The magnificent Channel island of Jersey

  • Jersey: the Channel Island is one of the areas in the UK that can boast the most hours of annual sunshine. Not that Dave Cowburn cares very much. He works in the dark, cool ducts of an old bunker from the Sec-ond World War. Here, he breeds turbot, and is very successful at it, too.
    The "Jersey Royal", the regal potato, has been grown on the island since 1880, fertilized with seaweed from the surrounding ocean. In the third generation, Christine Hellio manages approximately 20 hectares on the coast. "The potato is our most important export commodity", she says. It is harvested by hand, as machines cannot be used on the steep fields. The price is quite regal, too: One kilogram costs 6 Euros.
    Hugh Gill is one of around 240 voluntary police officers on Jersey. The Honorary Police is regarded as the oldest organised police system in the world. Hugh works for them for one week every month. On the green lanes, the streets of Jersey, the speed limit is 15 miles per hour.
    Jersey has an immense tidal range and with up to 13 metres difference, it is the world's third largest. This is good for a rarity: the Ormer - one of the world's most expensive species of snail.

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  • Xo Rtf
    Xo Rtf 2 days ago

    Did you ever try driving a Toyota?

  • Xo Rtf
    Xo Rtf 2 days ago

    Tiny needs to power wash his car every day after use in saltwater

  • Its Slothz
    Its Slothz Month ago

    Bruh I live in Jersey, the housing is stupidly expensive. A house that would cost 120k in England costs 900k in jersey. The hash and md is stunning though :)

  • Safrudin Saf
    Safrudin Saf Month ago

    I always watching your Video...hope...making the Video in Indonesia(Bali&Lombok) as well*

  • Eleven : Eleven
    Eleven : Eleven Month ago

    I pity anyone who buys that guys cars....

    SYNONYMOUS 2 months ago

    Tony get a book and learn some basic car mechanics save u hella money

  • flip inheck
    flip inheck 2 months ago +1

    Jersey is NOT part of the UK, it is a Crown dependency.

  • Flatdog Sound & Light
    Flatdog Sound & Light 4 months ago

    That is stupid to use a car in salt water every day other option exist ex hovercraft !

  • Seema Prasad
    Seema Prasad 4 months ago

    Did not Gerald Durrel build a zoo here?

  • mr yesNno
    mr yesNno 5 months ago +1

    Changing cars every 6 months for a £100 is very good, I wish I could get cars like that.

  • Anessa Yhariz
    Anessa Yhariz 5 months ago


  • Bill Hart
    Bill Hart 6 months ago +1

    Stunning. Why would you go to Spain?

  • Ray S
    Ray S 6 months ago +7

    Hey cool I'm from Jersey! Unfortunately it's new Jersey...

  • Lowen’s Science Lab
    Lowen’s Science Lab 6 months ago +3

    I live there

  • Nad Navlis
    Nad Navlis 7 months ago +2

    Jersey is a bit different from East St. Louis. For example, this program lasted almost 45 minutes and there wasn't one shooting or arson that occurred during all that time. I should move there.

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 7 months ago +1

    From New Jersey here

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 8 months ago +1

    Jersey & the other Channel Islands are the sole surviving remnants of the Duchy of Normandy under British authority. The title of Duke of Normandy has continued almost uninterrupted under the rule of the British monarch from William in 1066 to Elizabeth II - and yes - she is the Duke of Normandy as there is no Duchess. France never took possession of the islands, even with the confiscation of the continental part of the Duchy in 1204 which had a French Duke of Normandy sporadically until 1792.

  • Amber Price
    Amber Price 8 months ago

    What a wholesome place. I want to retire there

  • Hallands Menved
    Hallands Menved 8 months ago

    Do all elderly jersey men look alike then? 😊

  • Fye Elessarndra
    Fye Elessarndra 8 months ago

    Narrator: **says some fancy ass french name** also known as the ugliest molusk in the world..
    Me: **sees said molusk** oh you mean abalone? OK..

  • yesica paola vesga aguilar

    Lastima que sea de pedofilos !

  • Ravi Singh
    Ravi Singh 10 months ago

    whats the o o ooo oo oo o song?

