Taylor Swift - Blank Space

  • Published on Nov 10, 2014
  • New single ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) available now. Download here: TaylorSwift.lnk.to/MeYD

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Comments • 562 202

  • Gem Musa
    Gem Musa 15 minutes ago


  • Birkir Einarsson
    Birkir Einarsson Hour ago +1

    It's funny how many dislikes this video has

  • Arielle Dodge
    Arielle Dodge 2 hours ago

    Wow 5yrs later, still sounds lovely. ❤

  • Rosaline ._.
    Rosaline ._. 2 hours ago +2

    All the dislikes are her long list of ex lovers...

  • reh1996
    reh1996 2 hours ago


  • Edy Gomez
    Edy Gomez 3 hours ago

    i will never get bored listen to this song like seriously i won’t

  • Tuana Usta
    Tuana Usta 3 hours ago

    yandere taylor :d

    DEAD PRINCE 4 hours ago +1

    There are 462k comments if you found mine you are a legend!!!

  • Wanderson Vezzini
    Wanderson Vezzini 4 hours ago


    SHARY VENCY 5 hours ago


  • Dhivya Duraisamy
    Dhivya Duraisamy 6 hours ago

    **After LOVER in 2019 anyone?**

  • Franklin Mujica
    Franklin Mujica 6 hours ago


  • Official 78
    Official 78 6 hours ago

    Every time I have listened to this song ... I feel like I’m following a story that is new every time I hear it

  • Jack King
    Jack King 7 hours ago +1

    We are the real fan never get bored with TS old song okay;) ...

  • RavshaN Сирожов
    RavshaN Сирожов 7 hours ago +1

    1 падписка 2 кометари 3 лайки и я тоже

  • Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

    Why do all her music videos have a cat in them

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 8 hours ago


  • Cal C
    Cal C 8 hours ago

    She can show us she can show us

  • Cal C
    Cal C 8 hours ago

    You can read magazines wow

  • Jiro Devano
    Jiro Devano 9 hours ago

    after 5 years and i still remember ALL THE LYRICS

  • Frond Faculty
    Frond Faculty 9 hours ago

    I do love the game...

  • yzaace 2006
    yzaace 2006 12 hours ago

    Anyone finding the ending after watching bart baker

  • Kayla Furbank!
    Kayla Furbank! 12 hours ago +1

    Who thought the lyric “long list of Ex Lovers” was

    “Long list of Starbucks lovers”
    Because I did

  • お猿のジョージ
    お猿のジョージ 13 hours ago


  • Ray of Light
    Ray of Light 15 hours ago

    Totally Taylor Swift mood today. 😉😉😉

    ARYA JAYARAJAN 17 hours ago +1

    BTW did anyone notice - what's the white deer doing in her drawing room??

  • V
    V 17 hours ago

    Es que esta muy buena la canción

  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres 18 hours ago


  • Mar Samaniego
    Mar Samaniego 18 hours ago

    Wow is the Taylor

  • Aymara Acosta
    Aymara Acosta 19 hours ago

    Like so hablas español y no entiendes nada lo que dice la canción y los comentarios

  • Sosti khatri
    Sosti khatri 19 hours ago


  • Mikailia Miller
    Mikailia Miller 19 hours ago

    Who is listening to old songs in 2019

    I know am not the only one

  • 2D4U
    2D4U 21 hour ago

    Listening to old songs before the decade ends
    Btw small RU-clipr

  • Treats207 Aj
    Treats207 Aj 21 hour ago

    In 2014 I would come home from school and listen to this song everyday. Ahhh I miss how simple and fun it was. Now everyone's sad and all the songs are about relationships and drugs

  • Grady Mcclintock
    Grady Mcclintock 22 hours ago

    Taylor is really pretty

  • Suuh Tube
    Suuh Tube 22 hours ago


  • Something just like This

    In a few days a new decade will begin. So, i'm actually listing all songs i loved during 2010-2019. And you which song did you like the most ?

    PS: Half of my list is taylor's songs

  • Carsten Bahnson
    Carsten Bahnson Day ago

    who was that guy

  • Efraim prince
    Efraim prince Day ago

    Θα σάς στιλό πως λέγεται το κανάλι μου

  • Esra Alkan
    Esra Alkan Day ago

    ı still listen it everydaaay

  • kevin manss
    kevin manss Day ago

  • Gaby
    Gaby Day ago

    how can he looks so perfect??? he gotta have some defect. i think he stinks '_'

  • Daniel Craquito
    Daniel Craquito Day ago


  • Mog
    Mog Day ago

    3:52 mwahahahaha my next victim😈

  • kavan erwee
    kavan erwee Day ago

    the poor car that is my dream car noooooooo

  • GaGabriel a
    GaGabriel a Day ago

    Sry for doing this to your fave😲(thumbnail left/right cheek) but PEREGINE FALKON

  • Alpha Wölfin Jana

    I take the horse😂

  • Jeffry ASMR
    Jeffry ASMR Day ago

    Hope end of 2019 i get 1k subs..😭😭

  • Aprajita Bhardwaj

    This song will always be special for me after watching this on TV during my exam time I just became her fan forever😘😘

  • Vaishnavi S
    Vaishnavi S Day ago

    Y did they keep dislike option fr tis...?

  • 5000 Subs Before Christmas Challenge

    This is a proof that were here before it reaches 3B

  • Khalid Juaksan
    Khalid Juaksan Day ago

    Taylor swift

  • Arka Sarkar
    Arka Sarkar Day ago

    Love u Taylor

  • Rana -_-
    Rana -_- Day ago

    2:24 all that time i thought that dear at the back was a statue!😂

  • ghofrane mejri
    ghofrane mejri Day ago +1

    Who still love this song

  • Aldi Arianator
    Aldi Arianator Day ago

    My Favorite song😘😍

  • Fatty slimey shop.1310

    Wish a happy Chrismas

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones Day ago


    CYANIC WOLF Day ago

    I will read you Taylor like a magazine 😀😀

  • Jej 00
    Jej 00 Day ago

    2:13 I love this part