iPhone 6 : iOS 11.2.6 vs iOS 11.2.5 Speed Test Build 15D100

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • Well it was expected to be released : iOS 11.2.6 is here.
    It fixes small bugs and a big iMessage bug : Telugu
    That would crash your iPhone, and even other non
    Apple devices. So I am late on these videos that sometimes
    will happen when my day job takes over my spare time.
    But enough text, Lets test !

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Comments • 20

  • Complexi
    Complexi Year ago

    A week ago i changed my battery of my 6s but when it’s around 15% battery it becomes unuseable slow can someone help me ols

  • ortaya karışık / b.

    10.3.3 vs 11.3 beta

  • Jaya Sridhar
    Jaya Sridhar Year ago

    I need that steve job pic

  • Ana Vass
    Ana Vass Year ago

    I have the iOS 11.1.2, recommend updating to 11.2.6?

    • Ahlhen L
      Ahlhen L Year ago

      11.2.3 recommend updating to 11.2.6 but i dont want the result.

    • samaki 16
      samaki 16 Year ago +1

      Ana Maria Cox Ku noooooooooo don’t update stupid apple screwed is all over with the new update phone is so slow I wanna chuck it at the wall

  • Khoa Đào Nguyễn Anh

    I have an ip6 ios 11.2.1 should i upgrade ??

  • Manuel Fernandes
    Manuel Fernandes Year ago

    I have an iPhone 6 16GB with thw iOS 10.2. Should i install the iOS 11.2.6? Or the iphome turns to slow?

    • Sheng Wong
      Sheng Wong Year ago

      don‘t update to the latest version unless you had already in ios 11 or u will regret

    • Manuel Fernandes
      Manuel Fernandes Year ago

      Thank you very much guys 👍🏽

    • Vetal Chegrin
      Vetal Chegrin Year ago

      It is very bad idea, real talk

    • aniket ghadigaonkar
      aniket ghadigaonkar Year ago

      Manuel Fernandes no dont update to any of the ios 11 u r vry luck of hvng 10.2 even i m havng 6 16b

    • Rubén López
      Rubén López Year ago

      Manuel Fernandes Don’t!!! It’s too slow.

  • Nikolay Zinin
    Nikolay Zinin Year ago

    Wrong! In your video iPhone 6 start up time with iOS 11.2.5 26 seconds. Strange: mine takes 35 s. If you watch your previous video with iOS 11.2.5: it's 35 seconds there too.

  • 76sousoute
    76sousoute Year ago +1

    Sorry but the performance are not very close to 11.2.5 !!!! The new update had better performance than the old version

  • speed of light
    speed of light Year ago +6

    iphone 6 is getting slower rip


    Request,,ios 11.3 beta 3 vs ios 11.2.6 iphone 6s

  • Андрей Ким

    Thank you for your reviews of iOS)