  • chris bennett
    chris bennett 10 months ago +1

    More beautiful than Bahamas ,and Tobago

  • SpitfireJJ
    SpitfireJJ 11 months ago

    I live here but there's nothing magnificent about it. Shitty weather and expensive to live.
    Safe to walk but immigrants can be seen everywhere especially in St Helier. I guess it's fun to visit but kind of harsh to live here . It becomes annoying pretty quick.
    St Helier is clean but boring as fuck . Not much to do or see here. I remember living in London was much much more fun. Jersey is for old people.

  • Susan L Gray
    Susan L Gray Year ago


  • Romeo Whiskey
    Romeo Whiskey Year ago

    For those who want to know what those scallop-looking items are:

  • Ben W
    Ben W Year ago +4

    I was born on the Island. We lived in a few parishes during my younger years there, my mum ran a guest-house in St Aubins overlooking the harbour, we lived in St Brelades Bay for a few years which I remember being very much like the hotel and touristy beach in the summer. My dad was born there and my mum moved over there. We moved over to Wales then but me and my partner dream of going back there someday. I miss it a lot

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 6 months ago

      The guest house that your Mum ran, was it on the bulwark next to the boat shop, the guest house being a relatively tall building with eight windows on the front facade, by any chance?

    • SpitfireJJ
      SpitfireJJ 11 months ago +2

      @Ben W it's pretty cool just joking very safe place and I love it

    • Ben W
      Ben W 11 months ago +1

      @SpitfireJJ I bet its changed a lot in the years Ive been away. I was about 7 yrs old when we left. I have good memories as a kid, and family over there too. Since I've been in Wales I've missed my grandparents mostly, more than the Island itself. I spent a lot of time with them as a kid, one has died and the other is not far off, I'll probably not get to see her before she goes either, but aside from that theres a lot more opportunities and things to offer over here, and if my parents hadn't moved back then I reckon I would have left the Island by now anyway for Uni and my career. I might go back there later on in life to relax in my old age some day

    • SpitfireJJ
      SpitfireJJ 11 months ago

      I live here but not sure what you miss about it it's a shitty place

  • Gregory Benjamin
    Gregory Benjamin Year ago +2

    Thank you for this great video,Jersey is a superb place,the entire island is like a country club! It is a privilege to live there!

  • Pat Riley aka Island Mountain Pat

    Good video. Singer-songwriter Island Mountain Pat

  • jim lotus
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  • Trường Gripex
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  • YouDontKnowMe
    YouDontKnowMe Year ago +4

    Man, I want to live there for a couple of months.

    LAE CITY BOYS Year ago +6

    wow.. Jersey is beautiful.. peaceful place.. wonderful people

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 6 months ago +1

      Yeah, I live here pal, and I'm no peado.
      There are peados in the US and UK too, does that make them all peados by default?
      Come on man, people were affected, use your head.

    • Satania McDowell
      Satania McDowell 9 months ago

      yeah only pedophiles living there (and the people qwho works for dem)

  • Lola’s beauty Vlogs

    Home💞 saw where my gran was berried on this vid

  • Allen Ma
    Allen Ma Year ago

    amazing beautiful video

  • Наталья Фролова

    Thank you very much for the film. It's as informative as beautifully shot.

  • Norman Davies
    Norman Davies Year ago +2

    I just adore Jersey new potatoes. Another fine video.
    Thank you.

  • Little Kiwi
    Little Kiwi Year ago

    Bravo MareTV! Another great documentary. Thanks FHQD!!

  • Mircea Costiniuc
    Mircea Costiniuc Year ago


  • Haroon Lala
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  • Gerald Swain
    Gerald Swain Year ago +2

    One wonders who will be the proud but unfortunate second owner of that car at the beginning ,one owner very low miles ,disintegrating at an alarming rate while you are just sitting in it!!!.

  • Solution Revolution
    Solution Revolution Year ago +3

    too many ads, if you watch you just make this a-hole rich on your inconvenience.

    • YouDontKnowMe
      YouDontKnowMe Year ago +1

      Or download an addblocker?

