DIY Turning Wooden Handles On The Drill Press

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • Turning on a drill press is something I can't say I had ever thought of trying, but after purchasing my new Stanley bailey no4 plane, I hated the plastic handles that were on it. I wanted to make new handles, but I knew the rear one would be easy, but I didn't know how I was going to make the front handle without a lathe, until I did some research on turning without a lathe, and can across this method.
    I stood out of the directional spinning of the stock in case anything went wrong, and I was ready to hit the emergency stop button should anything go wrong! (which nothing did) will defiantly be trying this again in the future. As you can see from the pictures, the new handles transform the plane.
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Comments • 32

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis Month ago

    Thanks for uploading this - need to just turn a couple of things and this has saved me from buying a lathe...

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  Month ago

      No problem buddy, it's was quite a fun thing to do. I was going to attempt using normal chisels on it, but the rasp and file combo worked really well

  • maddog7
    maddog7 5 months ago

    Good Job !

  • monty3862able
    monty3862able 6 months ago

    Hi mate I've just found your channel and what a brilliant job you've done

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  6 months ago

      Hi buddy, thanks very much. I've just hit 2k subs so I must be doing something right 👍

  • Lime 23
    Lime 23 6 months ago

    Absolutely brilliant recent sub. Watching your videos which are very good mate

  • Jigsey's Workshop
    Jigsey's Workshop 7 months ago

    Bloody genius James.... Yet again

  • Phils Workshop
    Phils Workshop 7 months ago

    Great vid very interesting James

  • Mark Nash
    Mark Nash 7 months ago

    Great idea. Gonna have to give it a go one day!! 😃

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  7 months ago

      Thanks Mark, it was a lot easier then I thought it would be

  • Sparky 415 Everythings Adjustable

    Those turned out really nice 👍 😊


    Great stuff james they turned out really good I hate plastic handles good work mate

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  7 months ago

      Thanks Warren, the plastic handles are now in the bin

  • D Lamb
    D Lamb 7 months ago

    What a cracking job. Super ingenious idea to use the drill press as a lathe.
    I just wish you had the time to do a lot more uploads!!!
    Great stuff.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  7 months ago

      Thanks David, i enjoyed doing some basic turning. My shifts pattern at work changed at the start of the year, so have a bit of extra time available to maybe make an extra video now and again

  • ksp1278
    ksp1278 7 months ago

    The knob looks too large for that plane IMHO but it looks like you made it well. As long as you like it and it's comfortable to use that's the main thing.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  7 months ago +1

      Thanks for the comment, I like to get different opinions from people. I've made the front knob to the same size as the original. For me though, with slightly bigger hands it feels comfortable, so it could be larger then normal

  • Yeller Belly Workshop
    Yeller Belly Workshop 7 months ago

    Well done.. looks great. And the drill press idea is genius in my opinion 👍

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  7 months ago

      Thanks, first time I've tried turning, so might as well try it the unconventional way 😂

  • mike nicholas
    mike nicholas 7 months ago

    Really good thanks for sharing

  • resinAce
    resinAce 7 months ago +1

    Very resourceful! I have done a similar thing with a power drill before now. I will definitely be taking up lathe turning as a hobby in the future though, in conjunction with my resin crafting.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  7 months ago

      Never tried any turning before. It's definitely a good skill to learn in the future. Will be looking forward to those videos in the future then

  • whats that?
    whats that? 7 months ago


  • Thomas Prendiville
    Thomas Prendiville 7 months ago

    Excellent work James, I didn't expect anything less 👍🏻

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  7 months ago +1

      Thank you very much Thomas. Think they much improved the look of the plane