[919] Prison Break! Huge Prison Locks Opened in Seconds

  • Published on Jul 10, 2019

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  • Michael Hammer
    Michael Hammer 2 days ago

    Its scary that criminals who might have picking experience are held in by locks that are easily pickable.

  • ShawnTD
    ShawnTD 2 days ago

    Looks like you're not gonna have any issues getting out of jail.

  • Forum Arcade
    Forum Arcade 2 days ago

    Can you demonstrate re-assembling a lock? I'm very apprehensive about gutting locks for fear that I won't be able to put all the tiny bits back together.

  • sonicwonic
    sonicwonic 3 days ago

    He can get himself out of prison outside and inside of prison

  • Domestic_K9
    Domestic_K9 4 days ago

    Ima sell this video in prison for handjobs

  • Thomas Gunkler
    Thomas Gunkler 5 days ago

    These locks are not used on cell doors. Only auxiliary doors. Sometimes low security cells like for juvenile detention. When used in that scenario, the cylinder is on the opposite side of the door... Obviously not in the cell.

  • 《THUMPER》 Lock Picking

    I take it yours dosen't have a sidebars ? I have one from Steel pinnings (Rob) made me one. It's has a S S on the lock but the key looks to have a sidebar on it. Rob made the key, so I'm not sure. Can you rake it?

  • Commander Shepherd
    Commander Shepherd 6 days ago

    What’s the point of master keying? What does that extra ring around the cylinder do?

  • Eth 250
    Eth 250 8 days ago

    Micheal scofield from prison break finding new ways to get out!!

  • joseph Buckley
    joseph Buckley 8 days ago

    I like the fact that he says he can lock it because he has the keys as if that makes any difference to him at all

  • Cyber Stalker
    Cyber Stalker 8 days ago

    Prisoner:_ Lawyer Fucked Us!! 🙄
    LPL:_ Hold My Tools Boii's 🙂

  • Axemninja
    Axemninja 9 days ago

    I bet he does the “wave rake” on his wife ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • RockTouching
    RockTouching 13 days ago

    Imagine being so lucky to have LPL as your cellmate.

  • Andrew Draper
    Andrew Draper 15 days ago

    Quick question. When the lock was picked was it the master key section picked or the service key?

  • Abdul Rahman
    Abdul Rahman 16 days ago

    So that's what all my tax money is spent on high quality prison locks

  • Geek Lord
    Geek Lord 16 days ago

    How would one go about improvising lockpicks in a prison setting?
    I'm asking for a friend-

  • YouTube5000
    YouTube5000 16 days ago +1

    Click out of one, click out of two and wallah I’m off to rob a bank again. No wonder he never shows his face 🤔

  • daab889
    daab889 17 days ago

    Given the fact that your'e a lawyer and an unstoppable lockpicker, it would be pointless to sue you in any way for showing how to pick these locks

  • Fynxi
    Fynxi 17 days ago

    there is no real point in picking a cell door tbh. thats why its not ultra high security. if u want to break out of somewhere, you don't go the way most peoplem see you, do you? :)

  • Dr. Toastkrunch
    Dr. Toastkrunch 17 days ago

    Pick one of the massive Folger-Adam locks used in corrections.

  • Tu te Kohe
    Tu te Kohe 18 days ago

    No need to panic, people. You have to be outside the cell first before you can pick the lock.

  • Art Strutzenberg
    Art Strutzenberg 21 day ago

    so when you dismantled the lock, that first set of pins that you guided out...there were 3 of them vs two on the others.....was curious about the difference?

  • mdredmond71
    mdredmond71 21 day ago

    If you could send me one of the rakes you used on that lock that would be great. My address is:
    USP Florence
    5880 CO-67
    Florence, CO 81226

  • Sunny Kay
    Sunny Kay 23 days ago

    And thus is why the internet is not allowed in Prisons.

  • Aaron Gomez
    Aaron Gomez 23 days ago

    Alcatraz would like to:
    Know your location.

  • akarnowski
    akarnowski 24 days ago

    Should’ve tried picking them using tools made from items found in a prison.

  • KeepIt Real
    KeepIt Real 24 days ago

    😂 wow crazy. You could do that w a paper clip

  • pieman7414
    pieman7414 26 days ago

    the much harder lock to break is the prison guards

  • Elisabeth Barden
    Elisabeth Barden Month ago

    Product placement FTW!