    • Solution Revolution
      Solution Revolution Year ago

      Will not use, Some ads are actually good so why do i have to miss other shit just because a person is a greedy twat.

    • seeDiersoil crossrowds
      seeDiersoil crossrowds Year ago

  • TheStgmp44
    TheStgmp44 2 years ago +8

    this video is absolutely shit. it makes it look like the honour police are our police force. they are just arseholes who do it for the power (which they have little). they tend to deal with road side checks and that's all. the States of Jersey Police force (which has an armed response unit, bomb disposal unit and K9 unit) deals with everything else. we also have a Police Court which deals with petty crimes and the Royal Court which deals with serious crimes.

    • Ray S
      Ray S 6 months ago

      Oh damn Jersey better get an arson unit for those sick burns

    • Et in Arcadia ego
      Et in Arcadia ego 10 months ago

      c'est pas plus mal d'ailleurs, tant mieux, comme ça on peut y aller et au moins on a la paix, la sécurité et la courtoisie, un environnement préservé, c'est un peu comme revenir dans les années 80.

    • SpitfireJJ
      SpitfireJJ 11 months ago

      Wow you have a bomb unit lol
      Dude Jersey has got shit
      You are invisible
      Most people on Earth never even heard of Jersey

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 2 years ago +1


  • Robyn Daniels
    Robyn Daniels 2 years ago +5

    I| wanted to find out about Jersey as a 'pleasant' place to visit and they begin with showing mudflats and a disgusting individual who wants to exploit the wildlife just to make money. I hate it already!

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 6 months ago

      Just above you were saying that Jersey is shit, and in your own words, finished-off with 'no one has ever heard of you', then you go on to describe yourself as being 'here'.
      Why you lying, troll?

    • Joseph Stalin
      Joseph Stalin 7 months ago

      Robyn Daniels just by this comment and calling a guy doing a honest days work disgusting fuck you

    • Joseph Stalin
      Joseph Stalin 7 months ago

      Robyn Daniels I love jersey and if yous don’t fuck off it’s beautiful

    • Nad Navlis
      Nad Navlis 7 months ago +2

      I'm glad you hate it. Then flakes like you will stay away.

    • Joseph Stalin
      Joseph Stalin 8 months ago +2

      Jersey is beautiful went there three days beautiful blue waters warm water Good zoo Good history nice food would love to return

  • myfishcasting
    myfishcasting 2 years ago +3

    Jersey is in GB, not the UK.

    • flip inheck
      flip inheck 2 months ago

      Jersey is not in GB or the UK, how can an island possibly be part of another island, daftest statement ever.

    • Oli Romeril
      Oli Romeril 11 months ago

      I live in jersey

    • YouDontKnowMe
      YouDontKnowMe 11 months ago +1

      The best way to put it, is that Jersey and all the other crown territories are independent for 95%, but on certain aspects like military, defense and some international stuff, they are dependent from the United Kingdom. Simply put, the islands are independent but act like some sort of a satellite state of the United Kingdom. Independent but not quite like a regular independent state.

    • SpitfireJJ
      SpitfireJJ 11 months ago +1

      Jersey isn't in GB nor UK nor EU

    • seeDiersoil crossrowds
      seeDiersoil crossrowds Year ago

  • maleka58
    maleka58 2 years ago +10

    I enjoyed the video but being a Jersey girl there were a few faux pas LOL. Amazing how many people I know on this vid!

    • Michael Rosario Santan
      Michael Rosario Santan 9 months ago +1

      Hey! i just saw a video were some people are telling weird story about Jersey. U know about pedophilia and those things. What do you think about it?

    • TheStgmp44
      TheStgmp44 2 years ago

      from the amount of facts they got wrong, I think this is just an advert for Ormers.

    • Michael Beale
      Michael Beale 2 years ago


  • rsho963
    rsho963 2 years ago +6

    The sand castle is amazing!

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 6 months ago

      My man simon! It was good to see you're work get some more great exposure!
      I'll have to try and bring Gem and the kids to see you some point, it's been ages, all the best Brother 🙂 🤙🏻

    • symon smith
      symon smith 2 years ago +1