator Filmer SG 25 days ago

    I think in ipad os 13 they finally added controller support for games you mentioned at 3:50 if I remember correctly

  • Clyde Fernandes
    Clyde Fernandes 27 days ago

    The ipad is totally worth 329$, but to be honest the Apple pencil isn't... "100$ for a stylus !" The first time I knew of it I was like , " Are you kidding me ??" The pencil is 1/3rd the price of the Ipad. And what's it gonna do ? Just write and draw ?😂😂😄 And Scrolling or dragging (I wouldn't mention that as it could be done with fingers)

  • Any S
    Any S 27 days ago

    I have the iPad retina and it’s heavy. 🤷🏽‍♀️ the only reason I wanna change it is because it stopped getting software updates 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Xxx Nightmare
    Xxx Nightmare 28 days ago

    Lol they actually added controls supporter

  • Xxx Nightmare
    Xxx Nightmare 28 days ago

    Lol they actually added controls supporter

  • Maria Brown
    Maria Brown 29 days ago

    I got this today and the pencil too I think it’s worth it

  • bix gaming
    bix gaming 29 days ago +1

    The i pad is 250

  • Supergavingaming SGG

    Watching this on the 6th gen ipad

  • GO LD
    GO LD Month ago

    You can use controller on ipad and iphones and any mobile devices

  • GO LD
    GO LD Month ago

    My ipad’s fortnite is kinda pixelated

  • Jey Initial
    Jey Initial Month ago

    this video is informative. but pls, have some manners. at 1:28 I can see the joy of others'misfortune on his face

  • Xean Xedrik Torculas
    Xean Xedrik Torculas Month ago +1

    The iPad 2018 is so worth it!

  • Screen Patch
    Screen Patch Month ago +1

    I use the 2017 ipad

  • Ethan John
    Ethan John Month ago +2

    Better watching other channel than Austin Evans channel.

  • Roblox_craft guy
    Roblox_craft guy Month ago +1

    Haha did apple listen because in ipadOS there is mouse support

  • Cheryl Allred
    Cheryl Allred Month ago

    I'm getting the iPad 2018 version! I love this video good job!!!

    • Eric
      Eric Month ago

      Amazon selling it for 249 brand new

  • MagnumDB
    MagnumDB Month ago

    I’m glad you worked it out with Miranda from Sex and the City.

  • Bhupender Kumar
    Bhupender Kumar Month ago

    Hey can we do programming like python or java on this 2018 iPad?

    • Kratos
      Kratos Month ago

      @Bhupender Kumar I told it has Bluetooth keyboard support and u can do it without the keyboards. But I would recommend you to buy a Bluetooth keyboard as the physical keyboard will be better

    • Bhupender Kumar
      Bhupender Kumar Month ago

      @Kratos ohk thanks a lot.
      But I hope I can't do programming without keyboard support?

    • Kratos
      Kratos Month ago

      @Bhupender Kumar yes,you can use all third party Bluetooth keyboards .With IOS 13 u can get even mouse support.And there are a lot of gestures which u should check out.

    • Bhupender Kumar
      Bhupender Kumar Month ago

      @Kratos thank you so much for the help ? But can we use keyboard with an iPad?

    • Kratos
      Kratos Month ago

      @Bhupender Kumar yes

  • Christopher Harvell

    I mean if you’d review the iPad mini 5th generation you’d notice the screen is not sunken in and that it’s the perfect iPad for anyone not trying to replace their laptop with a pro

    • Christopher Harvell
      Christopher Harvell Month ago

      Another thing is that the 3rd party keyboard support for any iPad is really good. Plus the Apple Smart Keyboard are terrible. I’m gonna get one for my mini. People never talk about how good the blue tooth support is for any iOS device.....they just go well Apple does t support it so it’s not real so I can’t put it in the review and that’s just shady to me.

  • Alexis 4ever
    Alexis 4ever Month ago

    Apple is expensive shhit..I spent 200 bucks on my iPod 📱 touch(6th gen), damn near passed out when I heard the price....why can’t I have money like bill gates or jay-z, I need answers

  • Xean Xedrik Torculas

    If you guys say it’s not worth it just give it to me! obviously your just going to complain about it!

  • Xean Xedrik Torculas

    Yes it’s worth it!

  • Chaeyoung Lee
    Chaeyoung Lee Month ago

    *Well I’ve got a rose gold iPad 6th gen, it’s BETTER THAN YOU REVIEWED.* 💀💀

  • ᄉᄒ
    ᄉᄒ Month ago

    How does this guy have so many subscribers?... i just don’t get it

  • Duolingo Bird
    Duolingo Bird Month ago

    he laughs at the 300$ price like it’s nothing, while 50$ is a lot of money for some people

  • Chen Yang
    Chen Yang Month ago

    Why does Austin always wear the Apple watch upside down?

  • Liane De Souza
    Liane De Souza Month ago +1

    Excuse me your words suck, the ipad 6 gen is really nice.. I know that the problem is better tooo but in my case I could not afford the pro so you need to get this in to your small and selfish head

  • tolazytoturnonthetv

    This guy is super out of touch.

  • Ludspo Nicxo
    Ludspo Nicxo Month ago +5

    Watching on iPad 2018 very good

  • Ayham Shaheen
    Ayham Shaheen Month ago

    Plz stop comapareing

  • Munir Amerr
    Munir Amerr Month ago

    What a shallow reviewer

  • Carlos Eduardo Joos

    Idiot video and idéio commenting.

  • First Name, Surname
    First Name, Surname Month ago +1

    Apple Pencil boner

  • Tuesday Janae
    Tuesday Janae Month ago

    I'm not a huge tech person, but is a air gap a bad thing or?

  • Tuesday Janae
    Tuesday Janae Month ago

    I'm a student and wanted the pro, but got this one and I'm happy with it.

  • jacksputrid
    jacksputrid Month ago +1

    When did 300 dollars become cheap

  • Sophia lovewayrecords

    I love mine tbh

  • Troll lord
    Troll lord Month ago

    Watching on the iPad 6th gen

  • Ahmed Is a doneky
    Ahmed Is a doneky Month ago

    Is it good for gaming