  • Kristopher Carter
    Kristopher Carter Month ago

    The FBI wants to know your location

  • Sebastian Di Palma
    Sebastian Di Palma Month ago

    I used to work with a lot of Corbin master ring mortise cylinders in the past. As far as pinning was concerned, very unsecure. With Grand Master floor master and change key especially when keyed correctly there are too many possible sheer lines. Uneducated people outside of the trade were impressed by size. Here it is just a downfall.

  • Phil Soli
    Phil Soli Month ago

    Guard #1: Take him to his cell
    Guard #2: But the locks are gone!

  • Adamkaban Kaban
    Adamkaban Kaban Month ago

    I saw Adam Adam so I had to come

  • ariash18able
    ariash18able Month ago

    Do they still user those locks?
    How about magnetic lock

  • Enderking32507
    Enderking32507 Month ago

    Ok I’m new here what is the difference between a master key and a normal one?

      LOLDONGS 29 days ago

      A master key will open more than one lock in the building while a normal key will only open one lock.

  • Dan The man
    Dan The man Month ago

    Well damn i had no idea its as easy as insert rake and shake it vigorously like u finally got some alone time after 3-4 yrs in prison and bam, done

  • sam jones
    sam jones Month ago

    Master keeey

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson Month ago

    They say you go to Prison to become a better criminal. I go to RU-clip.

  • Nathan Trinh
    Nathan Trinh Month ago +1


  • Abraham Palraj
    Abraham Palraj Month ago

    How can I get your tools

  • Nate Brehm
    Nate Brehm Month ago

    Do you always put the locks back together?

  • Rob Trew
    Rob Trew Month ago

    They would fight over you.

  • Mr. Hippo?
    Mr. Hippo? Month ago

    Did you go to prison??

  • Kenny U
    Kenny U Month ago

    Oh so this is how prisoners escaped in Arizona a few days ago

  • 4wd some
    4wd some Month ago

    Can you do a video going into depth about how and when a rake can be used, whenever you use one you get through that lock in a matter of seconds and on a wide variety of locks, can they be used on everything, or no.?
    Thanks in a advanced

  • ShaddyCrunchum
    ShaddyCrunchum Month ago

    Is anyone else. Othered about how scratched up the locks look?
    I don't think he was the first to try and pick it

  • Soturian
    Soturian Month ago

    Those are mainly used for closets and rooms inside the prison. The locks on the pods and the door to the jail are bigger and more complex

  • bob scott
    bob scott Month ago

    This guy would pick open the restraints on the electric chair with a Z-bar and a rake hidden up his asshole if they gave him death sentence.

  • Tom131
    Tom131 Month ago

    “Before we get too picky”

  • dungoist
    dungoist Month ago

    Sometimes he says "key" and sometimes he says "kay".

  • gaming with Bailey
    gaming with Bailey Month ago

    This guy is good with girls lmao

  • DrQuadrivium
    DrQuadrivium Month ago

    So... size doesn't really matter.

  • power
    power Month ago

    Now I can finally break my cuzin out of prison

  • Nishant Verma
    Nishant Verma Month ago +1

    You wouldn't get your tools to open those locks when inside jail.. it would have been more impressive if you have just open those locks with something which can be arranged in jail like small wires or something like that..

  • Taika Tohveli rewamped

    I currently work in a prison that uses these locks.
    Gotta go tell my supervisor when i get my next shift.

  • CHeath
    CHeath Month ago

    Great job!! Now we'll have lots of break outs. Now the whole world knows the weakness in every locks.

  • Aaron Corporation
    Aaron Corporation Month ago

    LPL: Robs a house
    (goes to jail)
    LPL: *bye*

  • mulgerbill
    mulgerbill Month ago

    Another great video
    Any chance of explaining the function of the master ring? TIA

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    In Germany it's LEGAL to break out of a prison, but if you get caught, you
    1. Get the rest of your time in jail plus
    2. The additional jail time/fines for every crime you did while breaking out
    So if you find a way to get out of prison without making an other crime and you stay out and clean for 5 year's there will be a high chance that they will stop looking for you

  • Robert Gunn
    Robert Gunn Month ago

    Built to last, just not built to stay locked.
    Typical governmental standard.
    Maybe those locks were from a minimum security prison.
    If not, oh, oh.