New Robot Can Now Fight Back! (Corridor Digital)

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
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Comments • 36 301

  • Ravensword Yeet
    Ravensword Yeet 18 minutes ago

    These videos make me feel bad for the robot

  • AdirKing
    AdirKing 45 minutes ago


  • J king
    J king Hour ago

    LMFAO.. omg ,, this dude smashed the robot from the back with a metal chair,, damn

  • Bryce Sweett
    Bryce Sweett Hour ago

    Btw the robot is fake

  • Im Jaiden
    Im Jaiden Hour ago

    Why they bully him

  • Bianca Thomas
    Bianca Thomas 2 hours ago

    The Rise has just began

  • PG L0styGh0st
    PG L0styGh0st 3 hours ago

    I didnt know that robots feel pain

  • general gold S4
    general gold S4 3 hours ago

    Poor robot

  • Ben Cairns
    Ben Cairns 4 hours ago

    420k likes yes

  • Solmaz Qahremani
    Solmaz Qahremani 4 hours ago

    *ROBOT ABUSE!!!*

  • dinozero2
    dinozero2 6 hours ago

    1:46 What the hell are you spraying at?

  • Jixy Dc
    Jixy Dc 7 hours ago +1

    Even tho its fake pls stop hurting that poor thing 😭

  • Cody P
    Cody P 7 hours ago

    Y'all need to work on your design graphics. You can still see that the robot is fake. Its movement, the feet sliding on the boxes opposite of the tilt and gliding when it should be flat footed. Anyone who believes this is real needs to remember this is fake

    DEADSHOT SAVAGE 8 hours ago

    Weather this is real or not this is just evil

  • ScG Dazariu
    ScG Dazariu 10 hours ago

    Its real?

  • Maxim Boyanov
    Maxim Boyanov 10 hours ago

    This is so Fake

  • Roblox Efe
    Roblox Efe 11 hours ago +1

    1:13 smackdown

  • Gael Gamez
    Gael Gamez 12 hours ago

    It looks so real

  • Jeff Nunya
    Jeff Nunya 13 hours ago

    If this was real of feel bad for the robot

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz 15 hours ago

    This will happen in the next few decades. Robots will rule this world...

  • TartLemonade
    TartLemonade 16 hours ago

    Robot abuse hotline 123 452 robot abuse

  • manuel perez
    manuel perez 17 hours ago

    Robot why you bully me

  • Ed Neeley
    Ed Neeley 18 hours ago

    I actually felt really bad for the robot and then laughed when it kicked the dude in the nuts... lol then I saw it wasnt real... im so gullible lol

  • frito lays
    frito lays 18 hours ago +1

    When wwe became much more

  • Peter Christain
    Peter Christain 19 hours ago


  • Marnix schellemans
    Marnix schellemans 20 hours ago +1

    Poor ting is getting bullied 🧐😭😢

  • ARK il Arcosiano
    ARK il Arcosiano 21 hour ago

    Ma non e un po esagerato tutta questa violenza contro il robot

  • brano brano
    brano brano 21 hour ago

    Stop bulling him

  • JajaxD05 Lal
    JajaxD05 Lal 22 hours ago

    Is sad

  • Alexander Vincequere
    Alexander Vincequere 22 hours ago

    Did they upload a new one

  • Saschvina
    Saschvina 22 hours ago

    Superb. But the human eye still can’t
    Be fooled . You know it’s a cgi robot and there
    Is Not a second
    Where you truly doubt it. Just doesn’t look
    “Real” enough.

  • Marco Weber
    Marco Weber Day ago

    Its fake😂😂😂😂

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Day ago

    You guys are mean. I feel bad for the robot. lol.

    • Squish
      Squish 5 hours ago

      @Jane Doe it's worth it, some good robot revenge
      Especially that kick, damn

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 5 hours ago

      @Squish maybe I should have watched the entire video.

    • Squish
      Squish 5 hours ago

      Luckily the robot did 2:34

  • Abraham Justice
    Abraham Justice Day ago

    He's a good robot .. why so you keep abusing him?

  • Yadcee lol
    Yadcee lol Day ago

    Stop being horrible to this robot

  • the duck
    the duck Day ago +1

    i like cake

  • sunil kumar
    sunil kumar Day ago


  • ian moon
    ian moon Day ago

    A.I: You are a trespasser, get destructed into a new life form.
    Human: Uhh wut

  • FBI
    FBI Day ago

    Good send it to Iraq

  • Carlos DX
    Carlos DX Day ago


  • Young's
    Young's Day ago


  • Sujit Karki
    Sujit Karki Day ago

    Is this a cyberbullying or test

  • Rio Kadono
    Rio Kadono Day ago

    This is CGI lol

  • Ouma Gaming
    Ouma Gaming Day ago

    hey, that's bullying!... 😥

  • Deucey Boii
    Deucey Boii Day ago

    To any robots that take over I do not condone this

  • тим В
    тим В Day ago

    да это всё не настоящее американцы не добьются такого успеха

  • Rahim boy67
    Rahim boy67 Day ago

    I feel bad for the bot

  • launch
    launch Day ago

    1:39 tpose

  • andrei kol
    andrei kol Day ago +4

    Тем временем в России: строят по одной церкви в день...

    • MM's Visible Confusion
      MM's Visible Confusion Hour ago

      Я просто учу русский и спрашиваю, в порядке ли моя грамматика

  • hey!!!!!! sup
    hey!!!!!! sup Day ago

    just gonna say oh crap now they can kill us

  • Larry Brecht Jr
    Larry Brecht Jr Day ago

    How would a loud noise or a bottle breaking on a robot have any effect? Yet they caused more effect than bullets. This is fake. Oh then I got to the end. Lol.

  • Hunter Inglis
    Hunter Inglis Day ago

    Use the folding chair

  • Winstonclawfinger
    Winstonclawfinger Day ago +9

    The real reason judgment day is coming.

  • Joel Ellender
    Joel Ellender Day ago

    I feel sad for the Robot

  • 1 ova kind
    1 ova kind Day ago

    This is what the white man pretty much did to all other races

  • Bastion Robin
    Bastion Robin Day ago

    Damn it stock mocking us with fake robots!!! 😂

  • Austin Huddleston15

    That place look like Nodes

  • Mr. Me
    Mr. Me Day ago

    I swear the robots are gonna get back on us!

  • Roberto Silva
    Roberto Silva Day ago

    No me rompan las cámaras tíos que le dí y lo mata tío

  • Nickolas Schuh
    Nickolas Schuh Day ago

    Oh now I see